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Parday kay peechay: A humourous unveiling of Pakistani society

Parday kay peechay starts off with a typical scene at a funeral—relatives, both close and distant, feigning sadness for the deceased, backbiting aunties, and, of course, as is custom in Pakistani society, talk of rishtas. The play revolves around the family of the late Mr Kazmi attempting to gain a stronger financial footing by convincing one of his daughters, Alia, played by Shanze Hasan, to marry the son of an American businessman. However, Alia’s sister, Leena (Alina Salahudin), wants the American boy for her own self, and thus pursues Daniyaal, played by Saad Mirza, while comically setting up mean-girl-esque pitfalls ...

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Pixar finding glory with Finding Dory

All right let’s get this straight right from the onset, Finding Dory is, by Pixar’s sky-scraping standards, an ordinary sequel. But that’s the thing with this famed animation film studio, even their average is better than most of the supposedly superior stuff done by – save for Studio Ghibli – other similar genre production counterparts. (Let’s just pretend that their Cars franchise does not exist). The latest transoceanic quest from the house of Pixar is a family comedy about, well, family. Finding Dory starts off with a glimpse into the childhood of everyone’s favourite forgetful Blue Tang. Now Baby Dory (Sloane Murray) ...

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The only thing Baaghi is rebelling against is reason, logic and common sense!

Excuse me? Are we back in the 90s now? Because I clearly missed the memo, notifying us mere mortals of this monumental time travelling feat. So thank god for the team behind Baaghi, since had it not been for them, I still would have been ignorant to this glorious accomplishment of temporal displacement that even Marty McFly and Doc Brown would be proud of. I’m sure that back in the day, ‘koi achi si fighing wali filum de dayn (give me a nice film with a lot of fighting scenes)’ would have been a pretty popular line to be heard ...

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