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How do such headlines get through?

What should I make of the following headline in Dawn, Images, June 27 for a movie review on The A-Team? Their regular reviewer (he seems to be writing for a number of years, though mostly forgettable reviews) Mohammad Kamran Jawaid wrote the piece, and I am assuming that he gave the headline which is: Man-on-man action and explosions (Incidentally, Mr Jawaid’s movie reviews invariably have a ‘Second opinion’ by someone by the name of Farheen Jawaid – and even if the two aren’t related I wonder why would you need a ‘second opinion’ to a movie reviews, especially by someone not very well known). Now ...

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Coke Studio Episode 2: Good but not great

Coke Studio won all our hearts for its unique style of fusion and diversity in music.  But season three is more mind-numbing than outstanding. Episode two, which aired on June 20, featured five tracks of which only two were exceptional. One example of average performances is EP’s cover of ‘Bolo Bolo’ Although it was nice to see EP performing together again but they did not manage to capture the essence of Sajjad Ali’s “Bolo Bolo” when they performed the beautiful song. The track  came out in early 90’s on the hit album “Babia”  and instantly became one of the most ...

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Multi-dimensional intimacy with “Bibi Sanam Janam”

After “Paimoona”, Zeb & Haniya steal the show with their highly applaudable “Bibi Sanam”, with Dari derivation and saccharine Dari accent. The Coke Studio sessions are really worth appraising and hold a touch of classy knack to them. The original song, sung by Wahid Qasemi (Vaheed Kaacemy; Persian) was built on a different set of tune and harmony. The magnificent folk song from Afghanistan is sung in a Dari style by Wahid. Vocals of both the artists are incomparable, since both have a style of their own. The Zeb & Haniya version starts with a beautiful Rubab played by Sadiq Sameer, ...

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