Stories about Christmas carols

A curious Muslim boy’s love for Christmas in Karachi

As a first grader, there are a few things that cause wonderment and excitement, and for me, the sight of a huge green decorated tree was right up there. It was just before the winter break and as I walked into the corridor in front of the classes, I saw it. To a six-year-old, the six feet tree looked impossibly large and beautiful bedecked with colourful balls, luminescent stars, tiny boxes that promised much and what looked to be real snow. And goodness, was that candy cane on the branches! I looked back at my father who smiled and quickly slipped ...

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A Christmas feast even Santa wouldn’t forget!

Growing up watching Disney movies, and having lived in London, I have always loved the winter festivities surrounding Christmas. Christmas carols playing in restaurants, malls and shops gives a celebratory kick to the cold winters. Twinkling green pine, spruce or fir trees with fake snowflakes and buntings lit the hearts and house space of so many. The old age tradition of celebrating the winter solstice, red-cheeked Santa Claus, chariots, appreciative giveaways, culture specific dinners are all marks of peace, compassion, happiness and laughter. And that is exactly what we need right now! Globally, the need of the hour is huge chunks ...

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