Stories about chicken

The Singaporean Rice saga

Karachi wedding receptions are very different from those in any other region of Pakistan. While the bride and groom are (supposed to be) the main attraction, it’s the food that takes the limelight. A menu can either make or break a wedding, and you’d be darned if you selected something the guests end up hating – and don’t even get me started on the menu-bashing uncles and aunties who’ll torture you for weeks (and even months) to come! Keeping in view Karachiite’s mindsets, caterers try adding new and exciting dishes to their portfolios, giving the gossip-mongers something positive to talk about. Fish ...

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Satisfy your peri bite craving

Nando’s has taken grilled chicken to a whole new level and the secret lies in their amazing sauces.  If eating at Nando’s can puts a dent in your pocket, you can always buy their sauces at any good grocery store. Like my fellow poultry lovers, I go to Nando’s for the best grilled chicken on the planet. But to truly whip up an appetite and to get the taste of what’s to come, you have to order their peri bites. These mouth-watering chillies are deep-fried with a crisp coating, and have a cheesy centre with a little chunk of their famous peri-basted ...

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Oven-roasted garlic chicken on a hot summer day

Summer time in Karachi can be a long unbearable ordeal. Temperatures are high and the humidity levels are even higher, which makes cooking all the more bothersome. Sitting under the fan, dreading the thought of standing in front of the hot stove in this scorching heat, I came up with this recipe. It is ideal for the summer as it demands only a few easy steps in its preparation, and while it cooks in the oven, you get a chance to cool off. The beauty of this recipe is the simplicity of its ingredients, the combination of which creates magnificent flavour. The only ...

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