Stories about Chelsea

Chelsea down in the dumps

After a rampant start to the Barclays Premier League 2010/11 season when they were scoring goals left, right and center, the West London based Chelsea (or the Blues to give them their pet name) have recently suffered a down slide of a magnitude that not even the most astute of football pundits would have been able to predict. Having opened up quite a large gap between themselves and fellow title contenders Manchester United and Arsenal earlier in the season, Chelsea now find themselves holding third spot in the Barclays Premier League table. The troubled Blues have managed to garner a miserable five points ...

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Stamford Bridge, Green Street and Shor Macha!

With Chelsea running away to a thumping victory on the opening day of the season, Pakistani’s doing what they do best, that is making some noise, and one of my favourite bands coming out with a very cool video, my annual leave to London got off to a perfect start. I love my work as a broadcast journalist at express 24/7, but after 21 months of work in the newsroom it was a time for a break, so I packed my bags and headed off to London. After 2 days of relative calm, my annual leave came to life ...

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Vive la football

What’s with the football craze these days? Cricket or football, please choose? Well, for all those football-lovers out there aren’t these questions just so annoying? Why do some of us in Pakistan take offence if there has been a recent liking for football among the youth? Regardless, there is no denying that hockey remains our national sport, and cricket our nation’s pride. Sports in general are becoming a great source of television entertainment and with our cricketers not providing much, and footballers making for better eye-candy, it is indeed becoming the preferred sport among the youth. So for all ...

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