Stories about cheese balls

These mac and cheese balls are little bites of deep-fried cheese heaven

Now if there is one dish I have never been able to get right, it’s macaroni and cheese (yes collective gasp I know). After successive failures, a friend (who I shall call ‘lion’) suggested mac and cheese balls, Chaye Khana style. Since I have never had them but had this dimagi keera (bug in my head) to conqueror this elusive dish one way or another, I decided to give them a try. After plenty of search engines, I finally decided to mash together not the usual (roll the leftover mac and cheese into balls and deep fry them) recipes, but to execute a slightly spicier version. Even though ...

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Spicing it up this Eid

Eidul Fitr, the first of two annual Muslim festivals, is a time to appreciate, share, and be thankful for what Allah has bestowed upon us. It marks the end of the Ramazan and fasting. People cannot wait to say: “Mubarak ho. Chand ho gaya hai! Kal Eid hai!” (Congratulations. The moon has been sighted! It’s Eid tomorrow!) Eagerly awaited by adults and children alike, this Eid is also dubbed as the ‘meethi Eid’ (sweet Eid) as it was a practice of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to start the Eid day by eating something sweet. For me, Eid is about waking up to enticing aromas wafting from the ...

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