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Mother of all U-turns: Why is PTI protecting tax evaders instead of punishing them?

I suppose we should have expected it, given the number of U-turns the government has already taken. Finance Minister Asad Umar reversed a good tax-collecting measure introduced by the previous government, a measure that would have brought many tax criminals into the net. Instead, bowing to the pressure from the powerful auto industry, he has allowed non-filers to buy vehicles of all sizes. Non-filers, it should be noted, do not pay income tax nor do they file tax returns. By law, they should be punished. Instead, they are allowed to pay just 0.6% tax on the amount they spend to ...

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Corruption is now accepted as a fact of life in Pakistan

Perhaps the greatest danger to Pakistan is corruption. We can stand up to any hostile army trying to invade our sacred land, but corruption is eating away at our foundation, like termites which ultimately cause houses to collapse. Owing to corruption, the government is not able to collect enough revenue, making it necessary to borrow from the IMF, which ultimately makes the country poorer and adversely affects our ability to defend the nation from terrorists and hostile enemies. Corruption has enabled Pakistanis to invest Rs85 billion during the past six months and Rs512 billion in the past two and a half years ...

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