Stories about censorship

If Donald Duck is not a threat, why is Hanuman?

It seems like banning things is the only form of productivity we have mastered so far. A resolution calling for a ban on Hindu cartoons was proposed in the Punjab Assembly last Tuesday. Those calling for the ban should, for a second, try going back to their childhood. They might find an idealistic time, when they had an unsullied and vigorous imagination. Even ignorant old grannies understand the importance of stories for the young mind. They would narrate stories of kings, princes, dwarves, magicians, palaces, far away wonderlands, jungles and mysterious dens, while children lay next to them, eyes wide ...

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Banning Bin Laden

Our board of censors is inherently flawed, of dubious intellect and highly erratic in its thinking. Often acting as a right wing morality police, the board of censors has in recent history been responsible for the banning or total perversion of quality theatre, film and television. In a country where new ideas and fresh art has the potential to propel Pakistan forward and to make us think and appreciate a world outside the confines of our four walls, the censors act as a consistent impediment. On the one hand the current government is making all the right noise about free ...

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A ban on common sense

On Monday, the government of China passed a law forbidding online dating for its soldiers. The logic behind the measure was that lonely hearts might let sensitive information slip to conniving spies posing as love interests. In the words of a Chinese military official, “People with ulterior motives may make use of the soldiers’ personal information and pose a threat to the safety of the army.” So essentially the Chinese military is assuming that an online date will involve questions like: “So what are your likes and dislikes?…What do you like to eat? …What can you tell me about the ...

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