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Body-shaming Kareena Kapoor’s “fat legs” post pregnancy? Because giving birth to a human being isn’t painful enough for women?

To think that after the global backlash against the shamers of Mahira Khan, the world of shamers would take the back seat, is indeed just a hopeful thought. Khan got slut-shamed over her choice of clothes (the dress, by the way, is really sexy!) and for smoking a cigarette because smoking cigarettes automatically turns women into ‘unreputable women’.  Kareena Kapoor was shamed on Instagram shortly after the Khan incident for having ‘fat legs’. The Indian actress, who just gave birth to her son Taimur Ali Khan, has remained an inspiration for new moms as well as moms-to-be. During her pregnancy, she flaunted her baby bump unapologetically when ...

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Mommy: A whirlwind of emotion

Mommy is the fifth film written and directed by the ever talented Québécois filmmaker Xavier Dolan. The film won the Cannes Jury prize in 2014 and received a wide release last year. And yet again, his skills as a storyteller just leave me at loss for words. Anne Dorval plays the role of Diane Després, a widowed mother who now has to raise her troubled son Steve (Antoine Olivier Pilon) on her own. Along the way, Després is aided by her neighbour Kyla (Suzanne Clément) and together, they all form a special bond. Shot in rare 1:1 aspect ratio, Mommy projects an ...

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