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Development in Karachi? Not really

From completing work on Signal Free Corridor 1, inaugurating the third corridor on August 14 to the current work on corridor 4, the City District Government of Karachi has built over a dozen flyovers and underpasses to revamp the city – something it takes much pride in. While former nazim Mustafa Kamal and his team at the CDGK have worked full speed ahead to develop Karachi during his tenure, I have resevations about the impact it will have. All I see is a very short term solution to an ever worsening problem. Billions are being dished out to facilitate an absolute waste of hard-earned ...

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Mera Karachi

I know things haven’t exactly been very rosy in Karachi of late, but I was out and about yesterday, and couldn’t help but notice how drastically travel times across the city have been reduced. Although admittedly, it was a working day and I was not exactly out at a rush hour (it was 4pm-ish), but kudos to the city government for doing a great job of planning and maintaining the infrastructure in the city. And thanks to the signal-free corridors, I was able to get from North Karachi to Malir Cantt in a mere 25 minutes. Imagine that! I’m sure ...

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