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Ban Tom & Jerry

Recently the Punjab government formed a committee to see whether cartoons based on Hindu mythology should be banned or not. The reasons given were that the children of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan might come under the influence of such animations and deviate from Islam. I am not going to get into how that is clearly ridiculous or how it is not in line with Jinnah’s vision as many have already addressed those issues. However, I would add that in case the Punjab government does decide to ban these cartoons, there are a few other things on TV that it ...

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Millat Facebook: debunking the ‘facts’

The Facebook Blasphemy scandal seems to have died down but there are still some pretenders to the yet to be abdicated throne. The one I can think of is Millat Facebook which has tried to make inroads in our social network loving society (read: friendship please). The Millat Facebook topic has been discussed endlessly so there is no point of going into details about it. Their website was inaccessible before the ban was lifted so I assumed that the creators of the site had given up. I was proven wrong when I woke up this afternoon to find a tweet about ...

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