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Where are we going?

Independence Day is around the corner and yet I feel sad. It is a joyous occasion but I feel empty. How can I feel happy when our nation is bleeding? It saddens to me to see how we are on the path to self-destruction with no care for what happens for our future generation. I thought that terrorism was our only problem but now we are suffering the wrath of God as Pakistan has been devastated by floods. Our founding fathers toiled day and night to give their future generations a place to call their own. If they were aware of ...

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Looking out for their own

The number of fake degree holders continues to mount as the scrutiny process is underway. It worries the public when it finds that the legislators they elect to protect their rights and pass laws in parliament are actually themselves breaching the law. But on comparing these fake degree holders with politicians and ministers who hold real degrees I find no difference. Ministers who are graduates are also seen disregarding the sanctity of the law quite audaciously. Some weeks ago the prime minister endorsed fake degree holder Jamshed Dasti who contested National Assembly by-elections held in Muzzaffargarh. Supporting Dasti means that ...

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