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Semi-naked cakes: An absolute must try

I can recall how immense the hype for naked and semi-naked cakes was around the same time last year. I failed to understand why anyone would prefer to eat cake with a portion of the frosting missing, it simply bewildered me. However, once photographs of dainty caked draped in flowers and drizzled with all forms of wonderful sauces started flooding social mediums, I finally caved in. If it weren’t for my family friend’s son’s first birthday and her request to bake a semi-naked cake to go with the fauna and khaki theme, then this cake would not be before your ...

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Oreo, cream cheese and Nutella, what’s not to love about this irresistible Nutella cheesecake

When my daughter turned three, her wish was to have a Nutella cake with coloured bonbons on top. As her wish was the most important thing for me, I started thinking and searching for the best way I can make her a Nutella cake which looks good and doesn’t take too much time to put together either. As much as I like layered cakes, and decorating them, it’s pretty hard to get everything ready in time for a party. With food and decorations, the cake itself takes half of the day. That is why this Nutella Cheesecake was the perfect choice for this ...

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