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Six things Pakistani celebrities do when they visit Dubai

With the third edition of HUM Awards over and done with, a good number of Pakistani celebrities flew out to Dubai to attend the biggest entertainment award show of Pakistan. Here are six things that Pakistani celebrities do when they visit Dubai: 1. They try living the high life Mehwish Hayat, Ahsan Khan, Saba Qamar. Photo: Saba Chaudry 2. They see Burj al Arab for the first time Ahmed Butt, Anoushey Ashraf. Photo: Saba Chaudry 3. They bring the entire neighbourhood along Cast of Jalaibee with Tapu Javeri. Photo: Saba Chaudry 4. They post pictures of their ...

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The veil as an accentuation of beauty

The image you see above is based on one of my very first experiences in Saudi Arabia. With the naked beaches of Barcelona a not too distant memory, I headed down to the Arabian Gulf for a dip. There, I became mystified by something black and obscure out at sea. It looked like a huge jellyfish. Then, as it approached closer, I realised that it was in fact a woman. It was such an intense experience that I just had to capture it for myself. However, it was not until a few years later in Dubai, when I had acquired ...

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