Stories about breakfast

A ‘thank you’ we forget to say

She wakes up at 5:00 am. She has to make breakfast and pack a snack for all her children before they wake up for school. She makes a boiled egg sandwich for her daughter, a fried egg for her son and a cheese omelette for her youngest son. Without wasting a minute, she sets the table and her eyes fall on the clock that strikes 6:00 am. She panics and curses under her breath, “Oho! Museebat, I am late again!” Scurrying to the rooms, she wakes each of the boys up with a kiss on their foreheads. They squirm and whine in an ...

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An easy guide to healthy living: Change your lifestyle!

After studying ‘Active Lifestyle’ as a subject in the US, reading a couple of books and several articles on health, I thought of depicting the extract of all I read as it has given me a deep insight about practicing healthy habits. It has also made me more positive than ever. Firstly, waking up early in the morning and welcoming the sun to our planet is the best way to start. The time frame between 6am and 10am is the ideal time to eat and exercise. When you eat your meal, sit in a posture where you can cross your legs, or ...

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