Stories about blood donations

Would you accept blood from a gay donor?

More than a month has passed since the Orlando shooting revealed an exploitable defect in American gun laws. What it also exposed, was a structural bias against a peaceful community that has existed for a long time. On June 12, 2016, Omar Mateen – later identified as a young Muslim who was troubled by his own homosexual orientation – opened fire inside a nightclub, killing 49 innocent people. In the wake of this devastating attack, we’ve heard survivor accounts that challenge what we’ve been indoctrinated to believe regarding the alleged inhumanity of gay individuals. We’ve learned of ‘deviants’ who threw their bodies in ...

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This World Blood Donation Day, roll up your sleeves and save a life!

I am a firm believer of Jean Jacques Rousseau’s words, “What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?” But in today’s world, kindness comes at a price. Many of us expect kindness to be a boomerang that will return to us someday. But expecting something in return kills the original idea of helping someone in need. There were plenty of things on my list that I need to change in this world, but first, I need to start from myself. Being an unconventional medical professional (doctor of pharmacy), I had minimum exposure to the positive attributes for blood donation. In fact, for ...

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Where are you, Mister Prime Minister, when your people need you?

Headlines, juxtaposed, stare back at me in the morning paper. I am reading it, still shaken by the events of the Abbas Town Blasts. The sky on this Tuesday morning is tinted a strange reddish strain. Maybe it’s just in the minds of traumatised Karachiites who cannot get over the blood spilled in Abbas Town – blood that has still not dried. Fumes of that blood are now being breathed in also by residents of the hitherto protected upscale neighbourhoods of Karachi who live in fear of their daughters and wives being kidnapped. We are talking about the blood of ...

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