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Does your foreign minister own a Birkin?

‘What was she wearing?’ rather than ‘what was she saying?’ was the question that made the rounds during Hina Rabbani Khar’s Delhi visit this week. As she sashayed off the plane onto the tarmac, glamorous HRK touched down in Delhi amidst the Indian press, her cobalt blue dupatta billowing in the wind. As happy as I am that she is Pakistan’s first female Foreign Minister, I have to ask this question (snarky as it may seem): Could she not have done without the Hermes Birkin? Before you brush me aside as a hater, let me clarify that I am a big supporter of ...

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Five fashion must-haves which won’t leave you broke

Women often tend to have wishlists but unfortunately, we also tend to go broke. So I took the liberty to come up with a list of wishlist-worthy things, with their more affordable alternatives. An oversized men’s watch The trend started a while back and is still going strong. The obvious first choice here is a man’s Rolex. It’s been spotted on a lot of celebrity wrists, and if you can’t borrow your husbands, why not get a cheaper alternative? Michael Kors has a decent collection of watches. The one in gold is my personal favorite. A pair of Balenciaga shoes Each pair is loud ...

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A fashionista’s Birkin adventure

I was sitting with a group of friends and we were discussing the usual…jobs, people, politics. Just when we were getting up to leave, a friend noticed another friend’s handbag, which opened up a Pandora’s box and started another exhausting discussion of the Birkin. Now, if anyone has done even the least amount of research on this handbag, they would understand that it is not easy to get. The Purse Forum is quite informative, and one can read up on some of the mad adventures that women have had chasing the bag. And of course, there’s ‘Bringing Home The Birkin’ ...

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