Stories about biased news

Let the journalists do their job please

It’s a very thin line on which we journalists stand. It is the dangerous rope of right and wrong. Generally, it is assumed that journalists take sides and that we are either party to one crowd or another, even when we are being very frank in stating the facts as they are. The other day, I reported on the work of a fashion designer while avoiding any criticism on the highly-priced outfits and such, but lo and behold I get a call and am told not to criticise his “bread and butter”. I, for one, have no right to pass judgment ...

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Let’s not make the ‘gora’ our benchmark

Growing up, I was taught that goras could do no wrong. Whether this was preached in talk shows on our TV channels; in the columns in leading newspapers; in the examples given by professors in educational institutions; one is bound to notice an increasing defeatist mentality gripping the minds of opinion makers regarding their very own nation. Any problem is presented and our society is automatically compared to the Western society; the former is depicted as the worst nation ever to exist on planet earth and the latter is presented as the pinnacle of human dignity, professional excellence and moral height. I was deputed on a ...

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