Stories about beauty

Brains, not blonde

I am plump. If you see me walking by in the corridor, the first thing you will notice about me is that I am plump. No matter, what I do I just can’t let go of the food that finds its way next to me. Some weeks back, at the opening of a salon, I met a woman who was all dressed up. Her manner of dressing was flawless. ‘Pretty’ would be a perfect word to define her, polished nails, high heels and attire. Soon she noticed me sitting right opposite her. We started talking and soon she started talking ...

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Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

I went to my relatives’ place a couple of days back on my way home from university. The moment I entered the house I was dragged aside by my uncle and was told to quietly tip toe through the house and avoid looking into the drawing room. Curious as I was, I still peeked in and to my surprise there were just a bunch of aunties and uncles sitting together and talking. I had no clue what all the hush was about. As I went inside the bedroom, my aunt came rushing towards me, “Don’t you dare go out! ...

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