Stories about beautiful journey

A green passport in my hand and wanderlust in my heart

Imagine this: a Pakistani female, a backpack, and a trip across Europe. As a child, I saw the Bosnian war unfold. I played with the Bosnian refugees in the infamous Japanese park in Islamabad. I was infatuated by the country and its people, yet it always remained a sort of enigma for me. Years later, I am back in Europe and ready to backpack through Bosnia. The city of Mostar. I had saved money and decided that the Balkans would be my last stop before heading home. There are no direct flights into Bosnia, so I had to land ...

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The winged sculptor and his little fairy, a story of immortal love

There once lived a winged sculptor who pledged to devote his entire life to his only masterpiece. He worked on her every single day. She was all he had, she was all that mattered. And every day he worked on his masterpiece, taking care of the minutest details, breathing life into every limb. Every day he would look at her and fall in love all over again. One blessed morning, she stood in front of him with all her perfection, innocence, and ethereal charm. He smiled and smiled. Love erupted from him like a fountain from deep within. He picked the little ...

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