Stories about ban on women driving

How Saudi women will soon be the driving force of Saudi Arabia’s economy

After decades of inactivity, obscurity and an identity crisis, Saudi women are suddenly caught in a frenzy of excitement and events that promise something for them to look forward to. When a royal decree was passed, lifting the ban on women driving in the country, it was followed not only by jubilation, but seemed to have opened a wide range of opportunities for the female population in Saudi Arabia. From receiving offers to be female cab drivers, to job vacancies in women-only outlets, to grabbing key posts in the bureaucracy, Saudi women are now starting to make their presence felt in a ...

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Saudi women are eager to take the wheel, but are they ready to be harassed even more?

On September 26th, a much-awaited milestone was achieved in Saudi Arabia – a royal decree issued by King Salman that allows Saudi women to drive. The Kingdom, which received much backlash for being the only country in the world that doesn’t already allow women to drive, has finally been relieved of this tarnish. Saudi women will no longer need their guardians’ permission to obtain a driving license nor need a man present with them in the car. After decades of struggle to get the ban uplifted, people took to social media to welcome the landmark decision, which is part of new reforms in the ...

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Saudi Arabia flogged a blogger? Let’s blame the West for that too!

Worshipers emerged from a mosque in Jeddah to witness a Saudi activist, Raef Badawi, being ceremoniously lashed. One… two… three… all the way to fifty painful whips, which are only the first of the thousand due to be delivered in 20 weekly sessions. International condemnations are flowing in, in support of the 30-year-old co-founder of Saudi Liberal Network, convicted of ‘insulting Islam’ after criticising powerful Saudi clerics online. He’s also been sentenced to 10 years in prison, and ordered to pay a fine of one million riyals. This is not the first crackdown by the establishment on liberal Saudi artists, academics and writers challenging the ...

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