Stories about baking

Christmas dessert: Red velvet cake is served!

It’s the season to be jolly! What’s better than a beautiful, moist red velvet cake? It fits perfectly with the theme of Christmas and it’s sure to be a hit no matter when you serve it. This cake goes back to my grandmother’s kitchen; I spent every holiday as a child with my American family in Washington, DC. Come Christmas and the tree, decorations and stockings would be pulled out. The one thing that fixated in my memory was Thetah’s (Thetah is grandmother in Arabic) red velvet cake. Here’s how to prepare this cake. Please remember to be patient with this ...

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Banana bread just like my mother used to make it

The sweet smell of ripe baked bananas takes me back to my mother’s kitchen when I was a mere seven year old. By the time I was 15, my mother could no longer share her recipes or secrets with me; she fell sick when I was just a little girl. Growing up, I knew I wanted to hold on to every piece of her that I could remember and so after experimenting and testing out different recipes, I finally figured out my very own banana bread recipe inspired by my mother. It requires no fancy or expensive ingredients, just ...

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Stress relieving treats

The month of May brings with it mayhem and stress. Temperatures are rising, stress levels are on an all-time high, due to oncoming exams, and to top it all off, our courteous authorities keep the power supply to a minimum. So one day, after having a gruesome fight with my books, I headed to the kitchen in search for something to calm my nerves. This recipe is perfect for those who are in dire need of a sugar rush to get their minds working under stress; for me it is perfect because it requires chocolate, and who doesn’t love chocolate? This well known mood soother ...

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