Stories about attacks

For those who have seen drone attacks

Many believe Izzat Gul did not die a fair death in South Waziristan. ”When these infidels could not equal the valour of Izzat Gul, they most dastardly sent a drone to get rid of him. These hell seekers have also martyred two of his young children and his wife,” says Esar Mehsud, who joined the files of Taliban four years ago and has become a force to reckon with in his own right. Amidst the political furore it is becoming increasingly difficult for the government to answer for the numerous drone attacks. Government officials remain tight-lipped when asked if drone ...

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Dollars for death: Should the US compensate civilian deaths?

Sometime ago reports were published in the Washington Post and The New York Times, and even in the Pakistani media, which said that CIA is using new, smaller missiles and advanced surveillance techniques to minimise civilian casualties in its targeted killings of suspected insurgents in Pakistan’s tribal areas. According to reports, US officials do acknowledge a number of civilian casualties caused by the CIA’s drone strikes. Although there is persistent debate on the exact number of such casualties, one thing is indisputable – the militants targeted by drones are said to be “suspected.” How does one define a “suspected” militant? According to me a ...

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