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Why was Steven Butler denied entry into Pakistan?

When it comes to press freedom, Pakistan remains one of the most dangerous countries for dissenting journalists. It can be argued that since the era of General Ayub Khan, the press in Pakistan has remained hostage to the one-sided propaganda of the state. However, since Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is a democratic party and came to power through the ballot, it was expected that the media would be allowed to practice objective journalism and that freedom of expression would not be curbed. Contrary to expectations, the PTI regime has proven to be worse than previous dictatorships, essentially imposing an invisible ban on the ...

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Why there is no legitimate reason to repeal the 18th Amendment

Talk of repealing the 18th Amendment is once again in the air. Such talk is about as toxic to the concept of federalism in Pakistan as the current smog situation is to our lungs. The general debate regarding repealing the amendment has more or less focused on how it has turned Pakistan into a confederation. I recently wrote about how this argument was flawed in Express Tribune’s Op-Ed column. But now a new line of attack seems to have surfaced. Sitting in the Supreme Court’s courtroom on Thursday, January 3rd, I was able to witness the exchange between the Chief Justice ...

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