Stories about arrange marriages

What if our valentine doesn’t buy us flowers for Valentine’s Day?

Many of my friends have been complaining that I am writing on way too serious issues and should take the ice bucket challenge (in my head). Since Valentine’s Day is close and all, why not? Before I begin, I do wish to offer a pre-emptive apology (similar to the kind America offered Saddam’s Iraq – no bombs here though) to all the female readers of this blog. The views contained herein may present only a limited set of emotions, for which I apologise. I am a man after all and was born with a limited set of emotions. Expecting more ...

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Why one should love arranged marriages

It is hard for every girl growing up in Pakistan to brave drawing-room meetings, aimed at deciding their fates for life. But one only finds the recipe for matrimonial bliss, after coming to terms with it. Arranged marriages may seem awry to some, but you only realise when you have undergone or seen cases in which love marriages don’t quite prove to be the best way out. Here are some of the reasons why I believe arranged marriages trump love marriages. Statistics have proven that the probability of a love marriage failing is higher than an arranged marriage. People who usually fall in ...

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