Stories about Arabic

Burqa woman: A ‘make-believe’ refugee

“Excuse me … I’m almost afraid to ask this, but I have never seen anyone like you before. May I please take a picture?” Summer hat, sea blue shirt with khaki shorts revealing legs tanned, the right shade of cocoa-brown – how could I say no to this guy? So I pose next to a palm tree and say:   “I have my best smile on but I bet your photography can’t do any justice to it.” As he manages a nervous giggle, I can almost hear his thoughts: “Crazy woman with a strange sense of humour.” That was justified, of course, considering the fact ...

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Masjids and more: An American in Lahore

As an undergraduate in college, I spent almost every waking hour learning Arabic—if I wasn’t in my daily Arabic class, I was practicing the language with my peers over a warm cup of coffee. We were given a hefty amount of homework each night, and the wee hours in the morning always found me in the library with my head buried in my Arabic textbook. Still, the effort was worth it, because after three years of learning the language, I was able to do what I had always wanted; read and understand the Quran in its original language, Arabic. If I may ...

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