Stories about apple pie

Pies over fries: Rich and decadent, this dulce de leche Banoffee Pie is instant love!

Dessert has always been a big deal for me. I’m generally a pretty clean eater who will happily order the side salad over the fries and have fresh juice or milk for breakfast. But put me face-to-face with a slice of cheesecake or a slice of apple pie with ice cream, and I’ll never be able to say no – even when I’m already full. Since every generation changes food habits from time to time, from having fruit before dinner to consuming water during or after meals, I assume dessert at the end of a meal has stuck around for a good ...

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While jingle bells are ringing, devour this scrumptious Christmas meal with your loved ones

The festive season is entering its prime the world-over; a time when it is easy to overindulge and get out of your fitness routine. Plus, whether you are catering for herds of family members or serving up an intimate spread, preparing food during these times can be super stressful. And so, it’s better to be equipped with easy, tried-and-tested recipes since a state of blind panic can quickly ensue in case things go wrong when cooking for a gathering! Plus, it is winters and the weather demands something warm and filling. Quick, easy and filling, this is my go-to three course meal ...

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