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Sherlock S04E01: Back… with a whimper!

If you thought with 2016 over, the infamous celebrity death streak would show some signs of abating, then think again. Twenty-seventeen was not even a day old and the celeb version of the Grim Reaper was back with a bang. Princess Leia’s untimely demise was sad but Sherlock becoming the first shock casualty of this new year was totally gut-wrenching. A whole goddamn year I waited for him. He even arrived; munching on ginger nuts and nonchalantly tweeting about his liberating recall from a certain inevitable fatal assignment, while his murderous excursions were being brushed under the rug by the MI6. I was getting in the ...

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Spectre: 007 ends not with a bang but with a whimper

Daniel Craig’s residence as James Bond has proved to be a highly successful one this far. Barring the unfortunate misfire that was Quantum of Solace, the series has found new life under him and with a new-found sense of gritty realism and some much-needed nuance, has been able to soar to new heights. With Spectre though, there’s a sense of this being Craig’s last outing, especially considering the lack of interest he’s expressed in reprising the role. So there was a considerable amount of pressure on director Sam Mendes (also doing his last Bond film) to somehow top Skyfall and send off the series on a high. Does Spectre do that? Well…mostly. Photo: Spectre Facebook page Set almost immediately after the events ...

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