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Why are Pakistani men scared of being fashionable?

Browsing through magazines and websites, I’m sure most of you feel that fashion is very female-centric. And when I say female-centric I do not mean to sound misogynistic or anti-feminist, I’m merely stating that women dominate this industry, ranging from modelling to street style to bridal fashion. In South Asian countries, especially Pakistan, where the society is more patriarchal and chauvinistic as opposed to other countries, it makes sense why fashion is not seen as something that men could or should associate themselves with. Young boys and men are usually nurtured in such a way that fashion becomes a sort of ...

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PIA taxiing on the fashion runway – finally!

 Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has had its fair share of ups and downs in the past, but recently, PIA seems to be changing things up for good. One of those drastic, but essential, changes has been the recent initiative to change their uniforms. Looking back at PIA’s history, you will see how much the uniform of the ground and cabin crew mattered. Photo: PIA Photo: PIA Photo: PIA Photo: PIA Photo: PIA Photo: PIA Photo: PIA Photo: PIA [caption id="" ...

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