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When the gun is the law, how far are you willing to go to save your children?

Friday, May 18th. My 17-year-old says to me, “A 17-year-old Pakistani exchange student died in the Santa Fe school shooting. I saw it on social media.” These Are The Victims Of The #SantaFeHighSchoolShooting. Let us remember them:Sabika SheikhAnn PerkinsAngelique RamirezShana FisherKim VaughanChris StoneCynthia TisdaleChristian "Riley" GarciaJared Conard BlackKyle McLeod — Khary Penebaker (@kharyp) May 19, 2018 I immediately checked the headlines on leading newspapers from Pakistan, unreported at the time. It was a little after 4pm in the US. The first thought that crossed my mind was, do her parents know? What if they don’t? What if they find out from social media? Why did this have ...

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She is a Muslim, covers her head and is a firefighter in NYC

I know I keep harping on about the ‘greatness’ and ‘glory’ of the Western culture and understand that my audience gets bored to death reading story after story about how awesomely ‘wonderful life’ is in the West. However, I must reiterate that I happen to be a diehard sceptic and I don’t trust easily. After all the episodes and events that I’ve experienced in my life, I don’t see much reason to blindly put faith in objects, people, systems or nations. Being who I have become by virtue of the battering of years gone by, I have developed a keen ...

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