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Will the people of Punjab stand up for education? Because the government just cut the budget – again

“The mind once enlightened cannot again become dark.” (Thomas Payne) In the midst of so much uncertainty there is one thing in Pakistan that can be predicted with absolute confidence: administrative policy. We can rest assured that the average reprobate and hanger-on populating the federal and provincial assemblies will do everything possible to prevent the nation from progressing. Case in point: the Punjab Assembly has cut the budget allocation for the education sector from 21% in the last fiscal year to 18.6% for 2016-17. Furthermore, the allocation of 21% in the last fiscal year was 3% down from the previous year, which in turn was down ...

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ADP: End of a band

Karachi’s most active band, The Aunty Disco Project (ADP), has broken up. My earliest ADP memory was a gig at LUMS back in 2009. Being one of the organisers and performers, I got to spend some time with them at their place. Now when I look back at it, I was very fortunate to have seen them live their lives — together like a band. I still remember how Yasir’s Darbuka swept a 1,500 plus crowd off their feet. ADP played the infamous “Sultanat” along with covers that included classics such as The Who’s “Teenage wasteland” and “Rock the Casbah”. ...

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