Stories about Adele

Well Hello there, Adele: Play, relate, repeat

For most people, when it comes to crowning a contemporary pop music diva, there are fewer choices other than Beyonce and Taylor Swift. Or maybe even Lady Gaga. But for me, there has always been only one contemporary pop-queen and she very recently launched her new single, Hello. Adele is that one singer in recent past about whom I have rarely ever heard a negative comment. People are either in love with her or are indifferent to her – but no one hates her. And even those who are indifferent can’t help but increase the volume whenever her songs come on the radio or ...

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Did Brad Pitt really get punched by a Hollywood prankster?

A crazy Ukrainian decided to make it his life’s mission to go parading from one Hollywood event to another, making a fool out of himself at the expense of our beloved celebrities. His latest whim consists of getting out of the fan gallery and jumping on Brad Pitt, allegedly to punch him. Yes, you read it right! This guy almost managed to punch one of the most handsome men on the planet. Brad Pitt, the American heartthrob, my childhood crush and the guy who has caused many accidents at the intersection of Punjab Colony with his face plastered across a huge billboard ...

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