Stories about 18th amendment

FATA, overlooked, ignored

Sixty three years have gone by but Pakistan could neither bring FATA in the mainstream of the country, politically or constitutionally nor improved the life of common man there. Twenty first century’s innovations, permutations, novelties, upgraded lifestyle, scientific developments and many more have nothing to do with life of the people of tribal areas of Pakistan. They are living in the Stone Age with warfare, humiliations, lack of health and educational facilities. While the rest of the country looks to evolve human rights, the people of FATA are being ruled by archaic black law of FCR under which a common government ...

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18th amendment: looking beyond the rhetoric

The media limelight apparently has shifted away from the 18th amendment bit too soon. While it had been the topic of heated discussions and talk shows, the getting over was quick. It was particularly surprising considering how PPP and PML(N) tried to score points after passing this amendment in the assembly and hailed it as a grand success and that how absolutely otherwise it was. Once we’re past the rhetoric, it is not too difficult to discern how the amendment brings us barely any good as a nation and how it sneaks back the clauses most detrimental to democracy ...

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Punjab on education, setting the wrong example

The recent announcement by the government of Punjab to “privatize” 24 colleges has sadly been unable to garner the publicity it deserved. As part of the policy, a board of governors is to be constituted including the local district commissioner and National Assembly members. The implementation of this policy has been condemned by student, parent and teacher representatives. The government claims that on its part, it is appointing a board of governors to each of the respective colleges to make them more efficient. That said it has as yet, not offered any elaboration on what those efficiency gains may be. Paramount amongst the concerns ...

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