Irresponsible patriot or mature voter: which are you?

Published: January 26, 2012

I will be the first to admit that it was wrong of me not to vote in the last elections. I regret that decision now, and it seems very irresponsible, especially since I took part in the student movement against former president Pervez Musharraf.

My reason was simple: I did not like any of the candidates. In hindsight, that was not a good enough reason to not protect my vote because even though I did not go to the polling station, in all likelihood, my vote was used in rigging.

I failed to protect my vote and for that I have to apologise. I am atoning for this sin by making sure I can convince as many people as I can to vote so please watch this video. I hope this makes an impact on you.

Even though I made a mistake in the past, the important thing is that I learnt from my mistake and I am going to ensure that this time around I protect my vote. Despite the fact that I am confused right now about who to vote for, I will I cast my vote. Even if I decide not to vote for anyone, I will go to the polling station and fill out the ballot paper in such a way that it gets disqualified and cannot be used in rigging.

I urge my fellow Pakistanis to realize that it is time that we both protected our vote and made it count. If done properly, we, the people of Pakistan, can make sure that our politicians know that we have the power to change their destiny and to hold them accountable for their actions. For too long,  we have been careless, irresponsible and unconcerned.  Even when we have had genuine love and concern for the country, many of us have not voted for various personal reasons. The time has come for this to change.

So when Pakistan votes, make sure you do too.

Pakistan Zindabad!



Shaukat Hamdani

Broadcast journalist with an interest in sports, travel, history and culture. He tweets @Shaukii

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