An open letter to Maya Khan

Published: January 22, 2012

It started with this video.

Dear Maya Khan,

My name is Mehreen. I like browsing through morning talk shows when I’m waiting for breakfast made by my mom who, like your colleague said in a particular clip, is like my friend and I confide in her often. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I do. She’s never demanded an oath of eternal confidence in her. We’re humans, and we love our private space. You might be thinking, “Why is she telling me this?” I thought I should let you know about the knitty gritty of my personal life since you do enjoy delving into deeper details. Wise people always do.

Maya? I love parks. Parks are amazing. Did you know that the top ten parks in the world are located in London, Vancouver, San Francisco, Tokyo, Lisbon (don’t worry – not ‘lesbian’), Chicago and Bangkok? If you show up in Lahore in the same park that I go to, it might become the most famous park in the whole world for what happens right after we encounter each other. Parks have lots of nice, lush grass and benches. I love benches. Parks also have trees and swings and sidewalks for people to walk on, and sometimes chase people after. Parks are amazing. My dad used to take me to my favorite park when I was little, you know? Sometimes couples passed by us and my dad would bring his Sony high definition video camera out and run after them, inquiring of their marital or non-marital status based on his idea of morality. Kidding. My dad just yawned and pushed the swing higher for me.

Hey, Maya? Sorry, I know I’m rambling. Just bear with me. Come on, we’re girls, we should confide in each other. I really like someone. Most young people do. It’s natural, don’t worry. Nothing extraordinary, absurd or heinous about it. We hang out often. Since we’re on a nice, equal wavelength, we enjoy spending time in places that are simple, easy to go (unless someone decides to chase us with a cell phone camera to document our stray presence) and open-spaced because I love sitting in the sun on a winter afternoon. Do you know where we go?

A local park.

That’s right.

Young people fall in love all the time. Sometimes they don’t – it’s just infatuation. Sometimes they do and they’re confused as hell and they still go out to understand the significance of the other. In the process, they pick a location like normal people do where they can sit down and spend time together. I’m sure you liked someone when you were in college. No big deal. See, girls fall in love pretty much every single day of the week and so do boys. Sometimes they make the right decision, sometimes they make mistakes. It’s called being human. But trust me, they don’t need a team of middle aged women hounding them down public places to enlighten them about their decisions. And trust me, their mothers will handle whatever happens. No one asked you or anyone else to take the responsibility of scrutinizing them. See, what worries me a lot is when public figures like you with considerable influence on viewers morph into moral police. In a country like Pakistan where public vigilantism has exceeded levels of brutality, the last thing the youth needs is a team of moral watchdogs sniffing around for “impure” behavior.

If indeed your concern is sincere (which I still have qualms with – since the privacy of a person’s choice is most cogent; they’ll ask for help when they ask you) then invest in sex education or how a female can avoid getting hurt in various situations. Better yet, do a segment on respect for privacy. Now that’s a talk show I would make my entire neighborhood subscribe to. I understand that you might be fretting about the welfare of young women in this society. I do too along with thousands of other well-to-do folks. But there’s a difference between you and me: I don’t publicize their actions on a local TV channel, I don’t chastise them for going out on a date and I don’t expect people to slut-shame the girl or the boy into hiding. I let them be unless and until they ask for help or if there is eminent danger.

Hold on.

I’m Muslim too.

However the ethos of my faith urges that unless I am perfect in my moral conduct, I have no right whatsoever to point my finger at anyone for anything. Whatever is done is left between the individual and their conscience. Hell, no one ever told me to demand for someone’s nikah-nama when they’re sitting together. It doesn’t concern me or you or anyone else. Sometimes I am ashamed to be from the same faith when I see people like you dictating immaculate morality for others. Furthermore I am mortified as a Pakistani when I see wardens of rectitude making dangerous spectacles of common citizens simply to boost hits on their show or to become shining role models for people of equally disappointing, mediocre thinking.

If that young couple gets hurt – which happens inevitably as a result of your irresponsible moral policing – you will be held accountable for reinforcing the sick obsession our society has with prying and needling into privacy. I thought media ethics would’ve taught you and several others the art of letting people be. It’s not too hard, really. All you have to do is mind your own business and find other mature, commendable ways of increasing popularity for your show. Say, have you seen that reporter who raided on someone’s residence for possessing alcohol? Don’t you think it would’ve yielded a decent conversation if you, let’s say, entered Cosa Nostra or Espresso or CTC or Cinnabon, where privileged folks like you go to, and accosted an unmarried couple for sitting together in their unmarriedness? Isn’t it pathetically convenient to interrogate a harmless couple in a park? Can someone please explain why haven’t these righteous correspondents ever barged into a conspiring terrorist’s household to expose their plans? Or maybe into a conservative political figure’s cozy room when they call over hookers (I don’t even care about that, honestly) or when they approve of policies that render our lives a lot more miserable than it already is? That takes guts.

You’re smart enough to understand by now that I am legitimately aggravated and so are others. Invasive moral policing is not just hypocritical, it is harmful. A petition against your program has been initiated on and I’m signing this while making yet another sinful plan of sitting in a park with the guy I like. Is this a one-way ticket to hell and destruction? I’m sure it is. No skin off my nose.

Assuming your action was religiously motivated, I was wondering how you would react if a raging maulvi decided to hound you on his morning talk show for not covering your hair. And assuming your action wasn’t religiously motivated but only carried out as a display of social concern, I wonder how you would feel if someone verbally quartered you for making the decisions you have by telling you, you were foolish and misdirected for doing so.

Now if you don’t mind, I have plans to make. I’m spending unmarried time with the guy I like in a few days. We’re so unmarried, it’s amazing. Sometimes in our high unmarriedfulness, I hold his arm and we walk through the park past closet Maya Khans and Zaid Hamids who genuinely detest us for our open display of joy, comfort and affection. I can’t wait to have you show up and ask us for our nikah document. This is what I’ll give you as proof:

It’s legit.


Stay out of my park.

Sincerely Sitting Unmarried On a Bench in a Park With a Guy,


This post was originally published here.


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Mehreen Kasana

An American Pakistani student, blogger and doodler in Lahore. She enjoys writing satire on culture and politics. Mehreen tweets @mehreenkasana.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Jamil Ahmed

    Ban her from the air.Recommend

  • Imran Hussain

    One thing is very clear, I am never going back to Pakistan and marrying a Pakistani girl/women. This episode shows a very abhorrent picture of Pakistani society.Recommend

  • Anjum

    Thumbs Up did great job i am agree with you…Who is she to do this act?No one have right to interfare in any one’s personal life.Maya Khan have to correct herself first, how dare she to disclose these innocent couples.Maya khan Show should be banned.Recommend

  • Sheeraz Chandio

    Miss Mahya I watched your clip good work but I am very sorry to say it is kind of human rights violence, because it is emotional and exciting age of humans and in this age humans have love’s emotions. If you are understand it is against of our culture and couples don’t do that activity but you most remember couples know that thing but instead of that they are doing that and they want understand before marriage… It mean that today’s youth want some freedom and they don’t want that kind of restriction if you will try to stop that I think it will not possible because today’s youth master of tomorrow’s. And try to understand today is modern era and you was also youth;)
    Mahya don’t mind in my words because according to Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
    1. We are all born free and equal
    2. Don’t discriminate
    3. The right to life
    12. The Right to Privacy
    16. Marriage and Family
    18. Freedom of Thought
    19. Freedom of Expression
    30. No One Can Take Away Your Human Rights

    Dear Mahya if believe human rights then you should respect above thing. Really if you want to new thing then you should explore corruption, and program for career counseling because more then 90% Pakistan’s youth unaware about career counseling. Thank:)Recommend

  • Farazz

    Good job MehreenRecommend

  • Riffat

    Excellent and appreciating this writing, we need this kind of work instead of Maya Khan i think Maya mean money so she is doing all this for Maya mean money. Behave Maya and correct yourself and respect people. Say no to mayaRecommend

  • Ali

    @Imran Hussain:

    Plz dont this is the good favour you will do and marry a girl in western society and be happy, but don;t say anything to Pakistani peopleRecommend

  • OMAR

    Sorry to all of you who feel the outburst of expressing discomfort regarding your privacy. We as a nation are judgmental of others yet want complete anonymity once it comes to our own self. This behavior, though obnoxious is as equal to you telling me to go for prayers and trust me everyone does it. This is the start of our culture of public policing. Some of us rise above it but 99.99% will judge each other and even have the audacity to question openly the nature of your belief and actions and punish you accordingly. There is no concept of greater good nor live and let live. This is Pakistan. Land of the pure, who will ensure you remain pure weather you like it or not. Many women have to pay with their lives but that is another story. Even the law ensures you cannot behave in any kind of act deemed immoral according to sharia. Which includes non-married people from meeting each other (which is Islamicaly correct so stop questioning what is wrong with women meeting men). It has been a common practice in the past for the police to question couples and their relationships and ask for the nikahnama to prove they are married. This has been the law here. So stop complaining. INVASION of PRIVACY IS A NATIONAL PAST TIME!!! Recommend

  • Maria

    For those santimonious Muslims who are outraged at this “horrible sin” these couple are committing, want an Islamic perspective? How about this Hadith :

    “Part of the perfection of one’s Islam is his leaving that which does not concern him.”

    In simpler terms…..MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Gossip is a pathetic indulgence of weak-minded people who have nothing better to do with their time.
    Want to write about what’s really wrong with our country? Start with girls that don’t get sent to school, girls forcibly married off at a very young age, girls in villages that are raped and their attackers run free….the social life of our youth is not a main concern.
    Hypocrisy is far worse than dating, as is gossip and backbiting… so before you lecture and point fingers, search your own faults. Recommend

  • John A David

    Maya khan is a thread woven in the unethical mentality of this country. I congratulate you Mehreen, for writing this well thought out letter. In perspective Maya Khan is just the tip of the Iceberg. This mentality is rooted so deep that it would take some time before it can be nipped in the bud. What she did is just an extreme example of what I am talking about. People should have the right to do about their lives. No Maya Khan is needed to enforce rules in Public.

    Mehreen, do not waste your time defending false accusations. What you wrote, made perfect sense. And I must say, it is good to read such a striking bold expression of the Pakistani women. As you so rightly pointed out, it has nothing to do with spirituality or faith. I wonder if Maya Khan even realizes how pathetic this whole circus of hers, looked. Watching this video was not only embarrassing, it made me flinch to see young people harassed like this.

    To those who are very keen on making the headline “parks are places of prostitution” should also make sure that they do not count every head in the same line. This is just a form of “Reductio ad absurdum” arguments to stop a genuine line of thought from progressing.

    Wake up people! Maya Khan is the future if you do not change this mentality at the grass root level.Recommend

  • Amna

    Absolutely brilliant article. I hope it brings the people of this show who are flying high a peg or two down, but seriously, all they care about is the rating of their show, and i am sure they have got the rating because the public is ballistic over this.

    I do wish that our society would grow up and provide safe and secure gatherings, sitting areas where young people who want to spend time with each other could do so in a little distant presence of an elder/chaperon, and would not have to lie to or cheat their families just because they know that if they simply tell their families that they find another person interesting and want to know them better, their families may explode on superficial notions of honor and shame. Recommend

  • SBK


    After watching your morning show, i just want to know that what thing you should prove? i think you just want to raise up the TPR of your morning show and your channel and nothing else. also i would like to clear that i am not supporting dating couple in karachi parks but your way was not right to show the stuff. Recommend

  • Arsalan

    Hats off to the author… This is not the only one who do such attempts on the TV shows…

    I also dont like the Guy Sherry comes on Ajj Tv , although he is pointing few things which is the write of the people to know but doing such nature of shows they should keep the difference between things that should be targeted or what should not to be, also when they find that topic should be targeted so dont only go to the places where only those people go where the masses dont go, such dating couples can easily be find many other places … We are fighting for the right of Concerts in Punjab on the other hand this sort of shows … Media is trying to prove?

    With Reference to another article on the same blog,

  • Baqar

    Oh hell yeah…in your face maya…if u never had a honest relationship then please restrain your jealousyRecommend

  • Aamir Masood


    At the expense of sounding patronizing, I’m proud of Mehreen Kasana for writing this piece.

    And to all the boys and girls out there, get over to those parks right away and set those God given hormones free.Recommend

  • Sameer Qadir

    Dear Maya Khan,
    There is not much that people in this country can do. Those who meet in Parks should be left alone.To tell a girl what she can or cannot do should be the job of her parents, not you not me.Certainly, if you want to give a public message to young girls especially, and boys particularly through your show about good and bad morals, go ahead but not at the cost of their privacy.Our society is very throttled and such actions will only gag things more. Have a program in a park, call young boys and girls to the show, allow all girls who do not want to risk exposure to wear burkhas with you also dressed in a burkha, and then openly talk of these issues.Recommend

  • Hamood

    I hate to see the Maya Khan show now ……….Recommend

  • Umair

    Brilliant article. Agree with “almost” every single line. People should be aware of this that Islam does not allow any single muslim to open up someone else’s sins infront of others. If someone humiliates the other over their sins infront of everyone, it is most certainly the case that he/she will soon be humiliated in a much bigger crowd. Simple “karma” for someone who doesn’t believe in Islam. However the only thing which concerns me is this line “However the ethos of my faith urges that unless I am perfect in my moral conduct, I have no right whatsoever to point my finger at anyone for anything. ” According to “Islamic guidelines”, whatever you do in the privacy of your home is your own business but public, errmm, means, public. The Koran and hadith are filled with stories of immorality in “public” and Lords punishment due to it. Although Maya Khan, or any other human being for that matter, has no right to ask for a nikah namah or anything of that sort, it is YOU yourself who should be aware of that. So even if a hypocrite asks you to stop committing a sin “publicly”, you are bound by your “ethos of faith” to stop committing that sin.Recommend

  • usman shah

    Our country is a victim of people like Maya Khan and Molvisation . They think they are the theke dar of Islam. media should never jump in the personal life of people . it is completely a personal matter of a individual if they are meeting in parks or restaurants . our country should be a secular state where people should have a free right to live .Recommend

  • sukhee

    Brilliant writeup Mehreen! Standing ovation ….. :)Recommend

  • Sarah

    Great write up! Enjoyed it. Kudos to the writer!Recommend

  • Azmat

    There is no such thing as PRIVACY in a PUBLIC park.Recommend

  • shadix

    Is it a new form of Taliban in Karachi?Recommend

  • Dr Siddiqi

    Good job Mehreen ! this is really upsetting .. seriously i was out of my mind when i watched this pathetically ill activity of Maya khan and crowd of looser women .. Park is a place for community and everybody has choice of enjoying it .. but its not a place of investigation and inquiring what people are doing and with whom they are accompanied .. if this is right then the command control should be given to proper authorities.. its all about having the personal right as a human being .. i don’t think she should have done this fool act just for her advertisement she talks about character which she herself don’t have and everybody is aware of that .. empty vessels make more noise this is what i analyze about this program i’m sure that 80% of the female accompanying maya khan in this show were of that kind .. as they enjoyed it. What a topic to share on the TV shame on Sama network.Recommend

  • Wajiha Ally

    This is ridiculous!!! The way Maya Khan and her stooges were running around in the park after the couples is beyond words. I’m amazed how such trashy shows are allowed to be shown on tv. Everyone is entitled to their privacy and responsible for their own actions. We are only answerable to God for our actions and people like Maya Khan need to understand this. Recommend

  • Madiha

    aahhh… what do i say about this team.. how bravely they were breaching the privacy of ppl… no wonder if tomorrow they go to 2 girls or boys sitting in parks and asking them things… u know what i mean… idiot..Recommend

  • Jehanzeb Khan

    There is light at the end of this dark tunnel after all. Following is the response from Samaa TV that I received when I formally lodged a complaint against Ms Maya’s tirade against the free citizens of this country sitting in a public park. It goes to show that we all need to raise our voice against injustice if we expect any kind of remorse or apology from the ‘culprits’.

    “Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    The channel has taken a very strong notice of this particular episode and the anchor has even apologized on her live show in this context. All measures have been taken to ensure that such incidents are not repeated since Samaa TV is a channel with a progressive vision, outlook and perception.

    We really appreciate your feedback and regret any inconvenience caused in this regard.

    Thanks and regards,
    Samaa TV”Recommend

  • Lady

    Love you Mehreen for the lovely Blog!!

    I am not against dating, infact, dating openly, in public places is far much better then opting for privacy.

    It’s pathetic people like Maya Khan who push youngsters into going for “privacy” due to all the disturbances.. and then what happens in the “privacy” is not to mention.

    I am a sister too and I would hate it if this maya khan came up to my brother or his fiance like that as they too, meet ion parks and what so ever.

    Maya Khan, you need to get a life. Recommend

  • Beacon

    I am a young person. My honest general thoughts:
    Shame on producers and everyone involved in this show.
    Shame on our media science industry
    Shame on Mehreen[the one Sitting Unmarried On a Bench in a (public) Park With a Guy]
    Shame on us
    We have tons of Indian influence, and we have no intention to break free, we actually love it.
    We have even abused entertainment, now it mostly involves women revealing their bodies.
    We just ‘use’ religion as salt and pepper to defend/justify what we are doing.
    I conclude we are lurking in darkness, in respect to faith.
    May God guide us to right path and help us keep following it. I thank God for giving us Islamic Republic of Pakistan and whatever we have.Recommend

  • Ali

    To Maya Khan

    Who has given you this right?

    I wish someone would expose the skeletons in your closet and I am sure you have plenty of those.

    Experience has shown that those who try to expose others usually have a lot to hide themselves.Recommend

  • Zainab

    mahreen!! i loved ur post..n the part i like the most is that someone has the guts to speak, while rest just saw the show n commented!! no one has the rite to invade anyone’s privacy!! parents are there to teach us wrong n rite!! good work!!!Recommend

  • sadaf

    this is sick and morbid. this video is terrible. i hate morning shows more than ever!Recommend

  • Adnan Khan

    Maya khan
    u got wot u deserved……
    now live wid it swtheart :D

    hats awf to Mehreen :))))Recommend

  • Ali Arain

    good job mehreeen..!Recommend

  • anonymus

    Gen Iftikhtar CJ should order her to be arrested .
    what is rule of law: i jyst read decision by supreme court of USA they squased charges of drug dealer….
    police put a tracker in car of drug smuggler and after one month they arrested him with 98 KG of cocaine and probably 100,000 dollars. he was sentenced to 15 years of jail by lower court.
    supreme court decided that police has to get warant toput a tracker and as they did not do that so all punishment was pardoned.

    who has given these aunties this right? or to any camera carrying person.
    this lady should be fired form job and arrested for doing this shameful act. Recommend

  • malik Babar

    This type of program should banned, shame on you mayaRecommend

  • Fahad

    guys aint it funny privacy in a public place… how can we have a private life in a public place oh sorry supposedly a family park ?Recommend

  • sharjeel

    first of all this is a stupid programme i have ever seen in my life ..this is not the way to interfere in some ones personal life ..maya khan is bold she is open she can do anything for money as she is doing now..but the girls in pakistan are not as bold as she is ..why the hell is she interfering in any one life the people who are in the park knows their limit the are not the child any more so why the hell is she taking the cameras over there …what is she trying to prove or what is the channel trying to prove …i belive they wont have the answer for this it they are trying to gain TRP if this is the case then this channel needs to shut down ..or needs to think again what the hell they are doing …and they should apologise to the people of pakistan for what they have done…nd i would really want the people to take a stand againt this thing what the media is trying to do …nd teach them a proper lesson..and if maya khan is reading this please i am sorry for my languageRecommend

  • Ayubi

    Thanks Mehreen,
    but ur punch was so light on Maya.
    her intention was true but extremely disgraceful , u see the way those mafia ladies were shouting and talking on camera?

    Maya must be off air immidiately and no channel should entertain her.

  • Kamran

    Keep it up sensible blog.

    Maya perhaps was unable to spot other venues and got to make this story, Parks are meant to enjoy and relax with friends,coleagues, family, finacee etc what she was trying to get out of this. Recommend

  • amna bajwa

    well saidRecommend

  • Saad

    @Hadia Khan:

    Agreed with you. u r right, intention is correct to teach the children but way and procedure was wrong.
    Islam protects woman’s privacy, respect and dignity. do you know what’s the purpose of 4 witnessess?
    yes ! she should be warned and punished for bring camera over there and telling a lie to the couple that “there is no camera active” LIAR.

    There is a way to teach anyone in his/her privacy or alone, not to insult anyone in public or in camera before the whole world !

    Would u like to be exposed to whole world?Recommend

  • iqbal

    Nice Mehreen… I totally agree with you and simaltaneously demand that Maya’s so called fundamentalist cum hard liner morning show should be banned immediately. I also appeal liberal school of thought to take notice of it as she has no right to intervene in personals at all.. I also question Maya’s comptency as a host because she is producing and airing stupdity and hard liner brand every morining.Recommend

  • Hammad Abbasi

    Explaining something going wrong in wrong manner makes your explanation wrong.

    If you see something bad, do not announce on news channel as its against ethics and teachings of our religion as well.

    If Maya khan’s family member is found in some park, is she going to telecast that? I bet no, she surely will be hiding that story.

    These are primary school teachings that all muslims are brothers to one another (i hope she is still a muslim). So she should go to primary schools once again. In secondary schools, It is explained that we should hide sins/secrets if we know or see and try to cover it rather than telecasting.

    So why she is not taking everyone like that? i hope she is well educated.

    If she is there for betterment for society then she should focus on removing causes rather than publishing and telecasting.

    Do not take responsibility of everyone, lets just focus on our families and i bet things will be better.Recommend

  • Asad Changazi

    Thumbs up Mehreen, u succumbed Maya Khan and Sama TV to confess their mistake and to apologize for their cheap act. Undoubtedly you are the voice of new generation. Thanks :PRecommend

  • Sarah B. Haider

    Thank you Mehreen. Thanks for being our voice.Recommend

  • kashif
  • Amer

    I agree well done mahreen.Recommend

  • sibah farooq

    Hoping that she meets you in the park and that punch lands on her face! People like maya khan have only a nuisance value! TV channels need to offer their mikes and shows to responsible, educated (in the real sense of the word) and good human beings! Recommend

  • Yasir

    This blog is a waste of time. Maya khan has certainly heard the voice of the nation regarding her show. The last thing that can help the case of her desperate publicity stunt is ‘An open letter to flaana dhamkaana..’ (Or what was that cliche called?) . But yeah a little SUBJECT can definitely help the case of your passion for blogging.

    P.S: I could not get past the first two paragraphs.Recommend

  • Sana Iqbal


    And what’s your uncle’s name? Ahmed Jahanzaib :-PRecommend

  • Mohib Ahmed

    Nicely written Mehreen. You have expressed, what actually is behind the scene, recently saw one pic of Maya on FB which clearly showed that they are doing such programs for sack of their channel and publicity. I was waiting for such a wonderful articleRecommend

  • Romeo

    tomorrow on 27 Jan 3pm, we are having a rally from lovers point Clifton beach park till park towers plz join, to fight for you private life, either Maya gonna come again to disturb while we date…. huhhRecommend

  • M_mian

    By the way what wrong were those covered in full clothes and just sitting together, may be planning their future, were doing????Recommend

  • Grow up

    I am not sure what is wrong in dating? Grow up and stop living in 14th century. If the people who are dating each other have no problems doing so, what problems do a third person have? Why cant everyone just mind their own business and choose their own way to pursue happiness? If you dont feel happy in going around and dating ppl, its your call, but quit advocating others as to how to live their lives. Recommend

  • Ali

    You guys are making maya khan popular !!

    I was expecting one of the couple to counter attack maya khan and her team!

    but non of them did!

    Maya khan should have gone to cafe’s, restaurants and caught the couples there

    but why Park???Recommend

  • iUmayr

    Guys, OK! It doesn’t mean Mehreen wants to motivate you to now start dating if you are scared of TV shows. I have a slightly different point of view. Dating should be allowed, invasion of privacy should stopped, such TV shows should get banned. Sitting in a park is something and publicly kissing and hugging is something else, you know what am talking about.
    Here in Gulshan, I’ve come across a place which is specially designed to fulfill immoral needs of all dating fellas. A Ice Cream Parlor. Difference is that you need to bring ice cream with yourself. Small Dark Cabins and permission to do anything, a place where no one would interrupt you in your xyz actions. Privacy is your right but DONT cross limits please.Recommend

  • Hira

    So Maya Khan received a mandate from all of Pakistan’s aggrieved parents to watch after their children ? Recommend

  • umme Zoya

    i will not fully agree with mehreen because wats wrong “is wrong”… if maya khan potrayed it wrongly… u cant say dats those kids were doing right… before saying a single word or commenting…. remember you are a muslim n u will be answerable to Allah for all your deeds… if we talk about media n its ethical values, to tell u the truth they dont have one… so now coming to the individual moralism…. our youth should realize, that please world is leading towards sky n u r still stucked in dating n meeting n chatting n flirting etc… its not the end of this world… think wider…. u guys are sent to this world as a muslim to spread the religion Islam around the world, to each n every individual around the planet earth…
    please realise y u r sent to this world….

    umme ZoyaRecommend

  • Aisha

    Thanks for saying everything I was thinking. We need people like you who take the time out and articulate the general frustration so many of us feel because of idiots like Maya Khan.Recommend


    i have never watched that lady’s show but yes i can feel the stupidity of content she presented and outrageous mentality. Its a remarkable response from Mehreen..


  • Khizr Imran

    Mehreen. So glad you’ve written this. Just to spite Maya, we might as well start a ‘PARKS FOR PROCREATION’ campaign.

    Jokes aside, Maya Khan should be banned from Television – goes for all nincompoop anchors – and there’s plenty.

    I think irresponsible journalism should be met with a heavy fine. Beat, imprison, render incommunicado, stitch their lips – and no bail whatsoever.

    Imprison Maya Khan for invading privacy. If not that, at least don’t let her near a microphone, amplifier, broadcasting station, blog – anything that will help her project her senile views.

    If she must continue (and if we subscribe to the ‘freedom of speech’ doctrine), she must stand alone, without the strength of a media machine behind her. Recommend

  • Syed Arbab Ahmed (@SyedArbabAhmed)

    Will this be deleted from this website, as happening with my comments,
    “Played the clips of young couple on national television, who requested to turn off the cameras.” hmm… if they were clear from any guilt and they told their parents where they are going and not lied to them, then why they wanted camera to be turned off?

    Why we are going for two extremes?


    I really liked that tweet about MAYA KHAN topic
    @ammaryasir Ammar Yasir [RONIN]
    So predictable when foreign
    journos prefer writing a piece on Maya Khan (an overdone topic) than
    Arfa Karim. Of’course the bad image sells.

    Twitter: @SyedArbabAhmed
    Karachi, PakistanRecommend

  • Samira

    I don’t agree to the idea of dating with the person of your choice before an official commitment (engagement), but I do agree to the point which you have made Mehreen, that no one has the right to poke their nose in your business. No one is allowed to humiliate or punish innocent people, because this particular issue is not a crime by law yet, you just cannot tear other people’s image and their self respect apart. Maya Khan should focus on other TRP rating options.Recommend

  • ahsan

    All maya haters you gotta watch this video!!! an Osman Khalid production. Recommend

  • Nqaqvi

    one Q ? to all … wats their private and personal life doing at public place (parks ) ??

    if they want it confidential then be stay at home … :P dnt blame MAYA KHAN … Recommend

  • Noise

    Why does her advice only extend to the girls and not the guys? Just goes to prove what men have been saying for a long time, that its not men but women themselves who oppress themselves Any guy who seduces and runs away with her daughter will get thumbs up from me, since the arrogant need to eat humble pie. She needs to learn to respect others privacy. It is important for Muslims to respect others privacy, they must not chase people especially when its not their goddamn job. This is not a muslim thing to do.

    Stupid teen couples are not a security threat to the country.Recommend

  • Abdullah

    Good Article… Thank you Mehreen for becoming the voice of ethical pakistanis and humanityRecommend

  • Beacon

    We are allover the Maya Khan Anti-ParkDating thing, its even a hit on tribune blogs. But we don’t see the other problems why our country is failing and keeps racing for the last spot when it comes to self-dependency. No one signs a petition against more serious issues like daily killings, loadsheddings, when things get 300% expensive, to name a few. Suddenly all are raising voice against a TV anchor who distracted some peeps doing private things in public parks. Recommend

  • Rsheikh

    Miss Maya must have gone out of her mind to earn a descent living. However our youth is the most deprived lot on this planet and this very little happiness of sitting in a public park to have very little happiness was stabbed by miss capital M. I request all tv channels to avoid such cheap shows and stop bothering us the mango people.Recommend

  • Gazoo Martian

    All these condemning Maya Khan is nothing but secular and illiterate of any Islamic knowledge.Most of them are brought up in the West and I am willing to bet they dont even know how to read Ayat-ul-kursi and dont even pray even on Fridays much less fast in the month of Ramadan.

    These guys are bleeding heart liberals fighting for ‘freedom’ for the Illuminati and Free Masons. They look at the surface not the bottom, they look at the current, not the long term. Our young folks have been heavily ‘sedated’ by the seculars and NGOs so much so that they cant even stop and think what our religious and national values are. they are more western that western themselves. If unchecked, here is what will happen soon in future and thats exactly what Free Masons and these bleeding heart liberals want:

    In time sequence:

    Date in a Park
    next step, touch each other,
    Men will place their hands on woman’s breast
    then they will sit close to each other in open
    now the women will dress less and less (perhaps even shorts?)
    they will book a room in motel
    have a sex party
    women will get pregnant
    some women will keep the newborns, most will dump or abort them. Butthe man will never see her again
    Suddenly Human rights will kick in. Women all over the country will take it to the streets asking for legalization of harami kids
    Put pressure on govt to set up help lines and social funds to feed the new born and take care of them
    the kids grow up and dont know who their father is
    before you know it there are 66% harami kids in Pak making joke of an Islamic country
    and last but not the least. These harami kids will grow up to criminals because of their psychology, (no fathers), then they will pass on their kids

    Thats how the West got entrapped in the Free Mason secularism. American society used to be very clean, no or very few divorce, people were family, no harami kids, BUT NOW about 50% of kids are harami

    but one thing good about all these. We have made the Free Masons HAPPY**

    damn the seculars, Muslims Pakistan zindabadRecommend

  • fatima

    Everyday, my ‘reasons to never to go back to Pakistan’ list keeps getting longer and longer. Call me selfish or whatever. I prefer my peace of mind more than anything. Why are these people such hypocrites? Why is normal human behaviour/interaction and every normal action considered taboo by such people? Why do men leer and stare at even burqa clad women in Pakistan? Why are they so sexually disturbed? Why are women judged and scrutinized by “aunties” ?? Recommend

  • fatima

    @Imran Hussain: We think alike lol! I am never going to Pakistan or marrying a Pakistani man. Recommend

  • fatima

    @Azmat: How exactly do you define privacy? there is a difference between an average person’s bedroom privacy and ouside privacy. If we are outside we may share the same path to walk, same park to hang out but its no body’s business to invade into our personal matters or ask questions that we do not want to answer or record us. It is illegal and there is a world in the dictionary for it, HARASSMENT!! Get it? Harassment.Recommend

  • Zohaib

    A brilliant letter by a very smart girl Recommend

  • Mirza Ali Nasir

    Good Job Mehreen . . .cheers

    Now for Maya. . .I m sure almost every point and every msg from other fellows has already been conveyed to you. . . Now a msg from this fellow. . . .

    . .

    For all other fellows you are please requested to write Mr. Fahd Haroon, Director Communications Sama Tv @ “[email protected]” to record your protest and a demand to ban the show.


  • Mirza Ali Nasir

    @Asad Changazi:

    Did they apologize?? really? when did it happen??? is the video of apology available on youtube?Recommend

  • Mairaj Alam

    Make your comments have an impact, post on SAMAA TVs official youtube page

    SAMAA should take action against her immoral and disrespectful actions and we viewers can force their hand.Recommend

  • Haroon Khan

    Lets not talk about what is right and wrong because this is relevant to everyone. The point is that Maya some how realized the easiest and cheapest way to get publicity and that is being CONTROVERSIAL so she got it.
    I share the same feelings that any sensible being would have born the shock but the worst part is “THE BUNCH OF SILLY WOMEN” accompanying the “FAMOUS MAYA” and having fun and refreshing “OLD MEMORIES” Recommend

  • GHS

    @Gazoo Martian: First of all, yes i do pray. Usually 5 times a day and i am well versed with the Ayat-ul-Kursi. If you have issues with a Liberal Pakistan, i advise you to go like in a country like Saudia Arabia or something. Cause our FOUNDING FATHER namely Quaid-e-Azam wanted a Liberal country.
    If you dont like something what the other person is doing and you think is “immoral”… Then ignore it. Tolerance and patience are 2 things that are held in high esteem in Islamic teachingsRecommend

  • HRZ

    What the hell Maya Khan thinks of her herself!!!! She should see yourself first… she should be banned by Pemra for coming on tv..Recommend

  • Mohammad F Rahim

    Hi Maya,

    Sincere advice to you, please don’t repeat this way of cheap publicity. You have no authority to interview in such away. You need more training & I know this is not your fault but I think that when you were growing up, there must be huge lacking in your training by your parents. I am glad that Samaa Management fired you. Good job. If I was there I took you to the Court for legal proceeding & you will be in great trouble. Get more training & then enter to the field of Journalism.Recommend

  • ss

    Now this is some well-written, creative and coherent article. Well done!Recommend

  • Gazoo Martian


    You wrote: Author: GHS
    @Gazoo Martian: First of all, yes i do pray. Usually 5 times a day and i am well versed with the Ayat-ul-Kursi. If you have issues with a Liberal Pakistan, i advise you to go like in a country like Saudia Arabia or something. Cause our FOUNDING FATHER namely Quaid-e-Azam wanted a Liberal country.
    If you dont like something what the other person is doing and you think is “immoral”… Then ignore it. Tolerance and patience are 2 things that are held in high esteem in Islamic teachings

    (I do not know how t find a particular comment on blog)

    Reply: Same should apply to you. If you would like to be ‘free’ to do sexual activities of any kind, you ought to go live in a country that accommodates you for that, such as UK, US, or even Sweden where you can have as many harami kids as you desire.

    The very basis of separation of Pakistan from India was Islamic riasat based on Islamic values not a liberal country. The accusation you have leveled against the Quaid-e-azam is just accusation that has been prepared by secular Pakis and is a twisted fact. Jinnah always mentioned ‘Islamic Falahi Riasat’

    Let us know when you moving to Sweden and how many harami kids you are going to have. I am not going anywhere, happy where I am. I don’t run away from problems, I confront it.

    Maya khan should resume her program for exposing these bleeding heart secular trying to destroy the very fundamentals of Allah and His Rasool (saw) – Qur’an says very clearly:

    wa la taqrab-uz-zina (aur tum zana key qareeb bhi na jao).

    Also a hadeeth: I will guarantee you Junnah if you can guarantee 3 things (I mention here one of the three) ‘whats between your legs (meaning where your little cobra has been) (keep it for your wife/husband only)

    I am expecting you will reply that dating is NOT a zana.

    Good day

    Long Live Pakistanis like Maya Khan

    Gazoo Recommend

  • Ali

    In response to citizen’ letter to Zafar Siddiqi, CEO Samaa TV yesterday, he has written back to the group with good news that the Maya Khan & her team will receiving termination notices as of Monday.Recommend

  • Dator

    Maya Khan Stay out of my park!!!

    I also dated a girl and now she is my wife, we have 2 beautiful kids :o)

    Maya Khan Stay out of my park!!!
    Maya Khan Stay out of my park!!!
    Maya Khan Stay out of my park!!!
    Maya Khan Stay out of my park!!!
    Maya Khan Stay out of my park!!!Recommend

  • sania

    its its illegal maya………Recommend

  • Finally !!

    Maya khan was fired from Samma TV by CEO.Recommend

  • Kasha

    [email protected] shafi:
    What a disrespect. On the other hand who has time to watch such rubbish programs? Women like empty talks…..Recommend

  • Shahwar

    I saw the show/program, it was completely disgusting and non sense as made no sense. I knew Maya had no stuff no depth but she had show it openly now. Who had given us the right to comment and expose anyone’s life, where is the privacy and where is that personal space. I am married and I had never dated in my life but I am not at all against dating couples or engaged ones. Why did the other lady say that when you are engaged you cant meet, why don’t they read Quran Pak and learn Islam to open the ugly narrow minds, shame on you all ladies who were supporting there with Maya.Miss so called SHAREEF ZADI Maya do you have any idea for the consequences of this show that you guys aired, do you know how many families and respect of the girls/ guys who you were interviewing is on stake. Shame on you Maya, nothing else. You should have thought atleast once before trying to do that show. With such courage you were trying to impress us by showing something in which we all were not interested. Why don’t you go to interview Gays/ Lesbians that why do they do it openly in society???? that’s what not allowed in Religion, that would had given us a clear picture and was much acceptable than this …. Please Maya my sincere suggestion to you is read books as much as you can on any topics, and broaden your mind with that. I do not have any hate against you but feel pity for you and Samma TV that they do not know who to hire and what topics to talk/discuss( and not doing Peer Baba’s fake topics as once shown huh).Recommend

  • http://- Abid P. Khan

    @Gazoo Martian:

    you ought to go live in a country that accommodates you for that, such as UK, US, or even Sweden where you can have as many harami kids as you desire.

    It could be Allah ki nemat for a minority of the world population of humans, (keeping Djinnat away) however, for rest of the world, offspring are produced by an act of copulation/mating. I would not know if they teach some other method at a Martian “madarsah*.

    Even outside Sweden, Harems have existed with uncountable numbers of maidens brought there as war booties or bought as cattle. Children produced at Harems are not from nikaah naamah bearing parents. They served as ghulaams. Some of these turned out to be pretty good soldiers and leaders.

    Can you refer to a research that shows that “harami kids” (by your definition), have some oddity in their behaviour, or physique, like extra ears or eyes at the back of the head?
    A digression, I would like to learn whether an Islamic ruling which defines the status of a child who was conceived as a result of pre-marital sex. The couple married later with the blessing of a moulvi, before the child was born. Thus what would be the status of next generation of children born from such a child? Recommend

  • Shahwar

    I forgot to mention that Mahreen you did a favor to us all as a society and also in decreasing the MENTAL STRESS taken by people being chased by Maya. One ugly unplanned issue brought so much to pain to the society. This is what we are here to see now rather than improving ourselves and the society. Recommend

  • Nauman

    I really admire the writer for this fine article. I hope Maya reads it and appreciates the message in it.

    Whole nation has condemned the show, whole team has been fired and there are apologies from the channel and anchor…..But….. All that is result of criticism from everywhere.

    I have seen another show in which Maya was given the opportunity to explain herself. Well I am afraid she still does not understand seriousness of the blunder. Reason for that is she just does not understand what her ethical responsibilities are as media person.

    I have moved to Canada a year ago and here almost for every business or profession one has to get relevant qualification and training. Every profession in the world has its code of ethics. I think its time for our private channels to realize teenage has passed and its time to take responsibility and develop professionalism.

    I am glad majority has condemned it and I pray we think of consequences before taking actions and casting votes. LOVE PAKISTANRecommend

  • A Concerned Pakistani

    Mullah Maya should not be let off this easy, it will be fun if people start making VDOs of her activities with their cell phones and post it on youtube. Only then she will understand what she did wrong.Recommend

  • Hassan

    Media should show positive things on it. but unfortunately our media persons are representing very cheap type programs on it specially in morning. all Major T.V channel morning shows have no sense what to broadcast at morning time.
    Girls With Maya was looking well experienced and mature in this field and amazingly they was well familiar with all secrete places. People know things when they experiment them. Recommend

  • Asad

    “Over one’s mind and over one’s body the individual is sovereign.” John Stuart Mill
    That was what 200 years ago this guy talked about and what our society needs today…..Recommend

  • Nidaa

    being a muslim dont we think to follow this maya khan!:/Recommend

  • Muhammad Waqas Akram

    MK show should be banned!!Recommend


    I don’t know what the rule of law say about this issue but there is a need to educate (legal advice) or empower our youth about their rights and limitations to go out at a public place with some one who is not mahram so also they could react in such situations. This type of moral policing for the sake of rating is not very much different from the act of harasment by city Police mostly for the sake of financial gain (bribe). But in addition in Maya’s case there is also issue of respect of privacy. Even I don’t know that either it’s a legal requirement to keep nikha nama everytime you go anywhere with your spouse.
    Maya Khan a peace of advice for you many good things can not compensate for one wrongful act that one does atleast in this world. Make an unconditional opology. You had a great impact in highlighting and resolving many social issues in recent past and had done a job much better than morning shows of the most highly rated T. V channels of our country.
    I like the idea of Miss Mehreen to have a segment on respect for privacy and also empowerment by sex education and how to avoid getting hurt emotionally and misuse or unethical aspect of social networking.
    We are a confused nation we claim to be Islamic republic but do not follow Islamic ideology in letter and sprit on the whole. We are in a state of conflict due to many social issues that are in practice against the guideline available to us a part and parcel of our religion. We need to start working with issues which are not controversial like payment and proper distribution of zakat, tax payment, providing social justice, no one has to pay bribe, exemplary punishment and recovery from those involve in cruption, as a whole where everyone strive hard to achieve goodness a true welfare state and then we could implement a law which is in conciliation with moral and islamic values and ideology to its full magnitude.
    [email protected] Recommend

  • saba

    look maya khan or like maya khan celebs have d right to find some masala for their tv shows but islam says “gunah ko roko hath ce na rok saku tu zibaan ce ager ziban ce be nahi tu dil ce bura janu” when u cant stop urself or u dnt follow these practice of having guys in ur life then u have d right to stop them otherwise u cant first u dnt these practices u dnt like that someone interfere in ur life then how could other ppl become an open book for ur tv shows…Recommend