An open letter to Maya Khan

Published: January 22, 2012

It started with this video.

Dear Maya Khan,

My name is Mehreen. I like browsing through morning talk shows when I’m waiting for breakfast made by my mom who, like your colleague said in a particular clip, is like my friend and I confide in her often. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I do. She’s never demanded an oath of eternal confidence in her. We’re humans, and we love our private space. You might be thinking, “Why is she telling me this?” I thought I should let you know about the knitty gritty of my personal life since you do enjoy delving into deeper details. Wise people always do.

Maya? I love parks. Parks are amazing. Did you know that the top ten parks in the world are located in London, Vancouver, San Francisco, Tokyo, Lisbon (don’t worry – not ‘lesbian’), Chicago and Bangkok? If you show up in Lahore in the same park that I go to, it might become the most famous park in the whole world for what happens right after we encounter each other. Parks have lots of nice, lush grass and benches. I love benches. Parks also have trees and swings and sidewalks for people to walk on, and sometimes chase people after. Parks are amazing. My dad used to take me to my favorite park when I was little, you know? Sometimes couples passed by us and my dad would bring his Sony high definition video camera out and run after them, inquiring of their marital or non-marital status based on his idea of morality. Kidding. My dad just yawned and pushed the swing higher for me.

Hey, Maya? Sorry, I know I’m rambling. Just bear with me. Come on, we’re girls, we should confide in each other. I really like someone. Most young people do. It’s natural, don’t worry. Nothing extraordinary, absurd or heinous about it. We hang out often. Since we’re on a nice, equal wavelength, we enjoy spending time in places that are simple, easy to go (unless someone decides to chase us with a cell phone camera to document our stray presence) and open-spaced because I love sitting in the sun on a winter afternoon. Do you know where we go?

A local park.

That’s right.

Young people fall in love all the time. Sometimes they don’t – it’s just infatuation. Sometimes they do and they’re confused as hell and they still go out to understand the significance of the other. In the process, they pick a location like normal people do where they can sit down and spend time together. I’m sure you liked someone when you were in college. No big deal. See, girls fall in love pretty much every single day of the week and so do boys. Sometimes they make the right decision, sometimes they make mistakes. It’s called being human. But trust me, they don’t need a team of middle aged women hounding them down public places to enlighten them about their decisions. And trust me, their mothers will handle whatever happens. No one asked you or anyone else to take the responsibility of scrutinizing them. See, what worries me a lot is when public figures like you with considerable influence on viewers morph into moral police. In a country like Pakistan where public vigilantism has exceeded levels of brutality, the last thing the youth needs is a team of moral watchdogs sniffing around for “impure” behavior.

If indeed your concern is sincere (which I still have qualms with – since the privacy of a person’s choice is most cogent; they’ll ask for help when they ask you) then invest in sex education or how a female can avoid getting hurt in various situations. Better yet, do a segment on respect for privacy. Now that’s a talk show I would make my entire neighborhood subscribe to. I understand that you might be fretting about the welfare of young women in this society. I do too along with thousands of other well-to-do folks. But there’s a difference between you and me: I don’t publicize their actions on a local TV channel, I don’t chastise them for going out on a date and I don’t expect people to slut-shame the girl or the boy into hiding. I let them be unless and until they ask for help or if there is eminent danger.

Hold on.

I’m Muslim too.

However the ethos of my faith urges that unless I am perfect in my moral conduct, I have no right whatsoever to point my finger at anyone for anything. Whatever is done is left between the individual and their conscience. Hell, no one ever told me to demand for someone’s nikah-nama when they’re sitting together. It doesn’t concern me or you or anyone else. Sometimes I am ashamed to be from the same faith when I see people like you dictating immaculate morality for others. Furthermore I am mortified as a Pakistani when I see wardens of rectitude making dangerous spectacles of common citizens simply to boost hits on their show or to become shining role models for people of equally disappointing, mediocre thinking.

If that young couple gets hurt – which happens inevitably as a result of your irresponsible moral policing – you will be held accountable for reinforcing the sick obsession our society has with prying and needling into privacy. I thought media ethics would’ve taught you and several others the art of letting people be. It’s not too hard, really. All you have to do is mind your own business and find other mature, commendable ways of increasing popularity for your show. Say, have you seen that reporter who raided on someone’s residence for possessing alcohol? Don’t you think it would’ve yielded a decent conversation if you, let’s say, entered Cosa Nostra or Espresso or CTC or Cinnabon, where privileged folks like you go to, and accosted an unmarried couple for sitting together in their unmarriedness? Isn’t it pathetically convenient to interrogate a harmless couple in a park? Can someone please explain why haven’t these righteous correspondents ever barged into a conspiring terrorist’s household to expose their plans? Or maybe into a conservative political figure’s cozy room when they call over hookers (I don’t even care about that, honestly) or when they approve of policies that render our lives a lot more miserable than it already is? That takes guts.

You’re smart enough to understand by now that I am legitimately aggravated and so are others. Invasive moral policing is not just hypocritical, it is harmful. A petition against your program has been initiated on and I’m signing this while making yet another sinful plan of sitting in a park with the guy I like. Is this a one-way ticket to hell and destruction? I’m sure it is. No skin off my nose.

Assuming your action was religiously motivated, I was wondering how you would react if a raging maulvi decided to hound you on his morning talk show for not covering your hair. And assuming your action wasn’t religiously motivated but only carried out as a display of social concern, I wonder how you would feel if someone verbally quartered you for making the decisions you have by telling you, you were foolish and misdirected for doing so.

Now if you don’t mind, I have plans to make. I’m spending unmarried time with the guy I like in a few days. We’re so unmarried, it’s amazing. Sometimes in our high unmarriedfulness, I hold his arm and we walk through the park past closet Maya Khans and Zaid Hamids who genuinely detest us for our open display of joy, comfort and affection. I can’t wait to have you show up and ask us for our nikah document. This is what I’ll give you as proof:

It’s legit.


Stay out of my park.

Sincerely Sitting Unmarried On a Bench in a Park With a Guy,


This post was originally published here.


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Mehreen Kasana

An American Pakistani student, blogger and doodler in Lahore. She enjoys writing satire on culture and politics. Mehreen tweets @mehreenkasana.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Asim

    I am a witness to a family ruined by an episode of Maya Khan’s morning show. This immoral, un ethical woman just for the sake of ratings & without any background check destroyed a dignified family’s reputation on national TV. Also she played with feelings of million by broadcasting a program in favor of a Jaali peer who claimed Basharat of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) & who was later on caught by police red handed for various frauds.

  • Hijab

    Excellent article! Hits the point well. However, what Maya khan has done is totally wrong and unethical on her part. Who is she to poke into anyone business? She should better highlight more grave issues then Couples sitting in the park. How would she react if someone comes up to her and acquire about her nikanama? Its high time that media draws a line.Recommend

  • Jude Allen


    Your perspective is SPOT ON. Up until last night, I was in absolute rage with Maya Khan. I wanted to write to her and give her a piece of my mind. Believe you me, I wouldn’t have been as polite as you have. I don’t feel the need to write to her anymore after reading your article.

    However, I really wish to be sitting in the park one day with my dearly beloved to encounter the likes of Maya and her entourage. It would be fun to turn the tables dramatically (which I am known for)

    Keep up the good work. I certainly hope a copy of this write-up has been delivered personally to Maya (with all our comments)

    Lastly a BIG thank you for taking a stand on issues such as these in the most responsible manner. You have earned another fan. Take care :)

    Jude Recommend

  • Salman Lohan

    good job Mehreen…Recommend

  • Masood

    Bravo Mehreen!!! Loved every single word of your article Maya Khan should learn a lesson from all this…Recommend

  • Urooj

    I do agree with you but we have got to look at the brighter side. May be she’s doing the right thing, there’s so much crap going on now a days and we all will agree to it. Girls are being exploited by hungry-drooling-men in the name of “love”. there’s a possibility that this lame act of hers might stop a few people doing it, due to the fear of being shown on camera. Recommend

  • Mohammad Naveed Zafar

    Maya Khan embodies the core of our uninformed society where the perceptions still are what they were 50 years from now about dating or just an idea of a girl and a boy alone. As right as they maybe at the realities of those times, general opinion on open mindedness has grown to an amazing extent and somehow these basic facts have avoided breaking into the mind-set of these stereotypical figures of Maya Khan, the ladies on the show and also a greater chuck of our population.

    As far as media goes, is it only Freedom of expression or dictation of your terms on how one should or should not behave physically or psychologically and violation of private space. Shamefully all we know in the society is how to work around the loopholes and act first to get the ball first no matter how painful or sadistic the consequences of those action might be. Can’t believe how far these people can go just to get a headliner or the “First Break”.Recommend

  • Abeer

    This was an absurd act by Maya and the women with her along with the whole team of Sama. What was she trying to prove? What I got from the video was typical “teeli baaz gossip aunties and girls” finding some couple to just harrass and make fun of. Every individual has privacy and its upto them what they want to do with their lives. I agree with Maheen’s article and she has pointed out valid points that are a rebuttal for Maya’s behavior. Its a shame how our media always tries to exploit our people and our country. Its a shameful act done by Maya and Sama. This woman and this program should be banned.Recommend

  • Sanam Thariani

    Great article and very well written. Maya Khan and her moral policing is downright disgusting. I am appalled beyond belief. It is shocking that not only did this program get okayed for filming, it actually got an okay from Samaa TV to be aired. Shame on them!Recommend

  • Masood Baig

    Dear Mehreen

    I have been tossing and turning since this morning – the moment I came across that piece of “creativity”, presented by none other than (our very own, liar!) and renowned alpha female host ‘The’ Maya Khan along with a pack of (im)moral (predominantly female) wolves (in a human skin), who were really in a mood to hunt a (cuddling) couple down. “When you are a “paipsi” yourself then you have no right to tell us how to drink a coke”, a statement, made by CM Balochistan.

    Now I have read your fine piece of writing, I am feeling ALRIGHT. You really nailed it, coffin closed! Recommend

  • Adeel


  • Abid Beli

    Salam to you Mehreen :)

    Maya khan & Urooj Both of you simply MAD & both of them should ban on MediaRecommend

  • disturbed

    I dont understand why mehreen n the rest are criticising maya….come on, we live in a society which will not forgive sins of this kind…specially for girls….the class they belong to, do u think they will accept happily a girl who has had a past? the whole thing is that people’s hormones are way too charged now, thanks to overdose of bollywood n sheila ki jawani….it’s not a matter of love, we all know these park dates n such relationships are more directed towards lust…..Recommend

  • http://N/A Anonymous

    Assalam O Alaikum,
    I find the above letter/article to be an invalid argument. I do not support invasion of privacy neither do i support the retarded notion of dating or so called, falling in love. You say you are a Muslim, yet you are openly stating that you shall be having close relations with “any” stranger whom you seem to “like” or “love” and completely disregard what your religion teaches you. You may or may not find this offensive, believe me, I do want you do find this offensive, I may seem aggressive but unfortunately the response of the “Blind, Idiotic community which will simply believe anything that is written in a language better than their own or has the slightest hint of supporting their religion.” I am not your enemy, I am a fellow muslim, who wants to tell you that the image of realism that is developed in the current pre-adult generation is not correct. I shall gain nothing from pointing this out, It is only for your own well-being. Do read the above wall of text again and ponder over what message I tried to convey. Recommend

  • alicia

    Honestly I could barely watch this. Maya khan and the aunties running after people and their commentary “wo dekho wo dekho wahan bhag rahay hain” “nahin bhagnay mat do pakro pakro”.

    How disgusting and low can you get? Not only Maya but all the other people with her. I have seen pictures of Maya in extremely westren dresses posted all over the internet and I really couldn’t care less but she is no angel her self neither are all the others with her. How can they do this? It could destroy those young peoples lives.

    I’m writing to complain about this to pemra and I think others should tooRecommend

  • sam

    i think we should seriously do something about taking her to court and sue her .i know the samaa team had a good day out but what they and a bunch of nothing to do aunties did was a act of irresponsibility and narrow mindlessness .

    i think all of us here should take her to court for the act she committed this is no way chasing couples like they were their parents …hats off to you mehreenRecommend

  • Mehdi

    Yarr every1 one have right to date or love each other , Maya Khan day’s are gone!Recommend

  • nazish

    i agree that maya khan crossed all lines in how she harassed dose couples; it was all in very bad taste. it is true that privacy should b respected n also that that couple cud possibly get hurt as a consequence of dis irresponsible expose’.
    At d same time d comments of d man at d end of d video shud also b paid heed to. These are after all, public parks where impressionable children and whole families should b able to come free of d risk of any x-rated activities.
    Also, though you have the right to live your life as you choose to, becos each of us are accountable 4 our own deeds, you have NO right 2 say that it is ok to indulge in dating n physical contact despite being a Muslim. You want to do it, go ahead n face your own judgement day,but do NOT on a public forum say Islam allows these activities ,, cos it most certainly doesn’t. And if your not happy with its guidelines, do what you want,change your religion if you like, but at least acknowledge your wrong , don’t go around promoting unIslamic behaviour.Recommend

  • mehnaz

    I didn’t expect maya to do a show like this.! don’t approve of it at all.leave them alone.Recommend

  • Tweet Big

    Our media has narrowed it vision to ratings. All what matter is this damn curse, which has engulfed entire media. Be it news channels or entertainement ones, they are in a never ending race to become number one. In the way to to achieve their desired so called ratings, they forget that they actually are shoving off quality, ethics, morality and consciousness. These dumb shows (morning or talk shows) do not add value to common people of Pakistan. But they are making them depressive and hopeless. Kudos to Mehreen Khasana for writing such a lovely piece. Recommend

  • Zarar

    LOL. Your article made me laugh more then the actual video. Classic XDRecommend

  • Dr. Kamran

    @ Maya Khan.

    Cmon Maya Khan, have some sanity, please for God’ Sake stop these cheapish ways to gain TRP for your programmesRecommend

  • fahd

    Its a personal matter get a life maya khan and sama tvRecommend

  • Tasneemsadiqshah

    I am a mother of two grown up kids with one already happily married.Me and my husband were simply disgusted to see this show.In fact we stopped half way as we couldn’t bear it.Maya khan should be taken to court for this.Extremely irresponsible behavior on the part of sam a tv to allow such an immature host.
    We should always respect our children’s right to privacy.We can’t allow these unhappy frustrated aunties to hound our kids.
    As a mother I send a hundred curses on Maya khan.
    And a big thumbs up to mehreen.

  • sana

    that not good yaar……….Recommend

  • Zazu

    Does she even know the meaning of word “Ethics” or she is complete retard?? Just saw her morning show vid in which she is chasing after ppl in public park, and honestly I feel sick in the guts.. who gave her rights to poke her undoubtedly ugly nose in others affairs and run like an unleashed greyhound in parks..Recommend

  • Ayesha

    OMG! who does she think she is for judging people like this? Even if someone is dating in a park its none of her business. She’s no virgin mary herself, and then there are women talking about being “friends” with their kids…bla bla bla! Utter rubbish!Recommend

  • ayesha

    @Rizwan: “since you are cool with the idea of dating in a Public park. Would it be appropriate if someone is found dating in the same park with your “Sister” or what about the double date with you people just asking peace.”

    I am not Ahsan but would like to answer anyway. I AM someone’s sister and my brother does not have a right to decide whether I can go to the park with someone or not. I also have a daughter and while I consider it my job to impart values to her through my own behavior and guide her while she is not yet an adult. Once she reaches adulthood, I would fully support her regardless of whether she behaved in ways I approved or not.Recommend

  • sam

    *email these stuff to the head of communication of Samaa tv at: [email protected]
    and head of programming :[email protected]
    and we should tell them to take her show off air.
    who the hell she is she her self is a known B* within the rich class sitting with sons of waderas and well offs don’t the middle class people have right to sit and enjoy or even goout for a dateRecommend

  • ahsan

    A sincere advice to Maya Khan and her tv channel.
    Please shut off your show. You’re seriously doing a disgusting job. Who gave you the right to interfere in anyone’s life? What is your problem? Let the people do what ever they are doing. Who are you to question them? First look at yourself and your show then talk about “morality”. First I thought Samaa is a decent channel and I started watching it, but sorry to say due to this show, samaa became the most cheapest channel ever. Sorry for the harsh words but this is the truth.Recommend

  • Anum A

    O boy! I really wish Maya reads this article. She needs a smack right across her ugly face with a wet fish!Recommend

  • fawad iqbal

    miss maya would love to meet u in baghe naran :)
    with love from PESHAWAR lolx Recommend

  • fawad iqbal

    she can be trialed in a court of law for wat she did … sama tv should ban her asap … Recommend

  • maleeha

    fake compliments from peopleRecommend

  • abubakar

    @all pakistanis dont u guys think this is the violation of privacy the way these bitches stop the girl in hijab is not the right way . aunties along with maya khan go and check other parks may be one of ur daughter is dating with a guy it is not a right way to go in parks and disturb middle class people who have only go to these parks plz leave them alone u dont have right to interfear in their personal life PEACE Recommend

  • Saeed

    First date at public places gives the girl a sense of safety. She knows someone will come to her rescue if the guy(she does not know yet) tries to take advantage. Maya’s act will cause girls to avoid dating at public places only. This will increase the acts of abuse against women trying date as they will choose more isolated (unsafe) locations for such meet-ups.
    So did she help with anything? No. She can’t control people’s desire to meet someone. But she this act might do is endanger girls who are dating, by pushing them into isolation.
    Societies evolve, morals change and you can’t force everyone to follow your version of Islam. Religion is a personal matter, and people have the right to follow whatever religion they wish, or not follow any religion at all. Maya you don’t have the right to tell me, that I’m not Islamic enough. What if I have turned into an agnostic or atheist? Well are you going to call me a murtid and kill me?Recommend

  • BkHan!

    Dear maya khhan,
    You should please stop meddling in other peoples affairs… Who do you think you are asking people of their nikah namas in public places? Id rather ask you of uour nikah nama when you are moving with these guys in public. If you are too concerned with islam and its commands on privacy please stay at home and wear a burqa when you leave.
    You have no right asking other peoples business.
    And the girls with you? They are one hell of idol who should mind their own business.
    Check put the vote status, almost 95% people said NO. That answers it all!
    Well done mehreen khan.

  • zeeshan

    rediculus………………….this is clear breach of privacy……………samaaa should be sued for this n especially this women Maya khan…………Recommend

  • Atif

    My questions for Maya:

    1) Who are you and who gave him right to ask people about their personal life??

    2) Why are you doing all this stuff?? Only to show that you are better Muslim or to start new debate in our society??

    3) What is age of consent in Pakistan??

    I am not at all impressed by what Maya did. Actually I have no proper words (because if I use them they will be treated as offend) for her show. If she thinks she is doing all this because she is better muslim then she should check her clothing and the way she ran behind couples (is that Islamic?)

    All in all she has no right to ask anyone about any personal thing. Recommend

  • javaria javed

    excellent mehreen luv ur article i think there should be check and audit of all morning shows …Recommend

  • ahmer khan

    Very well written.Here are my two cents.
    Our deen was not given to us by Allah(swt) so that we can become judges and issue fatwas on other Muslims and their short comings. Commanding the good and forbidding the evil is probably one of the most misunderstood ayah of our time.Surely,there are different ways to forbidding evil.If you really cared about these kids, then you could’ve gone upto them and advice them off air not to do all that which you think is “wrong” instead of airing the footage on national television for high ratings of your show.Don’t think for a single second that Allah(swt) is not aware of our intentions, you could fool everyone but not Allah(swt). What if their conservative families saw the program and God forbid resulted in someone committing suicide or being murdered.I hope you are aware that this happens a lot.Would that help you sleep better at night? Would that constitute as a victory for Islam?.I bet you if the Ulema saw a 10 sec video of you on youtube,dancing on your show with a guy ,an overwhelmingly majority of them would label you “unislamic”. Maybe your response would be that you don’t care but that would be bending Islam for your own benefit, right? Having said that i would also like to remind all the people who are cursing and using abusive language towards Maya that they all have a LORD as well and HE can see their facebook comments/ blog posts/mobile messages. Its not part of our deen to go around parks telling people what to do and its not also part of our deen to abuse anyone who may have committed a mistake, after all she is my sister in Islam.Instead of abusing her, make dua for her. May Allah(swt) guide her,forgive her past mistakes and bless her with Jannah. Ameen Ya Rabbal Aalameen.Recommend

  • Dinky Mind

    This is beyond pathetic. What if people like you follow you one day, Maya Khan, how would you feel? Even if you do tell them you’re married (but do not carry Nikkah nama, as a proof, like any of us), wouldn’t you feel irritated and annoyed by their interrogation? And here we’re talking about general public, not extraordinarily confident celebrities like you!

    No one gives you the right to pry in other people’s lives. It’s their life and they’re accountable for their own actions. Allah hasn’t sent you on earth to monitor, report and rectify someone else’s virtues or vices!

    This is highly disgusting and immensely immoral! Recommend

  • Atif

    Maya you are doing work with hundred of guys (Cameramen, Producers, Directors etc). You always sat with them and you people talk with each other. Please show us your NIKAHNAMAS with these people. Recommend

  • Pinky

    if she really had the best interests of the girls at heart, she could have done a program on “the perils of dating” (which include kidnaping and murder apparently) WITHOUT airing the footage of the cornered girls…in a country where fathers and brothers are known to murder their female relatives on the merest hint of a scandal, she just endangered additional lives :@

    btw, is she related to our interior minister rahman malik? Recommend

  • someone

    @Ahsan Mansoor:
    now thats a hypocrisy you are a fellow dater right to whom you are dating must be someone’s sister right? do you take her parents permission for DAting while you yourself said your sister wont be doing it. i do not like what maya did or what miss mehreen justifies. ppl who are doing this have no right before preaching themselves agreed but ppl justifiying those acts are simply loosing burden from their shoulders of doing the DAting. which you can do but plz do not say it is allowed in islam plz plz plz.Recommend

  • sniper2124

    I wonder what if some watchdog is 24hours on Maya Khan and that is live on TV 24/7…Maya Watch yourself the world is full of ideas and believe me i love my privacy.Recommend

  • Umair Saeed

    Beautiful piece, very well weaved arguments instead of a standard personal narrative. Right until you dragged poor Zaid Hamid into this… trust me he is a very liberal extremist. We might not like what he says but he doesn’t go around chasing people, invading privacy and what not to increase the popularity of his program. He just says some really odd/unbelievable things in a very conspiracy theorist way. Thats doing no harm to you, me or our society at large.

    What say?Recommend

  • http://- Abid Khan

    Adam simply wanted to play around in the Garden of Eden. It was Eve, who asked him to have a bite of the apple. Lo and behold. Here we are in the 21st century running around like headless chicken.

    Qasim Park runs a bloody porno show. Look at all those birds luring the other one to visit their nest to make babies. Sorry, make baby eggs. Then there are these bees pollinating, flying from flower to flower. What does it tell you?

    We should not even mention the howling dogs chasing screaming bitches in heat. At least they should have the decency to dress up and not run around naked as animals, do these days.

    What has this world come to?Recommend

  • Ali

    Brilliant Mehreen!Recommend

  • Nazli Nizami

    Maya does not not have the authority or the right to go out on roads or parks and question couples about their relations to each other. She has crossed all limits and i think her channel should not back her on such stuff. This is definitely illegal and this show can cause dire consequences to the couples as well know what kind of extremist we have in our country.

    Maya must be having a past as well. I cannot believe she never went out on a date to get to know a guy. i just feel quite disgusted, someone please make her take some classes on Media ethics.

    BTW if she has any guts she would go and raids 4 star and 5 star hotels as well as restaurants where she her self hangs out and question men and women who are together…. you know what will be the consequence?? she will be either banned from Her show or would get a good beating that she deserve!Recommend

  • owais jafri
  • Ummar

    Awesome read
    bravo girl :)Recommend

  • Fahad Hanif

    Once again a cheap publicity stunt . We are much more focused unlike people like you who spends several days and nights just to think how to increase your show’s ratings. So don’t worry about us..even if its the last thing for you to do on this earth . We want apology !!
    PS : Simple yet lucid Mehreen . Bravo

  • Ayesha Khan

    I have so much in store for this but I rather let it be inside than let it out by running after people. This woman and her clan basically need a hobby. This was all a way to propagate her show and gauge some attention. Promotional skills are too offensive these days. Maya or whatever the hell your name is, the way you walked around so calmly and physically tried to impose your stupid ideologies on people, I was disgusted to the core. You should go down and the government needs to take action against you!Recommend

  • Mohsin

    Excellent ! Mahreen , great job ! i think the the page ” subah saweray maya khan kay sath ” has been removed.Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    I wish I was there with a date at that time and would have given the entire watchdog team of Maya a piece of my mind! What a cheap stunt my god I cant believe how low a person can fall in order to be noticed!!!:I am fuming with anger:@:@ It seems that TV channel cameras have been handed over to small children to go and explore what this gadget can do:s there are no ethics no sanity left !!! very disturbing….Recommend

  • Farhan

    At least the running auntie @ 2:20 made it worth the watch =DRecommend

  • Gran

    Is this freedom of press to defame others in such a bizarre way , disgusting really disgustingRecommend

  • Khyyam Ikram

    Hats off to you Mehreen! May we all be motivated to hold hands in parks and may Maya Khan have the strength to keep running towards us.
    A normal Pakistani.Recommend

  • anon

    Mehreen this is so well written… The SARCASM was spot on :) oh and get ur own camera crew to document you knocking her out and post that on youtube :)Recommend

  • Waqas javed Janjua

    i msurprized to see the attitude of the people who were hunting down the couples….they were running …ishud say like dogs….is it morality?….will it make the difference?? what benefit are you getting by doing this?? lanat hai yar…aisay logon pay….i have watched their attitude….it was totally disgusting…..if u feel sumthing is going on which is not good in the society…start a compaign…attract people to it…this is totally rubbish and filthy i must say…..tuff hai yarRecommend

  • AB

    Irrespestive of the actions of the TV lady and the folks in the park– have a few questions.

    What is the inerit right of privacy in a public park?
    Is it illegal for a camera crew of a registered TV channel to film and ask questions in a public park

    I think the answer to the first one is quite clear, it is not a private park so to expect an inherit right of privacy is wrong.
    For the second one, unless PEMRA has prohibited to film without a license there is nothing wrong in filming and asking questions. It is same authority that lets them ask questions in super markets and busy roads etc.

    The debate of what is wrong and what is right should be based on the laws of the land, all i see is an emotional step from the TV anchor in being over ambitious for ratings (which again is still legal though, these are private businesses and objective is to make profit) and then a stern response from some folks here calling for her head based on what is believed to be “an inherit right” of privacy in a public park.Recommend

  • Manan

    This is pathetic and disgusting . I owe never to watch this Maya khan show again .Recommend

  • nn


    lol I agree…. Ironic !Recommend

  • Sim Ismail

    “…Come on, we’re girls, we should confide in each other. I really like someone. Most young people do. It’s natural, don’t worry. Nothing extraordinary, absurd or heinous about it. We hang out often….”

    Gandi Bachi!Recommend

  • nn

    @Ahsan Mansoor:

    this exactly the kind of attitude we need …. Recommend

  • Ad

    Witty and powerful at the same time. I love you Mehreen :P You are very strong.Recommend

  • cherry

    I wish i could slap all these girls who are talking as if they don’t themselves have boyfriends. Just because they don’t date in parks doesn’t mean they have right to invade others privacy. And Maya khan talks as if she is “satti sawitri” herself. Maya you talk as if you haven’t been in any relation in your life. Just because you dated in some fancy restaurants or hotels does not justify your acts. Dear frustrated lady we all love our privacy and we don’t want it to be invaded by pathetic people like you. I REFUSE TO ALLOW YOU TO INVADE MY PRIVACY. well done mehreen.Recommend

  • Nida

    Mehreen you said it all! Everything that I wanted to say to the cow but in such a cool way :) way to go and I’ll probably bump into you with my kids in the park and I’ll tell them “look kids here’s a couple in love I hope you can find love one day like your dad and I did” instead of the old geezer who asked his kid to “avert thine eyes see forth tis sin!” u know what I mean :)

    Way to go! Recommend

  • Iftikhar Ali

    hahahahahahahahaha hun aaram eeRecommend

  • rabia garib

    There is no difference between this video and a lynchmob.. Is this the come back of the KKK? Shameful on the part of the group of dinosaurs.. It’s disgusting how they are drooling at the concept of “nailing the victim”.. Might as well burn them alive while they are at it.. They are live, after all!Recommend


    what the hell is happening in our country…….
    by the way the girl who was dating was wearing a niqab but what about those running after her.
    i m not the suppoter of dating but we have to know that there is a freedom for all in chossing their life partners…Recommend

  • naseem

    What the hell is this happening? This is absolutely non sence.Recommend

  • Imran

    when I saw this clip I was thinking what a piece of crap that woman is, but to my astonishment when I saw others talking the crap out of it. Oh man what has happened to our thoughts and religious knowledge. Why do we, all of a sudden from nowhere, just put Islam in the personal issues of others, why not ours own, why not so many other issues? Miss Maya is herself without Hejaab, how about that? How dare she could talk to a non-Mehram? How dare she could make videos of such kind? Does Islam allow that? Has she discussed this with the scholars to do such thing? What support she has to go for this crap? Is it just because she herself want to be famous by disrespecting others’ lives, which I guess is also not liked by ALLAH? If she does not know the tow couples sitting in front of her are whether married, engaged or whatever, how dare she could make herself responsible to go and ask them and tape them? What knowledge of al-Quran she has? What family does she herself belong to?

    I am an engaged person with my own cousin, I love to give her all the happiness, we go shopping, we eat ice-cream on the roads, we discuss the matters to find the solutions of the problems, we go to new places of fun, we go to the parks and many more… So what’s the big deal about that? Why is it like what your (miss Maya) ugly mind thinks about couples is what there is? It’s not like that and you should not be doing this because today, tomorrow or in the last day you are going to regret all this. In fact you should regret it now when I’m saying that my fiancee wears hejaab, offers five times prayers, recites al-Quran, pray for my happiness every time and many things that you could not even imagine in your life, when she is among our family members she proudly talks about me and says that I am her fiance, but as for as I know being a gentle girl she would never go for a ruthless interview on a TV and cry out that Mr. Imran is her fiance and all that crap that you were thinking was easy to say before camera. she simply does not allow that in her life being a gentle and Muslim girl. What you (miss Maya) can do, does not apply to others, you might be very gentle, which I don’t think you are, but there are people who really gentle, holy and do not want to be treated like you are treating them.

    Here is a suggestion from me to your program, if you really are very curious and very Muslim to correct the world. Visit the parents, if any parent allow you to go and check on their child, go for it, otherwise you are not supposed to do what you are doing, which entirely a stupid way to correct the things.Recommend

  • ahzan malik

    this lady maya khan should ne sued along with her whole team, as she didnt had the rights to interfere in the personal lives of any one. and the couple who has mistakenly got aired, wht abt them. so case should be filed against this stupid maya khan. Recommend

  • maheen a

    The girls were indeed on proper Islamic outfits.. and these women were telling them they shouldn’t be wearing those and should sit out in the open showing their faces.Recommend

  • ahzan malik

    hats of to mehreen ! :) gr8 article! keep posting such Recommend

  • HuMalik

    very disgusting program n its somthinggg agrrrrrr……. :/Recommend

  • Muhammad Ismail

    How do u feel.. when u r sitting with ur wife in the park and someone comes barging in and inquire that with whom are u sitting with ? I certainly would kick the crap out of that personRecommend

  • Faddy

    Please do not discuss about each others sisters here. A girls actions are always the reflection of the deeds their brothers do !!! If you will respect other women, surely your sisters will get the same. So if you are good, you should not be concern about your sisters.


  • Hassan khan

    You said the things which each of us wanted to say to maya khan.
    Way to go girl. You pointed out everything so wonderfully that it felt almost as if you took the words right out of my mouth. Great job mehreen. Btw I never read articles at all. But I couldnt stop reading your article once I started reading it. WELL DONE SUPERWOMEN :)Recommend

  • Adee

    Maya Khan, you should be ashamed of yourself for crossing the line, for being speculative, for invading privacy and for diving into the unknown when you don’t have any god damn idea of the actual situation. Just because you saw a guy n a girl sitting in a “public” park doesn’t mean they are loose on morals…if you really wanna see that, you might as well take a look at the environment you’re working in…always easy to point a finger at someone, what you don’t realize is, that four are pointing back at yourself. Grow up and learn to accept the real world around you. Great work Mehreen! Recommend

  • Mehtab

    I’v personally been her audience in one of the shows (unluckily). She talks crap. It’s all just to create hype. People who point fingers and just sit and talk every morning are real shallow from the inside. the author, came to the point very nicely <3Recommend

  • Haris

    Maya Khan, i have much respect of you, . But what the hell you are doing in public parks?? Who the hell are you to ask the people to show you their nikah nama? You are seemed to be an educated, but your deeds to just make your show rating high is not on only wrong but an crimnal act. Every citezen should enjoy their privacy and it is the right by birht.Recommend

  • Mazhar Hasan

    I wish i had a clue that what she is going to do, i would go there myself and sit there and slap her entire team for humiliating some one on public TV. That was so ridiculous. Recommend

  • Ghazala Wasti


    Maya khan has gone too far on this issue; but I am not convinced that young couples should be kissing, hugging and indulging in sexual acts in parks and public places. (If they choose to do such, they should do that in privacy and face the consequences of being punished by Allah)
    If Maya Khan wants to correct the corrupts then she should voice herself on her show, not going about and embarrassing people around in Parks and Public places.
    Mahreen, I do not appreciate your comment of being an “ashamed Muslim” because of people like Maya Khan. All religion have people with negative or positive attitude, so you should not bring it up. Recommend

  • Ayesha Pervez

    This show is completely wrong. If we stop members of the opposite gender from meeting each other, we will have in our hands a very frustrated and dangerous society. Ofcourse there should be limits, this show is just wrong and it has probably put a lot of girls in trouble at home. Do not expose the sins of others. This is what Islam teaches us.Recommend

  • Omer Nazir

    goood work mehreeen stay blessed :-)Recommend

  • ayesha

    you are NOT anyone to tell them what to do, it’s their lives. The real corruption usually takes place in 5 star hotels not in parks in broad day light… u are indeed a very stupid woman… i dont know how you have a t.v show… Allah and Islam DO NOT say anything against love or love marriages, so please mind ur own damn business and stay out of other people’s lives… Recommend

  • Imran

    I can’t help but laugh at the misery of these women who are acting like a bunch of gangsters on the loose in the park. These are the deprived women who have spent their entire youth denied of any love and affection and they can’t stand it when they see someone else having a good time.
    Those couples may not be breaking any law, but Maya Khan and her gang is definitely harassing them and invading their privacy.
    If there was any law in this country, Maya Khan would have been prosecuted for using a camera for harassing people and invading their privacy.Recommend

  • Saad Sheikh

    Thumbs up Mehreen for this great article, last night when i watched this video i can’t tell you how bad i felt as a Pakistani as these people got the jobs of representing the green flag, the flag under which Jinnah stood 63years ago telling the people that this is a free land. Just asking myself that question over and over again. WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT FREE LAND? But your article carries a voice of millions of us who wished that they were sitting in that friggin park and Maya asked us for our marriage certificate. We all know what we would have done and i wish and i hope that if next time something like that happens we man-up a bit and give them a good reply at the spot.Recommend

  • Deeya

    i strongly agree with Maya and her struggles for women’s protection. Shame on those all and especially those girls who don’t want to live a secure life for themselves and for their family and don’t want to live in the circle of their religion and culture. Girls create problems for themselves by dating with stranger men.a bad character women/girl is not one who wears western dress but a bad character girl is that who commits sins by wearing hijab and vails. Parks are not built for such activities. Maya and her team is working for a better a save environment for girls. Thanks Maya..keep it up…..Recommend

  • Shahxad

    What’s actually worrying me is the so called liberal class coming forward to defend the couples dating in Parks..?

    The reality is that this is a very serious issue which needs to be addressed in our society. The difference between east and west is tremendous. If people raided over couples in western parks they would have been intruding privacy and what not..However, the key element is the fact that in western society the couples parents care less who their girl or boy goes out with. The same dating concept is not encouraged in our culture and society. The girls ofcourse cheat their way out, having these trysts with their boyfriends, and there must be education on that part clearly.

    Stop comparing freedom, independence, and fundamental rights between eastern society and western society, you like the west so much then you might as well pack your bags and migrate there. You wear a mini skirt and walk in a mall at Australia, you know 9 out of 10 people wouldn’t care a damn..However wear the same in Park towers Karachi and you’d see which eyeballs roll at you.

    The raid at park was simply pointing out the fact that how people lie to parents and meet at such places, doing God only knows what. The open letter girl also did not really address the issue that why she lies and meets her lovely boyfriend. If it’s not such a big deal why don’t you tell your parents and then meet the guy. Islam says you’re allowed to make your choice in marriage, no where is it mentioned that meet in parks, hold hands, perhaps make out aswell if you got the chance right? That’s exactly whats happening out there.

    My point is, parks are not the only place. Cinema halls, malls, restaurants, wherever you see couples on a date 80% they are lying to their families. Perhaps that is the reason the girls get robbed of their chastity in this society and then hide the truth and probably get married to someone else after hours of crying and hiding the truth. There are countless cases of these things in the “high society”. Why just parks? Go after these so called high profile cadre and you’d see they are even worse then the others. How about the bitter truth that these so called colleges universities have enough couples and mostly all of them know what a kiss tastes like or what sex really is. You must eradicate all evils and not just go after this park scenario. There is too much cleaning for us to do. We are not America, or Europe, we were built on Islamic Ideology which is never followed is it? The Samaa tv anchor’s fault was simply the fact that she stepped into no’go zone? It’s a hearty subject ain’t it? The youth is destroying its values, dating, getting physical(in many many cases), lying to family where you were, etc etc is all that’s wrong with out society. You talk about corruption in country, malpractices, lack of law enforcement, lack of justice, well guess what, lack of moral values amongst us is also in that same list. This issue isn’t any lesser thn the others we face.

    Let me put it in layman’s terms: You’re the brother or father of a girl that’s out on a date with a boy and God knows what the boy’s intentions are…Your sister/daughter lies to you and goes to meet that person. Would you be worried? I bet you would, unless you got no pinch of integrity and dignity in you. If the guy’s right get them engaged and perhaps married. THIS IS WHY IN ISLAM IT WAS SAID GET A GUY AND GIRL MARRIED AS SOON AS THEY HIT PUBERTY. But we as a society have changed and ironically it is the 16 to 25 year olds that really get into this crap. Educate them more, make them choose what’s right and what’s wrong. The cell phone and facebook culture has destroyed the youngsters even more. Internet is more abused than used. These are all not my opinions but a vast majority thinks the same. Some say it openly, some know it in their hearts that what I’m saying is the bitter truth. What Maya did was not right, not justifying that. But what she wanted us all to see we ALL know it’s out there and its WRONG. In not way can you justify the “doings” between a girl and a boy at a lonely place. Put yourself in the shoes of the brother/father of that girl and you might feel what’s going on here. And the guys? Our society is such that boys get away with every kind of crap. In simpler words, God forbid things go bad to worse, it’s the girl getting pregnant and the guy no where to be found.

    It’s Real. Its Damn real.Recommend

  • Arslan

    Not here to ruin all the fun here folks…this is all a setup from the channel, an act,…SO please don’t get your pajamas in knots over this here.All channels use nefarious tactics to boost their sales.You got to know them first.If you want to say, say it to PEMRA.Recommend

  • Arsalan

    It was an astonishing concept of live show, really unbelievable and senseless. Think for a while, due to such a program if a girl gets caught and exposed what impacts can it bring to her life… no answer!!

    It is their personal life, if they are not doing anything explicitly and morally wrong then there is no such serious issue or there are some other better ways to pursue and mend their ways. And I am sure among all the media ladies, most of them must had dated before sometimes at some other places. what would you say to that?? did you tell your parents?? wasn’t that bad?? So think thousands time of yourself before exposing others. sometimes this freaking media gets crazy and speechless!! Recommend

  • Arsalan

    It was an disgusting concept of live show, really unbelievable and senseless. Think for a while, due to such a program if a girl gets caught and exposed what impacts can it bring to her life… no answer!! (Sometimes this freaking media gets crazy)

    It is their personal life, if they are not doing anything explicitly and morally wrong then there is no such serious issue or there are some other better ways to pursue and mend their ways. And I am sure among all the media ladies, most of them must had dated before sometimes at some other places. what would you say to that?? did you tell your parents?? wasn’t that bad?? So think thousands time of yourself before exposing others.Recommend

  • Arsalan

    It was an astonishing concept of live show, really unbelievable and senseless. Think for a while, due to such a program if a girl gets caught and exposed what impacts can it bring to her life… no answer!!

    It is their personal life, if they are not doing anything explicitly and morally wrong then there is no such serious issue or there are some other better ways to pursue and mend their ways. And I am sure among all the media ladies, most of them must had dated before sometimes at some other places. what would you say to that?? did you tell your parents?? wasn’t that bad?? So think thousands time of yourself before exposing others.Recommend

  • Singh

    We carry only driving license in US, nothing else. Pakistan is amazing place to live like a wet cat.Recommend

  • Jahanzeb

    Salam .. to all those who say that boy girl relationship is OK .. read the translation of Quran . You will know weather it is legal or illegal . also according to a Sahih Hadeeth, when a boy and girl are alone, the third entity is Satan with them.

    Secondly, as these people are not afraid of Allah SWT, apparently, atleast now they will be afraid of Maya khan catching them . Recommend

  • sara

    All these poor woman are seriously deprived of love and affection and can’t stand to see anyone else happy either.Recommend