An open letter to Maya Khan

Published: January 22, 2012

It started with this video.

Dear Maya Khan,

My name is Mehreen. I like browsing through morning talk shows when I’m waiting for breakfast made by my mom who, like your colleague said in a particular clip, is like my friend and I confide in her often. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I do. She’s never demanded an oath of eternal confidence in her. We’re humans, and we love our private space. You might be thinking, “Why is she telling me this?” I thought I should let you know about the knitty gritty of my personal life since you do enjoy delving into deeper details. Wise people always do.

Maya? I love parks. Parks are amazing. Did you know that the top ten parks in the world are located in London, Vancouver, San Francisco, Tokyo, Lisbon (don’t worry – not ‘lesbian’), Chicago and Bangkok? If you show up in Lahore in the same park that I go to, it might become the most famous park in the whole world for what happens right after we encounter each other. Parks have lots of nice, lush grass and benches. I love benches. Parks also have trees and swings and sidewalks for people to walk on, and sometimes chase people after. Parks are amazing. My dad used to take me to my favorite park when I was little, you know? Sometimes couples passed by us and my dad would bring his Sony high definition video camera out and run after them, inquiring of their marital or non-marital status based on his idea of morality. Kidding. My dad just yawned and pushed the swing higher for me.

Hey, Maya? Sorry, I know I’m rambling. Just bear with me. Come on, we’re girls, we should confide in each other. I really like someone. Most young people do. It’s natural, don’t worry. Nothing extraordinary, absurd or heinous about it. We hang out often. Since we’re on a nice, equal wavelength, we enjoy spending time in places that are simple, easy to go (unless someone decides to chase us with a cell phone camera to document our stray presence) and open-spaced because I love sitting in the sun on a winter afternoon. Do you know where we go?

A local park.

That’s right.

Young people fall in love all the time. Sometimes they don’t – it’s just infatuation. Sometimes they do and they’re confused as hell and they still go out to understand the significance of the other. In the process, they pick a location like normal people do where they can sit down and spend time together. I’m sure you liked someone when you were in college. No big deal. See, girls fall in love pretty much every single day of the week and so do boys. Sometimes they make the right decision, sometimes they make mistakes. It’s called being human. But trust me, they don’t need a team of middle aged women hounding them down public places to enlighten them about their decisions. And trust me, their mothers will handle whatever happens. No one asked you or anyone else to take the responsibility of scrutinizing them. See, what worries me a lot is when public figures like you with considerable influence on viewers morph into moral police. In a country like Pakistan where public vigilantism has exceeded levels of brutality, the last thing the youth needs is a team of moral watchdogs sniffing around for “impure” behavior.

If indeed your concern is sincere (which I still have qualms with – since the privacy of a person’s choice is most cogent; they’ll ask for help when they ask you) then invest in sex education or how a female can avoid getting hurt in various situations. Better yet, do a segment on respect for privacy. Now that’s a talk show I would make my entire neighborhood subscribe to. I understand that you might be fretting about the welfare of young women in this society. I do too along with thousands of other well-to-do folks. But there’s a difference between you and me: I don’t publicize their actions on a local TV channel, I don’t chastise them for going out on a date and I don’t expect people to slut-shame the girl or the boy into hiding. I let them be unless and until they ask for help or if there is eminent danger.

Hold on.

I’m Muslim too.

However the ethos of my faith urges that unless I am perfect in my moral conduct, I have no right whatsoever to point my finger at anyone for anything. Whatever is done is left between the individual and their conscience. Hell, no one ever told me to demand for someone’s nikah-nama when they’re sitting together. It doesn’t concern me or you or anyone else. Sometimes I am ashamed to be from the same faith when I see people like you dictating immaculate morality for others. Furthermore I am mortified as a Pakistani when I see wardens of rectitude making dangerous spectacles of common citizens simply to boost hits on their show or to become shining role models for people of equally disappointing, mediocre thinking.

If that young couple gets hurt – which happens inevitably as a result of your irresponsible moral policing – you will be held accountable for reinforcing the sick obsession our society has with prying and needling into privacy. I thought media ethics would’ve taught you and several others the art of letting people be. It’s not too hard, really. All you have to do is mind your own business and find other mature, commendable ways of increasing popularity for your show. Say, have you seen that reporter who raided on someone’s residence for possessing alcohol? Don’t you think it would’ve yielded a decent conversation if you, let’s say, entered Cosa Nostra or Espresso or CTC or Cinnabon, where privileged folks like you go to, and accosted an unmarried couple for sitting together in their unmarriedness? Isn’t it pathetically convenient to interrogate a harmless couple in a park? Can someone please explain why haven’t these righteous correspondents ever barged into a conspiring terrorist’s household to expose their plans? Or maybe into a conservative political figure’s cozy room when they call over hookers (I don’t even care about that, honestly) or when they approve of policies that render our lives a lot more miserable than it already is? That takes guts.

You’re smart enough to understand by now that I am legitimately aggravated and so are others. Invasive moral policing is not just hypocritical, it is harmful. A petition against your program has been initiated on and I’m signing this while making yet another sinful plan of sitting in a park with the guy I like. Is this a one-way ticket to hell and destruction? I’m sure it is. No skin off my nose.

Assuming your action was religiously motivated, I was wondering how you would react if a raging maulvi decided to hound you on his morning talk show for not covering your hair. And assuming your action wasn’t religiously motivated but only carried out as a display of social concern, I wonder how you would feel if someone verbally quartered you for making the decisions you have by telling you, you were foolish and misdirected for doing so.

Now if you don’t mind, I have plans to make. I’m spending unmarried time with the guy I like in a few days. We’re so unmarried, it’s amazing. Sometimes in our high unmarriedfulness, I hold his arm and we walk through the park past closet Maya Khans and Zaid Hamids who genuinely detest us for our open display of joy, comfort and affection. I can’t wait to have you show up and ask us for our nikah document. This is what I’ll give you as proof:

It’s legit.


Stay out of my park.

Sincerely Sitting Unmarried On a Bench in a Park With a Guy,


This post was originally published here.


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Mehreen Kasana

An American Pakistani student, blogger and doodler in Lahore. She enjoys writing satire on culture and politics. Mehreen tweets @mehreenkasana.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Ahsan Mansoor

    Thank you Mehreen.

    A fellow dating Pakistani in a Public Park (now with refreshed enthusiasm)Recommend

  • zeeshan shafi

    it’s not just maya khan.the women with her had the same look in their eyes that hyenas have when they’ve spotted an injured deer.the ‘totay maina’ woman was vicious.the highfiving ‘students’ were just as bad as maya.the ones accompanying maya shouldn’t be spared the criticism just because we don’t know their names.who are they to sit in judgement on others? this was a live programme,do we really need more ‘honour killings’? what if someone decided that the couple were karo kari and should be murdered? are ppl getting murdered worth the high ratings?Recommend

  • Aamina

    This is ridiculous! And it is absolutely illegal! What the hell has happened to our nation??!Recommend

  • Asad Shairani

    Brilliant. But as I posted on your blog as well, this is probably beyond Maya KhanRecommend

  • Asjad

    Well we all dont know just yet, May a couple of those people in the park might be planted to make a story of the show…I agree to you 100% but it does not make much of a difference does it?Recommend

  • Ali

    I don’t believe in your ideology of dating but I respect your freedom of choice and right to privacy. These shows should be banned and these hosts should be tried in court.Recommend

  • Shahneel

    I understand there is a problem in that park. There have beeen times when i would find the Zamzama park closed and i would rush there as a last resort.

    But Maya’s actions are not justified. Her intention may be good but it is unfortunate that people who carry Mic’s with them feel that they have the right to ask every and any question. And not only has Maya crossed this line; many anchors on Television also misconstrue facts very often !Recommend

  • Just Think

    @Ahsan Mansoor:
    We got your and your date’s back. Let them come.Recommend

  • Munnazir

    thanks you mehreen for writing on this disgusting show by maya khan ,by doing show like this they are , giving people licence to interfere in people’s personal life , harassing them,this is not about just a “chapa”, its about making society more unsafe and more intolerantRecommend

  • waqas

    cant you (maya) to Governor houses of Pakistan,,, where nude girls strip all the time. Why general public, why you cant go to defence, clifton where openly Russian girls are doing sex in cars. you cant go there because she belongs and admire that class, if you are Nobel in your cause,than expose all classes of our society. why to expose girls and boys who go to parks, n why not them who go to clubs n parties.Recommend

  • Afreen


  • a moral watchdog (NOT)

    this blog so speaks my heart. Just for facts, I live very next to the park this morning show was shot at, infact so close that living on a high rise building gives me the pleasure of enjoying its lush green beauty. My mom, (who does burqa) was clearly offended by this program invading privacy of innocent young couples. We clearly need to learn of minding our own business rather than invading personal lives of people whom we dont know about !!!!

    Thank you mehreen for bringing thsi up !!!Recommend

  • faizan

    i agree with you mehreen.Recommend

  • Rizwan

    @Ahsan Mansoor since you are cool with the idea of dating in a Public park. Would it be appropriate if someone is found dating in the same park with your “Sister” or what about the double date with you people just asking peace.Recommend

  • Aizan

    Agreed with mehreen!!!Recommend

  •!/Pugnate Noman Ansari

    I don’t like using this word, but for Ms. Khan, it starts with a capital BRecommend

  • Naeem

    Maya Khan, i have much respect of your cast, as i also belongs to a baloch family. But what the hell you are doing in public parks?? Who the hell are you to ask the people to show you their nikah nama? You are seemed to be an educated, but your deeds to just make your show rating high is not on only wrong but an crimnal act. Every citezen should enjoy their privacy and it is the right by birht. Recommend

  • Amna

    Brilliant post.

    It is just sad to see that the media that promotes enlightened modernism and talks about freedom, has not respect for the public and its privacy. Such a cheap tactic to get higher ratings for the show.Recommend

  • Maria Tahir

    haha lovely mehreenRecommend

  • Zulfiqar

    Its sheer pathetic !! Bunch of Losers using wrong methods for the promotion of their channel.
    Its criminal ….. !!! Recommend

  • Atif Schreef

    full time bizti programme…she thoroughly deserve it…10 out of 10 :)Recommend

  • Maryam A.

    Kudos, Khasana!
    I always knew it and once again I repeat, you’re a superwoman!
    I am glad you wrote this, and I wish Maya reads this. Recommend

  • Arsalan

    Its all about making TRP we know we got bundle of morning show in every single channel out here no sympathy with maya khan and good job mehreen worthly wrote i would sayRecommend

  • thm

    i thought we were over this?

    this is the most stupid thing i have ever seen. she went after those couples like a hungry mad dog, pathetic i say, broadcasting stuff like this on tv is the lowest form of morality i have ever come across.
    ewww, she disgusts me!Recommend

  • Mariam

    DISGUSTING! Someone tell maya khan that in pakistan even working on tv is considered bad so how come shes on tv? What sort of a society are we becoming? And look at all these aunties talkjng about morals n all! Psychotic!Recommend

  • Ahsan Mansoor


    Let me assure you, my sister will not be “found” dating. Firstly she would have the upbringing to decide whether the guy she likes is the right choice and she would share it me and I would actually have a friendly debate on the positives and negatives of that guy. I would happily go out with them and even buy them a meal. If there is no problem in the character of the guy or his family, my sister is allowed to marry him. After all, thats what Islam teaches us.

    Abu Hurairah narrates that the Messenger of Allah (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) said “when one with whose religion and character you are satisfied asks your daughter in marriage then accede to his request. If you do not do so then there will be temptation in the earth and extensive corruption”. (Tirmidhi)Recommend

  • Kashan Ahmed

    Shame on you Maya for harassing couples in parks! You have no right to harass them! Most of the couples were from middle class and lower middle class backgrounds who are already marginalized. They are most of the time under immense pressure from their families and society, what if someone commits suicide? will you take responsibility of that.

    I just wish someone could take you to court for invasion of privacy.Recommend

  • hussnian

    i watch Maya Khan program ,i don,t know what she was trying to prove? one point its looks like Maya Khan trying to increase her TRP like veena malik as she did? really this was unconstitutional and illegal according to our constitution and Islamic personal law .i really condemn her show and act.Recommend

  • Yasir Khan

    A very well written article, she’s the same host who invited a fake religious tattooed person on her program which later to be proved severely a fraud. Recommend

  • Qudsiaa

    A brilliant piece maheen sahiba. A new kind of terrorist on the prowl…. Shame on u maya khan.Recommend

  • inam

    Maya khan, she should be banned

    Thank you mehreen for awareness, Nahi to hum to kab se sorahe hai.Recommend

  • Anon

    I am not Ashan, the person you directed your question at but I’ll answer that question anyway. As far as I am concerned, my sister is not my or my family’s property. She is an individual with free will and her own set of moraIs. I respect whatever choice she makes and have trust in her to make sensible decisions like a normal adult. So no, if she wants to date someone then it is her prerogative, not something for me to dictate.Recommend

  • Parvez

    One of the best write ups I’ve read in quite some time.
    The Maya Khan type should be branded as ‘ TV bandits ‘ and treated accordingly.Recommend

  • Surreallist

    I opened this post out of curiosity regarding who on earth is maya khan, and I am absolutely DISGUSTED at this show!Recommend

  • Wajiha Mohsin

    Mehreen you thrown light on media ethics ,thats really appreciative :) .There is a chain of lame shows airing over newly transmitted channels .That Maya Khan ,holds a staunched image, judged every one on self filth criteria and that kinda attitude is harming our already confused society in between being religious and being a moderate muslim . Hats off Mehreen :)Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Whats wrong with Maya? Recommend

  • Ahmed

    The irony is that girls on date were actually in Islamic dress and the girl thwarting the dates was in western dress. What a schizophrenic place Pakistan has turned out to be.Recommend

  • Hadia Khan

    @Rizwan: Why do people like yourself end up resorting to the age old “ugar aap ki maan ya behan hoti”?? Did you even understand what the writer or people siding with her are trying to protect. IT IS YOUR RIGHT TO PRIVACY!!!!! Nobody and i mean nobody has the right to invade it!!! And some of the commentators are right…I would like to Maya to grow a pair and approach a wadira or Chaudry or Sardar type or for that matter walk into your “pul kay iss turaf” walay eating joints and question couples sitting there. Uss kay moon pay thapar na para tau i would be surprised…Going after people from lower income groups and questioning their morals???? beyond disgusting! Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    In the next show, I’d like to see her being chased down the street by a horde of mullahs, for refusing to cover her head with a dupatta.

    You want moral policing? Well, there you go!Recommend

  • hussnian

    Maya Khan has not respect for the public and its privacy. Such a cheap tactic to get higher ratings for the show..your program on 17th jan is reaaly pathetic .your act was unconstitutional and illegal according to Islamic personal law. Recommend

  • Zahra

    I hope Maya Khan reads it and it knocks some sense into her. What the hell is she doing?! Who gave her the right to intrude upon anyone’s privacy? Is she herself so virtuous that she’s exposing these people on National Television who are only sitting together in a park. What is happening to these morning-crap-shows’ even crappier hosts?! Recommend

  • Ahmed

    @ Rizwan I dont know about Ahsan, but I will be totally cool and actually happy for her if my sister is enjoying a date in a refreshing atmosphere, where she is actually least threatened to be taken advantage of by her date.Recommend

  • Umar

    Couldnt agree more.

    Btw lets hit the park…… ;)

    An excellent letter.


  • Moderate

    “I’m Muslim too.

    However the ethos of my faith urges that unless I am perfect in my moral conduct, I have no right whatsoever to point my finger at anyone for anything.”

    By that definition, we should stop doing everything, since we all are Muslims-by-name. We shouldnt educate our children (why teach them morals when we are hypocrites ourselves), we should stop calling ourselves Muslims, etc etc. Hell, we should never leave our room. And we all know that aint gonna happen.

    Moral police is needed but not Maya and co. way. Recommend

  • saqib

    Great Article Mehreen, What a disgrace Maya is for society, love your article, your are still so sensible of not hitting Maya on her personal life, thou I want to say lot of things which will be unmoral but wont. Recommend


    Brilliant stuff! I just want to imagine how these apologists for the religious/moral police would feel when their own liberties are threatened. Recommend

  • azeem ahmed

    Ahah! Mehreen great job!! This maya khan shows should be banned!!!!Recommend

  • Ovais

    @ THe authour …

    I am not a liberal at all …but completely agree with you .. this is disgusting Recommend

  • anonyamous

    Maya…You have no right to interfere in people`s privacy….what if you were doing lunch with some male colleague and we made a video of it and showed it to the whole world…how would u feeel…..when you were young and dating guys…and we made a video of it and shown it on wud u feel…

    Now listen….if u really care about the izzat of women in our society..dan do program on one thing……..I will give u topic now…….

    lissen ……..just take ur camera and go to any road and observe any female walking alone to bus stop or to her office or to her home or to market……..and then observe the no of people walking behind her…staring at her in the most ugly manner and chasing her on cars…….and trying to pass so close to touch her…….go try and take interview of all those guys who have been following her ever since she stepped out of her home for office and till the time she reaches home……I bet you would be harrassed yourself in this process and then guys like me would come to your rescue………so agar himat hay to do program on this topic…and if u dont have himat to do it then simply sit in ur posh studio and talk blah…bah………Recommend

  • http://Stockholm Malik

    Well, no wonder. “Mayans” are famous for doing/believing in stupid things. Her hidden agenda basically is to stop dating before the world ends in December 2012.Recommend

  • blah

    Brilliant! I wish someone would sue Maya & SamaaRecommend

  • menteliscio

    mobile crime ka survey kar rahi thi. lol Recommend

  • MK

    Which Islam allows a girl to hold hands of a boy or her fiancee? It is sheer breach of Hijab rule of Islam. I am not issuing certification of Islam but atleast you need to go through Islamic rules too. When commenting on a subject where you ‘do not master as an Aalim’ it is better to restrict yourself and keep your personal issues aside.

    In restaurants or cafes it is not possible probably to have sex. But in Parks it is certainly possible. Will anyone go and save an innocent girl who may be thugged by her boyfriend or even her fiancee from getting raped? How many girls go to court and how many end up with justice? Will the respect and self-respect be given back to a girl even after a judgement is passed in her favour? Every Pakistani knows how terrible her life will be after getting raped. Social society comes in front after the damage is done and not before. What Maya did was not right at all but isn’t it the duty of the police and the society to stop such happenings before the damage is done?

    I hope you will write on the topic I have initiated. And do not go for personal attacks please. Kindly go through Islamic rules of Hijab and Nikah based on Quran and Hadith and then write.Recommend

  • Malika Merchant

    By doing such shameful acts people like Maya are actually encouraging them to buy a hotel room (or a private place) and get tempted!

    Maya! Shame on you!! Btw I so need to go to a park today with a guy I like :) in your face …Maya!!!!Recommend

  • Reasonable

    Firstly, this is a truly wonderful article – well written, poignant and carefully balanced in it’s critique, at least in the first half. It does become a bit of a frayed rant later on but I do understand the urge to scream and pull your hair out at the contents of this outrageous tv program.

    I just wanted to add that actions such as these will perhaps rob young people from enjoying public, and arguably safe, places. If you are worried about morality or religiosity then forcing the inevitable young couple to seek more seclusion will only create more moral hazards, will it not?

    I advocate going further than just leaving people alone, although we’re far from that relatively shiny beacon of liberalism and privacy. Young people should be encouraged to use public spaces to interact free from censure and the prying eyes of closed minds.Recommend

  • Sidra Sheikh

    Excellently written Mehreen. Maya-shall be punished;she violated the privacy. I couldn’t have written such article without abusingRecommend

  • sadiya

    well this is so ridiculous, God know what those guys were up to. Its not only that you are dating around, but it could b something serious as well. I was once sitting in my car with my father a police came us to us and said “app log yahan kye ker rehey hain” and my dad just told him she is my daughter do you want to my NIC..!!
    This is something very personal, and to some extent they can allowed to do, they might be engaged, might be sincere with each other, might be separated but are meeting since their family member are not willing if they meet and thousands of other reasons.

    Grow Up!!! Recommend

  • Naufal

    I could not get past the first 5 min of the clip. I must say this women should be tried in the court…. Who she is and the whole TV team to intimidate the people like this.Recommend

  • Salman

    hahaha i knew this program will anger some liberal who will come up with a blog here, ahh the only place for redemption E.T :d ………….common guys take a chill, these kind of naughty real time programs are just to attract the viewers and increase the viewership. Maya Khan herself is into the showbiz . Few weeks back, she exposed fake medicine stores in Karachi and in this video dating stuff. She isn’t some one from gheirut brigade in fact just trying to pull attention of the viewers by such ideas. Relax leebraaals! Recommend

  • Shan

    I don,t see maya khan wearing a hijab, just hypocritical really!!!Recommend

  • Anum

    it’s completely insane!
    she’s only humiliating people.. it’s literally not justified.. she’s only trying to create hype for her show on the verge of couple’s insult..!!Recommend

  • Aziza

    Maya Khan chased my baraat down the wedding hall, up the stage and waited there until the nikah was done with. Maya Khan was caught breaking into double bed hotel rooms last month because she “just wanted to be sure there was moral conduct taking place inside”. Maya Khan walked into my classroom once and asked the guy sitting next to me for our nikah nama. I still remember the time when Maya Khan set my car on fire after she saw me going around town in it with my male driver.
    But it’s okay because she is a Muslim woman who is just trying to show me the right path which, by the way, I can’t walk down with a guy right next to me.Recommend

  • Abdul Haseeb

    This show should be banned and they should be sued for infringing people’s privacy. Recommend

  • Seizure

    Thank you for writing this letter. Absolutely essential.Recommend

  • ayesha

    I’m so infuriated at this show that i had to light a cigarette to calm myself. I’m also resisting the urge to swear at this host. a very well written article indeed its says everything that i would want to say against the show. now I’ll go to sign up for the petition. that is an excellent next step. and yes i would’ve punched all these women in the face and my (unmarried) man would have taken it up from there :) Recommend

  • ABC

    I am not a liberal person but this is disgusting. They can even be FRIENDS! Tum sab ki sui ik he jaga pe kyoun atki hui hoti hai? Apni soch theek karo phele and the point finger on them. Recommend

  • Hamza


  • Hasan

    Maya khan has let us all down. This is a very cheap way to promote her show. She has no right at all to do such a thing. What does she think that making people uncomfortable and just showing up on couples’ faces would help the society into being a ‘better’ one? – i disagree. She is just showing the people how to chase down other couples and how to invade their privacy. We already have a dozens of problems in our hands and such cheap tricks to gain publicity is unacceptable. Being a citizen of this country I demand, like other fellow beings of this country, to stop this show right now. Maya khan is roaming around in streets without a dupatta on her head – well well arent we breaking any rules here? arent we not following the rules of a ‘pure’ society? Recommend

  • RH

    @MK: “In restaurants or cafes it is not possible probably to have sex. But in Parks it is certainly possible.” Only the parks of your imagination, my friend. Please keep your fantasies to yourself.Recommend

  • labeeb

    Don’t know what’s wrong with Pakistani media especially Samma TV & Geo TV. Sometimes they show cops torturing people as a heroism and sometimes this. They don’t understand that everyone is entitled to their privacy. I couldn’t even watch the whole show. I felt so sick. She should be stopped.Recommend

  • xain

    narrow minded maya has been disclosedRecommend

  • Pakistani in US

    These conservative baloch and punjabis are pain in my rear. When are they going to grow up?
    And Maya Khan has a brain that’s size of a pea.Recommend

  • Shamy

    Maya makes me sick !…disgusted at wat shes done ..i am livid !Recommend

  • Anees Ur Rehman

    This is disgusting, totally against the privacy of people. WHO THE HELL MAYA is? Is she a cop?? Is she from some law enforcement institution?? how she can ask any citizen if they are sitting with their own choice & will.
    What she is showing in her shows is Islam? How she dances in her shows is that real face of Islam? What she is trying to show with this??
    Or she is forcing people to get rooms in hotels & do more than just talking?? Its totally unfair. I hate this act by this Maya.Recommend

  • Hassan S Hakeem

    Or maybe she wants to promote the hotel industry :|Recommend

  • Hasan

    We need to somehow make all of this come in her knowledge. we should all post this on her facebook profile page! She should know what response she is getting!Recommend

  • Asma

    These matters are NEVER going to improve like this dear Maya! I really respected you and your show but after this, honestly i want to throw up. Does she think that the couples would stop hanging out or dating if you cast them live on tv? Don’t you think that would make the matters worse? Teenagers are famous for having anger and mood temperaments; and a case like this would cause them to either continue what they are doing with more force or suicide. Now is that what you wanted? Not only Maya, all those loads of students or whatver they were, I mean..heard of “life” ? You think youre supportin a good cause? Dont get me wrong, I’m against dating and I understand the risks of being with a guy alone in a park but WHO ARE YOU to (1) JUDGE THEM (2) POINT AT THEM (3) DISGRACE THEM (4)INVADE THEIR PRIVACY. like seriously?! Mehreen, hats off to you! I might not agree with the dating part but the way u have expressed is beyond praise!..Our Rasoolalah pbuh would never encourage such a thing and neither Allah (SWT) would be smiling at Maya and the rest of the gang…and if you say “there has to be someone to stop all this” ; each house to its dude..its the responsibility of the mother and father to deal with this. Maya, Im officially boycotting your show, praying that you and your gang pay for what you have done.Recommend

  • THE

    The first word that comes to my mind when I see Maya Khan, starts with a capital B!Recommend


    Some of our TV anchors think that they have the right to go in front of anyone , where ever they wish , with a mic and camera. Maya Khan is one of them . And are these morning shows about this. This is the dirty side of free media.

    Is Maya Khan a magistrate with any legal authority, who is she. I think this is the matter Supreme Court should take up and call Maya Khan for explanation, that who is she to haras people and ask for the nikahnama.Not even police can ask for nikahnama this law has been changed. I wish someone sues her.

    Does she wants to implement Taliban mentality in Pakistan .

    Pakistan Broadcasters Association and PEMRA should also look into this matter. Its a case of illegality , harassment , invasion of privacy , defamation & impositionRecommend

  • Awais

    I’d like to see here try this here in London where I live, at Kew Gardens or Hyde Park, her show wouldn’t last long at all. Recommend

  • blank

    maya khan should be banned from media, like the way nadia khan got banned by UAE govt for invading someone’s privacy…..who the hell she and her teammates are … was clearly visible that they were having fun by bullying those people..Recommend

  • TYKhan

    Maya is my Uncle’s ex-girlfriend… SeriouslyRecommend

  • Asad Shairani

    @Asad Shairani:
    I meant beyond Maya Khan’s intellect.Recommend

  • Nauman

    Well done mehreen, stupid pakistani media they have no respect for anybody other day they were showing nakes girls fight where mansor ijaz was the comentator.. They have time for this crap and not for real issues of pakRecommend

  • Kashif Iqbal

    @Pakistani in US:
    What’s with the Balochs and Punjabis? Are you relating this matter with ethnicity? Get a life!Recommend

  • Kashif Iqbal

    I wish I could type all those words I’ve on my mind for this lady “Maya Khan”; but unfortunately ET doesn’t allow those words. Thumbs up if you’re thinking same. Someone must have arrested this lady who is doing non-sense just for the sake of her TV show. Sick !Recommend

  • Mustafa Kamal

    Shame on these so-called media person. They have no right at all to ask and guard what people do and don’t in the parks..Recommend

  • Here’s an IDEA!

    My sister suggests there should be a mass date at Ibn-e-Qasim park on a weekday morning.. and then let’s call her and bludgeon her to death..Recommend

  • Junaid Hassan

    Its quiet sad actually how pathetic these desperate for rating talking show hosts could get. Its not only here but in some other talk shows you could see how they invite some important people just to make fun of them in their disgustingly illiterate like manners. Recommend

  • Nudge

    And what about lying to the ‘couples’ about the camera being off?Recommend

  • Alamgir Pervez Khan

    Maya, you disgust me….!!! and the woman with you in green, she talks too much!!…Recommend

  • FN723

    Women like Maya Khan should remain in a kitchen and make a sandwich day and night.
    Only women like Maya Khan. Recommend

  • ayesha

    @Rizwan: i am sure even if it was anyone’s sister dating….they wouldn’t want to know about it on a morning showRecommend

  • ali

    Absolutely brilliant. Recommend

  • Nadeem

    Maya actions are simply SICK Recommend

  • Khawar

    Ms Maya Khan, just an honest suggestion. Put up a brave face and recant your show which your producer shamelessly pushed to do. Recommend

  • Ali Azad

    It is disappointing to have such Morning Show Hosts. Recommend

  • Roume

    This was so sick. I am sick to my stomach.
    Great piece of writing Mehreen.
    Maya Khan, I dont even know what to say to you. If this is what education does it, I would have been better off with no education at all.
    What are you carrying with you, a pack of hounds.
    Reminded of Carrie strongly.Recommend

  • Riz…
  • Roume

    God forbid, if any of these couples are recognized and murdered? Who carries the burden of that? All because two people decided to sit in the park? who are you to decide who does what and not? Using the concept of Amar Bil Maroof and Nahi anil Munkir is not that easy. Be perfect before you start picking on imperfections in others. Who gave you the right to do so in any case?
    This is sickening. A sick sick picture of educated women. I would have ashamed to be a woman residing in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan after seeing what a woman has done here, had it not been for yet another woman, Mehreen Kasana…who saved the day to some extent.
    Responsible journalism anyone?Recommend