Seraikistan is our right

Published: January 20, 2012

Pakistan was the British mistake, Bangladesh was Pakistan’s. Let’s not make the same mistakes over and over again.

Seraikis are not ‘south Punjabis’, just like Pathans aren’t ‘north Punjabis’. Stop calling them southern Punjabis; it’s in bad taste. Having one’s cultural identity reduced to a geographical variant of an alien ethnicity is unpleasant.

People should realise how incredibly offensive it is when they claim that Seraiki is just a dialect of Punjabi and not a different language. Seraiki is an ancient language, rich with heritage that represents its people. Some even argue that linguistically, Punjabi may be a relatively recent relic of the Sikh invasion, while Seraiki, with its original Sanskrit script, might be significantly older.

It’s ironic how a breakaway country for Muslims that denied a breakaway country for Bangladesh is now denying a breakaway province for Seraiki people. However, it’s refreshing to see that this rigid perspective might be changing.

Very simplistically, East Pakistan wanted out because their profits were being diverted to West Pakistan, and they weren’t getting their fair share of control. This is the same reason that Seraikis want out. Sentiment shows that the people are tired of their money being given to Lahore and the infrastructure costs of the industrial magnates of the Punjabi north.

People love talking about how divisions along linguistic lines should not be entertained. However, the proponents of ‘one big Punjab’ manage to blur over the economic benefits of north Punjab having its very own sweatshop down south.

Moreover, the incredible political strength that Punjab derives is mainly from the extra representational power given by the large Seraiki speaking areas forcefully appended to the province. The Seraiki district of Bahawalpur was forcefully attached to Punjab after the one unit scheme.

Remove the Seraiki speaking areas and you break Punjab’s vote bank, and take away its power to oppress other ethnic minorities and peoples. I’m tired of my vote being misused. If we had a separate province and more autonomous division, my vote wouldn’t be misused by my Punjabi overlords to oppress Balochis and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

South Punjab is the bread basket of the country; it generates a significant proportion of the country’s food from wheat, and the cloth from cotton. Despite knowing this, we managed to sell the Sutlej river – the main water body that catered to the area’s irrigation needs. The resulting decrease in water levels caused water-logging, salinity, flooding, and quite a few agricultural troubles that resulted in large chunks of lands becoming infertile and uncultivable.

Is it so wrong to ask for some money to be spent on south Punjab? Hardly any funding is diverted to the region. This might be a significant reason for the radicalisation of south Punjab where terrorists are breeding.

Pakistan manages to efficiently discriminate against less powerful ethnicities, religions, and people. Muslims got Pakistan to stop living as second class citizens in their own land. Sadly, Seraikis are still second class citizens because of the way the way the province has been forcefully constructed.

Everyone deserves a haven where they can be autonomous to teach their own language, and practice their own culture. Most importantly, they should be able to spend their money on their own cities instead of having it spent on the cities of their northern political leaders. Saying that religious divisions are fine but linguistic divisions aren’t, is just plain hypocritical.

If Pakistan continues down this path, I fear the country will be victimised by the very divisive logic that created it. Bangladesh down, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Seraikistan to go.

The British ruled pre-partition India like a colony. Pakistan did the same with Bangladesh. Pakistan was the British mistake, Bangladesh was Pakistan’s. Let’s not make the same mistakes over and over again.



Omair Zeeshan

Corporate Account Manager by day and photographer by night. He can be found on Twitter @OmairZeeshan

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  • Parvez

    Nicely explained. I believe more provinces, managing their own affairs, would be a good thing in the interest of the country.Recommend

  • Pinky

    tussaan gaal changi kitti ai :) ;p per ai dassao ;
    whats the guarantee that attaining the status of a province will reduce the disparity and address all the grievances of the province??! last time i checked Balochistan was a province too.. having that status didn’t do much good to its cause, did it?
    yes, i belong to saraiki belt, and YES i want the socio ecomonic deprivation of my people to end, but that can be done within the existing framework too…
    just saying ;pRecommend

  • Qaisrani

    Hats off to you writer for being voice of voiceless and uneducated poor Saraikis.
    Now be ready for comments from our Punjabi brothers where they will decline our right to have Saraiki province by labeling it conspiracy hitched by RAW,MQM,establishment etc to weaken Pakistan and PMLN vote bank.I get angry when some one declares us mere PMLN vote bank.We,the million of Saraikis are human beings who have feelings of being deprived,we are not vote bank for PMLN.

    Long Live Saraikistan,Long Live Pakistan.Recommend

  • alicia

    There should be a potwohari province as well. Its not fair for people of Rawalpindi, attock etc. to travel 5 hours to reach Lahore if they need to resolve a work related issue. Similarly the development work around that area is also pretty non-existent.Recommend

  • Ovais

    Yes Jinnah pur is my right … pukhtoonistan is my right … Kashmir is my right … Hyderabad is my right .. aZZAD Baluchistan is my right … Haripur is my right .. grow out of these provinces … U should say Pakistan is my right

    I quote Jinnah for you
    Yet this is a truth people so easily seem to forget and begin to prize local, sectional or provincial interests above and regardless of the national interests. It naturally pains me to find the curse of provincialism holding sway over any section of Pakistan. Pakistan must be rid of this evil.


    We are now all Pakistanis–not Baluchis, Pathans, Sindhis, Bengalis, Punjabis and so on–and as Pakistanis we must feet behave and act, and we should be proud to be known as Pakistanis and nothing else
    Jinnah Recommend

  • Qaisrani


    D’not you know how it will decline our Naive.Let me enumerate here few of them.

    1)We d’not have any representation in federal jobs.In CSS,Judiciary,army every share is enjoyed by Punjabis.
    2)For little work to be done,we have to move to Lahore??Why so.
    3)All the provincial level jobs are also taken by Cental Punjab.Check Punjab Public Service COmmission website for yoour own satisfaction and look att he domicles who are being given jobs by them. Why so??
    4)AT the name of entry test system in medical college and Engineering Universities,they have marginalized our students from getting higher Education.
    5)Systematic annihilation of Saraiki language.Punjabi as subject is being taught in D G Khan and Rajanput too.Why so??

    and the list of grievances goes on and on.

    Long Live Saraikistan.Long Live Pakistan.Recommend

  • Pinky

    “D’not you know how it will decline our Naive”
    hehe..where in my comment did i divulge my naivety about the possibility of a dramatic change in our fortune in the event of getting a province? you completely ignored my point about Balochistan, didnt you? ;p

    1) you are wrong when you say “We d’not have any representation in federal jobs” “,army every share is enjoyed by Punjabis. correct me if i am wrong, but until further notice arent we, the Saraiki ppl, Punjabis ourselves?! so the quota for Punjab which admittedly is considerable considering its population, doesnt exactly exclude saraiki punjabis, does it?..Cheer up, it encompasses us!…the 50 percent quota punjab has in CSS, includes you and me…(i am taking a (really) Wild guess here but i believe you are from 39th CTP, DMG, arent you? ;p)

    2) genuine concern…so if a branch of provincial headquarters is opened at Multan, you will welcome it, right? :)

    3) oh please..leave the domicile argument alone..anyone can get a domicile of ANY province in pakistan..dont tell me you havnt heard of the abuse of Sindh domicile in FPSC naive! ;p

    4) er..sorry cant relate to youngest sister is enrolled in Rawalpindi medical college and has a domicile of Muzaffargarh…its all about merit, isnt it? if all the top slots are taken up by saraiki ppl, no one will deny them admission :) i promise ;p

    5) whoa! dont be so dramatic @ Systematic annihilation….at most you can say its being ignored…ok, fair enough…lets introduce it as a subject too…happy?

    and so does the list of solutions ;p friends? :)
    Pakistan Zindabad
    Pakistan Police PaindabadRecommend

  • Khurram Mansoor

    For non sayarki speaking people.

    Just a summary of what I said in sarayki

    There should be division of provinces but based on Administrative unists. Sarayki peopole have given a lot sacrifices for Pakistan. We accept every one Punjabi pashtoon balochi immigrants all n our cities as Pakistanis.

    The provincial status of Bahwalpur should be reinstated.

    And all the resources of Bahwalpur looted during the regime of Bhutto should be returned.Recommend

  • Wahab

    Dont curse anyone for your woes, you yourself are responsible for all the ills because you always elect crooks. Bring an able government and your problems will be solved. Remember, strength lies in multiplying, not dividing. Recommend

  • M. S. Shahid Layyah

    I want, Sindhu Desh, I want Jinah Pur, I want Azad Baluchistan, I want Hazaristan, I want greater Pukhtunistan, I want Potoharistan, I want Saraikistan, I want Baltistan, I want Azad Kashmir, I want Pajibistan, …………….now who wants the Pakistan? Recommend

  • Zubair

    What is an ‘Alien ethnicity’ ? The writer does not even know that Punjab, seraiki belt and Sindh are remnants of age old Indus Valley Civilization. The original locals of the area are divided in these three places speaking their languages. Also Seraiki maybe a different language but it shows how uneducated writer really is. Punjabi,Seraiki and Sindhi are sister languages where there are many,not one or two but MANY words that are common. Some of the words are ‘Sangat,Piyo/Peeya etc etc’ so it is not offensive even for a seraiki like me when people call me Punjabi. I never mind. I love Punjabi and seraiki equally. After all,I am a local lad from both places,having roots in Lahore as well in Khanewal. Both places are my homes.

    Tell them Gillanis,hashmis,qureshis,Qaiseranis,mazaris,legharis etc that they are NOT in seraiki belt for 5000 years but at most 500-1000 years.They either came from Arabia,Persia or Balochistan. The real people, the Rajputs,The Jatts,The Gujjars live their ever since the Aryans arrived.

    The Khars,Hirajs,berahs,toors,daultana,khichis,rao etc are real people of the land. Never ever ignore them.

    The fact that writer hates sikhs so much that he discredits his own Muslim Punjabi brothers is a clear testament to that.

    Also seraikis have NEVER suffered at the hands of Upper Punjab. Tell seraikis how their politicians, bureaucrats and military officers have had a huge hand in various martial laws in Pakistan. Divide Punjab and you will see how Seraiki military personnel and bureaucrats have been successful in fueling coups from time to time. NOT to mention how seraiki politicians from time to time have been changing their allegiances from local and federalist parties to going Establishment’s way.

    The writer seem just another confused soul who perhaps rarely visit his home in Southern Punjab and thinks he knows how the local people suffer. Yes, we do suffer and being half-seraiki myself,I too want another province but only on administrative basis. I dont hate Punjabis or anyone but i certainly have problem with these Makhdooms and Sardars who made their way into our land from West. Recommend

  • Zubair

    Also being maternally from Khanewal myself,I too prefer A southern Punjab province…either named “Roohi” or “Panjnad” but NOT “Seraikistan”. I want province ONLY on administrative basis. Jiye seraikis.Recommend

  • Qaisrani


    I agree with each and every point of your discussion.How naive we Saraikis are that we d’not know that 50 CSS share of Punjab is directed towards us.In Judiciary,Media,Military we are over represented.How good our Punjabi brothers are that they have given us every thing?Still we are racist and not thankful to them despite their love and sacrifices.Pity on us.

    (Between this,i am not that Qaisrani who has been selected in 39 common last year).Recommend

  • Khurram Mansoor

    My note in sarayki has not been approved by tribune to be placed here, I request the tribune to put it here. It says much to be noted by people.Recommend

  • Hussain

    The British ruled pre-partition India like a colony. Pakistan did the same with Bangladesh. Pakistan was the British mistake, Bangladesh was Pakistan’s. Let’s not make the same mistakes over and over again.

    I’m a Seraiki and and in the right of Saraikistan too but, What you mean by Pakistan was the British mistake? huh!!! It was not a Mistake, it was a reality, the nation which we got through the bloodshed and hardwork (I’m not saying anything about TWO NATION THEORY) Recommend

  • Khurram Mansoor


    Was Ayub Khan sarayki or Zia ul Haq or Musharraf sarayki

    You article was based on such profound misguidedness.

    We sraykis have suffered at the hands of upper punjab in allsense.

    I will not go into debate over that.

    But correct your facts and here is a list of small things that we did for the whole Pakistan.

    Salaries of whole Pakistan East and West were paid by nawab of Bahwalpur for one complete year where the world was expecting Pakistan to be bankrupt. We gave shoulder to the rest of Pakistan

    Baloch regiment was actually bahwalpur regiment which was submerged into pakistan army

    Punjab university campus was gifted by Nawab of Bahwalpur.

    Bahwalpur Bank was merged with national bank which is our national bank

    Immigrants were settled in Bahawalpur and they were treated as equal, and were brought from marton Camp Lahore.

    Sutlaj valley projecty the best in the world was established by Nawab of Bahawalpur.

    An extra railway line was put to work from State till the end of Reeti railway station on Nawab’s own expense for Pakistan

    Head Pung Nad was created by Nawab on his own expesne supporting the whole pakistan irrigation system.

    and on a smaller note Nawab Sahab gave his entorgue to recvieve Quaid e azam

    Quad e azam said we are given paper and pencil by Pakistan.

    35 lac British pound sterling were donated to Quaid e Azam by Nawab of Bahwalpur at the time of round table conference to support the case of Paksitan.

    Shams Maller palace was gifted to Fatima Jinnah located in Malir – Karachi.

    Ever year 5 students used to be sent aborad on scholar ship from bahwalpur.Recommend

  • Paras Vikmani

    I liked the last para :)Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    Paras Vikmani and Omair Zeeshan,

    May I suggest you to follow your own advice (“that Pakistan is a mistake”) and join India instead. Try it and we’ll see how fast Seirakis will embrace their Muslim identity and forgo their “linguistic division”.

    Secondly, there are two prominent Seirakis leading Pakistan currently: Gilani and Hina Khar and you are still talking about being powerless in a nation that you are leading (albeit disastrously). Will Seirakis take responsibility for the current situation in Pakistan like they are demanding Punjabis? Remember, Punjabis are never gung-ho about their language. The Punjabis in India consider Punjabis in Pakistan as traitors for not loving their language. Can we argue the very Punjabis you are condemning sacrifice more than you did for Pakistan?

    The reason Northern Punjab received attention is because of Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi are situated there. Multan is a developed city in the South. Go and ask Gilani to develop Southern Punjab. He is leading Pakistan, isn’t he?Recommend

  • Zubair

    @Khurram Mansoor

    The fact that you did not even entirely read my comment,let alone comprehending it clearly points to a simple fact that like many of my own seraiki brethren(even from my own family) will not accept what is reality. I said “Military personnel and Bureaucrats” of seraiki belt have had the chances to rule not just Punjab but ENTIRE Pakistan. Yet, they did not do anything. If you have so much sympathy for them,then never mind when divided Punjabis throw every seraiki out of Lahore,Faislabad etc because that is exactly where you’re Gillanis,Mazaris etc spend most time at. Who the hell said Ayub Khan,Zia ul Haq and Musharraf were Seraikis ? I did not even mention them,I mentioned “Military personnel and Bureaucrats” but wait you have had Balakhsher Mazari,Yousuf Raza Gillani, Shah Mehmoom Qureshi, Ghulam Mustafa Khar etc in HIGHEST Positions and what did they do ? Yes we know,they did NOTHING. I being half seraiki is absolutely appalled by that considering my seraiki leaders are arguably the most lazy lot in Pakistan. Atleast a Punjab Shahbaz Sharif have had the guts to allocate the highest budget for Southern Punjab in Pakistan’s 60+ years history. Did any of our seraiki leaders ever did that ? NO !

    Dont even talk about Bahawalpur. Fact remains that Abbasi’s of Bahawalpur want their OWN province. I have relatives down in Bahawalpur and all of them want their state/Province back. Most of them dont even want to be part of Yousuf Raza Gillani’s or Qaiserani’s so called “Seraikistan” . We want “Roohi” or “Punjnad” and that is it.Recommend

  • Jaz Dhillon

    relic of the Sikh invasion

    relic of the Sikh invasion> Punjabi may be a relatively recent

    relic of the Sikh invasionrelic of the Sikh invasion

    relic of the Sikh invasion

    ^ ‘Sikh invasion’ ? Where did these ‘sikhs’ invade from exactly ? Almost to a man they are ethnic Punjabi to the core. From Multan, Lahore and Amritsar. When you say they ‘invaded’ are you saying they came out of their own skins and invaded themselves at the very spot they were standing ?
    Anyway, you want to reinvent history. Look up the chronicles of ancient Chinese travellers in the region. They all described Multan and the area around it as Punjab. Alexander the Great described Multan and the area around it as Punjab. The Persian chronicles described Multan and the area around it as Punjab. And so on and so forth. Everyone has the right to believe in independence but you can’t base that belief on distorted facts.Recommend

  • sonia

    Finally, Someone’s talking about Seraikistan. It is understood that smaller areas are easier to govern. Everyone knows that which is why PPP and MQM are supporting. Only the oppressors PML-N are against it.

    I would like to thank the author for bringing this issue to light and explaining all the reasons very logically.Recommend

  • I_b.

    I like how the writer focuses on key points instead of dramatizing the issue. Very well written. I am not Seraiki but I empathize. I’m glad to see that at least my haq parast party is supporting. Seraikistan.Recommend

  • Jehanzeb

    I am all for a Saraiki province (and many others smaller provinces) but at least get facts rights to make your emotional rant somewhat readable.
    1. “Punjabi may be a relatively recent relic of the Sikh invasion”. Sikhs never invaded Punjab; they were and remain sons of soil as anyone. You would not know or care to know that Baba Guru Nanakji was born in Talwandi (Nankana Sahib), only 50 kms from Lahore. Great Punjabi ruler Maharaja Ranjit, who laid the foundation of the Sikh Singh was born in Gujranwala. So invasion, I don’t think so.
    2. Punjabi exploitation of Saraikis — No idea how it was managed by the Punjabis when since Partition Saraikis have been ruling the Punjab (and the country). To name a few CMs, Governors and leaders coming from southern Punjab: Ghulam Mustafa Khar and many others from his family; Nawab Sadiq Qureshi; Mushtaq Ahmad Gurmani; Sajjad Hussain Quraishi; Latif Khosa; Farooq Leghari; Yousaf Raza Gilani; and many more. If these political leaders have been ignoring the southern districts, so the solution is to curse Lahore.
    3. Southern Punjab as breadbasket – I don’t think so. Would you care to have a look at per acre and overall productivity of various districts of the Punjab.
    4. Northern Punjab – No, it does not include Lahore or its surrounds. Brush on your geography. Northern Punjab forms the Pothowari districts, west of Jehlum.

    No, I am not from Central PunjabRecommend

  • Khurram Mansoor

    @Jaz Dhillon

    No body described it as Punjab either Mutlan or its adjacent areas and we contain our identity as Sarayki not Punjabis. by the way Alexander made Utch Shareef as his capital not Lahore or Umritsar.

    And ofcourse punjabis are mostly sikhs in their ancestorial and sikhism is itself a mix of various religions which evern further confusion of origin of the people surroundign Amritsar and its surroundings ;-)Recommend

  • Rai Rashid Kharal

    This blog is a big joke in history. How come a Kharal, Malik, Arain, Rana, Watto, Joiya, Warriach of south Punjab are ethnically different from those of central or northern Punjab? What would you say about the Canals & rivers flowing through the Punjab irrigating lands of south Punjab? You must do some research before ending up writing an emotional fake story. Thank You Try againRecommend

  • TZ

    The author’s inherent bias and accusatory tone towards Punjabis (or North Punjabis) takes away from any positive aspect of his narrative. The Seraiki belt is hardly a sweat shop for the rest of the province. Fact of the matter is, many of the powerful Seraiki belt personalities chose to live in Lahore. If your flawed logic of ‘breakaway areas’ were to be followed through to its logical conclusion, we would end up with you wanting to break away your house from your mohalla/society. I can understand the administrative potential of making provincial units smaller, however when irresponsible, unchecked statements are made in what is tantamount to hate speech. I hope you realize that most Punjabis (and I don’t consider myself to be one) don’t have much of a say in how things are governed. It is sweeping views like the author’s that result in the butchering of innocent Punjabis in Baluchistan etc. Collectively labelling a people as exploitative is both reckless and naive.

    Over the last few months we have seen how dominant the political forces from the Seraiki belt are: Javed Hashmi, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Makhdoom Ahmad Mahmood, YR Gillani etc. The current PM also traces his roots to that area even claiming (falsely) that it is his family’s land on which Nishtar Medical has been built (where were those claims when you were living in B block DHA PM sahab?). My point is that there are enough strong Seraiki personalities to have pointed these things out if they were really true.

    Accusing Northern Punjab for the Sutlej debacle is one of the lamest accusations I’ve heard. Do you have any idea what these water accords were trying to achieve? How come Lahore is shorn of the Ravi river as well based on the same agreements- it robs the ancient capital of a presence upon which the legacy of this cultural mixing pot was built. I’m sorry but please get your facts checked and rationalize your analysis before making serious accusations on a broad forum. Recommend

  • Khurram Mansoor

    @ Zuabir

    [Atleast a Punjab Shahbaz Sharif have had the guts to allocate the highest budget for Southern Punjab in Pakistan’s 60+ years history. Did any of our seraiki leaders ever did that ? NO !

    Dont even talk about Bahawalpur. Fact remains that Abbasi’s of Bahawalpur want their OWN province. I have relatives down in Bahawalpur and all of them want their state/Province back. Most of them dont even want to be part of Yousuf Raza Gillani’s or Qaiserani’s so called “Seraikistan” . We want “Roohi” or “Punjnad” and that is it.]

    Has Shabaz Sharig done any favour,not at all. Its our right. Keeping a person deprived for son long of his rights and then saying we did gie you the chance to breath is no favor to him.

    bahwalpur was the grain hub of whole Sub – Continent pre partition. Sutlag was sold. the fiels are getting dry.

    And Abbasi family is a well respected family, they are the one;s who silently helped Pakistan insteqad of taking greater rewards. The list that I mentioned about I am repeatign here for your knowledge.

    Salaries of whole Pakistan East and West were paid by nawab of Bahwalpur for one complete year where the world was expecting Pakistan to be bankrupt. We gave shoulder to the rest of Pakistan

    Baloch regiment was actually bahwalpur regiment which was submerged into pakistan army

    Punjab university campus was gifted by Nawab of Bahwalpur.

    Bahwalpur Bank was merged with national bank which is our national bank

    Immigrants were settled in Bahawalpur and they were treated as equal, and were brought from marton Camp Lahore.

    Sutlaj valley projecty the best in the world was established by Nawab of Bahawalpur.

    An extra railway line was put to work from State till the end of Reeti railway station on Nawab’s own expense for Pakistan

    Head Pung Nad was created by Nawab on his own expesne supporting the whole pakistan irrigation system.

    and on a smaller note Nawab Sahab gave his entorgue to recvieve Quaid e azam

    Quad e azam said we are given paper and pencil by Pakistan.

    35 lac British pound sterling were donated to Quaid e Azam by Nawab of Bahwalpur at the time of round table conference to support the case of Paksitan.

    Shams Maller palace was gifted to Fatima Jinnah located in Malir – Karachi.

    Ever year 5 students used to be sent aborad on scholar ship from bahwalpur.

    And of course I do not want province on the basis of nativity or spoken langauge. i want provinces on the basis of Adminsitrative unit.

    Bahwalpur was a province until 1958 and Yahya Khan’s regime did not reinstate the status of bahwalpur after dssolution of One Unit.

    yes we want bahawalpur to be reinstated as a province which is its right.

    And mind it in history we were never part of Punjab pre partition or until 1958.

    And I am from Bahwalpur.Recommend

  • sando

    @Jaz Dhillon: I think the writer was referring to the language invasion not literal invasion. Typical raging Punjabi lol :pRecommend

  • Omair Zeeshan

    Author here.

    When I say Pakistan was a British mistake.
    I mean to say that the Muslims of the subcontinent were being mistreated by Hindus.
    Which is why, Pakistan was rightly demanded.

    Thank you all for your feedback.Recommend

  • Seraiki

    Brilliant article, I must say I agree on all the points you gave, A Seraiki province will put an end to the Punjabi hegemony in our region.

    Qaidi takht lahore de
    Seraiki suba barn ke rahsiRecommend

  • leader

    call Pakistan a british mistake is considered a treason by law of the lands. always mind what you type armchair warriors !! anything like this can be held against you in future, a sincere advice from a Lawyer.Recommend

  • Khurram Mansoor

    @Khurram Mansoor:

    there is an error in my post we contain our identiy as Pakistanis and as Saryakis not Punjabis

    (a request to tribune please put it here before people take me wrong)

    I am a Paksitani by any means.Recommend

  • Khurram Mansoor

    @Khurram Mansoor:

    Please correct this Mitake

    We contain our identity as Sarikis not Punjabis

    It was mistakenly written as not Paksitanis


  • Amir Ali

    I am from Central Punjab, near Gujranwala (whatever Punjab that comes out to be if we wish to be remain divided on per acre basis): sikhs did NOT invade (just like you cannot invade your own home), as for the Punjabi-Seraiki link, research on it, its not what you have made it out to be, feudals from that area are a bigger cause for concern than the northern punjabi (btw by calling Lahore and above northern Punjabis, you are doing exactly the same false categorization you abhor).
    The Seraiki belt has always had some of the most powerful voices in the NA as well as the Provincial Assembly, more than any other part of the country, all these names mentioned like Khars, Qureshis, Gilani,etc, if they are not doing anything for their people the matter certainly needs to be addressed Recommend

  • Ayesha Hoda

    And I always thought Seraiki was only a language, not a separate tribe :D . Also, listen to Leader’s advice above.Recommend

  • Seraiki Seperatist


    “Punjabi may be a relatively recent relic of the Sikh invasion”. ==> He means that the current geographical grouping of Punjab [minus BWP and some seraiki areas] will be thethe areas wrested by Sikhs from Mughals. Take away the Indian side.
    Punjabi exploitation of Saraikis — Our language is non existent in the curriculum. Multan is not developed. Our river was sold creating severe decrease in land productivity. Militants are breeding due to the poverty. Area is frequently flooded by Sutlej being drained by India. Punjab’s quota seats are all filled by Northern Punjabis. Seraikis are ignored. All the schools and government institutions, even in the Seraiki areas, have Punjabi heads.
    Southern Punjab as breadbasket – Read your geography. Most of Upper Punjab is an industrialist area. South Punjab. AKA Seraikistan has most of the land. And even with this decreased productivity [YOU SOLD THE RIVER] we still produce most of the Cotton. And wheat

  • Rehan Khan

    I totally agree with your stance. It is call of the time to make more provinces in Pakistan in general and SERAIKISTAN in particular.

    We are taught in history books that narrowminded HINDUS opposed the DIVISION OF BENGAL. And the major argument built in this regard is on the edifice that there was unequal distribution of wealth between east bengla and west bengal…………Don’t you see the same practice in todays Punjab……Are not they narrow minded who are opposing the creation of Seraikistan?? Second argument in this respect was made on the ground that United Bengal was too large to govern and manage…….Is this not the case today with respect to Punjab; a province of 100 million population (54-56% of Pakistan’s total population)???



  • antanu g

    omair, the author clarified that Hindus were mistreating Muslims. Recommend

  • Rehan Khan

    @ Leader
    If you are not happy with the phrase ‘Pakistan a British mistake’ Then I guess the term ‘Congress mistake’ should be absorbable for you…..ain’t it???

    I don’t understand why the slogan of treason is so popular in our socio-political and legal circles, it is an other case not a single person has been convicted fro treason so far!!!Recommend

  • Ammad Hafeez

    Yes, We want South Punjab Province..Recommend

  • Riaz Missen

    Why New Provinces?

    Where from the demand for new provinces has arisen? From all those regions which were not part of ‘Four Provinces” before the formation of One Unit. At least, the people of 10 princely states did not like their merger first into One Unit and, later in 1969, into the ‘Four Provinces’.

    How the demand for new provinces is genuine can be gauged by the fact that only dictatorship, not democracy, can guarantee the existence of the four provinces.

    Political stability will not return to Pakistan unless the the existing provinces are not, at least, cut back to their original size.

    As for Saraiki province, the issue should be taken seriously. The proponents of a Saraiki province just want one more ‘nation’ to the existing ‘four ones’. So they don’t see the demands for new provinces rational and justified beyond their own.

    The fact of the matter is that Saraiki is the major language of the Indus Valley. The people who speak it happen to fill the land between Mir Pur (Kashmir) to Sehawan and make an essential part of the ‘Four Provinces’. So the idea of a province comprising Saraiki speaking people is impractical, if not impossible. Good idea is that Indus Valley should have many more provinces with an objective to ensure good governance.

    Converting the administrative division of the One Unit era is the only feasible way to meet the demands of new provinces. Not only Punjab but also other three provinces will have to be demarcated to manage Pakistan effectively.

    Of course, the Constitution of 1973, which was result of the compromise between the advocates of ‘Two-Nation’ theory and the proponents of ‘Four-Nation Theory’ will have to undergo significant changes. Even restoring the original constitution which did not lay the condition of security assent of the concerned provinces for the creation of more provinces mandatory ( the clause was introduced by Zia regime which ‘democrats’ did not disturbed while introducing 18th amendment), will help a lot. Recommend

  • Cynical

    @ Omair Zeeshan
    “I mean to say that the Muslims of the subcontinent were being mistreated by Hindus.”

    First, the Hindus were under Muslim rule and then under the British rule, so exactly when these Hindus got their chance to mistreat Muslims of the subcontinent?
    And how exactly the Hindus were treated by the Muslims? from Ghoris,Khiljis,Dass’ to Mughal dynasties? add to the list the career invaders and plunderers? Recommend

  • Milestogo

    Seraiki is related to Sanskrit ?

    Is that correct ?

    I thought pakistanis were Arab warriors.Recommend

  • faraz

    Last year the per capita expenditure by provincial government in Lahore division was Rs. 35,000 while in divisions of Southern Punjab, it was Rs.1000. In Jhang, it was mere 300. Partition of Punjab is the only option available to ensure equitable distribution of resources.Recommend

  • Rehan Khan

    I was shocked by flicking through some comments. One of the participant added to our information by saying that Seraiki is a language not a tribe, what does she mean by it, I don’t understand??? Sindhis, Seraikis, Punjabis and most of Indian nationalities are differentiated on linguistic grounds not on racial grounds or on the basis of different tribes…….Racially wise sub-continent population is hotchpotch of Iranian, Central Asian, Arabs, native Indians and Chinese/Mongol mixture………….and if go back further it is mixture of Aryans and Drawadians…..At present we differentiate people on the basis of difference of language and SERAIKI IS DIFFERENT FROM PUNJABI LANGUAGE……EVEN SERAIKI IS MORE CLOSE TO SINDHI THAN TO PUNJABI…………Recommend

  • Zalmay


    Pakistanis are delusional if they think they are Arabs. Taking on Arabic names does not make one an Arab. Recommend

  • Shahid

    I am from Multan. Even though we get a minute portion of the provincial budget, I am against the creation of another province here. Stop segregating Pakistanis because of their ethnic backgrounds. We already have a lot of disputes between Pathans, Punjabis, Sindhis and Balochis. Don’t create another segment (the Seraikis) or it will add to the trouble.Recommend

  • Zalmay

    @ Cynical
    I agree with your assessment. The Hindus never got a chance to establish themselves as the dominant group of people in India until the BJP came to power. Recommend

  • Grace

    The author needs to brush up on some basic facts. Punjabi as a language is thousands of years old. The Sikhs could not have introduced Punjabi since their faith is only a few hundred years old. Islam in Punjab is over 1000 years old which is why there is still a debate as to whether Baba Nanak as he is called by Muslims was a simple Punjabi Muslim villager and not the founder of the Sikh faith. As for Seraiki being labelled a dialect of Punjabi, most western liguistic scholars consider both Hindko in KPK ans Seraiki spoken in Southern Punjab to be dialects of Punjabi. If you disagree with the many western language experts, you need to explain how it is such a different language. Maybe you need to explain to Punjabi speaking people and Seraiki speaking people, why it is so easy to learn and understand each other’s language.Recommend

  • Adnan

    If the Baloch are worried about their Baloch culture and the Pushtuns are worried about their Pushtun culture and the Sindhis are worried about their Sindhi culture and the Seraikis are worried about their Seraiki culture and the Mohajirs are worried about their Urdu culture, we the Punjabis of Pakistan should be worried about our Punjabi culture too. People of every other ethnic background have complained of us “dominating,” while we Punjabis gladly give up our language and our customs for the sake of Pakistan. Punjabis get killed in Balochistan because they are Punjabis. Punjabis are hated in Pukhtunkhwa because they are Punjabis. Punjabis are hated in Sindh and Karachi because they are Punjabis. Punjabis are even hated in South Punjab! I have some Sikh Punjabi Indian friends in Canada and as sad as this may sound they treat me much much better than my fellow Muslim Pushtun Pakistanis here. Surf around and see the hatred all these people have for Punjabis…. Recommend

  • Amjad

    I am disappointed that the ET editor would publish an article where the author writes,”Pakistan was a British mistake”. Does he not know that the British were against Pakistan and Pakistanis right from the start since they supported the majority Hindu Indians. If the author is against Pakistan, he should go and join the Indians and enjoy the country the British made. Pakistan, including Punjab and the Seraiki speaking regions have a long history part from 100 years of British rule as part of some phoney imperialist colony. Since you approve of the British created regions in the colony they made, why do you disagree with the way British lumped Seraiki areas with Sind and Punjab? How can you argue for a Seraiki province when you speak against the state of Pakistan? Punjab region, Sind, Baluchistan and KPK including their Seraiki speaking populations have a history which goes back long before the British came and made a colony of the region.Recommend

  • Homa

    To all seraiki haters: Asan seraikidesh ghinsun. As a person of seraiki origin i say with confidence kay hum seraikistan lay kay rahayngay. Original seraiki culture is very kind hearted and spiritual. Seraiki is not a dialect of punjabi but an equal sister although politically suppressed language. It’is sanskrit based and is more ancient than punjabi. Modern linguistc analysis will prove this. I agree with the author that sanskrit script should be chosen as the script for seraiki when we get our beloved province with ancient indus valley city moolsthan/multan as capital. Also, seraiki people are more intelligent than lahori punjabis. We need to save our language and culture before it disappears completely under the damage done by the one unit policy.Recommend

  • rationalist

    What an ignorant article.

    Sikhism was founded in around 15 and 16th centuries. And Punjabi is as old as at least 10th century AD. Your argument that Punjabi is relic of Sikh invasion is as stupid as you claim other people to be. Recommend

  • Maria

    @Homa: I respect that Seraiki is an ancient and rich language. No one denies this. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s older than Punjabi. It is opined that Punjabi is an offshoot of the original Seraiki. After all the Punjab as a region was only coined by the Mughals when they named the region for administrative purposes. I just want to know which linguist says that Punjabi and Seraiki are different languages and not just different dialects. The most eminent Western language experts consider Seraiiki and Punjabi as dialects of the same language so please share your liguistic source that says they are different.As for whether one region of Pakistan is more or less intelligent than another region of Pakistan is debatable. I think your argument would be stronger if you just worked to support the preservation and culture of Seraiki instead of making such statements and claims which cannot be proved or serve no purpose.Recommend

  • Homa

    Its intesesting how people in your camp keep evoking some fictitious and dubious “eminent western linguists” as your infallible gods to deny the seraiki nation’s separate identity. Can you yourself name one credible and respectable western linguist who actually knows both these languages well enough and is qualified enough to make such majesterial prouncements? Since you want me to be a name dropper, i will oblige. I have news for you: Edward o’Brian, “an eminent western linguist” to use your amusing phrase, actually knew these languages well enough and wrote a historic and seminal analytical comparative study with etymological commentaries entitled GLOSSARY OF THE MULTANI LANGUAGE COMPARED WITH PUNJABI AND SINDHI (ábi/dp/1113126019) which can now even be read online thanks to the excellent work done by the people at google books. So the only known respectable western linguist who actually seriously studied these languages as a scholar demonstrates that seraiki is a dstinct and rich sanskrit based language with affinities with neighboring languages as all languages do. Please study intelligently instead of perpetuating the ill conceived ideas of other ignorant people and pretend linguists. Infact, do you even know tecnically what a dialect is? For example, urdu is an arabised dialect of hindi. Hum apna haq lay key rahengay. Jiye Seraikidesh. Recommend

  • Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq


    Political polarization in Punjab suggests that the province of Punjab may be divided into five (5) administrative provinces with “equal stature” based on population and area. The province names may be related to geographical or cultural features of the area only. A transition time of 2 to 5 years may be set to resolve matters of province name; political bodies (cabinet, sub-assembly, etc); province boundary; capital city; administrative arm; resources and liabilities; irrigation water rights and canal operations. During transition time the provinces may be governed by Punjab as sub-provinces. The Punjab province will cease to exist when these provinces attain full province status.
    Punjab has population of 73.6 million (1998 census) and has area of 205,344 There are 36 districts in Punjab. The provinces should have equivalent administrative weight based jointly on percent population and area of each province.
    NEW PROVINCES: The five new provinces and districts included are:
    1- Rohtas or Potohar
    Districts: (1)-Attock, (2)-Rawalpindi, (3)-Chakwal, (4)- Jhelum, (5)- Gujrat, (6)- Mandi Bahauddin, (7)- Sarghoda, (8)- Khushab, (9)-. Mianwali
    Admn weight: 42.25 (= 21.13 %), P=14,496,398, A=46,325 skm
    HQ ciy: On M2 near Kallar Kahar or Balkasr
    2- Shalimar
    Districts: (1)-Sialkot, (2)- Narowal, (3)- Gujranwala, (4)- Hafizabad, (5)- Lahore, (6)- Sheikhupur, (7)-Nankana Sahib, (8)- Kasur
    Admn weight: 39.45 (= 19.72 %), P=20,769,034, A=23,069 skm
    HQ city: On N5 near Kala Shah Kaku
    3- Rechna
    Districts: (1) Faisalabad, (2) Chiniot, (3) Jhang, (4) Toba Tek Singh, (5) Okara, (6) Pakpattan, (7) Sahiwal, (8) Khanewal
    Admn weight: 40.02 (= 20.01 %), P=17,785,864; A=32,568 skm
    HQ city: On Samundri-Okara road along right bank of Ravi River
    4- Roohi or Sutlej
    Districts: (1)-Vehari, (2)-, Lodhran, (3)- Bahawal Nagar, (4)- Bahawal Pur, (5)- Rahim Yar Khan
    Admn weight: 39.12 (= 19.56 %); P=9,897,807; A=52,730 skm
    HQ city: On Bahawalpur-Khanewal road along right bank of Sutlej River
    5- Sind Sagar or Thal or Ghazi
    Districts: (1)- Bhakhar, (2)- Layyah, (3)- Multan, (4)- Muzaffar Garh, (5)- DG Khan, (6)- Rajanpur
    Admn weight: 39.16 (= 19.58 %); P=10,671,897; A=50,654 skm
    HQ city: On DGK-Multam road N-70 near Ghazi Gha
    CAPITAL: A new city should to be established to house capital of new provinces so that population can reach the capital easily. The capital city should be limited to administrative purposes only. No large scale business, industrial, commercial, educational, and housing etc activities may be allowed in city.Recommend

  • Homa

    //Saying that religious divisions are fine but linguistic divisions aren’t, is just plain hypocritical//
    //Pakistan manages to efficiently discriminate against less powerful ethnicities, religions, and people//
    To the author: you are a true human being. Im so proud of you as a fellow seraiki. Congratulations for writing such a wonderful article. Recommend

  • Qaisrani


    D’not try to present yourself as persecuted.

    You complain of being hated because Punjabis have given a lot to the country.The case is otherwise,they have taken every thing as it’s opportunity cost.You say Punjabis are hated in South Punjab while the case is opposite.Have you ever been to Bahawalpur?where these settlers who were given lands etc there, even misbehave the aboriginals with every contempt possible.They consider them of lower intellect and of idle nature.

    So please check your facts before you complain and try to understand why this is the case so.
    Long Live Saraikistan.Long Live Pakistan.Recommend

  • A. Shah

    This article lack facts and mainly comprised of typical ethnic/nationalistic views with no clarity on how creation of a Saraiki province will solve the issues.

    The sense of deprivation and issues of non-development are common for all Pakistanis irrespective of their ethnicity or place where they are living. A person living in Lahore is facing the same gas and electricity loadshedding as anyone in turbat.

    Saraiki is a dilect of Punjabi or Punjabi is a dilect of Saraiki.. Irrespective of the fact whichever is old and genuine… both languages share a lot of common vocabulary and are generally understood by both Saraiki and Punjabi speakers.. in comparision Pushto, Balochi, Sindhi and Punjabi are inherently different languages. so linguistic based differentiation does not stick up for creation of another province… this is dangerous and will spark all sort of divisions and problems among people speaking local languages.

    People from Multan/Bahawalpur are enjoying equal rights on Govt Jobs as any other citizen from Lahore. Multan has lot more professional educational institutions as compared to Lahore when compared with population of both cities.

    River Sutlej, from the start had lower water levels because of DAMs and canals being taken out from India. It has got nothing to do with Northern Punjab.

    How many more Prime ministers. Governers and CM (Punjab) do you want from Multan.. If you think they did not do anything significant for their home region when they were in Power then I can guarantee you situation will not improve and these people( and their next generation) will be again your rulers..

    Food for thought.. why not make Multan provincial capital of Punjab instead of Lahore or i would go as far as saying why not Federal Capital.. Recommend

  • Rehan Khan


    Dear mate, come up with some new tactics to malign any noble, just and rightful cause. To declare some one traitor on demanding due rights is old manoeuvering and will not work anymore………Had you read neutral history books, you would never have raised this objection. We lived with Hindus for centuries peacefully and it were BRITISHERS who introduced the policy of divide and rule, which ultimately resulted in the creation of Pakistan. I would sincerely suggest you to read Dr. Mubarak Ali, Ayesha Jalal and K.K.Aziz to know the real story behind the creation of Pakistan. No doubt, Britishers intentionally created Pakistan. Keeping in view the inclination of Nehru towards SOCIALISM, our colonial masters at that time wanted an anti-socialist state in this part of the world and they architected a country Pakistan that was to be created on the name of Islam…..DON’T YOU SEE A VISIBLE DICHOTOMY, A PERSON WHO WAS TOTALLY SECULAR IN HIS OUTLOOK (QUAID-E-AZAM) WAS FIGHTING FOR A COUNTRY CREATED ON THE NAME OF ISLAM AND A FANATIC HINDU (GANDHI) WAS RAISING HIS VOICE FOR A SECULAR UNITED INDIA!!!.

    Anyways, now Pakistan has come to existence and we should pray and work together for its progress and geographical integration. We all are Pakistanis first and SERAIKIS are asking for a separate province, that is very much just and rightful demand.

    @ Homa
    Seraikis want a separate province and In Sha Allah soon they will get it. Seraikis are not asking for Seraikidesh (we don’t want separate homeland but a separate province). Be careful in using the phrase, there is no dearth of people emphasized text jaihray saday cheetay kapray tein raat da dagh baithay golaindin. emphasized text

    If you are Seraiki you will definitely know what do I mean by it.Recommend

  • Rehan Khan


    Have you ever tried to look at the cause which leads towards this hatred. You have missed Bengalis who used to hate Punjabis very much……….They all cannot be wrong.

    Stop exploiting them and give them their due right, no one will be against you. Our military and bureaucracy is dominated by Punjabis and this what we call it ESTABLISHMENT. Every decision is taken by military-bureaucratic oligarchy and unfortunately it is lopsidedly dominated by one community and that is PUNJABI. Why other communities in Pakistan should not hate you people when you deny them their due right…….So far as Sikhs attitude towards you is concerned, they are not living with you…….Dooor k dhool sohanain. Recommend

  • Homa

    @Rehan Khan: Nice. Very cool lokokti/muhavra you have used. I got the meaning of what you are trying to say but got a little confused at first by the spellings you are using. Can you please confirm the meaning of cheetay? Do you mean chitte/chittay And by golaindin do you mean ghulaindin? I think the idea to use the sanskrit script to write our beautiful seraiki language is very good: we need a very logical and phonetically clear script for seraiki. It will help our language become very systematic and easy for writing and publishing and will also enable us to transmit the correct pronunciation in writing.Recommend

  • Rehan Khan

    By cheettay I mean white and goolaindin mean they are looking for. So the whole sentence mean, there is no dearth of enemies and they are looking for a minute mistake on your side and then to make that an issue………asan apni SERAIKI zabbaan vich aksar aey mohawra istamaal karainday hain kahien koon khabardaar karan wastay, keh taiday dooshman taiday cheettay kapray tain ratt da dagh golainday wadin……. I don’t know I managed to clear it to you or not………

    Anyway, we people owe to our simple and uneducated SERAIKIS who are being exploited at the hands of Punjabi establishment since long……….KEEP ON UPHOLDING THE SERAIKI CAUSE PLEASE………


    It is an old rhetoric upheld by most of the Punjabis that a number of Governors, CM,PM and Presidents came from Seraiki areas and if they did nothing for SERAIKIS then why we blame Punjabis for under development in those areas. There are many answers to this frivolous argumnet but the most precise answer is “Maolana Abul Kalam Azad was the only man who became president of Congress twice before partition of India. Had his position addressed all the deprivations of Indian Muslims. NO. After Obama, all the deprivations of blacks in America are over, NO……….

    We love Pakistan and don’t want separation or Seraiki desh, but we do want and demand a separate Province.Recommend

  • Maria

    @Homa: The foremost linguist of South Asian languages, Sir Richard Burton who had mastered virtually all of the languages of present Pakistan, including Pashtu, “Hindustani”, Seraiki and Sindi is on record for considering Seraiki a dielct of Punjabi. You will recall that Burton chose the current modified Persian writing for Sindi and promoted its written form. The majority of linguists share this view of Seraiki and Punjabi being mutually intelligible dialects. I will get back to you about O’ Brien and the link you provided. As for Arabic, it is not at all related to any of Pakistan’s current languages since it is a semitic language related to Hebrew. I think you are welcome to call for a region to promote Seraiki culture and the dialect but you should be aware of the facts before advancing your arguments. Incidentally the races that mixed to comprise the current Seraiki speaking regions are largely the same races which form the residents of central and northern Punjab.Recommend

  • Omair Zeeshan

    Author here.
    I really appreciate the comments and the criticism.
    Was hoping for some help from specific people.
    Could you please get in touch with me if you have any data that I could use?Recommend

  • Homa

    Seraikistan bannan de baad seraikiyan di zindagi vich baun improvement theesi. Jay naibanda te seraiki identity khatam theevaysee. Give seraikistan a fair chance, unless you are a closet punjabi pretending to be a seraiki. We dont want to be a dying culture like the sindhis.Recommend

  • amerbail

    @author Everyone in Pakistan is a second class citizen except _. Saraikis are not alone in this misery.Recommend

  • Homa

    @Rehan: Thanks for clarifying the word goolaindin. I understood the overall meaning of the sentence earlier also but this particular word form was perplexing me.

    @Maria: so did Burton consider spanish a dialect of italian, and bengali a dialect of assamese, and fench a dialect of catalan? — because they are also mutually intetiigible. Lots of languages of the world are mutually intelligible but they do not automatically become dialects of each other. This critetia is faulty. A language is basically considered a dialect if it not patronized by a state. The difference is basically political. Also remember that burton was a colonialist with an orientalist agenda. He was not neutral on all matters. The orientalists, even though fascinated with India often tried to devalorize everything that was indegenous to india and her culture. If burton choose the persian script for sindhi it shows how biased he was and how poorly he knew sanskrit, which is a prerequisite for excelelnce in indo eurpopean as well as south asian diachronic linguistics. If he was as knowledgable and as neutral as you are making him out to be he would not have chosed the alien persian script for sindhi but rather a script that is aligned with the genius of south asian languages, such as the devanagari script.Recommend

  • Homa

    @maria: by the way, for your information, the name seraiki was not even around at the time of burton. You are trying to concoct fake evidence by evoking burton. Back then the name for this language was not seraiki but multani or derewali. The ignorant outsiders thought it was punjabi because the region was under punjab govt.Recommend

  • Maria

    @Homa: I am glad you posted the link to Edward O’ Brien’s Golssary of the Multani Language Compared with Punjabi and Sindi. Incidentally it is available for free on Google Books and it re enforces what most would say about Seraiki being a dialect of Punjabi. It’s interesting that what we now call Seraiki is called “Multani” by the author of this book and that locals in Baluchistan call it Jagdali, meaning language of the Jats. You need to remind yourself that the Jats are historical land owners across all of present Punjab, including the present Seraiki belt. When the book states that pronouns in Seraiki on the whole mirror Punjabi except for assan to assin and tussan to tussin or the change in inflections of verb endings, do you think the author is stating that Seraiki and Punjabi are two different languages? When he says the present particles of Punjabi and Seraiki are similar or refers to its origin from Pakrit do you not recall that Punjabi is also originally from Pakrit. Yes Seraiki is an old language which harks back to the Indus Valley civilization of over 5000 years ago long before Hindiusm or most of today’s faiths, but please bear in mind, we are debating language.Punjabi in its present form probably comes from Seraiki. If you feel that Seraiki as the original dialect should be protected and in order to protect this valuable dialect, a separate province is needed, I am all with you. However, please try not to delude us into thinking we are dealing with another language or people altogether.Recommend

  • Adnan

    @Rehan Khan:
    I live in Canada but visit Pakistan nearly every year. I am not saying, people of other ethnic backgrounds should not be given their due rights. Yes, by all means, they should. But what confuses me is why the Baloch Sardars can be millionaires while the common Baloch man dies of hunger. And these very Baloch Sardars campaign for the rights of the poor Baloch. I am from Lahore and I see many slums, where people have hardly enough to eat. There are a handful of Punjabi elites who ALONG with people of other backgrounds exploit. Why is the common Punjabi man hated? If you have to hate, please hate the elite who control not the common man who is very much busy in finding enough to eat. The recent wave of militancy in Balochistan was started by Musharraf. Is he a Punjabi? The Army mercilessly (and very wrongly) massacred the Bengalis. Who was in charge? Yahya Khan, a Pashtun. The army operation in Balochistan during the 1970’s was started by Zulifar Ali Bhutto, a Sindhi.
    If you have to hate, please hate the likes of Rehman Malik and not the Punjabi teachers who go to Balochistan to teach and the Punjabi doctors who go to Balochistan to treat. Having said that, I condemn the killing of all innocent Baloch who have died at the ends of the establishment.
    I mean no offence to anyone and if I have done so unintentionally, my sincere apologies.Recommend

  • Cynical


    Don’t worry.Hanske liya Pakistan,Ladke lenge Seraikistan.
    Seraikistan Zindabad.Recommend

  • Omair Zeeshan

    @homa Two Thumbs Up You should write articles for these guys :D

    @Cynical –> “Don’t worry. Hanske liya Pakistan, Ladke lenge Seraikistan.
    Seraikistan Zindabad.” Epic Recommend

  • Mudassar Ahmed

    My dear Siraiki Brothers…I

    I belong to Azad Jammu and Kashmir u know this very well and still disputed area govern by pakistan.

    I can understand the point and people thinking of Seraikis and their emotions, But do you believe that our next step of privince is only based of Language. Why we people think that the group pf people who talking in one language has ritght of their own teritry.

    believe me in AJK we have 10 District and each have 3Lac population but people are still poor and their life style are still not Good. You need long democracy for thses thing and also good leaders, othere if u make three provinces in seraike belt then always in Top politics always Leghari and Khosaaaaaaaaaa.

    Please thinkRecommend

  • Omair Zeeshan

    People don’t realize. With the current construction of the Province. More than 50 percent of the country’s population lives in Punjab.

    How do you think that works out in terms of Voting power for the rest of you oppressed minorities?

    Basically, Punjab decides whatever happens in terms of votes. Recommend

  • Barooq

    Ah what a strange country we are.
    We took our history, replaced “them” with “us” and vice versa and called it their history:)
    The sheer ignorance of the writer is appalling. I mean just because you think history is “incredibly offensive” doesn’t mean you can change it now, can you ?

    There has never been a justification, historically or otherwise for Saraiki province but then again, why would facts matter when slogans are much more enchanting. Recommend

  • Qaisrani

    @Omair Zeeshan.

    How can we contact you??I could not find you on fb but surely on twitter.

    Please continue your struggle for Seraikistan.

    Long live Seraikistan.Long live Pakistan.Recommend

  • Omair Zeeshan

    Author here.

    I can be contacted at [email protected]
    Feel free to get in touch on twitter as well.

    I’d love to talkRecommend

  • Homa

    you are amazing at distorting facts and you represent all that is tragic about pakistan. 1. hindus, not jats were the historical land owners in punjab before they were subject to massacres and driven out.2. seraiki is ancient but not as old as the IVC. sanskrit was the language of the indus valley civilization. 3. overwhelmingly, the punjabis and seraikis are basically converted hindus, not a mix of various races as you claim. Their hinduon valay chehray say it all. 4.verb inflections/endings and modified prounouns are what divide spanish and italian as well, but they are not dialects of each other so SERAIKI IS NOT A DIALECT OF PUNJABI. No respectable linguist worth his/her salt will agree with Burton today.Take your delusions and punjabi colonial agenda elsewhere. Leave our people alone. They reject you.

    @Omair, Cynical, Qaisrani and other brothers/supporters. Thank you. We are a distinct, separate and unique language and culture and not a shadow of punjabis. We will get our province, lay kay rahengay, ladkay laingay Seraikistan. Long live seraiki identity!Recommend

  • stenson

    Why would people who speak different dialects of Punjabi all want separate provinces? Does that mean every dialect of Sindi should have a province and should we given every dialect of Pashtu its own province?Recommend

  • Be-Ghairat Brigade

    I feel so flattered and proud when every one in Pakistan whines about North Punjabis eating and controlling everything. Because this comes to me as an explicit confession from my fellow Pakistanis that since they cannot compete with smart north Punjabis; they should be given quotas. If you are smart and wise enough; how come you are so oppressed?? Now please don’t give me conspiracy theories here.

    P.S. this whole thingy was sarcastic. Brothers why are you playing in the hands of a few politicians?? They have never tried to etch us together as a nation. They have always divided us based upon religion, sect, language etc. So let us move on together as one proud Nation. Please I beg of it.Recommend

  • Homa

    you are amazing at distorting facts and you represent all that is tragic about pakistan. 1. hindus, not jats were the historical land owners in punjab before they were subject to massacres and driven out.2. seraiki is ancient but not as old as the IVC. sanskrit was the language of the indus valley civilization. 3. overwhelmingly, the punjabis and seraikis are basically converted hindus, not a mix of various races as you claim. Their hinduon valay chehray say it all. 4.verb inflections/endings and modified prounouns are what divide spanish and italian as well, but they are not dialects of each other so SERAIKI IS NOT A DIALECT OF PUNJABI. No respectable linguist worth his/her salt will agree with Burton today.Take your delusions and punjabi colonial agenda elsewhere. Leave our people alone. They reject you.
    @Omair, Cynical, Qaisrani and other brothers/supporters. Thank you. We are a distinct, separate and unique language and culture and not a shadow of punjabis. We will get our province, lay kay rahengay, ladkay laingay Seraikistan. Long live seraiki identity!Recommend

  • Amjad

    @Rehan Khan: I think you need to review history to convince yourself that the British were against Pakistan every step of the way and worked with the Indians against Pakistan right from the beginning. They wanted it to collapse and cheated Pakistan at every turn. In your mind, Britishers created Pakistan but Pakistanis would argue instead that Britishers created India by destroying what was left of the Mughal Empire. The British weren’t in what became Pakistan for very long though. I know my region of Pakistan was part of ancient Persia and independent Al Sind and other countries for as long as it has been part of phoney British colony. You should learn to respect Pakistan’s history and peoples instead of lumping people together in an insensitive way.Recommend

  • Cynical


    Your worldview (at least of political history) is that of a 12 years old child.
    Sorry for being rude.Read,read and read and grow up. Recommend

  • Maria

    @Homa: Everyone is welcome to share their thoughts but you cannot change facts. Whether or not Seraiki is a dialect of Punjabi as per most linguists or whether it is a distinct language as you assert matters little. What matters is what the people of the region want. However, by supplying us with phoney arguments, you only weaken your point of view. The Indus Valley Civilization is one of the oldest civilizations on earth and predates Seraiki, Punjabi or Sindi. Sanskrit was not the language of the Indus Valley Civilization- to date no one knows how to read the inscriptions found at Harappa and Mohenjendaro. Many argue that the ancient people who once lived there simply perished or were assimilated by subsequent invasions. What is known is that their way of life and culture was perhaps the most advanced in the world for its time. They had nothing to do with Hinduism since it was long before Hinduism.I suggest you read, Forgotten Cities on the Indus – Early Civilization in Pakistan from the 8th to the 2nd Millenium BC. Jats were indeed landowners across the Punjab but most historians ascribe their origins to Scythian invaders from Central Asia. In time, some may have become Buddhist, Hindu and Sikh or Muslim. They were but one of the many races which mixed in the Punjab. I suggest you remind yourself that the founder of modern Afghanistan Ahmed Shah Abdalla was born in Multan which itself was ruled by Persia at one time. This is but a small example of the mixing which took place in Pakistan. Your attempt to suggest a Sanskrit script for Seraiki and your misguided support of Hindiusm in this debate about provincial autonomy only tells me you are Indian. Why should you push for Sanskrit / Devanagri writing for Seraiki? Do you not know that all of the languages in Pakistan use a modified Persian script from the Persian Shahname used in Punjabi,or the modified Persian in Pashtu, Sindi or Baluchi. As a nation, Pakistanis may well decide to create a Seraiki province for its own reasons but we should all be mindful of some of the games being played by enemies of the state.Recommend

  • Jawad


    While I appreciate the efforts to make your point here I am afraid that the content of your writting is absurd, illogical and impractical. I say, I need a one-unit-Pakistan instead of multiple provinces, how would you react to it? Lets spare that argument

    United States of America, which is obviously the undisputed super power has its one state equal to our whole country, then why dont they feel the need to further divide their states? make sense?

    To summarize, I would say, this argument of division of provinces is a fourth generation war imposed on us. We need to stay united instead of getting into this argument. Do you really think that dividing our provinces further will actually solve our problems. No sir, definitely not, it will only increase our problems!

    I am not a punjabi, not a balochi, not a sindhi, neither a pakhtun. I am a patriotic Pakistan. Pakistan is my home, my life, my blood. I would not say I am highly qualified but I have a reasonable enough qualification to get a good job anywhere around the world with obviously higher salary BUT I love this country, I love its people.

    Please dont let us divide, please, we’re one! Recommend

  • Omair Zeeshan

    To all the people who say that we should be united and not break up further.
    Why just a One Unit Pakistan? Lets join up with India.
    In fact, Lets go back to being a British Colony.

    Lets all live together in Peace and Harmony with the Angraiz who suppressed your religion, your culture and generally made your life miserable.

    Lets live with the Hindus who wouldn’t let you slaughter cows for your religious functions. Recommend

  • Lone-ranger

    However, one needs to realise that the Seraiki vote goes to Seraikis Pretty much all the MNAs and MPAs from the region are Seraikis, who so far are willing participants in oppressing their own people. I say make the province, and let anyone who wants a province get their wish. It will be interesting to see their reaction when they realise that not a lot has changed.

    I say forget provinces, why not go all the way and just make separate countries!!!Recommend

  • Zubair

    @Author,Omair Zeeshan

    Here is my reply so do read it. Thanks.

  • Zubair

    Brilliant last post from Maria. I have always considered Seraiki as different language but knows for a fact that it is influenced by both Punjabi and Sindhi. What writer really needs to talk about is how he defines ‘seraiki’ per say. He,PPP and Nationalists want Seraiki province on Ethnic basis but dont realize that most who are asking for provinces are either Balochs who live there. That pretty much makes them a sort of ‘Muhajir’ as well since Balochs came from outside and not from this area. The land remains of Jatts and Rajputs are also son of soils.

    As for hate for Punjabis, one thing i am very sure about is that when Punjab is divided,ethnic nationalism in Punjab will rise again. Perhaps its time that Punjab stops being duped again and again,just like Bengalis were. Pakistan will remain a distant dream where ethnic nationalism will continue to thrive. A Punjabi and Baloch will continued to be killed and hated just for their ethnicity. I’ll ask this question tomorrow to Author when bullet ridden bodies of Punjabis are found from Rajanpur,Muzaffargarh etc instead of Panjgur,Mastung,Naseerabad etc.Recommend

  • Qaisrani


    What a strange logic.Either Seraikis be oppressed in each every sphere and they should keep silent or there will be bloodshed against Punjabis.Can’t there be just solution to give Saraikis proper share in this country?? can’t we live in peace side by side?Are they be supposed to live as oppressed for ever?? D’not you see they deserve province at any criteria??be it geography,ethnicity,under development et al.As far as Balochs are concerned,they are living here since centuries.They have adopted culture,language and every thing to be part of Saraikistan.On the contrary,Punjabi settlers are living here since decades,yet they have declined to be part of this land.neither they owe the culture nor the language of the sons of soil.Even they contempt Saraikis despite being oppressors(sorry for being rude).

    In the end,let me make one thing clear.We d’not discriminate on the basis of language etc.All the people living in Saraikistan are suffering equally(Punjabis,Mohajir,Balochs and Saraikis).We all demand our own province.Say no to exploitation by “Takht e Lahore” and it’s stooges.

    Long live Saraikistan.Long live Pakistan.Recommend

  • Zubair


    The reason i raised an ethnic question because that is what PPP, Nationalists and writer wants.
    ‘Centuries’ is nothing compared to more than 1000 years of what we Rajputs and Jatts have in Seraiki belt. We were here before Balochs and definitely before Gillanis and Qureshis showed up in our land. We are more ‘ethnically’ related to Rana/Rao’s and Soomros/Jokhios of Upper Punjab and Sindh respectively then Balochs living in any place. I am glad you accept that being a Baloch from ‘Qaiserani’ tribe, you’re ancestors chose our beloved Southern Punjab to come and live. Let me remind you again, we the locals of Southern Punjab share more with ‘Punjabis’ ethnically than Balochs who live in our land. Seraiki is a beautiful and easy language and since its influenced by both Punjabi and Sindhi then its not hard for us to speak other languages. Its not even hard for someone in Kasur and Lahore to live just a week in rural Southern Punjab and still not speak Seraiki.

    In the end, I have finally realized how my own Seraiki leaders have duped me and my other Seraiki brethren. After all, i only have them to blame majorly for all the misfortune we suffer. These leaders are the one’s who have been Governors,CMs,Presidents and PM’s and yet they prefer to stay in Lahore, send their kids to Aitchison College etc. I will always blame them more than someone from Upper Punjab who at least tried something for us. I have come up with a latest blog post on the issue since I am half-seraiki myself. Check my blog and read it.Recommend

  • Qaisrani


    So what do you suggest finally??Should we continue living in slavery??

    I have never seen any Punjabi speaking or trying to speak Saraiki as we have been forced whenever we go to Lahore or Kasur.They refuse to even understand what we speak.For them it’s like some thing alien from Mars.Even they contempt Saraikis in their mainland Saraikistan i;e Multan,Bahawalpur and Layyah etc.

    As far as real power is concerned,it lies with Lahore and Punjabi establishment.Gilani even being prime minister is less powerful than powerful Punjabi chief minister Shehbaz Shareef who is there to serve “Takht e Lahore and central Punjab only”.

    One thing more,if the stooges are to decide where the funds go?then what is “raison d’être” of so called state?,can’t it see where the funds deserved to be spent.Your this attitude led to what’s going on in Balochistan.Now blame India for that.Recommend

  • Zubair

    I do want a new province as it is the most viable and plausible solution. A Seraiki province made on administrative basis is best for everyone living in Pakistan. Also i disagree on the ‘Slave’ part because that is fueled by hate in my opinion. No one in Pakistan except ‘Balochs’ in Balochistan are slaves of Government or Establishment. Before them, we had Bengalis but they decided their own fate.The likes of Punjabis, Seraikis, Sindhis and Pashtuns have been part of government. Punjabis and Pashtuns make up your Military establishment while Punjabis and Sindhis year and year out run Pakistan through their political parties. only Balochs suffer at the hands of all them. Also, you divide Punjab you’ll see how many Seraiki are in Bureaucracy and Military since we lot are quite famous these days for jumping on Establishment Bandwagon from time to time. Its a reality and I have no qualms in admitting it.

    Now, i dont know what sort of Punjabis you have met. Perhaps you have met the urban Punjabis of Lahore who quite frankly are not different fro Urban Karachite’s because they all prefer to speak Urdu but take it from me again that no one is forced to speak Punjabi or Seraiki. People here in upper Punjab understand Seraiki perfectly. Perhaps the Seraiki dialect of Mianwali, Dera Ghazi Khan may be bit different then that of Multan and Khanewal but strictly speaking again that no one is forced. And again, no one contempt any Seraiki even in Seraiki Belt. Almost all the people of Upper Punjab who i know speak Seraiki in Seraiki belt and not Punjabi. Its easy for them. What you’re saying in my opinion is just a fallacy.

    Also, I for one have had it with our favorite past time i.e ‘Punjab bashing’. I reiterate again that Seraikis have been in power in Punjab and Pakistan more than Upper Punjabis and yet they did not do anything. It took north Punjabi like Shahbaz Sharif to allocate highest budget for Southern Punjab for the first time and he did not even start this by the way, it was Chaudhry from Gujrat who started the good things. It was because of him that my village in Khanewal which had nothing, now enjoys at least the basic necessities of life. A common man at least thanks him there. I am not even afraid to applaud his services at least. Again, the demographics of Establishment have changed. This is not 70’s or 80’s anymore. The establishment have Punjabis, pashtuns and our Seraiki brethren together eating the resources of other Pakistan and that is why i say when you divide Punjab, you will see what our Seraiki brethren have been doing since 60+ years.

    As for funds, i have said again and say it again that they are not properly allocated and that Pakistan was and is a distant dream. Fact that only Bengalis made Pakistan while Punjabis, Sindhis, Balochs and Pashtuns were forced to join is a clear example. Yes,even Punjab was forced to join. That is why we need new administrative units.

    Also i believe that when Punjab is divided, at least hate shown towards Punjab will be less. Punjab and Seraiki belt both need water so it’ll be interesting to see what Sindh and Balochistan does next time around. Trust me you will know when instead or along with Punjab, even Seraikis will be blamed for stealing Sindh’s water. I for one cannot wait for our new Seraiki province. At least we’ll get more betterment(Insh’Allah) but at the same time we will witness a very double standard attitude of our brothers from South.

    I am reiterating again that yes, we do need a Seraiki province and we will have it.Recommend

  • Tazz

    Some even argue that linguistically, Punjabi may be a relatively recent
    relic of the Sikh invasion

    Yes indeed, that famous invasion from outer space, when Sikhs landed in Punjab on UFO’s from the planet Mars.

    How can a piece that contains something like this be taken seriously? Sikhs are from Punjab. The only religion that ‘invaded’ Punjab was Islam.Recommend

  • Tazz

    Islam in Punjab is over 1000 years old which is why there is still a debate as to whether Baba Nanak as he is called by Muslims was a simple Punjabi Muslim villager and not the founder of the Sikh faith

    That is only a ‘debate’ amongst delusional people and Muslim bigots – ie: not a debate at all.Recommend

  • Omair Zeeshan

    @Zubair so the fact that our schools impose other ethnic languages on us is fair?
    So our medical colleges never having had a Seraiki HoD is fair?
    So our largest Seraiki semi govt school always having a Punjabi principal is fair?
    All of our Government departments and avenues of power are filled with Punjabis sent from Nothern Punjab.

    People, I understand that you are tired of people asking for their own rights. But that’s only because you sit comfortably in your houses with your people being afforded every right. And a little bit more. The number of North Punjabis who get administrative position in South Punjab is quite significant. I am not going to make a sweeping statement. But look up the numbers. They speak for themselves. People from our community are not getting a chance at senior administrative posts. If I remember correctly, this was one of the problems faced by Muslims in British Indo Pak. Most of the senior positions went to Hindus. Well. Now muslims have a new country. Are you getting my point?

    @Tazz: Gur Mukhi. Sikh script of Punjabi. Thats what I am talking about. Devanagri and Shah mukhi are the other two scripts. And the invasion. Referring to them taking from the Mughals what was theirs. Recommend

  • Zubair


    Fallacy and nothing else. Had you been referring to Balochistan or parts of Sindh then i would have easily believed you. Let me reiterate again that Seraikis have been in power in Punjab and Pakistan more than Upper Punjabis and yet they did not do anything.Again saying that demographics of Establishment have changed. This is not 70′s or 80′s anymore. The establishment have Punjabis, pashtuns and our “Seraiki” brethren together eating the resources of the rest of Pakistan.

    As for Punjabis holding positions, i again say that is a fallacy. Bring out facts to prove it otherwise don’t even say it again. The fact that 150,000 Punjabis left Balochistan points that they were there on upper governmental positions then locals. Not a single Punjabi i know in my Khanewal who happens to sit on better administrative positions,NOT A SINGLE ONE. The locals like Hiraj,Berah,Toor,Kamboh,Daha alone in my tehsil pretty much rule the entire area but like i said, it was a North Punjabi like Chaudhry from Gujrat who did all this. All credit to him.

    Like i said, you should blame your own seraiki leaders for putting up with Upper Punjab more,living there, sending their sons and daughters there, preferring Lahore over DG Khan etc. I for one has had it with blaming everything on Punjab. Had i been a Baloch then i would have had a plausible and logical reason but being someone from Khanewal then I have witnessed too much hypocrisy blurt out by our Seraiki leaders, nationalists and my own cousins.

    Divide Punjab and get ready to see new ‘Seraiki-Bashing’ not just from Punjab but Sindh and Balochistan as well because Seraiki bureaucrats and Military folks have had a huge say in various ‘Misadventures’ in the past. You’ll see how seraikis have been contributing and you wont like it what you will see. That my friend is a fact.

    Read all of posts clearly again and LEARN.Recommend

  • Hu Jintao

    I stopped reading your trash after i read this

    Pakistan was the British mistake


  • Grace

    @Hu Jintao: I would have added, The creation of India was the British mistake!Recommend