Dear dictator, your rally really sucked

Published: January 9, 2012

Maybe if the attendees were paid more than Rs1000 and a plate of biryani, you would have been able to fill the ground. PHOTO: AFP

Dear dictator,

Your ‘show of power’ in Karachi was, if I may respectfully say disappointing and anti-climatic. Despite all your tall claims of having massive public support, and an equally large Facebook following, you did not garner enough support to draw even close to 10,000 people at your rally.

Leaders from your party proudly boasted that your rally would be bigger than Imran Khan’s, yet one can only wonder what happened and where you went wrong. Maybe if the attendees were paid more than Rs1,000 and a plate of biryani, you would have been able to fill the ground.  Not only did the numbers disappoint, the fact that friction in the party ranks has now surfaced also shows that there is much to be done before you actually launch your political career.

That your party has started to fall apart even before your return to Pakistan speaks volumes of how far you have to go with your political career. You launched the All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) in 2010 and lost one of your major supporters, Sher Afgan Niazi, before you could even reach the first anniversary of your party.

In addition to this, your supporter, the King’s Party, the Pakistan Muslim League – Quaid (PML-Q) is silent about your return and even the cases against you. And what of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM)? You helped them stand on their feet again; you supported them and they gained. So, have they pledged their support to you yet?

Let me remind you that things in Balochistan went downhill during your tenure, when the Baloch demanded rights over resources in the provinces. Of course, your military mindset would have none of it. People started disappearing in your tenure, and many mothers lost their sons because you would have none of their ‘separatist talk’. Sir, let me tell you this, the Baloch do not forget so easily.

Your bloated ego does not help your cause either. The people of Pakistan are sick of hearing every single political leader talk the usual rhetoric, about how they are the only ones who can save Pakistan, and they are the only ones who are sincere to the country. A little advice to you sir: please bring humble back.

One last thing before I sign off: if you want to gain supporters, I suggest you return to your country. A true leader stands with his people and fights for them. He doesn’t sit miles away, addressing them over the phone.


A citizen of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.


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Shaheryar Popalzai

Shaheryar Popalzai

A sub-editor on the web desk of The Express Tribune.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Syedzainraza

    If rallies are all about “number game” then we must all accept MQM as the biggest reality of pakistan, (even if quaid e tehreek is sitting thousands of miles away) i just wasted my precious 3 minutes of life on this articleRecommend

  • imkhalid

    MQM gathers more people just bcoz Karachiites are afraid of them, PTI rally would have more people than MQM’s but it wasn’t, just bcoz of MQM fear in KarachiRecommend

  • saima ali

    don’t you wish shaheryar, don’t you wish!Recommend

  • Farz

    Utter rubbish, biased and BS.Recommend

  • Tanzeel

    Whether his rally was bigger or biggest is another debate, what I know is the brave dictator coming to Pakistan by the end of this month has given a shut up call to his critiques and paid intellectuals earlier predicting that he would never come back. You keep counting number of people in his rally…Recommend

  • Umar

    Crap! I need my 240 seconds that i wasted on your utterly biased article. Get a life and stop writing articles expressing your own aversion and hatred for individuals. As if you were there eating ‘biryani’ and counting heads. Peace!
    – UNRecommend

  • Sharjeel

    Successful Rally in Karachi: Rent MQM

    this applies to all parties including PTI !!!! Recommend

  • Waqar Hasan

    He has no future in Pakistan Politics Period.!
    That isn’t because he lacks in capabilities, but a country where a woman has been sidelined by launching Pink buses, instead of altering mindset, doesn’t deserve a leader like him.Recommend

  • A Pakistani

    Jiyea Pakistan!!! Jiyea Musharraf!!! Sub Say Pehlay Pakistan… This is for all those who made fun that no one will show up at Jalsa, Well guess what People did! And to think he managed to gather people in absentia without the pounding support of Media & Internet Trolls :p (How many honestly knew about the Jalsa prior) … Just Think what will happen once Musharraf is Back!!!Recommend

  • Humza Khan (vancouver)

    We need to change the Pakistani perspective about weaker parties. We are so rigid and stubborn that the concept of an underdog prevailing in our society seems alien to us. So what if his rally didn’t succeed, let him try again! Give him another chance.

    Musharraf is widely misunderstood. He is also suffering due to an air of false theories and allegations. I am a die-hard supporter of Imran Khan and not the biggest fan of Mush’ NRO but never in my entire life will I ever suspect Mush of treason or corruption (unfortunately that cannot be said of the PPP and PML leaders). He is the only other Pakistani (other than IK ofcourse) that is known all over the world for defending Pakistan and putting forward our agenda and priorities. People pay over a $100,000 for an hour long lecture of his so obviously his words carry weight. I might disagree with him on a lot of issues but its not sensible to dismiss his wisdom either!

    Here’s wishing you good luck on your campaign and for a better, more competent political atmosphere in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Effendi

    Wasted my time reading your absolutely biased piece. You need to think from a wider perspective. Recommend

  • Adil Shafi Afzal

    Dictators will now form Democratic Parties? Brilliant! For somebody who was forced out of power he should have some dignity and stay where he is!Recommend

  • Just Wondering

    Why did the ET team NOT censor the word ‘sucked’ here? It is sexist, discriminatory and oh-so-urban to be published on the website of a mainstream daily paper.Recommend

  • Lobster

    All of us know and he admitted himself how “brave” is this dictator is (one phone call and done). His memory is very short too, he has ruled over 10 years with absolute authority. Its more than 2 parliamentary terms. There was no hurdle, yet he chose us Ch. Shujaat and finally NRO. Recommend

  • shan

    What a waste of time reading your blog. You have no knowledge of Pakistan politics. Do us a favor please dont write anything in the future. Musharraf is the best thing that ever happened to Pakistan.Recommend

  • kuku

    Really!!! so pls explain as to how pti was able to gather more than 150000 people in lahore and was mqm support for pti’s rally in karachi (which there was none) turned out to be so fruitful that pti were able to hold a rally even three times as big as the largest that mqm has ever done (more than 300000 people for pti in karachi).
    dude, u can be critical of pti’s politics but accept the fact that public support for pti is a reality or have you been sent here by pml-n. as it is, they are trying to copy so many things from pti (with no avail!), i guess they are now trying to catchup on social media activism as well where pti and their supporters have gone far far ahead!Recommend

  • atiqa odho

    APML rally in karachi had far more people in it than PTI, cant u see? u must be blind!!Recommend

  • Mani

    Your piece was brilliant. Musharraf supporters are worse than die hard PTI trolls. Don’t take it to heart.
    I love it when Musharraf supporters try to justify Musharraf’s tenure by saying at least there was no corruption. Hello, who installed Shaukat Aziz? Has anyone heard of the Pak Steel Mills case? Musharraf gave a free hand to all his cronies to loot and plunder as much as they can just as long as he could stay in power. What a leaderRecommend

  • Sweet Dee

    You realize a majority of the people in Imran Khan’s rally were the afghans and the Puktoons from the “Kabul” areas of Karachi right?

    you’re not biased at all are you? lolRecommend

  • anonymous

    @atiqa odho:
    behind whom? naaaRecommend

  • Shoaib tauseef

    lolz… writer i think you must have your answer by now by looking at the comments …. RUBBISH , Biased article ….. Recommend

  • Tanzeel

    @A Pakistani:
    Well said, with no support of media and turn coats he managed to gather good number of people and now the Commando is coming back to rule…!Recommend

  • Architect

    You have written against maaee-baap.. now face the resistance of secular fascist mindset :DRecommend

  • Ahsan Shamim

    I think the article speak facts and whether you like or dislike Mushi, lets accept he is going down the drain. The people bashing the article here verifies my last night status “Mushi’s rally could have been more successful if organized on facebook” :)Recommend

  • sayeed tajik

    the most rubbish article. wasted time reading it….. Recommend

  • umair

    people who went to the jalsa were paid and from rural Sindh. Jalsa was a resounding flop. I cant understand why people will even support this dictator who had a hand in killing BB.Recommend

  • Baqar

    This dictator was the most democratic person so far…People grow out of “democracy is the best revenge” and consider the well being of Pakistan and urselvesRecommend

  •!/AreebahShahid Areebah Shahid

    Firstly, please stop using non-sensical terms such as ‘secular fascist’ people, they don’t make you sound intellectual, they just certify your stupidity :) That said, Musharraff has has done his share of rights and wrongs but for anyone who came of age between the late 90s and early 2000s knows that the dictator opened up Pakistan in ways that the democrats were too scared to! So if, upon his return he speaks and proves to be the statesman that I remember, my vote goes to him!Recommend

  • ZanNeko

    I smell bias. Lots and lots of it. Give him a chance, bro. Recommend

  • Amjad

    Your analysis is spot on and well said. Musharraf is yesterday’s dictator and he should accept that the nation has moved on from his last 9 years of illegal rule. The only people who were there were poor people from interior Sind and Southern Punjab who were paid to go and show false support for a dictator.Recommend

  • Muhammad Saad

    Dear Author,

    Your article sucked. There are ways to criticise and yours definitely aint the right one. It seems you are biased, which I am hoping your’re not. Pakistan was doing alot better in mushy’time then today.. So you should have written a dear zardari your government sucks article first. And how dare you say “the baloch” dont forget easily. The baloch or the sindhis or the pathans or the punjabis or the saraikis and the urdu speaking and the rest are ALL THE SAME. Your journalism and opinion delivering skills are poor. You couldve said the ppl of balochistan wont forget this easily.. Its the way you put things together sounds crude and rather pathetic. The people of pakistan dont forget anything easily and this article will be remembered as an amateur attempt to get frustration out.

    Thank you,

    -Saad, UK.Recommend

  • Ahmer

    Excellent Article…well written :)Recommend

  • Non-democratic Person

    You calling him a dictator? Why don’t you try to raise your voice against the current “democratic”, “civil” people-elected government of Pakistan over the current situation of all of our institutions and see what happens?
    Democracy, by definition, refers to a form of government that is elected by people and is also accountable to them. So if you’re calling him dictator and others democratic (or-whatever), then I’d love to see if you, or a group of people who share a similar school of thought, could make a single MNA or Minister resign from his/her post and hold him accountable. If you can’t do that, then I’m afraid to burst your little democratic bubble and break the news to you that the regime you are living in ain’t democratic. Its called “Civil Dictatorship”. Same was in the regime of Musharraf but Pakistan was in a much better place back then.
    So would you go for the self-claimed democrats who profoundly claim their “share” in your tax money and the aid you receive, would you rather go with a person who fought and bleed for Pakistan? Apparently, it should be a no-brainier but looks like that’s not the case here. Recommend

  • Zunnoon Meer

    you have to accept the fact that Musharraf gather more people thn NS in SIndh and that even without his presence in countryRecommend

  • Muhammad

    Talking about addressing from miles away what bout altaf Hussain who has been running the show on phone and dramatic speeches since eternity :)Recommend

  • asad

    uncle dictator kitnay admi thay 1000 2000 3000 10000 50000… and in imran khan jalsa haha haha hahahaha …. but the lights were more then crowd realy loved 2 watch on t v… i think aunty atiqa was the director of that drama… lolz Recommend

  • wat da ef

    LOL give us ONE authentic proof that Musharraf killed BB….my dear ! stop making such statements as if you’re the God and know everything…..

    p.s Mashallah lal masjid operation was the best thing Musharraf ever did in his era…Recommend

  • Faju

    Musharraf is a true leader unlike other hypocrites politicians how change their parties just to remain in power…Although all the media is against Musharraf and he didn’t get any coverage but he still manage to gather that much people in his jalsa which is appreciable, remember he is not in Pakistan and the party is just 1 year old…Why you guys forgot about the Imran Khan’s dharna in Karachi just 6 months back in which he managed to attract on few hundreds… Recommend

  • hamza khan


    slaam!! thank you! dear shaheryar popalzai, please refrain from writing and proving how little intellectually you have to add to the debate. yes, president musharrafs rally was not that well attended. the man will return and the elections are not for atleast 10 months. thats a lot of time to win supporters. its a large country. Recommend

  • Mustafa Moiz

    What a piece of garbage.Recommend

  • The Only Normal Person Here.

    Not so dear writer, your article really sucked!Recommend

  • Ali Hamza Khan

    A crap and a biased article.Mr Popalzai,with all due respects,there are ways to criticize and express your views.Your article seems much like an ordinary talk by a follower of one group bashing another;plus you being the sub-editor,this is national forum,one ought to be more balanced in his/her approach.Firstly your article is reflecting ethnic bias and you need to brush aside your ‘ethnic nationalism’ before coming up with such articles.’A Baloch does not forget’-Mr,nobody forgets when injustice has been done.Hazaras of Quetta too have been under knife-edge for long.If we walk by your ways,anyone could point out a particular community who are in large proportions in a ‘particular banned group’ targeting Hazaras because of sect.You need to shun your biased attitude before writing such articles.Also,what do you imply by refering to MQM?Please open your eyes and swallow the fact that they have a votebank,its evident now despite of their policies.Your Mushy bashing made the least sense,and was a waste of time.Recommend

  • yousaf

    I and Atiqa Odho are for mush,he is the only hops available for pakistan.I very much love stone-age which we are made to live in due to our leader”s good deeds.I prey for him and wish him back where he raped the constitution for nine successfoolish yearsRecommend

  • Hasan

    Yes it did :pRecommend

  • Hate Zardari


    Hello Mr. Mani. Please correct your knowledge and wisdom., Musharraf did not do corruption of likes of Benazir, Zardari and Nawaz. like thief and loots. He ias an honest man and out the country in right and prosperous direction which Nawaz, Zardari and Benazir could not do Recommend

  • Madiha

    Biased rantings of an ignored person!Recommend

  • usman farooq

    why don’t people let it be the way it is… why do people have to improvise or comment on what everybody else is doing.. let things be the way they are… at least in Pakistan even if you deserve something you wont get it until and unless you take some extreme measures…Recommend

  • Mani

    @Hate Zardari:
    Hello Mr/Ms Hate Zardari. Please correct YOUR knowledge and wisdom. Why are we to believe that Musharraf is a good honest man? Because you have said so? He gave away plane parking spots at the airport to his friends which cost us millions of rupees, the pakistan steel mill was sold excessively underpriced and shaukat aziz would have made a good fortune on it. His farm house was utilizing the wrong tariff of electricity. He went to promote his book to the US using our tax payer money. Seems like any other politician to me.Recommend

  • shehzad

    lol….musharraf has got huge support here…come on ppl he himself admitted in his book that he sold Pakistanis to US in return for dollar,what else can u expect from this person…Recommend

  • Ammar Hassan

    This is totally biased article. Since you are hater of Musharraf so you have mentioned many things for which you have NO evidence. All the allegations you are putting up have nothing with the reality.

    Can you prove any practical things which will show that PAKISTAN was sold in return of US Dollars?

    APML Rally was remarkable as this is all managed by the founder Pervez Musharraf even when he was physically absent in Pakistan to organize such a big event.

    This is not a short term revolutionist party which will have an agenda of short-term then it has nothing to deal after the revolution ends. It is in fact a long-term planned party which is looking for the development of Pakistan.

    “TIME WILL DO THE JUDGES!” – This is clearly seen now, who was developing Pakistan, and who are demolishing Pakistan.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Ammar Hassan Recommend

  • Pakistani

    This is one of the most ignorant and hated-filled article i have ever seenRecommend

  • Tooba

    @shan: The best thing? well yeah the best ever for sure..
    He kept silent during the privatization case of UBL when shaukat aziz was all about selling it. this clearly shows he, of all was in favour corruption instead of the nation of which he was president. He killed his opponents (talking about bugti here)
    Lots of people like Dr. Afia went missing during his reign
    Yes he did free media but many journalists and activists were kidnapped by agencies. International Fund for Peace declared Pakistan a failed state in 2006 because of the policies of Musharraf.
    oh n u already noe about the lal masjib incident or adliya ki bahali ka case so i wont say much on that.musharraf was no doubt better than zardari. even a dog is better than zardari but he was corrupt. although he did have a few good policies but you never bring corrupt people back to power. ever. n theres more i read about how he controlled the oil prices in Pakistan while they were soaring everywhere else. i am not surprised our economy is a sad story now. Recommend

  • @Tooba

    Let’s assume all your analysis is correct.
    1) Privatization: You are probably ignorant of the economics of this country. To keep it simple for you, in a nut shell, private institutions have performed wayyyyy better than public institutions in this country. All the public institutions have fallen prey to the hideous monster we call corruption. PIA, Railways, WAPDA to name a few. PTCL got sooooooooooo much better after privatization. The cheap DSL it provides, more than half the country’s internet users use it today. Put some sense and logic in your argument.

    2) Bugti: He wasn’t Musharraf’s direct opponent,. He was Pakistan’s enemy. What did he did that harmed Musharraf in any way? What an nonsensical statement to make. Everybody knows what Bugti did. Firing rockets on Sui pipelines, not letting us get gas from Iran. And everybody knows how he died. Army men go to talk to him in that cave hideout where a rocket came from inside and not only killed him and his men but even the army major and others who went to talk to him. How is Musharraf involved? Nonsense!

    3) Which media journalists were kidnapped? And Afia was taken from Afghanistan. There’s no proof of where she was picked up from. You say Pakistan. I say Afghanistan. Media is our source. No proofs! And we all know her controversial background. She was mixed up with these terrorist organizations. Even her husband divorced her for the same reason. And how is Musharraf involved here? Even if we assume she was picked up from Pakistan, it’s the agencies that took him. That’s how agencies work. If they find a solid intelligence report only then do they take action, otherwise they don’t. I know of somebody who was picked up. But after 10 days’ interrogation, he returned home safe and sound. He says he was never even hit. His family thought he got kidnapped. So what do you even know of how the agencies work? Don’t you know of all the people picked up before 1999 during Nawaz Sharif’s time?

    4) Lal masjid? Are you kidding me? Have you even been to that place? I have! It was like hell. I saw what they taught them. How they taught them. We all know how that mullah rasheed tried running away in a Burqa leaving all others behind. Islam protects life and property. These people destroyed lives and properties. All brain washed. Set the Environment Ministry building and CD shops ablaze. Illegally occupied Model Children’s Library Building and the Government Land for Jamia Hafsa construction. Hoarded weaponry. Killed our SSG jawaans. They refused to come to terms with the Government even after 6 months long talks with the Government. Imam Kaa’ba went in to convince them to throw up the weapons. Bilquis Edhi went to talk to them. Scholars of Islami Jamaat went in. They refused to agree. Is this a joke? A state within a state? No women drivers? Cut us some slack, please!!!

    5) You assumed he’s corrupt without a proof. Is that what Islam teaches you? Assuming something about a brother in faith, without a proof? Recommend

  • Yousaf

    and by the way….. ? Respond to people.Recommend

  • khawar

    ha ha loved title of the article Recommend

  • yousaf

    @A Pakistani:–Dear if your leader is coming to take us to stone-age he will be disappointed as we already are there due to his hectic efforts he made during his nine years of unconstitutional rule.We have no light,no gas,no water,no mechanical means of conveyance etc.etc.houses we live in are no better than caves except for their designs.If he is coming to push us further back in time to tree-top age he will be grossly disappointed because there are no trees in mentionable quantity due to our,newly developed,liking of cutting down humans and trees,he will find barren lands instead of jungles.So,If he decides to come he better think twice before doing anything adventurous. Recommend

  • Tooba

    first of; get your facts straight. secondly, you’ll easily find most of the answers to your questions in Musharraf’s own book! like whether he was selling Pakistanis for US dollars or not. ignorant much??
    and about corruption, i saved you a tiny paragraph, “When Musharraf came to power in 1999, he claimed that the corruption in the government bureaucracy would be cleaned up.[74] According to a survey conducted by Transparency International Pakistan ranked in 2001 as the world’s 11th most corrupt nation. In 2007 Pakistan ranked as the 41st most corrupt nation.”
    One of the few good things that came out of Musharraf’s era was the case of Mukhtara Mai? how she was supported and all? well, I think NOT
    In an interview to the Washington Post in September 2005 Musharraf said that Pakistani women, who were the victims of rape, treated rape as a “moneymaking concern” and were only interested in the publicity in order to make money and get a Canadian visa. He subsequently denied making these comments, but the Washington Post made available an audio recording of the interview, in which Musharraf could be heard making the quoted remarks.[85] Musharraf also denied Mukhtaran Mai, a Pakistani rape victim, the right to travel abroad, until pressured by US State Department.

    On Privatization:- $23.8 Billion Corruption From Privatization Under Musharraf.
    On 12 November 2007, the former Prime Minister Shoukat Aziz claimed that we have earned 417 billion Rupees ($6.41 billions) through privatization, a record amount according to him. While, only 57 billion Rupees ($.870 million) were fetched altogether from 1991 until 1999 by the civilian governments, he said the corner stone of our economic growth has been liberalization, deregulation and privatization.
    In Dr. Shahid Masood’s programme “Meray Mutabiq” on Geo News ex-chairman steel mills exposes the role of Shaukat Aziz and Pervaiz Musharraf in the privatization scandal.
    In his interview General (R) Abdul Qayum also praised the SC at them time under Iftikhar Chudhary(The genuine CJP) and also demanded the resignation of Musharraf.

    The Supreme Court had to intervene and stop the privatisation of the Pakistan Steel Mills because it was being sold for peanuts. Furthermore, Musharraf’s corruption was not limited to money only.

    The open violations of the Constitution of Pakistan, removing the apex court’s judges and putting their families in confinement for months, killing hundreds of people and not allowing autonomy to provinces are some other examples of his corrupt practices.

    Lal Masjid: no women drivers? duuuude please. Do you even know what really happened or are you just gonna believe whatever they show you? I guess the latter is more true in your case. A little research on this topic and you’ll have your answers.

    your 5th point is pretty funny. why drag ISLAM IN EVERYTHING?!!?!? Am I discussing religion here?! Did I even say that I am muslim? just because I was against the Lal Masjid seige?

    anyway, all this info up there… I dint type it out myself. its from newspapers i found online so you cant tell me whats true and whats not. I hoped I responded to everything.
    cheers :)Recommend

  • Malik Tabeer

    Still like him and gonna vote him inshallah Nomatter what u sayRecommend

  • Danyal

    @yousaf i believe during Musharraf era the nation had gas power and the rest of the things you are talking about common man had food to eat place to work law and order was good and you people talk about lal masjid tell me the exact number of people killed in lal masjid beacuse there families must have come forward right?? look at the media recording of that day of the lal masjid operation this same media was the one cursing Musharraf for not taking action and also there were negotiations going on with that burka mullah from 3 months prior to the operation how do u justify that burka mullah kidnapping chinese workers how do u justify his sister beating another women in the streets this footage was also shown by this same biased media before the lal masjid operation you guyz are under biased media propoganda influence please youtube some media footages and analysis on the day of lal masjid and days prior to that media was the one pressuring musharaf government to take action and before they took action alot of people already had evacuated from lal masjid and the ones that stayed there were given so much time they didnt even listen to Imam-e-Kaba who we respect so much instead sniped a rangers personal and thats how the operation started Recommend

  • Umair

    Very nice blog!Recommend

  • Amasch Qadri

    Dear Writer,

    Abraham Lincoln once said, “if you dont know enough, don’t speak and make a fool out of yourself”.

    I was physically present there and there were more than 30,000 people present. Half of the ground was occupied. Don’t be a TV bug and base your claims on what the electronic device shows you. Let’s just suppose there were 10,000 people as you put it. If 10,000 people means half the ground or even one fourth then it would mean that Imran Khan’s rally had no more than 40,000 or 50,000 to its max, if you say the ground was full back then.

    My suggestion – if you just want to be controversial and get hits then you are on your way. If not, then don’t be bias. Recommend

  • Ali Wazir

    You nailed it. Hats off to you madam. Cant stand these APML zombies…. Recommend

  • @Tooba

    Tooba, I wrote a lengthy reply to you. So don’t fool yourself that you ‘NAILED’ it. Tribune didn’t publish it, instead emailed me saying I had to rephrase it so I’ll have to go all over again.

    1) Stop blabbering and get Musharraf’s book and read it first. No where does it say that ‘PAKISTANIS’ were sold. They were all foreign miscreants on Pakistani soil. NOT A SINGLE PAKISTANI! Bring proofs!

    2) You copy pasted material from Wikipedia but forgot to remove the footnotes. You said ‘According to a survey conducted by Transparency International Pakistan ranked in 2001 as the world’s 11th most corrupt nation. In 2007 Pakistan ranked as the 41st most corrupt nation.’ This means Pakistan moved DOWN the list of most corrupt nations from 11th position to 41st position. Not up!!!! Don’t you understand simple angraizi? The most corrupt nation landed the 1st place on the list not the last. So corruption decreased immensely during his time not vice versa.

    3) Yes, many raped women do use their victimization as a money making concern. I agree with that too. Not all! But many! And not just in Pakistan but elsewhere too. So ? Musharraf spoke the truth. There are no doubts about it. How does his personal opinion on something make him a corrupt or disloyal person? We all have opinions. Just like your wicked opinion on lal masjid. Musharraf is the only leader in the history of Pakistan who empowered women. From increase in quota in assemblies to education to freedom of speech.

    4) The link you mentioned for the Steel mills case is somebody’s BLOG not NEWS from an impartial newspaper. Yes, it was being sold for peanuts because that’s what it was worth at that time. Just like what PIA or Pak Railways are worth today. Which sane private investor would want to buy these institutions now? Use your head. Even if you want to blame Shaukat Aziz for it. Go ahead. But not a single corruption charge has been proved against Musharraf and that’s what makes him stand out from the rest. If his biggest enemies haven’t been able to do it, I don’t think somebody like you who gets her information from Wikipedia or Blogs can do it.

    5) Who judged me now? if i judged you, you just did the same. How do you know I don’t know anything about it? I’ve lived around that area. I’ve met several of those brainwashed ‘taalibaat’ from Jamia Hafsa. I’ve also attended a function there. Personally met Umme Hassaan many times. Was a member of the Children Library when I was a kid. I know that whole place inside out. Don’t challenge me on this.

    6) Yes, I can easily tell that you copied off all the information online from Wikipedia and random blogs. Which is why you don’t have an authority to pass a statement for a man like Gen. Musharraf we consider a leader. You are a victim of media hype against him like many others. They say the same thing over and over again so many times that even falsehood starts sounding like truth.Recommend

  • @the person above

    –President Musharraf, in his autobiography, “In the Line of Fire”, has allegedly boasted of ‘selling’ suspects to US agencies. Ofcourse he wouldn’t openly state in his own book that these “suspects” were innocent Pakistanis. And is it a co incidence that all these people went missing during Musharaf’s era? And that so many people stood up against it? Talk to someone who lost a loved one before you label them as “foreign miscreants”.
    –I dint forget to remove anything. All that’s there was supposed to be there. I know when to quote from Wikipedia and when not to. Maybe you should read what it says rather than tell me its source. Its not an opinion. Those are facts. Just like the link to a blog that I posted. Did you bother reading what it said? The blogger wasn’t opinionated in that particular post, he simply stated something he watched on TV ( on Geo News ex-chairman steel mills exposes the role of Shaukat Aziz and Pervaiz Musharraf in the privatization scandal.)

    –Musharaf broke the law twice and later on apologized for it through the press. That’s pretty lame. Its like pulling the trigger and sending a sorry card to the person’s relatives. He’s very much responsible for sacking a PM, killing innocent people during the Lal Masjid siege, imposing emergency, arresting journalists, house-arresting his opponents, signing the NRO and the list goes on. He had nine years to fulfill his promises. And yet nothing happened.

    — I am astonished at your comment about the rape victims. I don’t even want to comment on that. God help people like you.

    –Have you seen Musharaf’s farm houses in Islamabad? He can gift those precious lands to his friends and build mansions on them and yet to tell me he’s corruption-free. Open up your eyes hun. Who sacked the chief justice of Pakistan? Have you forgotten the lawyer’s movement against him? Was the entire nation crazy?? why was he doing all this? Whose orders was he working under? Why do we see foreign news paper writing things like “Musharraf jumped one foot off the ground every time someone from Washington rang to say “boo”.) “

    –I don’t think I judged you. Reread what I wrote. And as far as I know, the lal masjid people wanted to close down brothels. Pakistan being a muslim country, I don’t see how theres anything wrong in that. And I am sure there must have been a better way of dealing with them instead of going out there and killing everyone. Recommend