Spare me the Zionist conspiracies

Published: January 6, 2012

Why stop at Imran Khan? The people who attacked the Sri Lankan cricket team were part of a Jewish conspiracy to end cricket in Pakistan.

“The parts are Jewish!” screams Barry, an ill-tempered white convert to Islam, played to perfection by Nigel Lindsay in the critically acclaimed film, Four Lions.

The car has broken down and rather than admit to his friends that he hasn’t had it fixed, he claims, “Jews invented spark plugs to control global traffic.”

We’re meant to laugh at outrageous, outlandish accusations such as this, but this scene could be used to portray a sad reality in Pakistan. It highlights what is wrong with a large segment of our society.

Many Pakistanis seem to have this unhealthy obsession with conspiracy theories, especially those with a Zionist twist to them. Shows such as Zaid Hamid’s were the catalyst needed to bring this once fringe ideology to the forefront. My Facebook page is flooded with posts in this regard.

A close relative of mine is a proud Sialkoti and a staunch supporter of the PML-N. He watched with apprehension as Imran Khan’s PTI gained traction which culminated in hundreds of thousands of supporters flocking to jalsas in Lahore and Karachi. However, it was easier for him to believe that Imran Khan was being propped up and financed by a large Jewish consortium than to understand the fact that people are frustrated with the corruption and incompetence of the same old people that have been elected in the past.

Yay tu pakki Yahoodi party hai!”

(He’s a Jewish collaborator for sure!)

Why stop at Imran Khan? The people who attacked the Sri Lankan cricket team were part of a Jewish conspiracy to end cricket in Pakistan. The people who are blowing up mosques and killing innocent people around the country are also Jewish because Muslims could never kill other Muslims. Our cricketers caught up in the spot-fixing scandal too were wrongly implicated and maligned by the powerful Jewish lobby that controls the media, because they were obviously afraid that Pakistan was going to become the best team in the world. Even the doodhwaala (milkman) must be a Jewish infiltrator because no true Muslim would ever be involved in milawat.

The Veena Malik scandal, on the other hand, was a RAW conspiracy to disgrace the pristine image the world has of Pakistan.

In matters such as these, why should we let something as trivial as facts tell us otherwise? Who needs hard cold evidence when we know in our hearts that something is true?

Anyone can see that things are bad in the country. But rather than facing the problems, it seems as if a lot of us have developed a victim complex where we, the innocent and perfect Pakistanis, are being tormented by external forces.

These conspiracies seem to give us an easy way out of taking responsibility for the mess we are in, and that is extremely dangerous. In order to resolve any problems, we must first acknowledge the mistakes that have been made, otherwise there will be no advancement and Pakistan will be stuck in a rut.

We have elected one corrupt and incompetent government after another. Military dictators have come and gone. One leader after another has served every other agenda except the betterment of our country. Our public institutions are mismanaged and public funds embezzled. They have done us more harm than any foreign power can ever dream of.

We the people have ignored the rising rhetoric of hate in these so called Islamic seminaries culminating in the production of unhinged jihadis with no true knowledge of our religion. How difficult is it for the government to actually introduce a standard syllabus and carefully vet each and every seminary? It is a huge task for sure, but if the government was actually determined to do something about it, it is not impossible.

We the people have ignored the broken education system in the country. With knowledge comes power, with education comes progress. Millions of dollars in foreign aid meant to be utilised in improving our educational standards are squandered.

We ignore the destruction of schools for girls. These girls will grow up one day to become mothers. Educated mothers are vital for the progress of the future generations of our country.

There are many more problems we face. We can close our eyes and pretend we are blameless and we are perfect, but the problems will still remain, and only worsen as the time goes on if something is not done about it.

We can admit we have issues and try to resolve them, or we can be like Barry driving a broken car, blaming Jews rather than just getting it fixed.

Mani Khawaja

Mani Khawaja

A journalist and musician with an MBA from the University of Sunderland. He tweets @manikhawaja88 (

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  • muhammad irfan

    yeh blog bhi aik yahodi saazish hai :)Recommend

  • saif amjad

    This is all a conspiracy by the atheists,agnostics,yahodis,liberal fascists,NGO’s,superman,Mossad and RAW against the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN.Recommend

  • Tribune Reader

    The attack on the Sri Lankan team was not a zionist conspiracy, rather a bunch of local thugs for hire, hired by the bcci so pak loses its world cup matches.Recommend

  • Zaid Hamid

    Theory?? No that is practical…Recommend

  • Omair Lodhi

    I may not agree fully. This negates the fact that there is a Jewish problem.
    Anyhow, but a wonderfully written piece.
    Well DoneRecommend

  • Arsalan

    Dear writer,
    I need to see you.. I want to thank you for writing this article because i have been saying the exact same thing for years.. Thank you for becoming my voice..
    And readers, i am not against the idea that there may be some conspiracies against us i am against the fact that every time we try to hide our mistakes, shortcomings and evils by these conspiracies.. Lets face the bitter truth.. Recommend

  • MD

    Your this very writeup is a Yahood-o-Hunood conspiracy against Pakistan!!!Recommend

  • umair tariq

    i agree with things u said however i have few reservations.
    i myself dont dislike jews and i know hebrew can read and write it. but imran khan has jewish wife and his offspring is technically jewish but he is supporting taliban and anti semetisn and fueling these yahudi sazish theory to divert us from real issues. trolls call u yahudi or zionist if u ask whr is the change? ik whole team is the one that bred jihadis in past. we have example of azam swati. he accused that govts crackdown on seminaries is a yahudi sazish etc.
    u cant give clean chit to imran. look at his team and trolls. they r those who destroyed pak how can we expect them to correct her?Recommend

  • Saad Raees

    Imran Khan’s kids labelled as members of Jewish lobby by Maulana Fazlur Beimaan sahab, at first I laughed at him, but then I was like dude, people are actually start gonna believing this .. That’s all the people of this country are keep gonna doing all their lives, Blame The Jew.. Btw just wait for the comments where you are yourself gonna be blamed to be a member of Jewish Lobby because you tried to put some sense in the Pakistani awam :p the JI protestors who we find every other day on our streets holding banners saying “Death to America, Death to Israel” and burning their flags every other day, if they actually spend that much time and energy on their work and on working towards prospering their families, they could do much better, but again, if they don’t wanna work, that also is because of Jews!Recommend

  • Junaid Khan

    A well well written article. I think Yahood and Hanood are better people and better humans than us. They care about their people. If there people are in danger in their country or abroad, the whole nation and government stand for them and make sure their people are safe.

    Yes Yahood and Hanood are better humans then us. I am a Pakistani and sometimes I am ashamed to be called one especially when i am travelling abroad. Pakistanis are like Dhobi ka kutta, na gher ka na ghaat ka….

    You may find my response offensive but honestly that is the feeling i have of us all. Now you can call it a Hanood and Yahood ki sazish but the fact is, we are bigger enemies of ourselves than bicharay hanood and yahood.Recommend

  • ihk

    @umair tariq:
    Please go read Jemima’s tweet; she has specifically pointed out that her boys are being raised as Muslims.Recommend

  • Nabeel

    Even though we put every blame on jews over slight a uncertainity but the jews are really involved in many hate raising conspiracies about muslims and believers of God,mostly through media its our job to enhance the awareness against them
    if any one interested you must watch the documentary of ARY “The Arrivals”(also available in urdu) which has tremendous researched facts about their operational societies and it truely exposed their real identityRecommend

  • Saad Raees

    @umair tariq:
    So IK fueled terrorism? Cool story bro .. Btw we here are saying that people of Pakistan are foolish enough to blame Jews for everything, that doesn’t mean that Pakistanis support terrorism, Azam Swati might be one of those fools but that doesn’t mean that he supported terrorism. And when was the last time IK fueled anti semitism? I don’t remember any of his comments that were anti semitic!! And as far as the trolls are concerned, IK has completely disowned them and spoken out against them in his latest video, you can’t blame IK for what the trolls say? Recommend

  • ez

    HAHAHA! Even the title of the section in ONE EYE! its probably a coincidence…. or is it?Recommend

  • Zaid Hamid

    The doodhwala is indeed Jewish!Recommend

  • umair tariq

    by the way being raised as muslim is one thing and according to talmud and mishna torah a jew is defined as someone whose mother is jewish.
    u can google who is a jew or try reading judaism 101. google it. imran khan gave interview to tehran times and said “usa and israel are enemy no. 1.”
    u can google it too. rest that if pti dream team is anti semetic or not u can see that urself. whole ex ji and jihadists have joined pti.
    and sad papa imran and pti disowned their prodigal children.Recommend

  • J

    Maybe its the “blame the jew” lobby that’s controlling the world?Recommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk

    @muhammad irfan:

    yeh blog bhi aik yahodi saazish hai :)

    You said it!!Recommend

  • maria

    to put it in a nut shell;”its always easy to blame someone else for the problems then to take responsibility for them”…………….hypothetically if it IS a zionist conspiracy ,still its our weakness that we r playing in their hands n conspiracies…………..if we have some character no one can manipulate us even on every issue from blasphemy to religion to obama to every petty thingRecommend

  • F K

    There is a strong Zionist lobby that works in Western countries to support Israel. A lot of the things they do are highly immoral (obviously they are supporting a state that is doing many immoral things). Having said all of that, the Zionist lobby does not have much interest in Pakistan and never will. AIPAC, the largest member of the Israeli lobby states openly on their website what their objectives are (strong sanctions on Iran, get US to attack Iran etc) Also, it is pretty racist to call it a Jewish lobby or use Jewish and Zionist interchangably. Most Zionists in the United States are evangelical Christians (I can expand that to say most of the hateful people in the US are evangelical Christians.) On the other hand, there are many Jewish writers/academics who are very pro-Palestinian and pro-justice and equality (Noam Chomsky, Norman Finklestein etc). Many of the Palestinian activists in this country and leaders of the BDS movement are also Jewish. I would say that these two people (Chomsky and Finklestein) have done more to expose the nefarious activities of the Israeli lobby in the United States than any Muslim within the US or anywhere in the world. It’s really sad when “Jewish” is used as a derogatory term by rightwing parties in Pakistan…then these same people turn around and complain when there is (perceived or actual) discrimination against Muslims in foreign countries.Recommend

  • rk singh

    Jews suffered all through their history.

    Egypt- pharos enslaved them
    Romans brutalised them
    Muslims wiped them off Arabian peninsula during Propeht Mohammed’s (PUBH) time.
    They were persecuted in Europe – almost all European countries.
    No need of mentioning Nazi atrocities. Muslim nations like Iran and Turkey shamefully joined hands with them to facilitate in the Holocaust.

    Now Pakistani conspiracy theories. Jews have over two hundred nobel laurates. How many among muslims? Jews : Muslims = 1: 100.

    Cant you guys learn something from them?

  • Moise

    @rk singh:
    Now Pakistani conspiracy theories. Jews have over two hundred nobel laurates. How many among muslims? Jews : Muslims = 1: 100
    Well it is a prize by the Bank, who else do you think will get the prize? Iqbal? Mehboob-ul-Haq?Recommend

  • Moise

    Truth will come out. Name calling just shows that one has nothing intelligent to debate. As for Imran Khan ex-father in law, James Goldsmith he was against this NWO and you can see his interview how he predicted GATT would destroy societies on YouTube in 1990s.

    As for being Jewish links James’ son Ben Goldsmith is married to heiress Kate Emma Rothschild d/o Amschel Rothschild. If you think Rothschild is nobody try googling Sderot Rothschild, name of roads in Israel.Recommend

  • Rob

    I concurRecommend

  • Really

    @rk singh:
    I guess you havent read the bbc article which talks about the Iranian diplomat risking his life making sure jews got safe passage to iran so that they were not persecuted in germany? Iran at that time was a safe haven for Jews.Recommend

  • Saad Raees

    Rk singh is right, the Jews have been prosecuted everywhere, and still they never complained about it, instead they worked towards strengthening their communities all around the world, and what we do is always play the role of victims, we need to get over it and move on if we want to be a stronger nation, we have to stop whinning about itRecommend

  • Cynical

    @ rk singh

    The jews have got more nobel prizes, because the award committee is under the influence of jewish lobby. Also why they don’t award nobel prize for religion? Because Pakistan will win every year.That’s how biased they are.Recommend

  • The Only Normal Person Here.


    iGrabs popcornRecommend

  • Rizvi

    Get your facts right before writing such an article. Jews and Zionist are different. Zionist are oppressors who are trying to drive away Palestinians from there homeland, where Jewish are normal everyday people. Recommend

  • Saad Raees

    @rk singh:
    I would disagree with your claim that Iran and Turkey helped Hitler, that’s just a false claim, although I agree on everyother thing u said .. U need to learn about the armenian muslims who risked their lives to save jews, and that iranian diplomatRecommend

  • Saad Raees

    @Cynical: you are funnyRecommend

  • Solomon2

    Mr. Khawaja, you might want to be spared the “zionist conspiracies” but have you considered tackling them head on whenever possible? Cringing away empowers them over you and ignoring them allows them to consider peddling their diseased medicine elsewhere. Rather, put them on the defensive, show that they are weak and offer no solutions save a violent consuming hatred that blinds followers to real problems and solutions. Let them cringe and shuffle away while you liberate minds!Recommend

  • Secret Zionists

    The dhoodwaala has been made! Mission Abort!Recommend

  • Parvez

    Spot on, you could not have said it better.Recommend

  • Khan

    Awesome! Good to know a sane voice prevailsRecommend

  • Mr Afridi

    CNG ki rates barh gayi Jews ka Pakka Haath hai….Recommend

  • http://- Abid P. Khan

    @rk singh:

    Turkey gave asylum to shiploads of Jewish people when they faced annihilation when inquisition process was set in action.

    Istanbul to this day has several active synagogues and Jewish Mahalle, museum, etc.
    Some other cities too have Jewish Mahalle.

    Turkey supplies drinking water to Israel using huge purpose-built tankers. Turkey an anti-Arab country, has leased one of their military airports called Incirlik (near Adana) to Israel on long term basis.

    In 1981 destroyed OSIRAK, an nuclear energy plant in Irak flying through Incirlik.
    OSIRAK Destruction

    It is apparent that you live in a fantasy world created by Hollywood.

    Should the Palestinians loose their homes, means of living and life of their people. Because of the atrocities committed by others? You use some very very twisted logic to justify your own existence.Recommend

  • M

    Your comments on different articles are always a pleasant read. Recommend

  • Seriously

    @Yuri Kondratyuk:
    I think he was being sarcasticRecommend

  • Mysterious

    Spooky music starts playing lolRecommend

  • H.Qureshy

    Well my dad’s been saying this for years and years and not many people ever believed him nor do they even now! We still need these questions to be answered
    – Are we too late?
    – Where did we go wrong
    – How did we go wrong
    – When did we start believing in all these conspiracy theories!
    I believe these questions should be answered as they are essential for us to learn something….if ANYTHING!Recommend

  • Hasan

    Brilliant article

    @Omair Lodhi: Jewish need not intervene, Pakistanis are enough to bring down the country themselves.Recommend

  • Nabeel

    @ Saad Raees:
    I am not pointing at common jewish,they might be ordinary productive citizens,its their supreme powers().Indeed there are good & bad persons in all races. Infact most of voilent cases we’ve witnessed in Pakistan like child abusing,corpse eating,jirgah injustices etc.Thus in some cases muslims gone worse than others,but only because they were illetrate and away from the guiding priciples of Islam.Prophet(S.A.W) himself traded with jews and christians when he was in Maysarah.What i’m trying to say is there is no harm in keeping material relations with any non muslim but you should keep a limit while dealing with them.
    My belief is to spread our religion peacefully by Tabligh which is 90% effective than Jihad.
    People are embracing islam by this method rapidly.When the light of Islam would reach at every doorstep then critisicm,hatred and accusation would be eliminated itself.Recommend

  • rk singh

    @ Cynical. Hope you are really cynical.

    you know the history of iran, I guess. Ever since Islam entered there, Zaorastians were wiped off the earth. Hapless few have migrated to India. Jews were persecuted. Few remaining left for india (aka Baghdadi Jews in Mumbai). Of course, one guy really did help Jews in Iran. But millions other persecuted them.

    I guess you guys need to abandon the noble cause of wiping the Jews off the face of earth. World kept quiet when the Nazi machinary was getting stremgthened. Hopefully this istake wont repeat.Recommend

  • alicia

    My breaking point was when someone started saying that the recent dengue fever outbreak was a jewish conspiracy. Even a few credible newspapers covered that angle. I mean forget the overflowing gutters and nallahs, garbage dumps+ government inefficency and blame it on the jews.Recommend

  • maryam

    we are a nation who believe in “Fatalism” so how can we blame ourselves?Recommend

  • Kamran

    Excellent article and really pleased that the key problems are highlighted as to why Pakistan is in the state it is.

    There is a serious problem of blaming others for everything thats going wrong in our society.

    The sooner we realise the majority of problems are because of our own corrupt governments failings the better.

    We need to take responsibilty for our own actions and sort out the mess ourselves instead of accusing India and the West all the time.

    The only hope I see is Imran Khan, I hope he will be our next leader asap Inshallah. Recommend

  • rk singh

    @ Reply Abid P. Khan

    turkey has a history of anti-semitism. pl read some books or look up in the net. The only pace on earth Jews were safe is in India. That is until Ajmal kasab and his team from Pakistan gave us a visit in mumbai.Recommend

  • Captain Obvious

    And how many people in Pakistan know the difference? In the satire, it’s obvious that the overblown average pakistani mentality is being talked about. But I guess that sailed over your head?Recommend

  • http://- Abid Khan

    @rk singh:
    That only goes to prove that reading is not something you have ever gotten involved with.
    Greeting from Modi.Recommend

  • Salman

    I just read uptill

    “Many Pakistanis seem to have this unhealthy obsession with conspiracy theories, especially those with a Zionist twist to them. Shows such as Zaid Hamid’s were the catalyst needed to bring this once fringe ideology to the forefront. My Facebook page is flooded with posts in this regard.”

    Can you tell me a second show which harps on conspiracy theory.??
    One show doesnt mean that that whole society is addicted to conspiracies. Recommend

  • RajX

    It’s very obvious to me that this author is a part of a Zionist conspiracy to defame Pakistan and muslims..:-) . When he is not working for the zionists, he works for RAW.Recommend

  • Omaidus

    A very well put article, Pakistanis and the muslims have two big problems,
    1. Every thing wrong done is due to zionist, christian, hindu, communist etc, conspiracy,
    2. and we dont have to save ourselves, saviour will come from the heavens………..
    we will never improve unless we start relying on ourselves, the disease are within ourselves, we have to cure ourselves, and if even some doctor will come from somewhere from heavens it can only give medicines rest is still our work to do…..Recommend

  • Genius

    Zaid hamid’s wasnt just a show. He has a devoted following all over the country. Have you gone out and spoken to the common man on the street? I am not talking about the burger boys at your joint, i am talking about the common man.. the mazdoors, the dukan waalay. Ask them and you will see.
    check out this ali azmat’s speech and check the denial:

  • Aviator

    This article is spot on, its what ive wanted to say for years! I have felt that so many pakistanis have their heads in the sand, blaming usa, israel, RAW etc for the countries problems.

    Yes the USA does have alot to answer for, but corruption, greed, honour killings, robbery, lies, cheating, hypocracy etc, these are all our own making!

    To overcome our national problems begins with taking responsibility for our own actions. Each and every pakistani needs to ask themselves “have i contibuted to making things worse eg. paying a bribe, lying to someone.”, then ask yourself “how can i make myself a better person”. If each and every one of us does this, and stop blaming others, we can turn things around for the better.Recommend

  • Solomon2

    “Jews and Zionist are different. Zionist are oppressors who are trying to drive away Palestinians from there homeland, where Jewish are normal everyday people.”

    @Rizvi: I’m a Zionist and I’m fine with Arabs staying – as long as they’re not out to slaughter and abuse Jews.

    The charge laid upon the Jews and Arabs by the British and the last Caliph at San Remo was that Arabs and Jews should respect the civil and property rights of each other both inside and outside Palestine. This the Jews have largely done, but the Arabs did not: the Jews were driven out of the other former Ottoman territories (and even Transjordan, 70% of the Palestine Mandate) while the Arabs were allowed to stay within Palestine. Building on the success of the Jewish expulsions and eager to gain the entire region for their own blood Arab community leaders used the slogan, “Al Yehuda Kalabna!” (“The Jews are our dogs!”) to incite their flocks to attack Jews for the next two decades; ironically the violence and the lack of justice prompted the move to a separate Zionist state.

    Sadly, at independence many Arabs chose to flee at the call of their leaders (blaming the Jews didn’t happen until Arabs started to create a Palestinian Arab “narrative” in the 1950s) while some communities (not all of these, either) who chose to prove their hostility by repeatedly harboring guerrillas were driven out. All were allowed to return to Israel and their property (or receive compensation) upon signing a loyalty oath and renouncing violence; about 25% did so. The result is that today about 1 in 5 Israeli citizens today is an Arab and I don’t see Israel undertaking any efforts to drive them out, now or in the future.

    The remaining Arabs chose to stay refugees. I suppose they either couldn’t stomach living in a country where they couldn’t rob and beat up Jews at will or they preferred the UNRWA dole to eking out a living in hard-scrabble villages. Upon pain of death as a “collaborator” both the taste for anti-Jewish violence and the arrogance of angry beggars have been passed down to their descendants.

    The Zionists thought that the newly-minted Pakistan would become a sympathetic friend but it was quickly made clear that Pakistan would choose not to recognize and trade with the Jewish State simply to preserve and promote Pakistan’s ties with the far more numerous Arabs who declared themselves Israel’s enemies. (That turned out to be a big mistake in more ways than one; the non-oil economic exports of the all the Arab states combined remained miniscule whereas Israel turned into an economic powerhouse.) Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think only when Pakistan surrendered its educational institutions to the Gulf Arabs in the 1970s and 1980s did Jew-hatred and Jew-conspiracies become popularized.Recommend

  • Reality Check

    @Umar Tariq: Imran’s ex-wife is not a jew and never was. She is a muslim and before converting to Islam she was a christian. Her mother and father both are muslims. And if now you are going to argue that she cant be a muslim because she dates non-muslims and wears unislamic clothes then that would be a stupid argument. Her religion is a matter between her and Allah. Only Allah can decide if she is a muslim anymore or not. Not you.

    The kids are raised as muslims. There even is a tweet by Jemima to this effect posted this week.

    Get your facts right. Thanks!Recommend

  • samia

    @Reality check
    Jemimas parents are not muslims. Thats absolutely absurd.Recommend

  • Cynical


    Be prepared for some incohorent rant from Pakistani Palestinians.Good luck! Recommend

  • Tahir

    Mani, I do not know for how long have you been in the UK but what I know is that staying in the UK and USA even for less than a year bring in a paradigm shift the way we think back in Pakistan. I am saying it because I have experienced it myself!
    As far as reality-check is concerned, you nailed it! But there is more to it obviously.
    You have termed Pakistanis as conspiracy-prone creatures, I would name the strategy as ‘shaping’ the mindsets. Blogs and stuff like these indeed are shaping our mindsets. Such discourse, as your’s, considerably influence how we may think and are desired to think. Positive message embedded in your argument is indeed home but there are a few twists to it as well.
    All and everything what happens in Pakistan is not a Jewish Conspiracy-accepted. But few of the events and incidents leading to these are indeed shaped. Now, this shaping happens in the backdrop of an envisioned end-state. So, powers or entities having stake somewhere do shape environment. While shaping does not necessarily promise envisioned end-state but makes it easier to achieve.
    End-state with respect to Pakistan in the emerging World order needs to be understood if we intend to solve this riddle. And, by the way this end-state is not plagued by conspiracy theories, let me assure you. It is based on facts and figures and can be proved with evidence and not covert evidence but open source!
    Today, every individual and states are subject to psychological warfare. Whether you agree or not, you, me and perhaps many around are tools in hands of those entities furthering their cause either intentionally or unintentionally. Well, those entities may not micro-manage, they can indeed try to achieve the envisaged ends. While serving as a tool of info cum psychological warfare, one may not even know whole his life! Recommend

  • ihk

    @umair tariq:
    I beg to differ…. ISLAM says dad carries lineage. we follow what our belief says. period.Recommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk

    So was I!Recommend

  • telenor web self service

    I AM NOT SURE Its a conspiracy, U should think by yourself, spare the brainwashing from yourselfRecommend

  • Saad Raees

    History always has had two faces, its always written in favor of the side its meant to be written for, I have lived in Pakistan all my life and though we do not study Middle Eastern history here, we our always told that Jews and Muslims lived together peacefully for hundreds of years, and they just started fighting just when Jews started the movement to have a Jewish state and they started to snatch lands from Arabs and drove them out
    However, when I moved to US I started reading the history myself, and I took contexts out of Jewish sources, and it showed a totally opposite side of the history, telling me how Jews were persecuted and were driven out of their lands, and how they were blamed for every problem in the empire, just like they were blamed in Nazi Germany, many people also believe this anti semitic behavior in Arab world was sponsored by Mid Eastern and Eastern European Christians, so out of frustration they demanded their own separate state..
    Whatever the history might be, the reality is that Israel exists today and its a reality which is not going anywhere.. Another reality is that Palestinian is a nation today which resides inside or just outside Israel. Its time for the Muslims to stop living in a fantasy world and accept Israel as a Jewish state, and its time for Israel to start treating the Palestinians better now and realize that innocent children are being killed because of the occupation of Gaza and West Bank, and the rockets fired by Hamas are not killing as many innocent Israelis as the Israeli strikes are killing innocent Palestinian children,
    Its time that both sides stop working towards peace and actually make peace, so that the rest of the world which is screwed up because of this conflict also takes a deep breath of relief,
    Obviously nobody wants to keep fighting forever, but these politicians won’t let the issue go so easily to fulfill their own betterment
    Many of the Muslim countries would have recognized Israel if there was not a huge right wing presence in our societies, and we may have actually been very helpful in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian issue, but instead we remained indifferent to many of the realities, and for the West, they have to be stop being indifferent too and start to consider Palestinians as people too and stop supporting Israel in every immoral thing done!
    In simple words, It takes two to tango
    We want peace Recommend

  • Awais Khan

    Blame everything bad on the Zionists and the West. This has been our policy for years.Recommend

  • sars

    Hmm ……..going by all the comments im guessing jews and hindus have caused more damage to pakistan by existing then all the militants their trained suicide bombers (included boys kidnapped and forced to blow themselves up by men who have repeatedly abused them).

    you ALSO believe that :

    They have been worse than the animals happily and gloatingly killing your army and jawans.

    They have been worse than politicians who have reduced your economy to rubble and mismanaged every crisis and situation to the point no civilised country wants to even associate with us.

    they are worse than the teachers in ghost schools, and the fuedals who treat their population like crap and delibrately flood their houses.

    Any one who believes any of this is certifiably insane (or a career politician who needs a scapegoat )

    So in short we are not to blame and can continue on in the false belief that we are great , superior and progressing.

    So clearly WE are the reason we are at the bottom depths of society and going no where fast.If we dont wake up and smell the coffee and clean up our act, all these arguments will be purposeless , because we would be finished.Recommend

  • Abhi

    @Saad Raees
    Kudos for sharing your rational and sensible thoughts.Recommend