Don’t let mullahs take over Pakistan

Published: December 28, 2011

While the mullahs in Lahore were waging jihad (at least through their hateful speeches) many progressive Pakistani and Indians were praying for peace. PHOTO: REUTERS

I had goosebumps reading the recent news that several criminals gathered in Lahore under the banner of the Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) and aligned themselves with the Pakistan Army. Was it a conspiracy to malign the army, I wondered. Who could be behind this?

You see, I have no sympathy for characters like Hafiz Saeed who have eroded Pakistani society and have pushed it in a state of profound crisis. Our health, livelihood, the quality of our environment, our social relationships, our ideology, economy, and politics have all been affected. It is a crisis of intellectual, moral, and spiritual dimensions; a crisis of a scale and urgency unprecedented in the 65 years Pakistan has existed.

I called a progressive friend (a leading journalist) to share my concern and at least rhetorically, he had gone back several years – suggesting we need a rag-tag army of people like Hafiz Saeed to counter threats from India. My friend had a fit when I suggested that India is not a threat.

Undoubtedly, India has the potential to become a regional hegemony and Pakistan must protect it’s sovereignty, independence and dignity. But these wayward mullahs who have managed to drown the voices of reason and rationality are rapidly destroying our country. With petrodollars supporting tribal and Wahabi influence, Pakistan’s social structures and behaviour patterns have become so rigid that this country can no longer adapt to changing situations.

But I am lucky to have many other friends who are willing to give peace a fighting chance. While the mullahs in Lahore were waging jihad (at least through their hateful speeches) many progressive Pakistani and Indians were praying for peace. A prominent Pakistani activist Beena Sarwar wrote on her Facebook wall:

There were a dozen people over at our place for nihari this afternoon, watching football (!!). We turned off the TV at half-time and sat in silence together to Pray for Peace Between India & Pakistan.

Here is my response to the Facebook posting mentioned above:

Beena Sarwar my friends know that I am not a “praying type” so I didn’t pause between Jets and Eagles game today to pray  Had I taken a moment of silence I would have said the same lines that many of my tribe have been saying for centuries: “Dear God, I have come to the conclusion you probably don’t exist, but I’ve also come to the conclusion that any one view I hold may turn out to be mistaken, however unlikely the odds seem. So if you are there, if I am wrong will you please slap some sense into my people in India and Pakistan. Would you please explain to them that what divides them is so tiny compared to what unites them. Please give my friends on both side of the borders, courage to find the similarities instead of accentuating differences. Please give them the strength to negate the narratives of division crafted by those with hegemonic intentions. Please give them the intellectual integrity so they can recognize the good in each other. Please God – if you really have all the power that everyone assigns to you, will you please let South Asia unite in my life time. I don’t ask for much God- let my people travel and trade freely. Learn and entertain openly. Work and innovate collaboratively. Please God, if you are there….

I am glad to have people like Beena – but unfortunately she is an exception and not a rule. I am concerned about Pakistan’s outlook because there is an eerie uniformity of opinion. Even those who are tolerant, progressive and democratic are willing to condone mullahs. Whereas growing civilisations display endless variety and versatility, those in the process of disintegration show uniformity and lack of inventiveness.

Unless Pakistan’s progressive and democratic forces are willing to take on the retrogressive elements, we will concede our right to opinion, education, and a way of life that is unacceptable to the mullahs.

Fundamentalists will prohibit freedom of expression and use all coercive apparatus to crush opposition. Education will be discouraged, and whatever little is allowed, will be subverted by distortion of curricula. You can argue what is new – it has always been the case. It is the intensity that will change. We are not talking about tribal areas. This monster is already in cosmopolitan cities like Karachi and Lahore.

I want to simply point out that religious conviction and religious doctrine have contradictory effects. Some people are motivated by their religious beliefs to challenge oppressive social systems and oppressive relations in the world. At the same time, organised religion and much of religious doctrine is used to reinforce the oppression of the masses of people, to preach submission before the established authorities and their oppressive rule. In Pakistan, rulers have used religion to oppress masses – and we must not empower these mullahs to oppress us any further. As Lenin said, every reactionary order is in need of two functions, the hangman and the priest, and they go hand in hand and complement each other.

So unless you are ready to lock up your sisters and daughters and throw away reason and rationality, you must fight back. Without an iota of doubt these monsters will destroy Pakistan to the point where you will not be able to recognise this country. It is not enough that Jamaat-e-Islami does not win votes – their ideology has hijacked our entire parliament, perhaps even our entire nation. Unless you clean up your offices, your neighbourhoods, and your educational institutions from tyrannical views, Pakistan will not survive.

Stay on high alert! Don’t let proponents of the past take over your beautiful cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Ibrahim Sajid Malick

Ibrahim Sajid Malick

A Pakistani-American writer, technologist, and social entrepreneur. Malick graduated from New School for Social Research with a masters degree in anthropology. He holds several technology and management certifications.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Captain Obvious
  • Pallavi

    The author says – “Unless you clean up your offices, your neighbourhoods, and your educational institutions from tyrannical views, Pakistan will not survive”

    Before cleaning up anything else, People need to cleanse their own minds. Wipe off the muck, the bigotry and the intolerance.

    I am glad you feel india is not a threat. Because we are not. I fail to understand why even the average pakistani is so obsessed with India. You will almost never see Indians discussing Pakistan.Aren’t their more important things to discuss and think about – like Roti, Kapda and Makaan ? From the blogs on ET , i get the impression that India is an important topic of discussion. If i ever start talking about pakistan here in india people will think i am crazy. Just goes to show the level of paranoia gripping Pakistan.Recommend

  • Seema Ali

    @Pallavi: India is important because our entire foreign policy is based on it. Military has been using India as a bogey man to scare us. Pakistan people have caught up to their game. We are not afraid of India, obsessed maybe but not afraid. We love Bollywood and love kicking some India butt in cricket. And, that’s it.. but I think it should be more. We should exchange students, enterprenuers .. so please talk about Pakistan a lot. Recommend

  • Siddhartha

    I think it is very wrong to say that ” many pakistanis and indians were praying for peace ” Indians want peace yes, but i dont think anyone here “prays ” for peace simply because indian DO NOT discuss pakistan ever. The paranoia taking over pakistan is thankfully absent here. I think dinner conversations in pakistan probably revolve around india but in india i haven’t heard anyone ever discuss pakistan. Maybe after the 26/11 attacks but otherwise pakistan does not figure in our ” to discuss ” list.Recommend

  • http://India vasan

    Seema Ali : I couldnt agree with you more.Recommend

  • T Mohsin

    Even here in Pakistan we never discuss India except for their Bollywood movies and Pakistan-India cricket matches.Recommend

  • Seema Ali

    @T Mohsin: You are right sir! In cricket match I wish and pray that we kick Indian butt … I watch bollywood movies but I am not afraid of India or obsessed with India. I think this writer has a valid deep message that @Pallavi and @Siddhartha don’t get. This is very intellectual article. BTW @Pallavi and @Siddhartha if you are interested in Pakistan why are you wasting time on this blog? Recommend

  • ashok sai

    Majority of Indians were not thinking about Pakistan in the past, but 26/11 Mumbai attacks changed everything, now most of them think about Pakistan only in terms of terrorism and the OBL raid confirmed their beliefs, it may be bitter for Pakistanis but its a truth. Recommend

  • Ex hindu

    Why do Indians care? I don’t care about shiv senu rallies
    Every man woman and child will defen Pakistan many school students took part on other rallies yet u focus on this one. Jud are not terrorst they are a charity/ freedom fighters Recommend

  • Kaalchakra

    As an Indian, I disagree with Pallavi. In India, there is a systematic effort to take over Pakistan or to make it nonfunctional. Indian TV programs are specifically designed to undermine Pakistan’s various principled stands and ideologies. Indian film producers scout for Pakistani actors (preferably female Muslim actresses) who could be lured to India to denigrate Pakistani army and Pakistan’ most respected state organs like the ISI. Important singing icons from Pakistan are brought to India and then when they least expect it, are suddenly arrested so Pakistanis can be humiliated. Pakistan’s cricket would not have been in the trouble with law were it not for Indians who wanted to hurt Pakistan’s pride. Bin Laden was an Indian agent.Recommend

  • Jp

    If there was some saner voices & actions from both sides people of both countries will not feal the enimity which is there created by some misguided elements. In fact my only problem with Pakistan is about the terror outfits there. If pakistan had shown some serious gesture in cooperating with the Mumbai attack proble the results should have been entirely differentRecommend

  • Ex

    You will never see Indians discussing Pakistan ? Haha the sort of stuff that comes on mainstream Indian channels I never shown on Pakistan news channels. . Do you think we are so naive ? You can’t fool us. We all saw Indian media coverage about Pakistan during crocks world cup and the general racism and hate your media has
    India is building more bases on pakistans border, the worlds largest arms importer and an aggressive country
    Beena is a nobody she is a an liberal extremist Indian apologise given too much time in media Because of the influence of the Indian lobby

    It just shows how much in denial Indian are they lie about media . Just a few months ago Bjp referred to congress party as reliable as Pakistan . So Pakistan is always bullied by Indian politicians Recommend

  • Saad Raees

    I really appreciate your article for trying to put some sense in our right wing, also there are MANY left wingers as well who don’t see India as a friendly nation and would want to bash India at any oppurtunity, same is the case in India .. However, to say all religious people are against a friendly relationship with India is not right.. I consider myself a centrist, neither from the right nor left, but my family is quite religous who do not support any of these JeD type groups though they come from deobandi and ahl e hadees sects.. And they regularly pray for peace between the two countries .. This might be because we come from urdu speaking community who migrated from India and my mom is actually an Indian born whose whole family resides in Delhi and Calcutta .. And since I visit India regularly, I know the reality of Indians who are also eager to have peace but also view us as a threat .. Hence we need to be a threat to each other and govts of both countries need to realize that BOTH, the ISI and RAW are promoting violence in the countries which needs to be stopped!! I just hope it gets well.. But its good to see that there are more peace lovers than there are haters :)Recommend

  • Saad Raees

    Btw I think Pallavi is right, ET does seem to be obsessed with India a lot however its not wrong to discuss India or any other country Recommend

  • Ali Tanoli

    @Malick sahab
    Who we fought wars and if we living far far away from home safe and secure doesnot means
    all is good.Recommend

  • maestro

    Here in Pak dinner discussions dont revolve around India either. In fact most sane minds agree that India is not a threat – we know they have better things to worry about like increasing economic growth and so on. Its these illiterate morons like Hafiz Saeed and their lot who obsess over India. We watch bollywood flicks, women watch indian soaps and I know indians love our music and rock artists like Atif Aslam, Junoon, Qayaas, Noori, Rahat, and countless others. India is not a threat to us – what would they want from fighting with us which will be a no win situation now that we are both nuclear powers now. Its the old generation’s mindset that oooo India is out to get us. Our generation doesnt think the same. We want to visit each other, play cricket, trade and all that. Don’t let the hatred of a few represent a nation of 180 million. Peace. Recommend

  • Radians

    ‘Dear God, I have come to the conclusion you probably don’t exist’

    since when have atheists been given a say in Muslim politics??jeez, am I dreaming or what?Recommend

  • LiberalFascistBrigade

    I’m surprised that Kaalchakra thinks anyone fell for his “I’m an Indian” shtick. Recommend

  • Ashutosh Pandey

    @Kaalchakra: I am sure you have gone mad.Recommend

  • yasir

    really amazing to describe . Recommend

  • Acorn Guts

    Pakistan will survive if we can stop Mullah taking over ourselves. Recommend

  • Mard-e-Haq

    Kudos to Ibrahim Sajid Malick for an excellent piece. Recommend

  • Prometheus

    You sir have torn the words from my mouth. Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam (retd)

    I can understand the reservations of poor Mr.Ibrahim Sajid Mallik & Beena Sarwar.From Mr. Ibrahim’s Blog I can gather that he is an Indian. I am not sure of Beena Sarwar. The picture they have painted takes you back to the Hindu-Muslims riots of 46/47. I was then an Infant & stuck in Calcutta because of the Riots. The Muslims were being massacred across undivided India and the Rape, butchery, kidnapping the looting & destruction was unabated. Thousands lost their near& dear ones, suffered the humiliation of their young daughters being raped and kidnapped. It was in a dismal state that they crossed into Pakistan in tattered clothes shed off their last visage of respect.
    I would like to disappoint these two & those across the border that you don’t come across such a scene of a horde of Mullah’s wielding sabers in their hands and attacking men & women, pillaging and finally leaving a trail of destruction. By the grace of Allah such scenes are not a reality in Pakistan unlike the one at Babri Mosque of a frenzied, demented horde wielding daggers to bricks and destroying anything in its path including innocent Muslim men, women & children. I shudder to think what Mr.Ibrahim & Beena Sarwar would have felt had they been there and luckily escaped the slaughter. What would they have written. Would their perspective been the same today?The situation is entirely different.Both of you can Chill out. Events take place due to circumstances, polarization, Ethnicity, Power Struggle & a host of other factors. What you see and call Extremism is reminiscent of the Third Law of Newton. To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. You cannot step on others toes.It is a difficult/tough phase of our History we are passing through. I am confident that by the Grace of Allah, with the coming of an Islamic , Mature & Nationalistic Govt the right decisions will be taken & it will pull us through this nightmare. Recommend

  • Anonymous

    @Prometheus: The same way the liver keeps getting torn out of your body?Recommend

  • Mustafa Khan

    @Mard-e-Haq: I agree it is an excellent piece. I really enjoy his writing style. These lines are so profound: “Whereas growing civilisations display endless variety and versatility, those in the process of disintegration show uniformity and lack of inventiveness.”
    Everyone is so busy trying to outdo other in being religious – every word is InshaAllah, Allah Hafiz, FeeAmanAllah… it just dpesn’t stop. I am so tired of it. Just because I don’t go for Jumma prayers everyone looks at me as if I am crazy.Recommend

  • Tahir

    If I was/ could be convinced that you are utterly sincere and original in your views! Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    No cant dis agree more. Why cant we have Islamic scholars run governmental affairs. Its All MullahaPhobia at worst. Now Cant live with that take a ticket to America like the author. Recommend

  • Ali Tanoli

    @Malick sahab, yahud topi,
    Who is responissible for all these failure of pakistan if i am not wrong last sixty years of rules
    of pakistan by secular civilions and armed forces am i right or not????
    then why blame JUD and Jamiate islami i dont understand even founders of pakistan were all
    secular and librals westren educated cleans shave peoples then what they have gave three educational system and what kind of wellfare state they have made for us o guess we were
    better off with india with huge country and lot of oppurnities.Recommend

  • Mustafa Khan

    @Ali Tanoli: Secular rule- Are you kidding me? There is little that the Islamic movements and parties do and say that the military-controlled state itself has not supported. From dawa to jihad and from pilgrimages to interpretations of the Sharia, the state performs all the functions that are part of the religious movements’ mandate. Mullahs and the military-dominated official machinery use the same language and follow similar methodologies in the cause of Islam. Every government is constitutionally obliged to do so. Instead of confrontation, the military has, therefore, often favoured and promoted Islamic movements and causes.Recommend

  • Mustafa Khan

    @Lt Col Imtiaz Alam (retd): Of course you are old enough to know that Pakistan has been under military and mullah forever. And you guys have told us of what India might do. But let’s stick of Islamic state for a minute. What an Islamic system might mean in practical terms has been subject to sectarian interpretations and unending intellectual debates over the last 64 years. Official adherence to vague notions of a religious system has led to unresolved “political, cultural and ideological confusion”. Even the ulema differ over so basic a question as the definition of a Muslim.

    This ambiguity serves the purposes of a Westernised civilian-military bureaucracy. Strategic alliances with the U.S., for instance, have resulted in political and economic rewards that advance both the military’s institutional interests and its perceived national security needs. A pro-Western foreign policy is justified domestically as accommodating “pro- Westernism in the ideological framework of Pan- Islamism”. Moreover, the personal proclivities of military leaders have determined the form and substance of Islamisation, as much as changes in the regional and international environments.Recommend

  • Kaalchakra

    Lt Col Imtiaz Alam (retd)

    Sir, you should not be retired. Pakistan needs deep thinkers and honest speakers like you to guide it to its glorious destiny. Hope Imran Khan will invite you and give you an important assignment. Beena Sarwar is is a Pakistani but as you know not every Pakistani is actually a Pakistani. I am sure nothing can stop Pakistan from going where Allah wishes it to go.Recommend

  • Nisar

    WOW! This is a courageous article. I am really happy that Express Tribune published this article. We need more media outlets that can publish writers like Ibrahim Sajid Malick. I wish Express can publish thin in Urdu newspaper as well. Recommend

  • Eminent

    @Lt Col Imtiaz Alam (retd):
    Dear sir yes u r right pk has been made by all those efforts n ofcourse there is no point of saying that India is not a threat BUT the other point he raised is vry true these banned outfits attack pk forces they attacked GHQ then y there is a support for them when india pk conflicts comes y they r considered as propakis they r slaughters of paki ppls . . .Recommend


    Does Express Tribune reflects Pakistani view points (in general) ot American?
    Why the news regarding Mullah Omar was taken out from the wave?
    What makes your controbutor to ring alarm bell crying ARMAGEDDON, (Mullahs siding with the army to tarnish its image?)
    Pakistani people are fully aware of what is good for them and what is not. They cannot be easily brainwashed or manipulated..
    Express Tribunes covering of Imran Khan’s news look bit ominus to us. Recommend

  • Rasool Mohd

    Very brave article. I have so much respect for this writer. Sir please keep writing and keep praying Insha Allah one day we will see united south Asia Recommend

  • Abbas A

    @Seema Ali: I have studied in New Delhi and spent some time in Islamabad. Different culture and different outllook. By the time Pakistan recovers from the current radicalism, India would have crossed into other millenium-funny despite the fact that India has 50 billion problems to worry about compared to Pakistans 20 thousand problems. But those 20 thousand problems of Pakistan includes dangerous terrorism, radicalism, hatred for other religions, blaming other for self failures. India does not have this kind of dangerous problems. NOW-add to this-the fact that Pakistan was one of the tiger economy in 1970’s-so what happened-the single answer -is excess religion and radical islam. Now go ask how many Pakistanis will agree with you-then you will know why many consider Pakistan has no future…..Recommend

  • adnan butt

    @Siddhartha: it seems you are disillusioned or drugged to think that Indians do not think of Pakistan. this arrogance and state of denial is not new as it is existent in the history. hence, India has extremely poor relations with almost all their neighbors let alone PAKISTAN. Pakistan is center of gravity in Indian policy making as India is in Pakistan’s. Get your facts right or allow me to give you an unbiased crash course on fact finding unlike INDIAN media. Recommend

  • Ayesha

    Seculars again engage in their favorite sport is bashing Islamists. Is it progressive to impose western atheistic thought systems on Pakistanis ? Is it progressive to teach Darwin theories which contradict Islam ? Is is Islamic to place make all Hindus, Christians and Islam on the same level in the law system ? I don’t want to compare Pakistan with the non-Muslim countries. You secular care just care about money measurements. I compare Pakistan with the almighty and ask are we on his right path. If India or China or USA have higher GNP does that make them better. A prostitute has higher GNP does that make her superior to me. If India becomes a 100 times richer I don’t care. We are muslims and the Indians living by their values which are not the right ones.Recommend

  • samia

    @ALi Tanoli
    Pakistan was pretty ok before 1970. It was Zia the Mard-e-Momin and Khalifa-e-Haq whose Kachra everyone is cleaning right now.Recommend

  • agnostic

    Lt Col Imtiaz Alam (retd)@ “From Mr. Ibrahim’s Blog I can gather that he is an Indian.”

    The profile of Ibrahim given by ET says //A Pakistani-American writer, technologist, and social entrepreneur.//

    Right from start everything you have said in your comment is a bunch of lies and reflects only your hate filled ideology and not truth. The Calcutta riots planned & engineered by Suhrawardi the then CM of Bengal in the name of Direct Action is well documented historical event by neutral observers. Who initiated it who was killing whom and the role of partisan police under the CM was all well known.
    Did you take part in the 1971 Bangladesh civil war? I am just curious to know.Recommend

  • RAW is WAR

    @ Ibrahim Sajid Malick

    Dear sir, with rational people like you, indo-pak friendship can still be saved.Recommend

  • Pallavi

    YOU can please go wallow up in ur paranoia .. Recommend

  • fatimah Tahir

    Great article, I love this line: “So unless you are ready to lock up your sisters and daughters and throw away reason and rationality, you must fight back.” As a sister and daughter, I plead my brothers to please fight back Islamization of Pakistan. Those who want to live in a country where women have no right can go to Saudi Arabia or Iran. I live in Fatimah Jinnah, Begum Liaqat Ali Khan, Benazir Bhutto’s Pakistan. Recommend

  • M.Aswad Mehatb

    After Reading The Article and all above comments , I am Thinking What we all grown into???
    No One talks about the Basic Principles, Ground Realities and a common minds perception any more…Both in india and here in Pak. They way we taught our children and the mindset in they grow up is pretty much enough to be like we are today. we hate ..we are selfish …WE have forgotten Why we are here… Recommend

  • Saad Raees

    @Lt Col Imtiaz Alam (retd): sir even if we agree to all what you said for the sake of argeument, how could you really think that Pakistan should consider India a threat or an enemy or whatever for whatever happend 66 years ago? How you could you suggest that we should not move on? How could you think whatever you think? Yes I agree that hundreds of thousands, if not millions of muslims were massacred in the 1940s but you could you ignore the fact that the same number og Hindus and Sikhs were killed in these riots? We really need to counter the ideology of isolationism!! Please don’t advocate such things! Recommend

  • Ahsan

    for once lets just give the country to the mullah’s it will expose how incompetent they really are… they’ll fight among themselves for at max 5 years nothing serious will be done and even if they do start poking sticks to do some real damage the military will get rid of them …. but at the end of the day the nation will be rid of this myth that islam can solve all our problems and we’ll finally start working on the real issues. Recommend

  • Awais Khan

    Unfortunately our society is blindly moving towards a more radical ideology and no one realizes the consequences.Recommend

  • Radians

    How academically and intellectually dishonest, this author has no right to push his views about religion down other people’s throat when the majority of viewers of this article are Muslims…while reading this article carefully again, i was wondering whether this article concerned the nature of mullah’s or the truthfulness or lack thereof, of God and organized religion!! how clever he is and what a combination of words has he used to carefully construct the false imagery that organized religion is ‘oppressive and irrational’…dear sir, would you please point out one relation between ‘reason’ and ‘ethics’? have you not come across Nietzsche yet? which 17th century world do you live in? would you please demonstrate that what’s ‘irrational’ about locking one’s sisters or daughters inside their homes(regardless of whether this is even Islam or not)? your very tone suggests that you’re a secular extremist and you DO have an agenda with you, and it’s not peace as well…it’s also hatred against people who hold religious convictions true to their heart! look at your article and see what kind of hate speech have you made against those people, regardless of their ethical standpoint. You seem to be more angry at them than they are at you..We couldn’t coup with our old problems, here we have a new one: Atheists shoving their ‘non’religious beliefs down the religious people by warping them in innocent and peaceful looking packets. what a trash!Recommend


    stupid writing Recommend

  • saleem ullah

    Hard work is needed to be initiated for the people living in Indo Pak’. So that after suffering much by the illiterate fundamentalists ; now people should come out from the custody of killers and murderers. Recommend

  • Saad Raees

    @Mustafa Khan: are you trying to suggest that people who are religous and prefer to live peacefully are foolish and insane? Whats wrong with saying Inshallah or Alhamdulillah or anything like that if the people want to seek God’s will? Its not religous hype or extremism, its really something normal. Extremism is bad when it comes from both right and left wings, and you seem to be one of them.Recommend

  • Abhi

    So you find nothing irrational about locking you sisters and daughters inside home?Recommend

  • Parvez

    You have forcefully put your point across and it’s a good one.
    Problem is that you are a bit late as this process is well on its way. The basic foundation and objective of the mullah brigade is flawed and the sooner it develops, the sooner it will implode. Hopefully something good may follow.Recommend

  • Bilal

    Sick piece of writing. I fail the point of having a seperate homeland if Islam was not the main reason. Get over with this Mr. Ibrahim. Leave us as we are and enjoy where you are.Recommend

  • http://NewYork Falcon

    And you wonder why our mullahs are like this? I have no pity for religious extremism, but let me also say that part of the reason these ‘mullahs’ are like this is because most of them come from under-privileged backgrounds that are typically victims of condescending behavior of this country’s highly sophisticated socio-political elite who doesn’t care whether these ‘mullahs’ have food on their table or not but do care when the same people resort to counter-productive expressions of rage…Recommend

  • Naveed

    @Lt Col Imtiaz Alam (retd): you have so vivid memories of “baton wielding, hordes of hindu extremists” pillaging the Babri mosque,,,but you outrightly forgot the ” Baton wielding hordes of Lal masjid brigade”…pillaging the markets of aabpara in the name of Islam. How convenient.

  • DM

    Nice article Mr Author. Keep it up. Recommend

  • Rasool Mohd

    It is sad to see so much hate for a writer who is praying for love and peace. Recommend

  • Nader

    @Awais Khan: I agree with u. Islamization of Pakistan is going to take us towards dead-end. This writer is very brave and wise.Recommend

  • YoursTrully

    Sorry Mr. Malick, it is impossible to get a conversation going in Pakistan, everybody is talking too much. Recommend

  • Ayesha

    @fatimah Tahir Saudi Arabia is great country my father lived there and he said Pakistan is nothing compared to it. Why don’t you leave Pakistan rather ask us to leave. Recommend

  • Dee Cee

    I am an Indians, and I have no doubt that Pakistan will emerge victorious, because for each “Lt Col Imtiaz Alam (retd)” there are four “Naveeds”. Competition should be in excelling in positives, and in outdoing each other in death and desctruction. I hope my Indian and Pakistani brothers and sisters understand that. Best wishes! :)Recommend

  • YoursTrully

    @Parvez: It’s never too late to start all over again. I think author is courageous and on to something. Peace!Recommend

  • Handsome

    Dont use the word “Mullah” for anyone who has beard and having a cap on their head!!

    respect Mullah’s because someone hijacked them to make fool people like you!Recommend

  • Abdul Wahab saleem

    mr. u r not right here to call them wahabi….many people in pak dont agree with hafiz saeed view…even i m not…but i am wahabi….so u should know the differnce b/w these groups and wahabbis!!!!Recommend

  • Mullah Qamar

    May Allah listen to your prayers. May Allah bless us with peace. May Allah, the All Mighty help India and Pakistan live peacefully.

    And, May Allah give Ibrahim Sajid Malick wisdom to keep praying. May Allah bless him and his family.Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam (retd)

    Had it not been for Mr.Suhrawardi the genocide of Muslims would have carried on. He just stemmed the tide.How can the Police be partisan when they were all Hindus. What about the rest of India, what about the massacre by the Sikhs.Look at the present situation.There are 7 lacs of Army Troops in Indian Held Kashmir & the Tales of Genocide, Rape etc is a daily affair.The victims are all Muslims.India is not ready to abide by the Security Council Resolution.India is carrying out flagrant violation of the Indus Water Treaty.More Dams are being constructed which eventually will make the other Rivers dry apart from the three Jhelum. Chenab & Sutleg.When the waters are released from these Dams without prior information it creates Havoc downstream by the sudden flooding. Pakistani’s are languishing in Indian Jails since 1985 without being brought before any Court of Law. This news was released by no less than an Indian Judge.The case of Dr.Chisti is an example of Indian Justice.The demolition of Babri Mosque and the massacre of Muslims is not a very old tale. What about the Samjotha Express. The ruthless killing of Muslims inside the train was as “The National Investigation Agency has stated that the blasts were masterminded by Swami Aseemanand, a Hindu religious leader. Swami Aseemanand born as Jatin Chatterjee in West Bengal, joined the Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, inspired by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in 1978”.In recent days India is carrying out Terrorists Attacks in Balochistan and inside Pakistan from Afghanistan. How can we be friends when every time our backs are turned and India leaves no stone un-turned to stab us.Now she has joined with the US to achieve their joint Aim of destroying our Nukes. Those who are carrying out Back Channel Diplomacy are Secular in Nature who prefer to see Pakistan free from Restrictions laid down by Islam. They don’t mind adopting your culture.I can keep on going on and on. Mutual trust and Relationships are built on Mutual Respect and a genuine approach to resolve the Core Issue of Kashmir.
    For your information I fought the 1971 War from West Pakistan. I was nowhere near BD during the troubled time, once again engineered by India. I was born in Calcutta & brought up in East Pakistan(Now BD) & belong to a Scion of a family which had its root in the Politics of Bengal. So back off. Don’t read a few pages of History but Literature which gives the true Insight about things. Recommend

  • Indian

    I think you have some misconception about secular & atheistic.
    Secular doesn’t mean Atheist. They are not synonyms.
    Secular means respectful & tolerant to other religions.
    The opposite of Secular is Theocracy.
    Theocracy means a government ruled by or subject to a religious authority.

    Examples of Secular Countries where Religion or God have no place in Constitution or are not institutionalized. : US,UK,France,Germany,India,Japan,Turkey etc.
    Examples of Theocratic countries where Religion or God have place in Constitution or are institutionalized. :Pakistan,Iran,Saudi Arabia etc.
    The opposite of Atheist is Religious.
    Religion & their holy books are Human Constructs.
    Science is discovery of facts by Human.

    How can you get confuse between Darwin’s theory & Islam? One is fact & other is guidelines for a life without proof.
    You have a typical Religious irrational mentality.Recommend

  • Tahir

    @Seema Ali:
    Well! what a state of mind you seem to remain immersed in and enjoy! Indian threat a bogey! Wonderful…..
    On an another note, I can accept that this is an era where the world focus seems to be shifting from the concept of hard power to soft power concept but “Indian bogey” will remain a bogey even in the changed/ changing international paradigm.
    A country which has yet to grapple with the reality of Pakistan, what should we term it? Should we not feel insecure? Our aim should be to institute measures and follow policies that can guarantee our security first but for that to happen real political govt which is true representative of the people of Pakistan is a must. Unfortunately we never had it! Now, you cannot throw the whole blame on armed forces alone. Vested interests of successive politicians have a lot to do with that too.
    Having said that and given the existence of some real issues between the two countries, India shall remain a threat to Pakistan. And lemme tell you it is a clear and present danger! However, it would require possession of both hard and soft power to counter.Recommend

  • Indian

    A very well written piece.Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam (retd)

    @Mustafa Khan: Dear Mr. Khan I am impressed with your jargon of words.I speak what I believe deep down in my heart.I had the same misgivings as you have till I came to know the real reason/meaning of coming to this world.As Muslim’s we must believe that the reason for coming to this world is to prepare ourselves for the next un ending world. It is our testing ground for which Allah has given us the Questions & the Answers also. So as Muslims we have to follow the Quran and Sunnah which is the Islamic way of life. There is no confusion. If you as a Muslim do not know what is written in the Book of Allah & the Sunnah of the Prophet(SAW) then you will always cow down before the Moulvi/Imam of your mosque. The answer is “Education”. These cults are created out of Illiterate mobs. The takeover by the Army successively is because of your Incompetent Politicians who are mostly Illiterate. I say this because half the Assembly had fake B.A. Degrees. They create a vacuum for the Army to move in.It makes me laugh to say this that the present day Dilemma is if not worse is right before your eyes. A dysfunctional & Corrupt Government. Rudderless. All Muslims are Fundamentalists. All have to know the basic Rudiments of one’s Religion. Don’t be alarmed, Nature will take its own course.Allah be our guide.Recommend

  • Solomon2

    ” I am lucky to have many other friends who are willing to give peace a fighting chance. While the mullahs in Lahore were waging jihad (at least through their hateful speeches) many progressive Pakistani and Indians were praying for peace. ”

    How can you prevent the mullahs from taking over without being willing to employ ideological (and even physical) forces against them?Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam (retd)

    @Saad Raees: I would like to ask you, What sort of a relationship would you like to have with India?. What was the need of having a Nuclear Deterrence? It was against all odds.Do you think that there is any threat perception from India?Don’t go back to 47. What is happening in Kashmir? Seven lac troops carrying out genocide of Muslims till to-date. Babri Mosque Massacre. Samjotha Express Massacre.Pakistani’s languishing in Indian Jails since 1985 without being brought before a Court of Law. Breach of Indus Water Treaty. Dr.Chisti’s case is a case of Indian Justice. Intrusion by Indian RAW in Balochistan & Pakistan. Terrorists activities. US & India after our Nukes. We are not isolated by the Grace of Allah. This is what your detractors want you to think. We have everything by the Grace of Allah. We need to harness it and get together as a Nation. The need of the Hour is a Dynamic Leadership. Believe in the concept of “Khudi”. Others must fall in line and respect us as a Great Nation which Mohammad Ali Jinnah envisaged. Don’t be afraid. Believe in Allah. Recommend

  • Mahindar Kumar

    Mullahs have already taken over Pakistan! its not a group of people its a mind set that is prevailing all over the country…Recommend

  • Kaalchakra

    It is not reported but India is full of violence and insurgencies. Do Pakistanis know that half of India is under naxalites who are low caste people fighitng against Brahmin led Indians? Do Pakistanis know that massacres of Muslims occur daily and not reported by high-caste news media? Do they know that all data reported by brahmin media is fudged? If it were not for Pakistan, India would not exist! It will break up in 50 countries. High caste brahmins keep everyone fooled in India and plan the destruction of Pakistan. Muh mein raam bagal mei chhorri – as we say India. Pakistanis may not have heard that saying but it totally true about India. Pakistanis should be extremely careful and take every precuation against the threat of war always begun to India.Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam (retd)

    @Eminent: You must understand that the Terrorism is coming from Afghanistan. Mercenaries hired by RAW,MOSSAD & CIA. They are being provided safe Haven’s there. Case of Fazlullah. Mengal Bagh & the Anti Pakistani elements from Balochistan put up by Baloch Leaders to achieve their ends. We have a flawed Foreign Policy.When Musharraf agreed to be with them(US) he actually agreed to fight Mullah Omer’s Taliban who are waging a War of Independence against an Invading Army.The US & NATO have no Moral or Legal grounds to be in Afghanistan. Just like Iraq. There were no WMD’s there. The bone of contention between US and Pakistan is that Mullah Omer’s Taliban when they slip into Pakistan the US wants us to take them on. Tell me whose side you want to be. The US or the Afghan People. Our Govt does not have the moral guts to tell US that it will not fight its War. Deny it Logistics through Pakistan, Bases in Pakistan for Drone Attacks, Intelligence Personnel like Raymond Davis to snoop into our Nuclear Arsenal. One of America’s prime aim to be in Afghanistan is also to dismantle Pakistan’s Nuclear Assets. It has other Objectives like CIS Countries Oil wealth & China.It wants to keep its presence here.It’s time we pulled our socks and face the World as a Nation. Remember you only live once. So don’t be afraid of the US rhetoric of sending you to the stone age. Those with a weak Heart agreed to follow the US diktat.Recommend

  • Rafay Zafar

    Well written article! I can feel the pain the writer feels when we witness acts of religious bigotry in Pakistan. India has always been a rallying cry for the fanatical sections of our society for it’s strong appeal to the populace of a small politically isolated, intellectually maimed society which hasn’t yet decided on the role that religion is to play in our lives. Among the brands available locally we seem to incline towards the most adventurous, least tolerant, savage and barbaric brand of Islam for our episodic social romantic overtures. I also feel that India does very little to bridge the gap thus being created and does nothing to reach out to the saner elements in Pakistani society. The social antagonism is mutual and equally strong on both sides of the borders due to obvious reasons. The peace activism will not find popular support in Pakistan unless it becomes much more visible in India. And as regards saving Pakistan from the Mullahs, unfortunately we have no political force organized and ideologically geared to achieve this goal. Maybe after a period of unadulterated Talibanization, we may be able to purge the bigotry from amongst us or God may use our example to teach other wayward people a lesson as has happened to many a folk before us!

    List item

  • R.M.A.S

    I m not agree with ur views. ThanksRecommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam (retd)

    Let the Secularist go to India. They will have a ball of a time.Pakistan is for Islamist.Recommend

  • Rafay Zafar

    @Lt Col Imtiaz Alam (retd): yes Mr Alam but only for a while. It is my firm belief that there will come a day when people with thoughts like your own will become extinct as have the ideals of the founding fathers of the Country you migrated to! Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam (retd)

    @Rafay Zafar:

    I hate to disappoint you but you are living in a fools paradise.Pakistan was created in the name of Islam & it has come to stay on the Map InshAllah. May Allah guide in the right path. Recommend

  • Parvez

    @YoursTrully: I hope you are right.Recommend

  • Abhi

    I like what kaalchakra said.
    jehad is answer to all the problems.Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd)


    There is no comparison whatsoever. If you don’t see the light of the day then Allah help you. Have you met Mr. Bal Thakrey & his kind. The Talibs of Lal Masjid were only warning you of your indiscretions. Don’t tempt Providence. When the Quake came Allah was kind enough to spare you. Don’t invite his wrath. Lal Masjid was altogether a different ball Game. . Recommend

  • Mullah Qamar

    @Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd): Please stop exploiting Islam. By the grace of All Mighty I am Hafiz e Quran. I have read Quran and the history of Islam very closely. Except for a minority, Islam has co-existed peacefully with all others. Remember: “Of those who answered the call of Allah and the messenger, even after being wounded, those who do right and refrain from wrong have a great reward.”
    Insha Allah you stop hating India and the writer will continue to pray to All Mighty. Ameen!Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam (retd)

    Islam is a Religion of Peace. We in Pakistan have gone out of the way to look after our Minorities. What you ought do is pray & pray very hard that Allah in his mercy & Grace show the right path to the one Billion odd Hindus. You won’t have to see the battle front. Don’t close your eyes like a pigeon or put your head into the sand like an Ostrich when you see danger. You are far away from reality. Recommend

  • saad

    @Ibrahim Sajid Malick – This was a great article with a great message. Very well written also.
    @Indian – Thank you for clarifying for less informed people on this blog what the difference between atheist, secularist, religious etc. is.

    “Whereas growing civilisations display endless variety and versatility, those in the process of disintegration show uniformity and lack of inventiveness.” -Ibrahim Sajid Malick
    Well said.Recommend

  • G. Din

    @Lt Col Imtiaz Alam (retd):
    *”Others must fall in line and respect us as a Great Nation which Mohammad Ali Jinnah envisaged.”*
    “Karo dosto pehle aap apni izzat jo chaho karein log izzat ziyada”. When you deserve “izzat”, you will get it. Not until then! Even then no one will fall in line before a thoroughly brainwashed Pakistani who betrayed his own people, Bangla Deshis.

    “Did you take part in the 1971 Bangladesh civil war? I am just curious to know.”
    Me, too! So, how about it, Lt. Col (retd)? But I think you were lucky not to have been in Bangla Desh or else you would have been history soon after! You have written so much crap about India, that we should not waste our time trying to set you right. You are a lost cause, sir. May you continue to simmer in your own bile and no one bother to take you out of it!Recommend

  • Ayesha


    Yes Pakistan should and is a theocracy and I want Pakistan to better, purer theocracy. So I should be ashamed to wanting this. Allah is sending a message to those who believe in secularism. This is why Muslims in India will weep and then they will realize that they deserve all that happens to them. Darwin is not fact it is wrong it attacks the message of Allah. The Theory of Relativity is wrong because time is relative and so there cannot be an end of times. Recommend

  • Vikram

    I am not surprised Jamaatud Dawa made it clear they support Pakistani army. Pakistani ISI outsources its terrorist attack projects to organizations like Jamaatud Dawa. For Mullahs as well as Pakistan governments terrorism is a big money making enterprise.Recommend

  • Ali Tanoli

    Lt Col Imtiaz Alam (Rtd),
    Could not agreed more sir but i have a question why our millitry genrals from Ayub Khan to
    pervez Mushraf did not try to gave us true wellfare state based on islamic teachings?????Recommend

  • Indian

    Accepted your point that you want Pakistan, purer theocracy. Wish you get it as soon as possible.
    Darwin’s theory can be proved or even theory of relativity or even experiment (Higgs boson) going at CERN. Whatever you are claiming can’t be proved.
    Open your mind. Get out of Time Warp. See the World. Technology, Science.
    Every god or every holy text or every religion (be it Bible, Quran, Vedas etc.) will have to reform itself with modern science if it wants to remain relevant.
    That’s what churches did after great science revolution in east.
    Don’t put blind faith in anybody. Question everything politely. It’s not arrogance.
    I repeat, Religion & Holy texts are Human Construct.Recommend

  • http://yahoo Farhan javed

    Imtiaz Alam Sahb, we are proud of you.
    I am so glad to see a pure Man
    No doubt Islam is the future of this sacred Islamic Country,InshAllah!Recommend

  • Prabhjyot Singh Madan

    I would request everyone to calm down and respect the views of all the people here. It is their right to express them. Happy new year everyone. I hope I don’t create a controversy because we follow a gregorian Christian calender haha. Live and let live. Ayesha, secularism is not against religion but the separation of faith from government and constitution. Sat Sri akal, salaam and peace everyone. I live in Calcutta and love to be Indian. Recommend

  • Saad Raees

    @Lt Col Imtiaz Alam (retd): Col sahab you’re blaming India for both kashmir and balochistan? India is doing in Kashmir what we’re doing in Balochistan, and India is doing in Balochistan what India is doing in Kashmir as simple as that, its the west that’s after our nukes. What relation would YOU want to have with your neighbour? I’m sure not a hostile oneRecommend

  • Saad Raees

    @Prabhjyot Singh Madan:
    Finally a sane person who doesn’t wanna argue :) colonel sahab might don’t like you wishing him new year according to Christain gregorian calendar, kiun colonel sahab? :p btw my moms family is from Delhi and Calcutta :) Recommend

  • Ayesha

    @Prabhjyot Singh Madan You do not see the beauty of Islam. Islam is everything and everywhere. How you eat must be Islam. How you drink must be Islam. School must be Islam. Law must be Islam. Art must be Islam. Movies must be Islam. Medicine must be Islam. Science must be Islam. Scientist must think Islam. Army must be Islam. Banks must be Islam. People must think Islam. People must be Islam. There can be 100 versions of Islam only version of Islam. We cannot stop until there only the true Islam. Punishment awaits those who disobey the right path. “Truly Hell is lying in wait- a destination for the transgressors.” an-NabaRecommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam (retd)

    @Ali Tanoli: Power is something nobody wants to dispense with. It an intoxicant. Every time the Army came to Power the Judiciary codified it, Politicians joined in to enjoy the loot. You see this time the Army has stayed away because the Politicians are very clear that they will not support a Coup. The Judiciary is also very loud & clear.
    Running a Govt is not the job of the Army. They came in all the time through Default.And who doesn’t love the pomp & show. Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam (retd)

    @G. Din: I am not hateful my dear friend. I was laying down some facts for a meaningful dialogue.Happy New Year to all my friends. May you all have Allah’s guidance to follow the right path.You can only solve a problem if you sit across the table & listen to the other’s point of view.You have jumped the gun. Recommend