The curious case of Aisha Khan

Published: December 24, 2011

It turns out that Aisha Khan was safe and sound; she had not been abducted, nor was she held against her will.

The whole world had been captivated with the saga of Aisha Khan, a 19-year-old Kansas student of Pakistani origin who had mysteriously vanished after leaving an alarming voice mail about being harassed by a drunk man. When Khan’s sister arrived to pick her up, all she found were her abandoned bag and cell phone near her favourite study spot.

Her family had left no stone unturned in getting word out about her disappearance, utilising social media such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as national media outlets.

Her father gave a heart wrenching, emotional plea on national television for the safe return of his daughter, while her husband appeared on Good Morning America saying he feared his wife had been kidnapped.

Hundreds of volunteers had donated their time and effort to look for her. The police had spent considerable man hours on the case as well. The family even offered a $10 000 reward for any information that could lead to her being found. Thousands of people around the world were praying for her.

After all of that, it turns out that Aisha Khan was safe and sound; she had not been abducted, nor was she held against her will.

While her family was understandably relieved, people that had invested their time, efforts and emotions in her search are demanding answers, which the police is refusing to divulge.

“The most important fact for us all to remember is that she is safe,” Police Chief John Douglass said. “Everything else is now a personal family matter and we respect their privacy.”

While everyone is relieved that she was found alive and unharmed, people want to know why she did not let the police and public know that she was safe, and that she had gone away on her own accord when it became obvious that so many resources were being utilised to locate her.

Some Muslims believe this will damage the already tarnished view mainstream Americans have of them, and the next time something like this happens, people will be less likely to go out of their way and help.

Reading the various comments on the articles about her disappearance online, as well as on the Find Aisha Facebook page, you can already see some prevalent themes ranging from forced marriages and honour killings to condemning the whole thing as a publicity stunt by an attention-starved teenager.

Questions are being raised about the timing of the voicemails and the fact that she left her bag and cell phone behind.

I do agree with the fact that if it turns out to be a publicity stunt, less people might go out of their way to help someone that might really need it, but I personally believe that we should refrain from condemning her just yet because we do not have all of the information at the moment.

To all the Muslims out there worried about the impact this might have on our image, let it go. Islam is a religion to over a billion people. We cannot control the actions of each and every Muslim.

Be it Veena Malik or be it Aisha Khan, sometimes we are going to receive news that we might not be comfortable with. We have to look at this as news about people who just happen to be Muslim, because whatever happened, no one has chosen them to be representatives of the whole Muslim race, neither do they claim to be.

When people of other faiths commit a horrendous crime or do something embarrassing they are blamed on an individual basis and their religion is never called into question.

When Salman Butt, Muhammad Asif and Muhammad Amir were arrested for spot-fixing, Pakistanis were aghast that they had brought shame upon Muslims. However, Christians never fretted when Hanse Cronje was arrested.

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have both done stunts a lot “bolder” than a topless shoot. Both even proudly display a cross around their neck, yet they are never condemned for bringing Christianity into disrepute.

One of the most sickening stories of the past few years was that of Joseph Fritzl. What religion was he from? It was never even brought up as anything relevant. Would that have even been the case if (God forbid) he had been Muslim?

Muslims have to stop believing that individuals can shame a whole religion, only then can we expect people of other faiths not to judge us by the questionable actions of some.

Losing a child is a horrific ordeal for anyone, and let us pray, that none of us ever has to go through it.



Mani Khawaja

Mani Khawaja

A journalist and musician with an MBA from the University of Sunderland. He tweets @manikhawaja88 (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Talha

    What is this?Recommend

  • rew

    She probably has issues with the husband and ran off. crazy teens.Recommend

  • Khan

    It’s pretty self explanatory actually. A girl faked her kidnapping and people are worried it might give a bad impression of muslims. Good Read!Recommend

  • Aakasa

    Mani, do we really have to clarify for actions other Muslims do? Let it be.
    Why is juvenile delinquency always chipped to Muslims? Because Muslims are not Muslim enough. Recommend

  • Talha


    Yes, I understand that but why did Aisha Khan fake her own kidnapping?

    And why would her story give a bad name to Muslims?

    Its probably another attention seeking girl who was having a fling or needed some attention. As usual, the Musalmaniyat come in strong for her appeal and when the story went bust, so did the whole charade.Recommend

  • AZ

    This is actually pretty good. It has successfully brought out that subtle thing hanging in the back of our minds- ‘she/hes gone and ruined our image! ‘
    I wish however you had started it at an earlier note of your article to give it centre attention. But thumbs up! Recommend

  • Aswad

    What would Here husband went missing like this ? or any other mail..would every one pay attention like this??

    P.S we have many men missing in our country counting from musharaf era no one ever bothers about them..whyy????Recommend

  • Sohail Khurshid

    Excellent article. Spot on!Recommend

  •!/iQuotePakistan toobahatif

    I am glad that she is safe and that’s all what matters..
    She has been through alot lets not put her onto mental torture by blaming her and associating her act to cause of disgrace for Muslims.. cause it isn’t!!
    Very well put AuthorRecommend

  • mf hussain

    Unfortunately the high frequency of incidents related to Pakistanis begs the question “Is there something wrong with the water?”Recommend

  • Shahbaz lodhi

    can’t say anything until the situation gets clear”’Recommend

  • Vikram

    I think Aysha was forced to marry some cousin or a relative in Pakistani. It is normal in Islam to marry cousins or for a man to marry 4 wives. Islam allows this. She probably has another man she wants to be with. Her family especially sister may know this. Family should have disclosed this, so police would not had to search thet hard. Muslim girls have been killed in US and Canada for dating non_muslims or for not wearing Hijaab. You can go and search Internet. Recommend

  • Concerned

    She was probably a test monkey for the new bill that is about to become law; picked her up for 6 days just to see how the public would react.Recommend

  • Amna

    good article Recommend

  • Vikram

    I want Muslims who try to convert minors and college students 24/7 to realise they are destroying many families. Parents of all those converts feel the same or more pain then what Ayesha’s family is going thru. How will Muslims feel if some one tries to convert their school going kids into Islam?Recommend

  • farhan

    @Vikram – why don’t you explain us about SAATI – Now I will give you an answer about 4 marriages: Islam enforced a restriction that man cannot marry more than 4 women at a time. At that time man use to marry as many women they want: just like HINDU prophet RAMAIN marry 1451 women:Recommend

  • sami

    Muslims have to stop believing that individuals can shame a whole religion,

    Funny no one raises their voice on the so called Muslims who have brainwashed kids in madrassas, who kill other Muslims to go into paradise. BUT their will always be a rally for Afia Siddiqui, NATO killings, etc which are irrelavent to the average pakistani. Recommend

  • Vikram

    @Vikram: How will Muslims feel if some one tries to convert their school going kids into Christianity?Recommend

  • Vikram

    Husbands are not forced to wear burqa or Hijab. Husbands are not required to a mehram with tthem when they go out. Muslim girls are not allowed to date or run away from home. Muslim Girls have been killed for not wearing hijab or dating non-Muslims in US/Caanda. I have never seen a Muslim family killing their son for “honor”. Do you see the difference now?Recommend

  • Rainbow

    I agree with Farhan. If you want to bash other Religions and create Misconceptions without knowing the facts, clear up whats up in your Religion first.

    Get it together, Vikram.Recommend

  • Really

    Honour killings are prevalent amongst hindu and indian families as well. You can go and search internet too :)
    Although your posting such comments on a pakistani paper with muslim dominant readers obviously shows you are trying to look for trouble.Recommend

  • abdul

    You have a lot of i thinks,probablys, ifs etc…just another vikram trying to defame Islams treatment to women without any knowledge… just guesses…Recommend

  • Dr. Ash

    In Islam you will either have white or black, there is no gray in between. And your article is all gray to me!Recommend

  • bangash


    You are spewing stereotypes mixed with nonsense. Get lost.Recommend

  • farhan

    Mahabharata, Draupadi marries the five Pandava brothers. Regarding polygyny, in Ramayana, father of Ram, King Dasharath has three wives.
    The Hindu god, Lord Krishna, the 9th incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu had 16,108 wives at his kingdom in Dwarka……… Happy New Year VIKRAM….Recommend

  • xyz

    Thats not true, islam does allow muslim women to say yes or no to marriage, womens are not forced to marry someone….
    If it happend with some women does not mean that religion allows..and its always good to get good knowledge about the religion before making any comment..Recommend

  • Rebecca Olesen

    @Rainbow, many people don’t follow a religion, so what are we supposed to do ‘first’ before we complain that women in islamic countries are treated like property and cattle?

    Pakistan is one of the absolute worst (and yes REALLY we know Indians do it to) but the Pakistani’s move to England, America and continue with this heinous behaviour, the Indians don’t. Any people I know from India are very integrated (notice I don’t say assimilated, because they still follow their own culture) but have integrated to the point they don’t murder their own daughters, sisters, cousins, wives simply because they want what is the right of every living human being FREEDOM.Recommend

  • ab

    I understand that many people were concerned for Aisha’s well being, but she is safe now! So why all the hate? Please stop it is the holiday season…Right now everyone is just speculating on what happened. It is a possibility she wasn’t happy with her marriage, but we don’t know that for sure. It’s sad when parents of certain religions force their children into these situations where they feel they have no other choice but to run and hide when they should be in fact given that choice. This is America. I respect the islamic/muslim religion, but when it comes to marriage in America and all over the world for that matter, everyone should have their own freedom to choose who they want to spend their lives with. For a parent to choose that person for their child is wrong. I wish there was a law for this kind of thing, and i know many people will disaggree with me, but it’s not fair. No one should be told who they have to love, especialy by their own parents, the people who should have your best interest in mind all the time. If you truly love your child you would want them to be so happy.Recommend

  • CounterTerrorist

    Aisha name reminds me of a baby girl..Recommend

  • LOL

    @Dr. Ash:
    All gray? That’s just the picture! If you look closely, the article is in black and white and with colour pictures too :DRecommend

  • guest123456

    Maybe she had a temporary moment of insanity or some sort of mental breakdown? Some things just have no explanation…Recommend

  • Aakasa

    Honour killings aren’t related to any of the religious courses. Go check out scriptures!
    That’s just what promulgators of religions brought in limelight.
    Leeway and personal space has been given in various faiths! But what truly matters is the way we differentiate between the black sheep and the ‘enlightened ones’ in such matters.
    No doubt! Muslim girls have been killed for not wearing hijab or marrying accordingly to parental wishes but again that’s not to be associated to Islam! Islam never taught that instead so called ‘tagged’ Muslims did such! Go check out the same internet sources you mentioned earlier and then read out verses of Qur’an with interpretation.
    Islam teaches Muslims to respect other faiths and so do other faiths teach tolerance.Recommend

  • GAM

    Saati was a horrible system no doubt. But then the important thing is that the Hindu community is amenable to change. We enforced laws that made Sati a crime. We don’t remain stuck on 1400 year old beliefs.
    And I do not know of any prophet who had 1451 wives. In fact we do not have prophets; almost all stories are mythology. But there are banks of wisdom in the Vedas, the Gita and many other books that no religion can match. I have read your Quran many times and without any fear of doing so; almost the whole of the book is full of warnings. If you have the guts, try reading the Vedas in your country and you will find out how peace loving your religion is.Recommend

  • Ugh

    Why has this turned into a hindu vs muslim fight. That’s not what the article was about, can you guys find another forumRecommend

  • Vikram

    If it was a moment of insanity, she would have come back home. Family would have said that. She would have been to a doctor. Muslims don’t want public to know that a religious hijab wearing married girl ran away from home.Go to youtube and see how people are bragging about vitrues of hijab and trying to lure young Christian kids to Islam. Muslims are making many Christians family very unhappy doing that. They are doing much worse then what Ayesha did to her parents. There should be laws against such conversions of minors.Recommend

  • Vikram

    Problem is people interpret Koran in many different ways. Talibans read the same Koran too. Saudis claim they do everything according to Koran and Sunnah. Every Muslim claims they follow Koran. So who decides who is doing the right interpretation of Koran. Terrorist organizations claim they follow Koran too.Recommend

  • farhan

    And that’s how you are, Master of misinterpret. You just explained yourself VIKRAM. Hater.Recommend

  • farhan

    Read this VIKRAM..How the Hindu Extremist are killing Christian Minority.

  • Aakasa

    No doubt that’s true! See that was where I wanted to get.Forget differences!
    Religion is the very ‘goodness inside you’.
    Juxtaposed interpretations would only get us into a debate of hatred! We would end up fighting for our beliefs and that would only make us confused individuals having this super ego that ‘I am right and you wrong!’
    Enough differences! We all want a peaceful land then why not establish peace in our minds??!Recommend

  • Aakasa

    Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) taught tolerance and respect for other faiths.
    Rig Vedas, Dhammapada, Qur’an, Bible, Torah, Zabur and other Sahifas teach nothing but love, peace and social justice. Then why this hatred??Recommend

  • Benny

    Shame on you. It looks like that you comparing Muslims to Christians if they have done something and they are not feeling bad about that why should we.? We are not supposed to compare ourselves with them at all.!Recommend

  • Facepalm

    You haven’t gotten the point of the article at all. Why should you feel ashamed for something someone else has done. Are you responsible for Aisha Khan or Veena Malik? Will God ask you about their actions?Recommend

  • bahar gul

    Aisha Khan left a message that a drunk man was bothering her. How can a drunk person hurt someone ? drunks are the ones who are vulnerable and others can hurt them while under drunken state. Are we that scared of alcohol like others who have a fear of islamophobia?Recommend

  • Cynical


    God bless you, whatever god you belive in or you don’t belive in any god at all.Recommend

  • Hasan

    Hunderds of girls are kidnapped smuggled and abducted in Pakistan, yet the only girl the ‘Muslims’ are concerned for was someone who ‘willingly’ disappeared.Recommend

  • Shelby

    RE: And why would her story give a bad name to Muslims?

    I am writing from the U.S. It wasn’t so much that she ran off that gave a bad name to Muslims here, but the fact that many Americans associate Islam with honor killings, forced marriages and forced wearing of the veil. That is top of mind in thinking of Muslim women. So the fact that she (apparently) ran off and disappeared made Americans think that she was trying to escape a forced marriage or an oppressive family that wouldn’t let her date or marry who she wanted to, or forced her to wear a veil, or worse, threatened her. I’m not saying this is the case; I’m saying that’s what Americans think. Recommend

  • Risham Saeed

    I think there are more important stories than this one.. its not worth discussing Recommend

  • Pir Ali Raza

    i agreeRecommend

  • iza

    great reply!
    and, its not just about muslims condemning her, its about americans immediately assuming that she was an oppressed muslim girl, forced to marry a cousin, forced to wear a hijab, blah blah. vikram’s comments portray this mindset of eduacted ignorants. Recommend

  • Aakasa

    ‘Jazaka’ ALLAH!’ May God’s peace and bounties be upon you. :)Recommend

  • Hassan Durrani

    She can be having a personal or a fact difficult to handle becoming an embarrisment for the family , so stop being typical third graded reporter and act properly …Recommend

  • Vikram

    I think these people are more concerned about image of a religious hijabi girl running away from home in USA and not about 100s of girls who are abducted, sold, killed, kidmapped in Pakistan because that does not effect the image of Muslims in Western countries. Muslims try to convert Christian teenagers/college students to Islam telling about how Hijab protects girlsfrom evil men. Muslims don’t see when they do that they destroy Christain families. How ill Muslims feel if Christians try to convert their teen daughters to Christianity.Recommend

  • zarqa

    whatever the reason or situation….it people should stop trying to make it “religious”…it might be possible that she had some emotional or family issues….making it religious is stupidity…and funny tooRecommend

  • NNawaz


    you should know better than to comment on honor killings and hijab/no hijab girls. your people kill their female fetuses just because they are FEMALE. what do you say about that? your people get rid of them b/c they cannot give dowry to the MALE. or when their husbands burn them with acid just because they dont want other men to look at them? im sure in your religion women do not go out and run away with anyone with whom she pleases, or sleeps with whomeever she pleases, b/c every religion has honor and women are most protected. what honor is this? dont talk about Islam like you are a Muslim, b/c you are not Muslim. I will not degrade your religion like you are degrading mine because i have better things to do. but first get your facts straight and think of your own religion fix its flaws. Recommend

  • Vigilant

    Worthless Article but interesting Comments……Recommend

  • Vikram

    I did not degrade your religion or any religion. People like you drag religion into evey thing. Many Muslims brought religion into this discussion, go back and read all comments. Recommend

  • Vikram

    “No doubt! Muslim girls have been killed for not wearing hijab or marrying accordingly to parental wishes but again that’s not to be associated to Islam”. Aakasa I did not associate anything with Islam, on the other hand I can bet Muslims who did those things did sccoaite it with Islam. Do you think my comments associated anything with Islaam?Recommend

  • Steve

    Okay… So where was she? Why did she fake the kidnapping? Why are the police keeping quiet when a crime may have been committed? Nice article if you want to know nothing about the situation.

    “The Curious Case of Aisha Khan” is the title of the article. What is curious about the case? The author steered the subject away from Aisha Khans disappearance to a religious issue. Stick to the subject.

    To me this isn’t about religion. This is about the irresponsibility of a young adult who caused grief to her family and the use of public resources.Recommend

  • david

    I am an American and married a Muslim Pakistani girl. She never forced me to convert, but I had an interest in QURAN. Once I start reading about the chapter MARY, I was surprised that Muslims and Christians believe in Jesus, but Muslims don’t believe in Trinity.Muslims believe Jesus as a prophet. I was surprised that there is so much science in the Quran eg: about three trimester of pregnancy, which was just recently discovered by the scientist, and many more, I was convinced that this is the real religion , since there was no ultrasound technology 1400 years ago.

    I agree with Farhan. There was no guidance 1400 years ago, about marriages, and man use to marry unlimited women. Islam restricted it to 4 maximum, with the approval from the wife, and he should treat equal.

    My first wife cheated, and I was looking for a loyal wife. I found the light. Aishas story is a domestic problem, but you are creating a scene, and I believe you have some ulterior motives
    if you need my help, I am here ;)Recommend

  • Mzay

    Hello everyone this is turning into an argument about bashing other peoples religions. This forum is about Aisha khan and we should keep it that way. Allhamdullilah she is safe and sound. We do not know the truth of what actually happened to her so we have no right to judge her only god can. Hating on ones religion is wrong becuase if you wouldnt wanna hear something like that about your religion then dont say to someone else. Also people need to realize their are extremists in every religion. Its not only Islam. Theres many extremists who do
    things in the name of religion.Recommend

  • Vikram

    First your wife is not supposed to marry a non-Muslim, so she committed a sin by marrying you. You speaking the same lingo Muslims use to convert others. You are doing a good job. There was no ultrasound 1400 years ago , but buthers knew about how male and females looked from inside. Muslim women also cheat. Ayesha is an example of that. She is married and ran away from the family. You could have found a loyal wife in any religion.Your comments show you are the one who have an ulterior motive.Recommend

  • Vikram

    @Mzay: You say
    “Allhamdullilah she is safe and sound.”. I hope police provides her safety and it does not become a “honor” issue for her husband or family. I feel sorry for her husband. Poor guy was crying after Ayesha ran away from home. Recommend

  • amber

    Its pretty tiring to see all ”muslim brothers and sisters” getting all riled up thinking shes cooking up conspiracies to give a bad name to their “home pet” Islam. Go do something useful and get off your butts and stop gossiping about what crazy thing did has she been upto. When do you start minding your own business?? If you needed to know what has she been upto you would have known. This article is stupid.Recommend

  • S. H

    @ Vikram
    I think you missed the entire point of David’s post.
    I think David meant that in the Quran Allah has said about the 3 stages of pregnancy (trimesters) which are acknowledged by scientists and medical professionals in our age.

    You say”Your speaking the same lingo Muslims use to convert”,these are are facts stated in the Quran. Why are you referring it as”lingo” as if it’s something that we just made up? You hear it again and again because its there and you dont need to go far to cross-check it.
    It’s all in the Quran.Recommend

  • Vikram

    @S. H:

    I would love to see what Quran says about 3 stages. Just write a comment, don’t add anything what you think or what some scientists think, just write here what Koran says. Did a converted Christian come out with this 3 stage embryonic development thing? Most of the things Muslim associate with science have been found by “converts” For 1400 Yearss Muslims did not know any of this.
    Have you heard about cloning. It is a porcess by which an animal or a living being is developed from a single cel without any sex or without combining egg and sperm. You think scientists who do that should be considered prophets?Recommend

  • Facepalm

    I think your comment is stupid and ignorant. First of all, this was a public matter because her family had asked for public assistance. People had given up their time and effort to locate her. So it is everybody’s business. Secondly, get off your high horse, the article and main discussion here is about it being the actions of an individual not affecting the religion.Recommend

  • Tahir

    Mani, don’t tell me that you are so innocent to have advised the Muslims to change the way they think on certain issues. 9/11 purportedly was an initiative of people who professed Muslim faith. Who dubbed Islam and Muslims as radicals and extremists and fundamentalists? hmmm….lemme think……It were Muslims, isn’t it? or else the “value-added” United States!
    It would have been better if you had preached this lesson to those who tend to equate condemn-able act committed by one Muslim with the Islamic World/ Muslims as a whole. They usually take a step even further and assert that Islam in fact approves such acts!

    The whole effort of this blog seems to promote freedom of speech etc etc. I maintain that freedom of speech/ human rights/ values etc must be promoted and nurtured but not at the cost of our religion. Islam lays clear boundaries and parameters within the confines of which, the Muslims are required to live their life. Freedom with no boundaries is neither professed nor desirable in any religion of the World. If the people are deviating today that does not mean their religion approves of such deviations. Analyse the societies around the World, may it be Western or Eastern, who are proponent of this type of freedom/ values/ human rights etc which knows no boundaries, you can see their state of affairs. So, let us not indoctrinate people by luring them into domains that are neither promising nor worth trying.Recommend

  • http://hongkong wahab

    what a useless articleRecommend

  • chakram


    I bet you are a Paki Christian living in west!!Recommend

  • Aakasa

    I am not daggers drawn from you Vikram and even if people ask me what I am I would proudly evince a simple ‘human’ who had no inspiration when born from her mother’s embryo. No religion to follow and no course of life ahead to walk on. A simple plain being with questions my inner self asks and which at times I deter or clamp down thinking ‘what will people say that I am not a devout Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Zoroaster, Christian, etc.?’
    Associating any single incident with any religion or scripture is just not right coz you yourself said they have different interpretations on which I completely agree! :)
    It’s just the working of human brain!
    I show you a white flag encapsulating that earlier humans had never such complicated and ‘hard-to-understand’ psychologies than humans of this era just because everyone thinks they are right and different!Recommend

  • Vikram

    @chakram: says
    “I bet you are a Paki Christian living in west!!”. Chakram you seem to be very smart. You are 33% right. I am not Pakistani or Christian. I am an Indian American lliving in US. Recommend

  • Bean

    Well…..instead of discussing what are the POSSIBLITIES of her disapperence, it turned into Hindus vs. Muslims…geez….it doesnt matter as long as she is safe….may god bless her and her familyRecommend

  • Bean

    No one forces anyone to convert! God says: “There is no complusion in religion.” (In Islam)Recommend

  • Vikram

    “There is no complusion in religion.” Does this meana woman does not have to wear hijab or a Muslim man can marry 5 wives? What exactly this phrase “there is no compulsion in religion” means. You should go and read history of Islam and see if people were forced to convert to Islam. Muslims try to convert teens and young college students (Christians) thru various means. I wonder how will Muslims feel if Christians try to convert Young Muslims into Christianity. Christians are not even allowed to talk about Christianity to Muslims in many Islamaic countries. I Christians can go to jail or be killed just for doing that.Recommend

  • david

    There are several online classes available about Web Etiquette. Let me know buddy…..Recommend

  • Sharjeel

    Bro, the world never suffered from Christanity-phobia but it surely does from Islamophobia.. there is a difference so you can’t compare the two.. Recommend

  • Vikram

    There is another Muslim girl missing from Kansas, since September. No one seems to be concered. Go search Internet. Help find her.

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City police are asking for the public’s help finding a woman who has not been seen since September. Police said Fatima A. Abbas, 22, was last seen in the 300 block of North Jackson Avenue on Sept. 4.Recommend

  • Vikram

    I did not defame Islam. You should blame Muslims who are doing bad things. Anything I mentioned can be verified from I.nternetRecommend

  • Vikram

    What new Bill are you talking about? This is just a case of a Hijabi girl running away from forced marriage.Her family has not made any comments.She is not under arrest or some thing. She is living safe away from from the family Nothing to do with the new Bill signed by President Obama.Recommend

  • Bean

    “Muslims try to convert teens and young college students (Christians) thru various means.”
    By various means what do you mean?
    1) Clearing the misconceptions of their religion
    2) Educating people about Islam
    Muslims dont force Christians in the U.S. to convert!
    They might be drawn to the natural beauty of Islam after the find the true meaning of it and not what the media describesRecommend

  • Abdul

    the internet is surely not a good source…if you want to know about Islam read the Quran and insha Allah you will be enlightened like David was. It does surely sound like you are Islamophobic. try and understand why Islam allows a man to marry 4 women and the conditions attached to it. Hijab is not a compulsion. it is a right of women. Ask any women who wears hijab and they will tell you that to them it is part of them like wearing clothes is part of you. in any religion there are extremists. you dont blame a good vehicle if it crashes. you blame the driver. would you blame christianity for the actions of the pastor in florida who wanted to burn the Quran. i would surely hope not.

    the Quran is not a book of science, geography, astrology etc although it does encompass all these things and everything said regarding these have not been proven wrong. It s a guidance for all of mankind till the end of time.

    i extend the invitation of the beautiful religion of Islam to you Vikram.Recommend

  • Hassan Durrani

    Isnt this worthless Article becoming a fighting ground ,i keep receiving mails every day, now iam gona block it, hats off to Tribune , you know what’s more interesting , I sent two interesting article to tribune and they didn’t posted it,now I know why, its because their standard is even below 10 % of a good taste for better stuff to share it to the public … lolRecommend

  • Vikram

    @Bean: Says
    T”hey might be drawn to the natural beauty of Islam after the find the true meaning of it and not what the media describes” I know talibans study Quran intensively. How would Muslims feel if Christians or Hindus talk to Muslim kids about their religion to prevent them from becoming taibans.Recommend

  • Vikram

    Saudi arabia is the only country whose constitution is based on Quran and Sunnah. Muslim women are forced to wear burqa to save themsleves from Muslim men. In addition to that religious police makes sure Muslim women don’t talk to Muslim men. If I am not wrong, Muslim women get punished for not wearing burqa in Suadi arabia. Saudi Women are not allowed to eat alone or drive a car or even get a passport.Recommend

  • intelektual

    This article is about not creating stereotypes based on actions of few, the comments you gave totally defy this plea.
    Yes individuals who happen to be Muslims have done terrible things that does not mean they define islam.
    And i know of christians doing the same i.e advertising and even providing financial and other incentives for conversion, that does not mean thats what Christianity is.Recommend

  • K Mirza

    Uhh.. Aisha Khan is the new Kim Kardashian… Well, not really but reallyRecommend

  • Captain Obvious

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    When you don’t know anything about other religions then don’t depict any wrong message. I can point out hundreds things about Hindus as what do they do their women and how they feel proud of burying, burning, and killing them at their birth, but we respect all religions There are extensive stories on net as well which you can go and read about the incidents i am referring to. It is a personal matter of someone as what happened plus we do not know any facts on what exactly happened. So, lets not be a judgmental here. Try to look into your own self and assess your wrong doings before you accuse others of any wrong doing. And it is a descent request to you to keep the religion out of it specially when you have no knowledge of it.Recommend

  • Amir

    When you don’t know anything about other religions then don’t depict any wrong messages. I can point out hundreds of things about Hindus as what do they do their women and how they feel proud of burying, burning, and killing them at their birth, but we respect all religions. There are extensive stories on net as well which you can go and read about the incidents i am referring to. It is a personal matter of someone as what happened. Furthermore, we do not know any facts on what exactly happened. So, lets not be a judgmental here. Try to look into your own self and assess your wrong doings before you accuse others of any wrong doing. And it is a descent request to you to keep the religion out of it specially when you have no knowledge of it.Recommend

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