Twitter Wars: Sara Taseer VS Fatima Bhutto

Published: August 6, 2010

Sara Taseer takes on Fatima Bhutto for ruining Pakistan's public image.

For those who missed it, Sara Taseer Shoaib (daughter of Governor Punjab, Salman Taseer) let loose a string of Twitter updates slamming Fatima Bhutto for her ‘lack of loyalty’ to Pakistan following the young Bhutto’s appearance on BBC World (and a recent article slamming the current government and President Zardari in particular).

If you thought Governor Taseer had a way with words, Ms Taseer’s point-blank accusations make the Governor’s pokes at Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif look almost tame. Cited case(s) in point:

Sara Taseer’s tweets

Fatima Bhutto on bbc world, abusing Pak again

@fbhutto do you have any loyalty to Pakistan. Is there any forum on which you have not ripped Pakistan to shreds.

@tazeen She @fbhutto is so venomously eloquent. A wolf in sheeps clothing.

As a Pakistani living abroad, i’m always struggling to promote it and then a @fbhutto type traitor shows up.

While I do not like the way Sara Taseer has worded her opinion, I must add: ever since Songs of Blood and Sword came out, Fatima Bhutto just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. As a self-proclaimed journalist, I trust her even less, as her one-point agenda starts to grate on the mind. Take her tweets from this same day:

Fatima Bhutto’s tweets

Protests as Zardari rolls into London -great placards. Have you seen them?

Wow. Just when you thought the guy couldn’t get any worse he takes a French Air Force helicopter to go to his chateau as floods rage. Zardari and his chateau

Really, Fatima? You know its a bad day when you have to cite The News as a source to prove your point (especially when you don’t have one). You telling me you didn’t go to Harrods this week?


Nadya V

Social critic and part-time gossip monger

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  • B

    Seriously, what purpose has this blog served anyway?Recommend

  • Jalal

    Who is Sara Taseer to point fingers? Also, you left out her more abusive tweets (which she later deleted) which included her cursing Fatima Bhutto in Punjabi.

    How does criticizing the President’s vacation across Europe during a time of emergency make one a traitor? Is this not a democracy? Do we not want freedom of speech?

    Zardari has a responsibility and should have more empathy towards the people that are drowning, starving, homeless and prone to all sorts of diseases. Fatima is NOT the President of Pakistan, she can go to Harrods all she wants.

    Ps. It’s kind of tacky that the Tribune would publish a post which insults another Pakistani newspaper. Improve yourself instead of bringing others down.Recommend

  • Umair

    LOL at Harrods! B its just for fun relaxx…I want to join twitter!Recommend

  • Neeli

    Completely disagree with Sara Taseer. Blind allegiance to the PPP and the Bhutto-Zardaris does not a patriot make. While Fatima does have a personal vendetta against Zardari, lets be clear, the majority of Pakistani’s share her distrust and hatred for Zardari. We all feel sick to our stomachs seeing our President visiting his mansion in France while nearly 3 million people are affected. If Fatima Bhutto is a traitor, then so are the rest of us.Recommend

  • Abhay Khanna

    How does copying an Indian designer’s jewelry = a struggle to promote one’s country?Recommend

  • Najeeb

    “You telling me you didn’t go to Harrods this week?”

    She isn’t the president. Remember?Recommend

  • Zaeem Siddiqui

    I think all Pakistani’s have the right to attack our President whose least concerned with the floods and killings taking place in Karachi. I think Sara Tasser should read SOBAS and then make a judgment on Fatima Bhutto. Recommend

  • Larkana

    Fatima definately took the high road in this battle on twitter (by ignoring Sara Taseer). I’d like to point out that Fatima never “ripped Pakistan to shreds” she only mentioned the truth about Zardari. Guess Sara Taseer has reason to be loyal while her family enjoys the perks of the Governor house she keeps mentioning in her tweets.Recommend

  • Salman M

    Is it now considered unpatriotic to question the President’s tours abroad while the country drowns and burns? It is the blinded allegiance to the party in power that Sara Taseer displays which is much more dangerous. Given the country’s current state, most Pakistani’s continue to ask where the leaders that are suppose to be governing the country are? Sara Taseer’s comments remind me of the time the republicans in the US used to call anyone criticizing their war policies as “unpatriotic”. We need more Fatima Bhutto’s in the country, making more noise. Recommend

  • Tippu

    Hahahahhaha. Sara Taseer sees nothing wrong with zardari’s pleasure trip to paris and london while the country drowns??? I bet next she will defend Nero for playing the fiddle and entertaining rome! What a loser. GO jump in a lake sara taseer!!Recommend

  • Farhana Altaf

    Who the devil is S taseer compared to Fatima Bhutto. It takes gumption to have the kind of single-minded clarity FB has. I would much rather our daughters have women like FB as role models than S Taseer.Recommend

  • Mohammed Abbasi

    Beautiful ladies, anyway just wait till Saturday in Birmingham how Zardari will be greetedRecommend

  • Ayesha

    I don’t see any problem with Fatima Bhutto’s tweets or interviews. You can’t go around and fool the world on International forums about the reality of Pakistan. It is way better to understand and realize your own shortcomings before the others point them out for you.

    If Fatima writes against Zardari – for certain personal reasons – then so does several other journalists write against him for impersonal reasons.

    This blog looks more like a half-baked tabloid story!Recommend

  • Karishma

    And this bit is supposed to actually be worthy of finding space in the etribune? Fatima in no way ripped Pakistan apart, she was only highlighting the ugly truth of Zardari, which everyone is aware of.

    As for Sara Taseer we all know what her claim to fame has been! Apart from being the daughter to the governor of Punjab (and getting perks because of it)copying designs of an Indian artist in no way qualifies her as the good brand ambassador of Pakistan. At least Fatima did not stoop to Sara’s level of name calling. Actually Sara Taseer has none, point proven by her recent outbursts on Twitter against @fbhutto.Recommend

  • Hamid Ahmed Khan.

    Talk about cheap publicity.Recommend

  • Maryam

    “hello ….she is not president of pakistan ” for crying out loud….
    she can go anywhr , anytime…Recommend

  • Arif

    This is blogging at its worst & I am shocked that Tribune published it. For one thing it is high time that people stop writing complete articles based just on tweets, I am sure any serious writer can find enough issues other than these to write about. We have more than our share of things going around.

    Sara Taseer wants to promote Pakistan, why not ask the powers to be with whom she is in close contact to stop ruining it, then she won’t have to create a fake image of our country we’ll be able to settle the things in a much better way. And I mean seriously, is Ms Taseer even in a remote position to point fingers?

    When Altaf Hussain said that the President should not be visiting London people defended him against his critics saying that Altaf is not holding any public office hence he can live where ever he wants, so how come the write compare Fatima’s visit to London with that of the President’s?Recommend

  • Ammar Habib Khan

    What purpose has this blog served, other than promoting these useless women. Recommend

  • Hira Shah

    why was this blog even published!!! its uselessRecommend

  • Sana

    Sara Taseer???? Are you kidding me? Seriously, how stupid do you people think Pakistanis are? How convenient for Ms. Taseer to be “promoting” Pakistan’s lovely image abroad. FYI Madam, this country is literally in shreds. We need more honest critique, not your nonsense nor the propaganda in the media. Zardari is in no way defensible. Unbelievable that you should even try. Recommend

  • sadaf

    @Ammar Habib Khan , @Hira Shah Agreed|||
    They are Same just want publicity by making fool of innocent peoplesRecommend

  • Dajjal

    Nothing beats a good cat fight…. stop taking sides people and just enjoy the show…Recommend

  • Mansoor Ahmed Noon

    Well Sara might be true that Fatima should not present Pakistan in such a way, that can ruin its image, But on other hand This Govrnment (PPPP) has demonstrated the worst governanace in the history of Pakistan, corroption has been increased into double tripple digits, prevalence of Law & Order is no where in the Country. Recommend

  • Nada

    Seriously, I can’t believe somebody even bothered to write this blog post or worse-agree with Sara Taseer! I don’t get how writing the truth or actually coming out with it makes one a traitor..I assume Ms.Sara Taseer believes its better to sweep things under the rug, after all it’s convenient for her that way isn’t it? I’m enraged by her casual use of words like ‘loyalty’..seriously? Because you apparently ‘promote’ Pakistan by really not talking about any of what’s going on, you’re loyal? Ahan..It’s about time we stopped thinking that the people of this nation are idiots-we’re smarter than the government (ehem, you listening Mr.Taseer?) thinks we stop.seriously.Stop. Acknowledgement of issues is the first step towards any change but of course we all know trying to change the wonderfully convenient ‘status-quo’ will make us unpatriotic in Ms. Sara Taseer’s eyes.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Ms. Taseer is trying to defend her father’s ruthless attitude towards poor people of Punjab.

    Zardari is just counting days before he is thrown out either by people (a bloody revolution i believe) or the Army (yes, General Kyani, because every time the political government gives a favour to army officer, the same officer throws that govt out, sadly).

    Zardari went to chateau just to make sure that his exile days will be peaceful. Recommend

  • MB

    Two typical burgers of PAK wasting everyone’s time in WHO-ARE-YOU vs WHO-AM-I nonsense. None of them are any good to PAK. While SALMAN’s role as “Establishment”s man is well known, we all know F.Bhutto is nothing better than just few english words in print.

    The typical of PAK elites, with useless ambitions and directions less hopes, with no track record of any real practical work for the masses. Look at the way Zardari is “MARKETING” his son and daughters in his meeting with WESTERN powers.

    These elites keep marketing their sons and daughters for some future prospects and these two ladies have no better work to do then twitting from centrally AC rooms. Recommend

  • Abu Hamza

    Express Tribune should be selective of who writes for it and what is written by the contributors. Publishing this would do no good to your reputation. Come on, left this junk to run-o-mill blogs out there. Recommend

  • Jehan

    I really don’t see the relevance of this blog. Slamming the government doesn’t necessarily mean that one isn’t patriotic to the country and we don’t accept it with its warts and all. Try paying your taxes and then watch your country perish when there is minimal action being taken. Recommend

  • Aftab Siddiqui

    Express tribunes blogs are getting more and more gossip than anything else. Good read aka Gossip… What else these million dollar babies can give?Recommend

  • http://Charsadda Ghafar Ali

    I Think Taseer’s family has the obsession to prove themsleves loyal of Zardari. Like her father, Sara also talks non-sense and wants to prove that she is some one in the political elites which is not the case. Fatima’s family and personal credentials mare uch more high than the Taseers.

    Sara accused Fatima of being anti-Pakistan but she looks anti-Zardari and not anti-Pakistani. She talks and writes about the bad governance of the present government and not gainst the State. She had travelled around the country and had visited farflung areas of Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and Sindh and had written about the pathetic condition of the victims of natural calamities. Sara and her father cannot even get out of their airconditioned rooms to visit the current flood affected areas even in Punjab.Recommend

  • Lady X

    Girls, girls, girls! Don’t steal my spotlight…Recommend

  • Mahwish

    Forgive me sir but may be you haven’t been checking much on twitter that what Sara and Sheharbano Taseer have been upto lately.They use abusive words and disrespect Fatima Bhutto on every stance.Their flighty language is always ready to slam the common people as well.And I am one victim of their amazing abusive language.Better check up their timelines regularly and you will know that there is some real difference between Taseer daughters and Fatima Bhutto.At least Fatima do not slam Pakistan or any related stuff with her abusive language. ! Recommend

  • N Gul

    Well, well, well. While the world focuses on the fight between the two women, Tribune gets away with dissing The News. Is it a fight between two women or a fight between two sources of news? Now we know for sure under who’s payroll media is working. In case you didn’t get it, read the last paragraph again. Sara Taseer – Salmaan Taseer – Tammy Haq – Express News – Tribune. It all makes sense now.Recommend

  • sidra

    pointless articleRecommend

  • nabeel

    Both million dollars babies trying to defend there father and families……..Recommend

  • Zen

    lol. this blog is even worse then the twitter messages. lambasting behavior, and sort of indulging in the same thing.Recommend

  • Ammad

    EXPRESS TRIBUNE: The way our comment now appear is not good, kindly get back to previous way. That was much better than this. Thanks Recommend

  • Riaz Haq

    This article is pointless. I thought Express Tribune was a serious newspaper. I guess you guys are She or Mag. Anyways – good luck getting serious crowd.

    Note to serious writers on this blog- move over to Recommend

  • Sam

    Its so heartening to see so many Pakistanis rise to the occasion when it came to criticizing someone who tried to defend the country or the President. So wonderful to see patriots who can’t wait to blog and exercise their “freedom of speech”. because that is what will fix this country. Lets just keep changing governments and leaders because that is the panacea to all our problems. Why dont we GET it?? Why do we feel that we have done our patriotic duty by lamenting about the President being at his Paris mansion while Pakistan drowned – I bet at least half of the people waxing poetic on this blog have not loosened their purse strings to help those who have lost it all in this terrible tragedy of nature. But to bitch about Sara Taseer – lets go baby – this is what we’re real good at!! Oh, and yes, lets defend that – Fatima Bhutto – who’s on a power trip herself!!!Recommend

  • Dina

    Let me guess..”Sam” is either Sara Taseer herself or a member of her family. All she tweets/says is purely for attention purposes. Once she is done ripping apart one person who doesn’t share her deluded opinion, she is on to the next. I wonder why there is so much pent up aggression and anger? For someone with such a cushy life, you would think she would be a much happier human being.

    There may be another ‘lass’ other than Fatima Bhutto who needs a ‘leash and a muzzle,’ per Sara’s own recommendation. Recommend

  • Ghausia

    This blog is much better than your previous attempts, but again, your subjectivity kind of ruined it a little bit. Fatima Bhutto can go to Harrod’s as much as she wants because she isn’t the president. Not to mention, are you aware of the state of Pakistan at the moment? Have you been keeping up with the news at all? And thirdly, you really need to lose this habit you have of slamming people in your articles, its extremely unethical. First is OBA, now The News, come on, that’s not a very professional approach is it? Blogs can be subjective, but you kind of push the limit. Criticism aside, this article didn’t make me cringe, so kudos to you. Still lacks relevancy though.Recommend

  • Umair Hassan

    I don’t get it. What exactly Miss Nadya is trying to say here? Miss Nadya has clearly lost her sanity. Oh and giving freedom of speech is one thing but allowing someone to write an article that makes no sense is ridiculous.

    If our beloved President takes a French Air Force helicopter to go to his chateau, then we really should start to think about what we’ve done instead of pointing fingers at those who are working hard to make us realize how stupid we are to have an international thief as our President.Recommend

  • Arim

    What was the point in this blog? :ORecommend

  • zahra

    Really its sad to see pakistan’s problems turning into a cat fight.Fatima bhutto and her family feuds and sanam taseer and her zardari’s slave aka governor father need to go far away from Pakistan.Its unfortunate that these ppl are supposedly our leading elite!Recommend

  • Asad

    HAHAHA! this is so hilarious. Now, Sara Taseer will teach Fatima Bhutto the loyalty to Pakistan. She is also easily ignoring the fact that Fatima Bhutto lost almost all of her family for Pakistan. please somebody tell her that Fatima is a grand daughter of the most patriotic Pakistani Z.A.Bhutto. Who is Salman Taseer?Recommend

  • Sherry

    This has got so much attention. fatima is full of anger. She always is so negative. Shes not even Pakistani. She needs to Hang out at Harrods. Sara is real talent, I’m a customer as are my friends. She is so wow. Recommend

  • smssr84


    how lame!!……. everything……. even the blog itself!! :S

    why isnt taseer selling her jewellary and donating it to flood victims?Recommend

  • Sherry

    Fatima Bhutto is just a opportunist in ‘martyrs’ clothing. She has no real love for Pakistan. If she did, she would concentrate her energies on healing it from within, not trashing it from the convenient easy pulpit of tv studios. This is now a full time occupation of hers. Low Recommend

  • Syed A. Mateen

    Either one should tweet or give a sweet.Recommend

  • http://F Shureeya

    Found a great link for Sara a huge fan, Farah Khan should not be copying her stuff. Look F

  • Khurshid Anwar Turri

    theyre both so cute….bring them here to Peshawar, I will offer biscuits, chai/mitthai and they can iron out their differences in my genuine and hospitable presence =) =)


    Pakistan Zindabad.

    Warm Regards,

    Khurshid from Peshawar, Khyber-PukhtunkhwaRecommend

  • Sara

    i hope that Sara Taseer and the writer of this blog read the comments carefully!Sara Taseer will be educated much more than she apparently was about who’s shredding Pakistan’s image and who has literally shred Pakistan and the writer for being dumb enough to side with Ms Taseer when the whole world agrees that Zardari shouldn’t have been out of Pakistan when such tragedy has hit the country. maybe this was a desperate attempt by the writer to become eligible for a discount on Ms Taseer’s jewelery!

    Fatima Bhutto could’ve milked her ties to the Bhutto family much more if she wanted to. Sara Taseer would know, since she’s already cashing on daddy’s name!Recommend

  • parvez

    MEEEAOW !!!!Recommend

  • http://www.NA Nazir Habib

    Cat wars, cat wars and cat wars. Spitting away at each other for what? NOTHING. But Yes! Yes! and YES! Give a sweet to each other and be nice for a change.
    Fatima and Sara, Sara and Fatima – join hands and make a contribution to make a happier Pakistan. You both owe it to the country, family and yourselves.
    With best wishes.Recommend

  • Natasha

    So according to Sara Taseer , yor are a loyal citizen only if you dont criticise the holy cows sitting in the presidency and the parliament. That makes the majority of Pakistanis traitors doesn’t it?

    Btw ,I didnt know you could openly slander another newspaper here at express.

    I am no fan of Bhutto but I must say that there’s something seriously wrong with these Taseers.Recommend

  • Jameel ur Rasheed

    well the comments are worth reading, and the blog, itsa complete disaster!Recommend

  • Rana Usman

    What the hell this blog is about?Recommend

  • Shantila Asoorjee

    I don’t see Sheharbano saying anthing on twitter? in fact, she gave a diplomatic reply 2 a tweet that she receive. kheir
    this is very stupid post. everyone is entitled to own opinion. i expect more from express tribune. there must be more news for u to cover no?
    also, article ending not good.Recommend

  • Shantila Asoorjee

    and what jewellery?Recommend

  • Sleepless in Karachi

    Sara, donate a diamond. Help someone. You’ll feel better.Recommend

  • Hameed Baloch

    Poor Sara just want to get safe side and wants to be in good book of Zardari like her father who is enjoying as Governor of Punjab just because he treats Zardari no one can do this job. By the way Comparing S.Taseer with a role model great women of a noble family of Pakistan Fatima Bhutto is unjust. Fatima’s voice is a voice of the poor people of Pakistan. She is so brave like her Grandfather Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Shaheed and her father Mir Murtaza Bhutto Shaheed. Bhutto’s always straight forward no matter if they are in danger but they always represent the people of Pkistan but Zardari’s oh my God just ask to a single common person of Pkistan about him shame and recently Birmingham incident is enough for him shoes threw on him by an old Pakistani. Recommend

  • Masuud Qazi

    What a ridiculous piece of blogging! Seriously, didn’t know Tribune had gone down so much as far as standards were concerned. And then you want to be the best English daily? Let me find a cloth to wipe my tears after I stop laughing my belly off.

    Who in Pakistan or in the world knows anything about Sara Taseer? Hardly any.
    Trying to compare Sara Taseer & Fatima Bhutto is like comparing a road-side tramp with a Astro Martin driving CEO of a company. Honestly, what in the world did you ever think when you tried to blog about this amazingly impossible comparison? Bet, you were paid!
    Fatima Bhutto didn’t even respond to a single tweet of the ranting Taseer. She maintained her standards and didn’t get low to the wanna-be expat!

    p.s. Ask Sara Taseer to stop defaming Pakistan’s image by copying jewelery designs of Farah Ali Khan and don’t know how many!Recommend

  • aka47estd

    Can we have a poll here?
    Sara needs to focus on her career more often :PRecommend

  • No Nonsense

    Common everyone. Let the chicks fight. I love chicks belonging to Pakistani elite. Hollow Concern for poor is new fashion statement in Pakistan. Enjoy the entertainment from super spoiled chicks of pakistani elite. Recommend

  • Z.

    This blog did not serve any logical point.
    Fatima Bhutto (regardless of her last name) is a very strong woman. We Pakistanis are very unfortunate that we don’t have her as a leader, on second thought its better she is not. For the reason that, we are not ready for a “good” change.
    PS: never heard of Sara Taseer before.Recommend

  • NotImpressedWithTheTaseers

    If Sara (or any of the Taseers) are reading this, (and I bet they are… none of them can resist getting publicity!)… for the love of God, don’t start a catfight on Twitter. At least not at this moment. Our country is in crisis, and all you care about is what Fatima Bhutto is tweeting? Leave her alone! If you think Fatima is in the way of the aid, as you have asserted on Twitter… get your facts checked. Recommend

  • Zayed Zaheer

    Sara Taseer is probably trying to promote the Pakistan she lives in. As in the elite, safe, pretty Pakistan. Fatima Bhutto speaks on behalf of the people who are less off than her. This is not about going to Harrods. This is about a President, a leader of a nation, ridiculing everyone by being extravagant in a time when he should be especially self-restraining.Recommend

  • Burger Boy

    Why is it news when two spoiled rich girls who have no relevance to anything of importance have a little B!&ch-fest?Recommend

  • Ameer Hamza

    This blog is a waste. Recommend

  • Taimur

    If she were good looking.. I would have given her some credit.. she is not even good looking.. fatima bhutto is saying what every sane human would say given zardari actions.Recommend

  • Mila

    I am not at all interested in watching two women fight and then be further pitted against each other by media. Every one of these women has been significantly hurt by politics, they lost their parents, and I have no doubt that they both care for Pakistan. They are each allowed to have their opinion and we need to create a free Pakistan where we can have such open debates to improve the country. No one is all bad or all good, we are all a bit of both, everyone is allowed to make mistakes, and I can tell you that I for one am impressed at these women, for their courage and for being who they are, both very brave, despite the posionous and poverty culture in Pakistan. I support anyone who steps up and stands up coming from the filth that Pakistan is producing. Ours is not a culture to produce great minds, thinkers, leaders, etc. So when a few do rise above, especially when they are women in such a patriarchal culture, we should back them up, we should have faith, we should encourage them, we should have open (but respectful) debates with them so we can all be better. We should know that no leader in the world has ever been perfect, so why do we expect a perfect leader will come out of poor, uneducated, corrupt and confused Pakistani culture?Recommend

  • Mila

    We really need to back our leaders. We really need to support all women who are making an attempt to be leaders and help the country. No one is or ever will be perfect. I support anyone trying to make a positive contribution, no matter how small or how big.
    Another really strong Pakistan woman is Tahmena Bokhari.
    You can join her at

  • M

    mate is this you?Recommend

  • zahid khan

    That is war of BIG PEOPLES, common Pakistani have no interest in that.Recommend

  • Ali_Boxer

    They both sounded equally useless. What these both bimbos got to do with people of Pakistan? where they spend almost all the life, live outside from Pakistan and may continue to do so. Writing articles or yapping word of mouth will not help them and definitely not Pakistan. I don’t even know, why they call each other a traitor or lover of Pakistan on first place? Never saw them active out in streets of Pakistan, helping people out or even stood up for them. Keep your cat fight to yourself as Pakistan has nothing to do with it. You may say our families sacrifices for Pakistan and I say they lost it in the line of selfishness and their personal agendas because when they were rulers as a common citizen of Pakistan I never had no benefit neither had Right to Practice my rights. So take your dirty little politics to else where and DO NOT involve Pakistan within. Follow whatever white man says and stay in white man land coz that is where coconuts belongs. Oh and let me remind you to read the Life of a man I follow, his name is Muhammed (PBUH) if you really want to make a difference to Pakistan and ” change the world” (That is what they all say on fashion shows) then be a true Muslima’h not the tool and symbol nudity on the name of fashion and so called posh life, moderate Muslim or what ever. Because End of the Day, your and my place is underneath the earth, where no one can get help of Mama n Papa or any other. Who knows when will be your turn. May Allah forgive Salmaan Taseer and Benazer Bhutto but once they were SO POWERFUL PEOPLE, THEY SAID “WHAT EVER” THEY WANT TO SAY, WHAT EVER THEY WANT TO DO …. Where are they now ? See my point …. ? So come to truth and feel the truth n truth is There is no God but one God and Muhammaed (PBUH) is His messenger. Believe it or not You and I will be judged. Prepare yourself for that day or make sure you have a good Excuse, why you didn’t ? .Recommend

  • http://F Shureeya

    Mr Boxer, your comments are irrelevant. Both ms ST and FB are educated& experienced. One business lady one writer. I’m sorry but we all love holy prophet pbuh unfortunately he is not around to lead Pakistan politics and even if he were, I’m sure he may want to as I feel we are nowhere near being true muslims. Just bloodthirsty thugs. Suggest we hang on to the few leaders we have and back them as Mila suggested.Recommend

  • Devil

    Who gives a flying duck on what and why these elite hitches fight for???? Raise hands :-P Recommend


    very wise thoughts mr or mis mila :)Recommend


    Correction , i dont think president shouldnt had gone out of country so its not whole world you talk about . his visits outside brought aid for same affectess president is not the one who is working on ground not the prime minister not the chief ministers not even the counselers , why cant they move from their house when they not even doing anything on ground?
    p.s. fatima has no chance to be in hand to hand with benazir bhutto family even if she wants too , shes stands no where , her mothers party cant even win 5 seats in national assembly even her father had no powers to win in national assembly even when benazir bhutto was out of power. benazir bhutto family and ppp doesnt need fatima bhutto even if she want to be part of them.Recommend

  • Agha Sayed Faysal Hussain Shah Advocate

    I am creater of group at facebook with name and style “Fatima BHutto’ to help her to save pakistan. She is the only political legal heir of Bhutto family and she has ability to save pakistan for new dimentions with the help of some good politicians who are in politics but in a line like awais leghari sheikh rasheed mqm and pervaiz musharef. they all need help.Recommend

  • Shantila Asoorjee

    go sara go!! Fatima bhutto is haughty and sillyRecommend

  • Kinza

    Fake vs. Real = Sara Taseer vs. Fatima Bhutto – Fatima Bhutto is the Real Deal! Go Fatima!Recommend

  • Alias

    You telling me you didn’t go to Harrods this week?

    Seriously? She isn’t the President of Pakistan, and is in no way accountable to ‘the people’ for her actions.

    Even if she did go to Harrods, I’m sure she had her reasons.

    And you call this baseless, biased judgement on character ‘journalism’? Really Nadya V?Recommend

  • aw

    as if sara taseer reeely cares what is going on in Pakistan!

    all these spoiled kids of wealthy politicians think that they own Pakistan and the entire responsibility of doing the good is theirs, while they dont want to leave their airconditioned room,luxurious cars, vulgar clothes and studies abroad.
    whay would they know what Pakistan actually is… Pakistan doesnt live in these huge bunglows. it lives in those unpaved streets, houses with no light and schools with no benches but HUMANSS and YEs most importantly TRUE PAKISTANIS living there!Recommend

  • Naveed

    @Hira Shah:
    thats rightRecommend

  • dan

    You know its a bad day for “The News” when the moronic blog of a moronic newspaper (the news part is used lightly there) starts insulting its integrity – after they just published some headline news about TWITTER. Remind me, which one is the most read newspaper in Pakistan? Hey Nadya! I think there’s a fashion show for cats going on that would suit your level of “journalistic skills” a bit better…Recommend

  • Haris Hussain

    Blog Tribune has become so pathetic!Recommend

  • sardar taimoor

    Fatima Bhutto is not important; why even bother talking about her. She does not matter here in Pakistan. And yes, if you do look at her interviews to foreign channels, she does exactly what she is not supposed to and that is defame Pakistan. But then again you can’t blame her, she’s still confused about who martyred her father, her mother tells her it was Zardari, but history tells us it was the establishment without any doubt.Recommend

  • CK

    Fail blog!!!
    clear bias towards bhutto.. sara taseer thinks she is a model rolls eyes EZ!!Recommend

  • Jahangir

    Catfight !!!Recommend

  • Muneezeh

    Hahaha. Best summing up of Fatima Bhutto’s love for the people of Pakistan: You telling me you didn’t go to Harrods this week? Her elitist attitude is unmatchable!!!!!!!Recommend

  • Sarah Farrukh

    Cat fight…..Recommend

  • Asif Butt

    This article/posting is apparently very suspicious and tended in nature.

    Although I have not studied journalism or mass communication , I also personally believe that it lacks the fundamental objectivity and NEUTRAL journalistic content.

    As a result I have been inclined to believe that the intentions or opinions of Nadya V. ( the one who wrote it ) are biased.

    And it is very surprising how THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE expects to have a maintained news reputation while allowing such postings.Recommend

  • O

    Then I will appreciate I Ms. Taseer closes her expensive jewellery shop and open a NGO for Pakistani children who have no access to food and health! Recommend

  • dee

    This website is the Real Traitor :)Recommend

  • Afk

    What an utterly useless blog. Sara Taseer? And you really think that if Fatima Bhutto hadn’t given that speech that people would have some other opinion about Pakistan? The entire world sees us as an utterly corrupt nation regardless of her speech. Recommend

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    Since when did illiteracy and pointlessness become the criteria for publication? Oh wait, since ages. Nadya V, try doing something else, anything else.Recommend

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    meaningless blogRecommend

  • hussain shah

    clearly Ms Taseer is just trying to draw some attention.fatima bhutto is a real bhutto and she highlights the problems of governace in pakistan.if Mr Zardari happens to be the most currupt president we ever had,its not her fault….Recommend