It’s not easy being Veena

Published: December 17, 2011

From her so called topless pictures, to her most recent disappearance people want to know more about Veena Malik. PHOTO: FILE

While we may complain about there being too much coverage of Veena Malik in the news, the fact is that all of us want to read of her latest move, her latest misstep or scandal, so to speak.

From her so-called topless pictures for FHM India, to her most recent episode when she is said to have ‘disappeared’, people on both sides of the border seem to want to know more and more about this controversial Pakistani actress. Some say that she is doing all these things deliberately, for PR purposes, while others say that she should be left alone to live her life the way she sees fit. Yet others say that she has humiliated Pakistan, by posing semi-nude (if not stark nude) in an enemy country and hence should pay for her “sin”. Cases have been filed — and dismissed — in Pakistani courts, accusing the actress of bringing a bad name to Pakistan.

While all this has happened, some have wondered what would happen to her if she really were to return to Pakistan. After all, having the word ‘ISI’ tattooed on her arm for a magazine cover is no ordinary feat and would be sure to, at the very least, garner the attention of the country’s premier spy agency.

Even the Indian media seems hot on her heels. When she went ‘missing’ for a day or so, a newspaper as big and mainstream as The Indian Express got it all wrong when it reported that she had secretly left India for Pakistan. The story had details such as her route of passage — the Wagah border — and even quoted her manager. The reason given was that her visa was expiring and that she couldn’t stay in India any longer and the secret passage was because of presumed threats to her because of her FHM photo-shoot.

Quite clearly, it’s not easy being someone like Veena Malik. She may be a controversial figure and she may have done things that we would never think of or dare to, but at least she seems to have the audacity and the courage to do what’s on her mind. And one should respect that, at least.


Saadia Qamar

A reporter on the Life and Style desk of The Express Tribune

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  • Tahir

    It is strange to see no comments on your piece as yet! Veena does not matter to me being a Pakistani and I did not waste my time listening to the TV to know what she has been doing lately. What I wish for is that she should be treated in accordance with the law of land here in Pakistan. On the question of ISI tatoo, I consider ISI neither has time nor should it be interested in following a stooge like Veena.

    Towards the end, I don’t know in which sense do you laud Veena’s adventurism when appreciating her audacity and courage for daring to do what has been on her mind, you recommend respecting her audacity! What if someone likes to kill human beings for fun and he/ she continues doing that until one day, when she/ he is caught! Well, should we appreciate him/ her following the same analogy????

    In today’s era where civilizations are being swept away under the Globalization Tsunami, nations need to jealously guard their ideological borders more than geographical boundaries. The nations that will be able to preserve their national identities are likely to ideologically and physically survive on the world’s political map longer than others. While globalization has enhanced awareness etc, it has besides others benefits/ ills subjected our youth to western cultural onslaught. A by-product has been setting in of frustration and rebelliousness to existing national order. Empowering youth without educating them tantamount to giving nuclear weapon fire button to a preschooler! Whatever we say, being Muslims we should and must draw inspiration and guidance from our religion.Values and practices which contradict what our religion teaches us, can and should never be promoted or embraced, period. Recommend

  • Sajid Riaz

    I, for one, do not want to know anything about Veena Malik, Allow yourself please.Recommend

  • silentvoices

    I will say sorry if some one mind that Veena malik is cheap and living dead and it is impossible for any one to be like her .. i will love to watch cartoon network rather follow the silly …Recommend

  • SJ

    Let the Veena stories be a thing of the past, just like the year 2011.Recommend

  • Taha Siddiqui

    I think we all need to mind our own businesses. There is nothing wrong with someone if they support or do not condemn veena malik. If people like mumtaz qadri are treated as heroes in this country, why not let veena malik do as she pleases…. i think we better keep to ourselves rather than try to point fingers at other people’s characters. Veena is a celrbity, an artiste and an entertainer. we should treat her like one, why do we always try to judge someone’s character, when we ourselves have a lot about ourselves that we can safely deal without declaring in public!Recommend