Humsafar: Here’s what the noise is about

Published: December 14, 2011

From grandmothers to teenagers, the love-story "Humsafar" has captivated the attention of Pakistanis worldwide. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

The Pakistani TV series “Humsafar” has gathered tremendous popularity since its launch on September 24 this year. At least five pages are dedicated to it on Facebook, with a cumulative number of fans exceeding 100,000. Every status update, video clip, or image shared on these pages gets thousands of likes within hours and they are shared over and over again. Not only this, but Humsafar” can be seen trending on Twitter very often too. Some enjoyable Tweets I have come across that capture the mass appeal of the show are:


That awkward moment when you meet Asher from “Humsafar” and your mother is even more hyper than you are.


If you want to launch any brand in Pakistan, just make sure it has the word Humsafar” in it and see how it rockets to the top.

These tweets give one an idea of just how popular the show is and the fans it has gathered in just a few months.

So why is this show such a rage? In my opinion, the choice of actors and the actors’ performance are key to a successful play production. Actors Fawad Afzal Khan and Mahira Khan both hold a soft spot in the hearts of people after their phenomenal performances in the movies Khuda key Liye and Bol respectively. Although expectations were high after being cast in such riveting roles, both Khans have risen to the challenge and have delivered stellar performances.

It is a known phenomenon that people are attracted to those they admire. Be it Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mocking Bird or Shahrukh Khan in Kal Ho Na Ho, people generally like characters with integrity. Fawad Khan sits amongst these ranks in the eyes of the Pakistani population. In addition to being the lead vocalist in the band Entity Paradigm, Khan has delivered successful performances in “Jutt and Bond” and Khuda Kay Liye. But his excellent performance in Pakistan TV series “Humsafar” is another benchmark he should be proud of; he adds life to the character he plays and has drawn massive viewership.

Here is a clip from one of the most note-worthy scenes of this serial, a clip that highlights the work of both Mahira and Fawad:

The Pakistani drama industry has redeemed itself with the airing of “Humsafar” and has been restored to its long lost glory. The story is absolutely gripping. After a long time, people are able to watch a show where emphasis has been placed on the story, delivery and the acting. Such is the elegance and grace of the show, that it gives the older Pakistani generation a taste of what TV serials used to be when they were teenagers. Fortunately, “Humsafar” is also free from the plague of sleazy dialogue, a crude show of skin and a classless plot.

With “Humsafar” comes a love-story which bleeds passion. Imagined a simple, middle- class, small-town girl getting married to a Yale graduate belonging to a very affluent family? This mismatch is the theme of the show and is the reason behind the appeal of the story.

The title song of the show, sung by Quratulain Baloch, too has become hugely popular. It gels perfectly with the plot and is catchy enough to make one sing along. The lyrics are truly reflective of the story:

“Wo humsafar tha, magar us sey hum nawai naa thi”

( He was my life partner but sharing a life with him wasn’t meant to be)

The credit to the success of the show must also go to the writer Farhat Ishtiaq, director Sarmad Khoosat and producer Momina Duraid.

I am not a big fan of TV series and was not an avid follower of “Humsafar” either. I hadn’t started watching the show myself until seven episodes had been aired. But then I saw it emerging on social media networks and was taken aback by the frenzy of people sharing videos of the scenes and discussing them with gusto. I didn’t want to feel like a fish out of water so I began to watch the show and have been hooked ever since.

So here’s my advice to all the Pakistanis out there: celebrate the achievements of your country! Give “Grey’s Anatomy” and  “Saathiya” a break and watch “Humsafar”, you won’t regret it.


Quratulain Tejani

A Marketing and Management student who is perusing her BBA from SZABIST.She is a Rotaractor, IEEEian, Blogger, Youth Activist, KL-YES alumnus and loves tweeting @qtejani

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  • Kay Jay

    A nation deprived of quality shows would fall for anything which is a degree better, this is such a useless drama …..
    Frustrated people Recommend

  • Sana Iqbal

    The show is not bad in relative comparison to the content already on air but honestly speaking I find it a bit too O V E R R A T E D!
    No Offence.

    P.S. Good Job QB.Recommend

  • sru

    This article is probably going to be one of the most-read as I post this. Recommend

  • Meher T

    I think people started converting with “Dastaan” and then the ball kept rolling. Even the Indians I know (overseas atleast) are hooked on to our dramas.

    And @kay jay dramas have the potential to highlight many unspoken cultural issues and this has been witnessed through out times, starting with theatre, then cinema and now television.Recommend

  • Jahanzaib

    i like this serial very much, every short,, and the story is very emotional, nd about the song…, the song is one of the my favorite collection.., thnxRecommend

  • Arsalan Mir

    I really feel like fish out of water…mein tu abhi tak OST bhi nahi suna :PRecommend

  • Innocent

    @Kay Jay: Dude UR DEFINITELY INDIAN. Just go die Cuz this DRAMA IS THE BEST. Atleast better that Urs Saathiya.Recommend

  • Atif

    a very decent Drama Series after a long time.Recommend

  • Kay Jay

    Meher T : I very well understand what dramas and Tv is meant for, this drama Humsafar is indeed useless because it depicts the centuries old saas bahu larai in a different way THAT’S IT. nothing new about it …,
    Give me a break from saas bahi chick flicks and a poor girl marrying a rich boy stories.. grow up . PLEASE ! Recommend

  • S

    Honestly, the acting and direction are good, and the artistes look fresh, but the story is pretty much about the same old evil, scheming mother-in-law and the jealous-ex conniving. and please. they show ultimately cool people who go to Yale and yet have no qualms about shoving a pregnant woman to the floor…I know readers will not agree with my contention, saying that “you think rich people don’t indulge in abuse”…true, they do, but if you’re trying to show heroes/ideals who are admired for their “integrity” and who the audience is falling in love with, at least show a woman who stands up against a beating, and a man who stops his mom from hitting his wife. why must we continue to rely on weak, spineless, wronged women who face beatings and macho men who are okay with female abuse as our heroes and heroines? For once, can we show that there is something very, very wrong with hitting a woman, no matter what you think she has done? At least in fiction, we can show strong, powerful characters, who can provide real inspiration to our downtrodden masses…Peace :) Recommend

  • Grey’s Fan

    I’d rather keep Grey’s Anatomy out of it…. though I love both, so there’s nothing wrong in watching them both and then becoming crazy with the bunch. Plus, Grey’s is already on a break until January, so this calls for loyalty to Humsafar until then :p


  • Asterisk

    probably bcuz of the cast…. girl luv fawad.. n boys r all after mahira…. n dadi nani’s well they watch each n every drama for time pass….Recommend

  • Natasha S.

    Saturdays are all about loving Asher and Khirad and cursing Khizer and Sara these days. Recommend

  • Natasha S.
  • Anum

    Yeah never heard of it.Recommend

  • Sindhvoice

    This drama reminds me the glory of Pakistani Dramas (PTV era).This drama has all in it to attract people. Attiqa Odho’s acting some times feels to me as below her average acting skills. She seems out of character or some time not well fit it in character. Story has some weakness but overall 4/5.Recommend

  • http://islamabad Maryam

    the song awesome…the drama was awesome before the last 2 episodes.but eventually it just evolved as a star plus drama, drama within a drama….that saas bahu typical scene.

    i made sure that i was every sat from 8-9 just to watch this drama but last saturday i just didnt feel like watching it. Recommend

  • amrita

    When you gave credit to the singer for the song, you should have mentioned the lyricist too.Recommend

  • Naveed

    i fail to see the hype here. since the glamour is all there, despite what the writer here has noted. there are big houses, sprawling lawns…lavish dresses and super cars. all of them housing people with bucketloads of money and looks to flaunt.

    dont get me wrong but the premise just didnt make sense in the setting its been presented it. all i see is some bored rich twenty somethings stuck up over relationship matters?

    maybe if the setting was toned down (something like how DAAM was presented) it could relate to a wider audience and the whole plot would make more sense.

    just saying…Recommend

  • AHR

    It is a good drama but frankly very over-rated. The mass appeal is always evident in all TV dramas, but the reason the classes have fallen for this one is simply because of the “coolness qoutient” of Fawad and Mahira. The storyline is pretty predictable and cliched, poor cousin gets married to rich cousin who is in love with his rich cousin, mother doesn’t approve, dad is a bundle of sweetness but eventually dies after honoring his commitment to his dead sister and antagonizing his wife in the process – pretty much some decades old plot. there have been much better offerings on the local Tv channels. Not to say that both fawad and mahira look great and act well but the hype is beyond the credentials.Recommend

  • Saad

    I watched one episode. The girl kept crying for the whole hour. There was so much dramatization. The ‘bitchy’ girl is awesome, though. and that gorilla girl advertisement they have? NO THANKS, I’d rather have my 20 minutes of Big Bang Theory instead.Recommend

  • Chief Marketing Officer @ Sociality360

    as usual, predictable endingRecommend

  • Silent Spectator

    I don’t watch TV dramas often since they are superficial and far from reality. However, Humsafar has changed my opinion about Pakistani dramas and the immense talent of Pakistani actors. Sarmad Khoosat is a genius and deserves credit for directing this drama so well. All actors are acting great and not over-acting like most other plays.
    Humsafar reminds me of the quality dramas that old school PTV used to present. In my opinion, Humsafar is in the same league as PTV classics like Tanhaiyan, Dhoop Kinaray, Uroosa, etc.Recommend

  • The Only Normal Person Here.

    I dont follow this show. But my mum watches it even in repeat. HUM Tv has played a vital role in wiping out star plus mania from the land of pure.Recommend

  • Summ

    havent u heard of Dastaan?????? that came first in getting the lost glory. that was gorgeous, acting production, pre and post production including amazing story and brilliant set design and evergreen dialogues. that was one of the first i think.Recommend

  • Faizan Elahi ( BestBloggingTools)

    I think the show is not as good as most people think it is, especially the last few episodes. The story is quite unrealistic.Recommend

  • Sadia

    dont forget that the story is absed on a novel written by Farhat Ishtiaque…ans so was DAASTAN! the stories in urdu novels r truly reflective of the society, relate to our emotions storngly instead of the ones copied down from star plus!!! that is the reason GEO dramas r patheic!! HUM TV stands out as it has always picked stronger plots, extra ordinary casts and always focus on human emotions & social issues!!!Recommend

  • Arsal Shoaib

    The Way its Story Revolves and the hate and elite class rivalries appear time and again make it completely sublime. It started off as any other serial but the wroter, directors and producers have made it absolutely starstudded. Hats Off to everyone ! :)Recommend

  • Salman Mir

    well i havent heard the OST or watched the serial yet but yeah from what i know the two lead characters will get separated for a while, till all the crap is settled with the help of supernatural godly forces and then they’ll reunite to live like a happily married couple for eternity .. of course in course of separation one of the leads will get naughty with sub-lead artist ;) if you know what i mean… gosh i m so excited that i wrote it all in one sentence … *humsafar indulgence”Recommend

  • Hafsa

    Humsafar is great!!! Excellent acting, great direction, beautiful title song and i just love it..People who have issues with having good and clean entertainment then they can go watch veena malik.


  • Sana Iqbal

    Do NOT, I repeat do NOT ever expect HUM TV to tone down their super elite settings. They are just too obsessed with it. I have noticed this in almost all their serials. Either they have to shoot it in Cape Town or NYC or in a super huge bungalow with a super big lounge and super big lush green lawn and a swimming pool located in DHA, Karachi.

    Sigh! Blame the Jahangir Siddiqui syndrome for that.(If you know what I mean :P)Recommend

  • Imran Hunzai
  • Gullible Nomore

    As much as I like the show I have to agree with Kay Jay. It was good until two episodes ago, since then it has turned into the same ol same ol.Recommend

  • Saad Durrani

    In all honesty, Sarmad has packaged the drama well. The story is haywire but in its totality, he gave a hit. I wish they knew how to handle those HD cameras though. Recommend

  • jojo

    I agree with people who wrote its unrealistic. Plus its got that same old story, the typical romance and sazishein of the saas ; the glamour n all etc etc, how is it any different from indian serials !? I don’t follow it regularly but from what I saw..the biggest stupidity in the story was the character of the guy he so stupid that he cant see why Ashar’s mom is doing all that..its to get Sara back in Ashar’s life!! And he says he’s doing it to get in the world will that happen when he just cleared Sara’s way into Ashar’s life !? There are many other flaws too which I noticed in the story but lets just wrap it up here. Bottomline: Humsafar is overrated.. big time!! And this is coming from a Pakistani..I’m not an Indian nor a viewer of Indian serials..I watch Pakistani serials..those which have so much better things to offer than this serial. I don’t see why people go ga-ga over it.
    The only thing I’d appreciate is the editing and Fawad Khan’s acting. No offence to Mahira fans but she aint really good..most of the times it appears she’s crammed her dialogues and delivers them without much emotion.Recommend

  • jojo

    The only possible reason of its popularity in my view is the romantic scenes. In Pakistani serials we don’t get to see much romance especially of the cute type, so obviously people immediately liked this serial when they saw the promos and stuff. Its just like the Indian serials where even if you don’t have any story or show unrealistic stuff people love them just because of the love scenes between the leads. I’m sure if in the future Pakistani shows start showing more romance they’ll be popular.Recommend

  • ibrahim

    Very ?True indeed .Also Naveen Waqar is the attraction in the play X AAG VJ is doing a wonderful job Recommend

  • Rehan

    Simply awesome drama.Recommend

  • sara

    You keep refering to Khuda Ke Liye as the reason behind Fawad’s popularity even though no one gave two hoots about him in that movie as his acting was medicore and he wasn’t a central character. If you’d followed TV, you would’ve known that it was the Hum Tv Drama ‘Dastaan’, that made him a nationwide heart throb. Search on youtube/ facebook and you’ll know!!!

    whatever happened to doing some research BEFORE writing an article?Recommend

  • sara

    Oh and the drama is very overrated!! the only tv dramas worth watching right now are Dareecha and Jal PariRecommend

  • Reemz

    @Kay Jay:
    This is actually a drama based on a novel. And its about how the actors have performed. Even if the story line is old fashioned, the drama has gained a lot of fame because of how the actors have performed their roles. So keep your hatred away. :) it won’t help you in anyway. Recommend


    vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv nice serial i love dis serial Recommend

  • Tayyaba Mujahid

    i just simply luv ds drama……its awsm….da acting, da scenes r just outstanding….hatsoff 2 da entire team of HUMSAFAR…<3 u allRecommend

  • Hina T

    @Kay Jay: Hamsafar is way better than those “NEVER ENDING” star plus shows!!! Pakistani dramas have sum reality based stories unlike the indian ones huh!Recommend


    vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv nice serial i love dis serialRecommend

  • Pakistani

    superb novel but the acting of fawad khan and mahira khan is just awesome.They have portrayed the novel as the real picture of life .I am speechless . And all those cheap indian soap lovers , watch the real drama which can only be produced in Pakistan .Long live Pakistan Television. Recommend

  • kanwal

    @Sana Iqbal:

    Maat is also running on Hum TV and it does not have the kind of sets or setting. Recommend

  • Erum

    Although I haven’t started watching this drama but I have read the novel and it was superb… :)Recommend

  • Anonymous

    I know how it feels you Indians… when a Paki drama gets so popular at a time when the Indian Dramas are a big No-no and the Bollywood movies are nothing except skin exposure, vulgarity and baseless, senseless storylines! Keep on getting jealous… We’ll continue loving Humsafar!Recommend

  • madiha

    Humsafarrrr is my fav drama but now I don’t likee it , last few episodes were horribleRecommend

  • madiha

    Humsafarr was m fav dramaa ,last few episodes were horribleeRecommend

  • x

    its beauty lies in its direction, acting, the way the subject is handled and the story is unfolded so delicately.. the little things , gestures, looks, expressions, words hold such importance, its akin to poetry.
    to illustrate a few of my favorite scenes,
    1/ the way sara attempts to put down khirat by referring to her humble background, ashers expressions as he senses with unease what sara is doing and his attempts to test khirat to see how much she would reveal and what she feels later in the car are truly masterful
    2/ the scene in which ahser learns that his wife has in fact done bachelors in maths and is not the stupid, uneducated girl he thought her to be and his attempts to cover up his surprise by saying that she looks too young to have completed bachelors
    3/ sara’s phone conversation with khirat in which she snubs khiret who senses this as she is no fool but lacks the social experience and that worldly wisdom to know how to respond and give sara a shut up call
    just a few examples, but superb direction and acting.Recommend

  • Hina

    I Love everything about this Humsafar; the story, cast, direction, ost just everything related to this serial. The story may be “predictable” as many of you would say but i think what makes it beautiful is the way human emotions have been presented. And plz dont even try to compare it with never ending star plus serials. You cant just call a story being a typical one if the saas has a negative role. There are many parameters to differentiate one play from another. If its getting so much fame then it means there is something in it worth appreciating.
    ps. Fawad Khan you are the BEST…..Recommend

  • Saad Durrani

    The best bit about Humsafar is that it does not contain old faces in the lead. The lead actors are acting their 20-something ages which is available unlike Humayun Saeed who cannot grasp the reality that his days as the lead are over.Recommend

  • http://hotmail sarah raza

    i hve read tht novel nd ending of this story is a great plot twist, its not that it has darkness but still it is different from some typical soaps its definitely a natural drama that engage you at that level of feeling nd connection so just wait and watch instead of critisizingRecommend

  • siddiqa

    @Kay Jay:
    why don’t you recommend something better?Recommend

  • siddiqa

    you just need to chill out dude …Recommend


    people love to criticize, don’t know why…this useless criticism will lead us to path from which we won’t be able to get back…Recommend

  • Impressed

    Another factor attributing to the success of Humsafar is the sheer common sense that plays an essential role in the entire drama serial…right from the start in an Indian show or any other Pakistani soap…Khirad would have fallen at Ashers’ feet after a romantic moment that would have occurred at frequent intervals when those two chose to stay apart…but in Humsafar for once the girl has enough self esteem to not fall in Ashers’ arms in an instant…his money, status etc doesn’t sway the woman that easily and that the woman cares about more than only how the husband looks… things like how he treats her are important in the show making it an essential feature of its appeal to the masses…the same way…there was another scene when she goes to sleep early on account of having to go to university the other day…n tells Asher the same….any other show would have had her stay up without food till the Husband returned and probably faint while he rushes to grab her!!!! Recommend

  • abid

    I couldn’t understand why you name only one channel for airing sub-standard dramas. Geo has also contributed some excellent stuff in near past that reminds all of us to old PTV classics. Just see ‘Jo Chale To Jaan Se Guzar Gaye’ these days. Specially the acting of Saba Qamar (For me its better than Mahira in Hamsafar. I wonder what she is doing with her ‘eyes’ in this drama..great). And ‘Meri Zaat Zarra e Be Nishan’ last year.

    @ound Quratulain. Good write-up. Very good drama, with acting, song and most importantly sarmad’s direction. My only objection is ‘Atiqa Odho’. She is not up to the mark.

    Those who criticising story, should know that its not story itself that attracts people but the way writer tell the story and handle it dear. Farhat Ishtiaq has done it well. Recommend

  • Anum Keshodia

    The story is the typical saas bahu and jealous lover one, but the execution is really good, most of the actors have done justice to the character… However, I agree with some of the people who have commented that fine story line is good but too much glamour and focus on upper class is there, which makes it a bit far from reality…

    In my opinion, MAAT on HUM tv is better than this one, which shows lower middle/ middle class and its issues and happenings in their lives which is more closer to the society and easier to relate to and learn from for our masses, rather than sitting in AWE and starring at the cool – looking people in this drama… Recommend

  • mary

    Sarmad Khoosat deserves credit for salvaging an extremely OTT, filmi and cliched script. Recommend

  • mary

    I would say “Mere Paas Paas” directed by Misbah Khalid starring Nadia Jamil, Deepak Parwani and Momi was the first. it truly heralded the arrival of HUM TV which as someone else mentioned has single handedly obliterated the Star Plus Mania.Recommend

  • Engr.Mansoor Mirza

    This is Stunning Darama…. After a Long Time am Following a TV Serial ,,,, Actors and Director did gr8 job….. Farhat Ishtiaq is Good as always :) Recommend

  • areena

    Humsafar is AMAZING!
    Haters, are just a bunch of jealous people who can only see the erotic American shows, and foresee the decency in Humsafar!

    The article is pretty good! <3
    Thanks, looking forward to more on the subject! ;)Recommend

  • areena

    @sara: u, girl, are crazy! :)
    i do watch dareecha, but HALLO!? comparing it to Humsafar!? -__-Recommend

  • areena

    dude, if u havent seen paki serials, and are just a jealous head, get away! :|
    dont talk abt it! :SRecommend

  • abid

    Dear Moderator.
    Whats wrong in my comments?. Recommend

  • Haniya

    The story is so cliched!!! Why not try to educate women than rather promote their jealousy cum revengeful mindsets and the traditional saas bahoo stunts? why don’t we show something that would improve women’s mental state as if the womenfolk are their enemies and ‘winning’ by horrible tactics is the only way???Recommend

  • maria

    i like this serial very much, every short,, and the story is very emotional, nd about the song…, the song is one of the my favorite collection.., thnxRecommend

  • sana

    I know how it feels you Indians… when a Paki drama gets so popular at a time when the Indian Dramas are a big No-no and the Bollywood movies are nothing except skin exposure, vulgarity and baseless, senseless storylines! Keep on getting jealous… We’ll continue loving Humsafar!Recommend

  • Muammad noman khaliq

    atleast Pakistani dramas r gud than indian. they have story and more importantly these come to an end.Recommend

  • Sana Iqbal

    I am not an avid follower of Pakistani serials but the one which I found with some substance these days is ‘Ek Nazar Meri Taraf’. The serial does not flaunt an over elite life style and focuses on the dillema that a widow faces during her ‘IDDAT’ thanks to superstitious and extremist minded society. A good soundtrack and strong acting. Although there are some flaws in that serial too but if I have to choose one serial to watch I would definitely go for ‘Ek Nazar Meri Taraf’ rather than Hamsafar.Recommend

  • Fahad

    Great Drama Serial :)
    with Decent ActorsRecommend

  • Kinzah

    Little known fact…Humsafar is based on an urdu novel titled the very same…what really goes in its favour is the freshness of the show..the acting is done marvelously…at a point…you empathize with each heart went out to sara and usher initially when the drastic marriage happened…..and now with usher and khirad…Its AS FAR AWAY from star plus as possible..and the adult content is non-existent (thank god!) the dressing looks very real something we all wear day in and day out…no outlandish wardrobe, houses or businesses to take care of…all very very real…I know many of us think these things dont happen…but in alot of ways i can relate to each character from my own personal experience…
    Great job for making such dramas!! Recommend

  • Mahi

    Whoa,I just didn’t know that humsafar has gone “this ” popular?:O
    Anyways,I’ve read the real story and it was very well written by the writer.
    @Jojo there’s a HUGE difference between a soap and serial,Indian soaps(even Pakistani soaps for that matter)lack story,it’s like I’m free these days how about producing a drama.I laugh when they claim that creatives are working on the track?what kinda creatives are they?if marrying thrice,killing someone and bringing them back over and over again,fighting over PETTY issues.Filling in your hubby’s against MIL and sons against DIL,dying and coming back with reincarnation,is what you even call a drama then kudos to your intelligence,like SERIOUSLY. One thing,there’s NO comparison b/w a soap and a serial and the reason why Humsafar is so popular is mainly because of the track,the story don’t just focus how the MIL plotted against her DIL but so many other things,and people can relate to Khirad’s character.Let’s just say,it’s for masses not elites:P.Also the planning of Asher’s mother was not to marry his son to Sara she just seemed better in comparison to Khirad(since I’ve read the original story so i know a bit).It’s no way compared to insane Indian soaps that make NO sense whatsoever.
    @Kay jay,lol our TV industry is STILL way ahead of yours.What makes me laugh is your creatives are running out of creativity and approach Pakistani writers to allow them to remake our old serials for instasnce the” Kuch tu log kahenge” is a remake of old Pakistani serial “Dhoop Kinare” and not just that your movie makers copy our serials a scene from the serial “unkahee” was copied as it is,in the movie ” chal mere bhai.So wake up man,your movie industyry rocks and our tv industry rocks Long live Pakistan.Recommend


    the most famous serial………….n i luv this serial especially khirad n asher…………i just want to say that the husband should believe of her wife…………..<3 <3 <3Recommend

  • Mk

    Humsafar is an awesommee Story and show.Sarmad and the whole cast have done a amazinggg Job and Finally we got a Something BEST to watch.Even my Indian Friends are loving it.Humsafar is a Big success and If its doing well its means its Awesomme.At this time more thn 25 dramas are running on Different channels and Humsafar is leading So it doesn’t need any certificate from haters:)
    And its not a Saas-Bahu Crap, its a Love story, on the basis of 2-3 Episodes you cant judge whole story.First watch it and then talk about it.Dont even dare to compare such beautiful show with star plus crap.
    PS:50% Haters are Fawad-Sanam Fans and 50% are abcdefg Fans :P Chill guyz :pRecommend

  • kiran ahmad

    title song is very good, initially subject was looking new, but now at end its going to be typical and boring although Attiq is my favourite artist but in this play Attiqa `s acting is so disappointing,it looks to me that this is a production in hurry and without any home work, a bit disappointing and commercial serial.Recommend

  • http://google maria

    nice drama……….Recommend

  • Rizvi

    @Kay Jay:
    So you have seen the drama, well done ! ….you are just shy to admit it is one of the best ever because you are Indian. Recommend

  • Rizvi

    Amazing acting, story very near to Pakistani Cultrue so people can relate to it. Recommend

  • Mk

    story its not everything.its all about the way you present it.HS was a famous novel coz of the way farhat wrote it.she converted a simple story into a beautiful Novel.and now sarmad did a fab job by presenting it in a best way .And if All things are going in great way like chemistry of leads ,direction,Ost and etc than what else you need?
    Everything is so perfect about HS and thats y people are loving it. Its leading in Trp charts.My family Friends classmates everyone is talking about it.And i seriously dunno if those Haters are not liking it thn wth they are wasting their time by posting their longg Comments on HS related articles.Recommend

  • AliyaRafay

    I agree , The story does looks like typical ‘ khawateen digest type issues ‘ …. but this drama has alot more then that in terms of excellent direction, extremely decent and powerful acting , natural beauty, no exaggerations , very much close to reality , beautuful and decent romance and above all .. extra ordinary beautuful cast.( believe me I’m in Canada & even Goris are having crush on Mr Khan :) All this is enough to stick yourself like a glue to this drama. This serial does reminds me super hit ” Dhoop Kinaray ” and Fawad does reminds me ” Rahat Kazmi ” ! Have you seen such decent romance in any other drama these days which gives you goosebumps.??….if not then you are an emotionless person ! No offence :)Recommend


    no doubt! very touchy but, bad part is “MISUNDERSTANDING” b/w asher n khrid.. its makes feel very upset:(
    but loved fawad n mahira in this serial…Recommend

  • Gullible Nomore

    I’d rate the serial ‘Maat’ higher than Humsafar any day!Recommend

  • Quratulain Tejani

    To all the critics who are saying it’s a cliched story and plot, just answer these questions:

    1) Where have you seen a Yale graduate with such amazing values? Ashar married Khirad solely for the promise that his dad made to his phupho. He admitted that he was underestimating and stereotyping Khirad. This is NOT USUAL.

    2) Where have you seen girls being more concerned about their self-respect when the person they are getting married to are highly educated, affluent and belonging to an ultra rich background?

    3) In which of the recent dramas have you seen decent entertaining romance? Where have you seen a man falling in love with the simplicity, values and honesty of a girl?

    I would like to make a correction here as well. Ashar did not know Khirad was pregnant when all that happened to her. And the way he reacted was pretty normal and can be explained well through psychology and human behavior. No need to get so emotional about that. You won’t like it if the drama doesn’t have a twist when it’s required. Just appreciate that Pakistani drama industry has produced such a show which the foreign media follows and gives examples of. Recommend

  • atika
  • ZN

    Because of Humsafar, I recently watched Daastan. And I must say, there is no better actor in the ‘male lead’ category in Pakistan then Fawad Khan. He is brilliant !Recommend

  • Sadia

    Totally love the show and loved the article.

    P.S Why would you mention Grey’s anatomy and not The Vampire Diaries? I think there are more Vampire Diaries fan in Pakistan if compared to Grey’s. But all the shows are on a break filhaal so Humsafar FTW.Recommend

  • sonia bilal

    Humsafar is one of the best dramas I have ever seen in my life.Its however true that khizar is stupid if he thinks he’s gonna get sara anyways because he himself is clearing sara’s way into usher’s life but whatever , who cares about this as long as FAWAD KHAN is in the drama . I just love asher like anything and believe me , I skip my tution on saturday sharp at 8 pm just to watch HUMSAFAR. Love the direction and OST , sarmad khoosat has done a great job.It very true that atiqa odhu lacks the potential which a saas like her should have , she should deliver her dialouges in a much better way but besides this everything is perfecttt and I would say that the people who are dissing humsafar actually know that IT’S THE BESTT but cant really digestt. But humsafar has been the leading drama serial till now, keep up the good work and wish you all the very besstttttt <3 Recommend

  • rabia

    humsafar is a great work of all the actiors.This show proves that Paksitani dramas are way better than indian drama and also have some moral lessons.
    They not only highlight the problems in the our society but also the way to solve these problems or atleast to avoid it..!!
    humsafar is one of sch drama..i hoe it win some awards,Recommend

  • Hareem

    Im a fish out of water. Just listening the story every week from a friend :/ Recommend

  • Baba Ji

    do people still watch TV dramas ? seriously …..Recommend

  • Kay Jay

    Hahahahah I couldn’t help but reply once again, people here actually think i am An Indian, well to your dismay i belong to a very patriotic family of Pakistan,
    My comment is solely based on the useless and extra hype given to this trashy and cheesy drama only and only because there is nothing else better to watch… The storyline itself is so filmy.. typical saas bahu rivalry….. class difference marriage… it’s all so old
    Fawad khan is NOT handsome… he looks weird
    there are other better looking men in Pakistan i am sure.

    No need to get all that senti over a drama and for once all of you stop calling me an Indian just because i didnt like the same serial you did.. LOL !

    I pity all those girls who find The lead man charming. ..funny Recommend

  • urooj

    okay here goes PEOPLE GET A LIFE IT’S JUST A FREAKING DRAMA.. i don’t get it why people get obsess with such stupid dramas.. i get it , people like fawad but he’s not that good so get over it already!!
    P.S i hate the drama cheers !!Recommend

  • Mr. Chaudhry

    This drama is marvelous. Though the same old story, it renews itself in majority of families in Pakistan everyday. The Saas-Bhau centuries old quarrel which destroys the peace and tranquility of a home. We all have to feel the crunch of this saga and it will continue forever.Recommend

  • Lubna Saad

    I love ‘Hamsafar” it reminds me of the old PTV days drama with Roohi Bano and Shakeel and the good acting and dialogues it has been quit a long time since i have seen a good playRecommend

  • peace-seeker

    I think the sole reason behind the show’s popularity is the fact that people want to recover the lost relationships that once use to be there. Our society in view of westernization has not only lost its own identity but unfortunately has become a pathetic amalgam of a lost crowd. Khirad is an exemplary wife in terms of her character and education, in opposition to which guys today demand a wife with a job, status, looks – everything temporary! I think the writers have done an excellent job in trying to get the message across that indeed its one’s values that really matter and not monetary status for the establishment of a sound relationship.
    Khirad has been shown who’s brought up with the core human values. Why would Asher feel a connection toward Khirad if he was forced into marriage? Obviously b/c he has gotten to find out the real gem inside her. That’s what we all need to get back at – focus more on our values and character rather than joining the lost crowd toward the road-to-no-where. Recommend

  • Hassan

    Bring me another Alpha Bravo Charlie \m/Recommend