Pakistan’s trouble can never be India’s gain

Published: December 12, 2011

The killing of 24 Pakistani soldiers at the hands of Nato a few weeks ago has hurt the pride of all sections of the Pakistani society. PHOTO: REUTERS / AFP

Some Indians have responded with glee over the Nato attack and have stated that Pakistan got what it deserved. PHOTO: AFP / REUTERS The killing of 24 Pakistani soldiers at the hands of Nato a few weeks ago has hurt the pride of all sections of the Pakistani society. PHOTO: REUTERS / AFP

We don’t see Pakistan speaking in one voice very often; different stakeholders react differently to a given situation depending upon their interest and political leaning. However, the killing of 24 Pakistani soldiers at the hands of Nato a few weeks ago united the Pakistani population in their collective grief. People sick and tired of the western design demanded in one voice a complete overhaul of the relationship with the US.

But this development has elicited varied reactions in India. Some vocal sections have reacted with glee at the discomfort of its western neighbour. Below is an excerpt from a blog published in the Hindustan Times on the Nato attck: 

‘Normally, I feel strongly against such blatant violations of the sovereignty of independent nations. But, and only as an exception, I must confess, the US action is giving me immense pleasure.

Adding to my satisfaction, even unconcealed glee, is the decision of US President Barrack Obama not to tender an apology for the attack.

A respected colleague is aghast at my reaction. He accuses me of being intrinsically anti-Pakistani.

I’m not.

But I also don’t believe, even for a minute, that it (Pakistan) is a friendly country; that engagement with it is the best way forward for us; that a strong and stable Pakistan is in our best interest; and that we must do our bit to strengthen its democratically elected government and the civil society from which it draws its authority.

And that’s why I feel vindicated when the US gives Pakistan a solid hiding and a very visible black eye – something that the Indian government seems singularly incapable of doing.’

Those who are in the habit of seeing Islamabad with the prism of prejudice and paranoia are celebrating the humiliation of the Islamic republic. Most media debates and reports hover around “who is to be blamed” and “who is responsible” without focusing on the larger issue of such a blatant violation of the sovereignty of a nation and the impact of the presence of foreign powers in the region.

One section justifies it by saying “what goes around comes around” meaning that Pakistan is getting what it deserves. The problem is that such sick thought has many takers in this healthy democracy which prides itself as the voice of the third world countries.

Pakistan’s present trouble poses discomforting questions to us – how can, as an independent nation, we support intrusion into a sovereign country’s territory and pride? How far are we okay with the presence of western troops at our door step? Can we afford to be silent when the independence of our immediate neighbour is being violated so blatantly? Can we get away by being indifferent? Can our strategic proximity with the US guarantee us peace in the region?

These questions demand an answer which the present political and geo-strategic narrative can’t give. The answers to these questions also determine the long-term relationship between the two inseparable neighbours.

If six decades of the proximity with the US could not bring good to the people of Pakistan, how can we live in the false belief that New Delhi’s strategic friendship with Washington will serve the people of India better?

Bruce Riedel, a former CIA officer, who has been a senior advisor to four US presidents and a close aide of Obama on Afghanistan till 2009 in his recent book, “Deadly Embrace” writes:

The present plight of Pakistan is, therefore, a byproduct of its association with the western power. No doubt the army and the political leadership in Islamabad have also been playing in the hands of its ally. But more importantly, the USA played with the sentiments and fear of its South Asian ally. By posing as saviour of the country against the larger India, and by pretending to be its strongest ally the West nurtured its own agenda and design at the cost of its own friend.

America never took care of Pakistan’s security– it always advanced its own security agenda and strategic depth in the volatile region. It would be wrong to blame Pakistan solely for the present volatility in South Asia. The presence of the western power has been a major reason for the chaos in South Asia today.

If democracy could not take firm route in India’s neighbourhood, the West is responsible to a great extent. As a friend, America never tried to promote enlightened democracy in Pakistan. It has always sided with the reactionary elements in Islamabad.

Can such a selfish ally be of any use to India? Today when the heat is on the US and its power is in decline, why should New Delhi  give shelter to such force which would always be a disturbing element in region? It would be a major hurdle in the emergence of India as a big player at an international level. Aside from this, by siding with an alien country we would be antagonising and re-enforcing the  fear of a neighbour which has always seen New Delhi as a threat to its stability.

It’s the proximity with the US which is keeping the larger India silent about Pakistan’s trouble. If we fail in condemning the killing of Pakistani soldiers in the Nato attack we are missing a wonderful opportunity to win the sympathy and hearts of our close neighbour;  we would be losing an opportunity to strike a chord with those forces within Pakistan which India perceives are working against its interest.

If we believe that the presence of the US is important in the territory of Pakistan to checkmate the Taliban, then we are all prisoners of myopic vision. It’s easy to fall prey to this narrative that drones can eliminate insurgents and Pakistan can’t act against them because they serve as strategic assets. The reality is different today; an overwhelming majority of the people of Pakistan are sick and tired of this chaos and want to live a normal peaceful life. The presence of foreign troops is a spur and cause to the Taliban activism. The new generation of Pakistan wants a change – they want to assert their identity and defy the popular narrative of the country in a siege and at the brink of failure.

It makes sense for India to empathise with the prevailing popular mood in its neighbourhood. Political and economic engagement with Islamabad will work only when we connect emotionally with people.

We have to go beyond the present geo-strategic thinking put forward by the western world which states that the Nato troops are needed to stabilise South Asia. No where in the world has such presence of alien troops and their sphere of influence served the cause of peace.

West Asia is perennially disturbed because of the US  interference there. The chaos in the Mid-East is engendered by western design; there are many other instances all across the world.

Pakistan has learnt its lesson the hard way. It’s time for all the stakeholders in Islamabad and Rawalpindi to understand the existential threat that donors of dollars pose to the country. No amount of money can buy the self respect of a sovereign nation.

It’s time India also realises the folly of falling into the trap of strategic alliance to corner its neighbour. If we laugh at them today, we might be mocked in the future.



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Sanjay Kumar

A New Delhi based broadcast journalist who reports on national and international affairs. He is a contributor to the Asia Pacific based magazine, The Diplomat. He tweets as @destinydefier (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Ganesh Prasad

    Without going into the merits of the author’s argument, this is a rather confused piece.

    The author decries the tendency of Indians to ignore their long-term strategic interests by falling prey to negative sentiment. However, the rest of the article is an equally sentimental appeal with no pretence of analysis of Indian strategic interests.

    I’m not saying the author is wrong in his condemnation of the schadenfreude among some Indians, but he has just thrown away a wonderful opportunity to enunciate what our rational response must be. Sentiment of the opposite variety is equally unproductive.Recommend

  • Hindu Indian

    I do agree with the author, US of A like any other country is looking at benefits, 60 years back it wanted to counter the USSR so it sought the help of Pakistan and Pakistan responded, and they successfully routed USSR, once the objective was served US of A did not bother to look back so clear the mess, so before India accepts the “friendship” hand of US we have to remember to keep this “friend” at a distance.Recommend

  • Raj

    Though there are lot to be argued with what you have written, however I believe you should try to publish this article on an Indian news site as it is more directed to Indian media and government than fellow Pakistani readers in this forum.

    I agree that the act is a severe violation of sovereignty and human rights and should be condemned by Indians , but to expect that would win brownie points with respect to India Pakistan friendship is just acting too much naive. While the civil society of Pakistan is more concerned with their daily chores, the establishment have their own agendas which varies with time and anti-India policies have served them well in fulfilling their political ambitions.

    You are right in criticizing US policies, but then you should remember that a section of Pakistani establishment have played an important role in implementing the same and in that process have endangered the social fabric of their country. So you should have been equally critical of those leaders as well as without them the article is half truth which thus might prove to be more harmful than a blatant lie.Recommend

  • Ishant

    I disagree with the author.Recommend

  • Atif

    This is the difference between you and us. Can you imagine that a Pakistani leading newspaper will ever give a place to such a piece in their blog? Highly Unlikely.Recommend

  • antony

    If the message is for Indians it should be published there..If the message is for Pakistan saying see here there is a Saint here even though from India then this does no good but just creates hatred. ..Remember your point of feeling the pain of loss of pakistani soldier is commendable and many indians feel it and not support US for its reckless action but your audience for this message should still be Indians.. Recommend

  • J

    Come on, you are talking about anti-americanism is South Asia? Everyone knows how much we yearn for the green cards!Recommend

  • http://Google zan

    I agree with the author, Those who are disagree, friends read about our histories, Go back to 80-150 years back. My friends I am british pakistani, we indian and pakistan live happly and these English still think we are their slaves. You know their famous words ””DIVIDE AND RULE””’
    To all the reader please lookafter yourself and Neighbours.
    Best regardsRecommend

  • Faisal

    Mr. Sharma has a colonial, ‘British Raj’ mentality, which still occupies many in India(and the subcontinent), for them WEST is the ultimate bad guy and we should all just get together, to fight it, even if our differences are pinching us…its a globalized world, where everybody is a potential enemy and everyone is a potential ally, there are no friends though…For India, Pakistan will always be an irritant, coz lets face it, Pakistan was created in 1947 coz of mistrust/hate towards Indians.Recommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk

    @Ganesh Prasad:

    Without going into the merits of the
    author’s argument, this is a rather
    confused piece

    You pretty much nailed it.Recommend

  • abhi

    Pakistani willingly sat in the lap of USA hoping to defeat India in war. it started with mr Jinnah and followed up by Ayub, Yahya, Jia. So Americans are here because pakistan wanted them to be here (remember the 7th fleet in bay of bengal?)
    India should never accept US military presence in India at any cost, as far as their presence in Pakistan is concerned we cannot do much as Pak is “sovereign” nation. Equally pressing is chinese military presence in pakitstan, but you know what we cannot do much about that either.Recommend

  • Salman

    Then the Indians wonder why do some Pakistani celebrate the Mumbai Attacks. I think Pakistan was the best thing which happened to Hindu upper class elite. As it depressed the Muslims. Destroying Pakistan means fueling the extremist ideology and please do not forget if that reached Indian supressed Muslims it will spark a Jihad which Indians will not be able to control. I think Indians are forgetting the history when Muslins really got pissed off and picked up the weapons what can happen. Recommend

  • Ali Tanoli

    @Sunjay kumar,
    God bless u thats it,…Recommend

  • Richa

    India has never allowed any other country to use their base against any other country, unlike Pakistan. Pakistan did it only in the hope of using USA on their side against India all these years. But alas, like the author has rightfully pointed now Pakistan is not being spared either. Pakistan began and carried out all their actions with evil intentions against India, India need not bother about the mess they are in now. Recommend

  • NoWayAround

    How far are we okay with the presence of western troops at our door step? Can we afford to be silent when the independence of our immediate neighbour is being violated so blatantly?

    As if they give sh.. about what India feels. I say stay as much agnostic to all things happening in Pakistan and prepare yourself for the aftermath of these events.

    Even when China the most trustred friend and most favored nation (in true sense) to Pak issues couple of tepid statements – who are we going to support.

    If God forbid Tabilan sustains even after this blitz of force then India will experience similar to what happened after USSR exit. If Taliban is weakened and Pak. Army not under civil govt. control then again India will have issues. Recommend

  • Natasha S.

    There are plenty of Indians here at Tribune who can’t digest their food without making snide remarks on daily basis.

    //It’s the proximity with the US which is keeping the larger India silent about Pakistan’s trouble.//

    I disagree. It’s the mutual hatred. Recommend

  • NoWayAround

    It makes sense for India to empathise with the prevailing popular mood in its neighbourhood

    You just cannot oscillate to vagaries of the prevailing mood – because they are victim today and tomorrow if they are agressors then what?Recommend

  • Shafi Ahmed(Deccan)

    i agree with d author that peaceful pak is in indian interest but what india is doing in Baluchistan is just “Tit-for-Tat”…i dont think v will b friends..!May Allah help pakistan..Ameen.. :) Recommend

  • MD

    Mr. Author,
    You want us Indians to declare the US as our national enemy, don’t you?. If so, may I ask you why? What bad the US has done to us? Had ever any US sponsored American terrorists played havoc with the lives of hundreds of our fellow Indians? Have they ever armed and trained the most inhuman terrorists for sending them into our big cities to massacre innocent Indian citizens? The answer is a big NO. Americans never harmed us in any manner.
    On the contrary, we are benefiting immensely from the United States. Millions Indians are living in the US who send tens of $billion in remittance annually. Apart from that America is our second largest trading partner today. Billions dollars worth of Indian goods are exported to the America annually. Thanks to the US we have now access to the highly advanced technologies which were restricted only for the close US allies until few years ago.
    Coming to the geo-politics, thousands of square kilometers of our land in under the illegal occupation of China and Pakistan and to thwart the Pak-China nexus, India needs the backing and support of the United States. Are you not aware of the recent China’s new-found assertiveness in Asia-Pacific region? Chinese have shown the audacity to intrude even in to the Indian ocean.
    With so much at stake you have the temerity to advocate enmity with the United States? I am not going in to the merits or demerits of the killing of the Pak soldiers by the NATO, it has got nothing to with India. It is an issue between different sovereign nations. And don’t tell me that India will be next. India is just too big even for a super power to meddle with.
    I know you belong to old and now throughly discredited commi-jholawala brigade. You may get some claps from Pakistanis by indulging in senseless Anti-Americanism, but, an Indian like me your article makes no sense at all. Recommend

  • G. Din

    This man, like his colleague Kuldip nayyar, is a confused bloke. One issue, pointy-headed, no peripheral vision!Recommend

  • Alex

    @ Salman,
    “I think Indians are forgetting the history when Muslins really got pissed off and picked up the weapons what can happen.”

    Do you Muslims are picking up lolly-ups now? For most Muslims, Religion = Violence.Recommend

  • Ishant


    I think Indians are forgetting the history when Muslins really got pissed off and picked up the weapons what can happen.

    I don’t remember anything like that ever happening…of course, just like the Britishers, India had some Turkic and Mughal invaders from Central Asia, who invaded India(including today’s Pakistan) but we never had muslims of India picking up weapons…correct your history dude, your country is already notorious for it.Recommend

  • Babloo

    I find little of merit here. Mr Sanjay Kumar pretends as if Pakistan is a regular neighbour of India and none of the events of past 60 years in general and past 20 years in particular have not happened or have stopped happening. Has Mr Sharma heard of ‘cross border’ , ‘LeT’ and ‘terrorism as state policy’ ?Recommend

  • Naeem Javid Muhammad Hassani

    @ Author:
    If I ask you that something unpleasant happens in India which makes it susceptible to any unwanted event what would be your thoughts or even mine. By going through just one blog or a number of alike you cannot assess/pretend Indian’s feelings about us. I totally agree with what you pointed out and showed your concern about India, but, it is also another matter that I Islamabad cann’t see New Delhi happy with Washington same is the case with them. Recommend

  • Akbar

    @Salman: Just not wait till then.. just as you said-that India can destroy Pakistan before that!
    You seem to feel that only Muslims can use weapons for the maximum benefit! That arrogance has been torn to pieces in the recent wars with US and the previous wars with India! May I ask you one question-Are you a Arab? Than what are you in subcontinent? You have come from the subcontinent then you need to learn its power even before Muslims came to India. Thats what is what India is about-much greater than one religion. Help yourself by reading more . This arrogance of religious supremacy has cost the normal peace loving muslims their lives, hopes and security. Still some educated fools refuse to learn this issue.

    @ Author-I do not agree with your notion that because of US-Pakistan is worse today. That applies to India with which Russia had very close relationship. Russia was (USSR) serious communist nation but India DID NOT allow that mindset to effect its democracy and growth. So the author needs to be very careful before writing such baseless truths. Yes-Pakistan needs to be stable for Indians peace of mind. But that cannot be done by Indians or the world as the Pakistanis expect!!!! Recommend

  • Atif


    India did offer their bases…Recommend

  • Optimist

    If the article is aimed at Indians only then it is published in the RIGHT PLACE as overwhelming number of commenters on this website are Indians.Recommend

  • Ali Hassan

    I was never in doubt about how an average Indian think of Pakistan. Comments here have only strengthen my view on it.

    Pakistan has neither hoped nor asked to extend sympathy on latest event. If Pakistan is in trouble due to its own mistakes, as many commentators have ascribed, good enough. Rest assured Pakistan will deal with it. We just need to be patient. At least Pakistan got enough courage to stand up against NATO / USA, may it be after 60 years or so. BUT SHE DID STAND.

    My Indian neighbors may eat pop corns and watch TV meanwhile. Recommend

  • rishabh

    what a stupid article!! absolutely populist and manipulative!! it has been written to get appreciatioon from a paki audience!! the author has disgraced india!! shameful!Recommend

  • Hedgefunder

    The goars will again use and abuse India like the East India Company did in the past. Wake up and smell the coffee, fellow Indians. We are now becoming America’s like we were once Russia’s Recommend

  • AN

    Well thank you for your bigheartedness and compassion for your enemy. Let me just say as a Pakistani that i really don’t feel bad if Indians have celebrated NATO attack. I really mean it. It is sort of guilty pleasure that is natural and expected. We don’t hold that against you. You may ask why? Because we really don’t expect anything positive form India. If it comes we welcome it but we don’t expect it. So it isn’t really shocking. You can celebrate without guilt. Still yes we want our relations with India to normalize and we have taken certain steps if not all to reduce tension. It is upto you now to take the offer or reject it. Recommend

  • Mumbai kid

    @author: You have seriously failed to understand USA India relationship and USA Pakistan relationship. Something you need to research as a responsible columnist that India does not submit itself to every wimp of USA as Pakistan did in it’s yesteryears. USA is not entirely responsible for Pakistan’s mess. It is Pakistani’s people own extreme paranoia and obsession to match India in every aspect which eventually led to their current status. I would love India to condemn the attack which killed 24 Pakistani soldier. But not as a knee jerk reaction but as a result of complete and fair investigation. Is it too much to ask for fair investigation or we should be emotional fools and start taking sides simply out of our emotions ? I have no idea why you raise this point before considering this aspect of serious politics ? What you are reflecting is your fear of USA and that it could do to India what it did to Pakistan. There is a historical, economical, strategical differences between the dependencies of USA Pakistan and USA India relationship. Please don;t mis read me here. I am all for being cautious when it comes to dealing with USA. But I guess our government is doing fine job. A clear indication is 1) not accepting their aircrafts in the biggest aircraft purchase 2) not buying their reactors until they agree to our terms on liability 3) Giving their big retailers tough time to get foothold in the country. and many more. Which explains that India is far more cautious in dealing with USA then it seems. Also to note that despite of what media states India has far comfortable relationship with China then it seems. All they hype about border intrusions is seriously media being over zealous to report something. Fear sells fast and such stories are easy to create fear in public. It is the fear against the common aggressor which unites people. Like people of Pakistan are much united thanks to the India paranoia implied on them by their military. Pakistan’s current state is due to radicalization and ever going comparison of itself with India and constant trying to match India militarily. It could have done better if it could try to also compete on other fields such as Science, medicine, research, business, etc. It never did, it only invested in military and takes pride in “joint researches it does with China” . there is no indigenous research and development in Pakistan and has nothing to be pride about besides it’s military and how it matches or beats India in seriously insignificant issues. China and India has differences but that does not stop them from doing Business and their people freely visit each other’s nation. With Pakistan giving MFN status to India so late and even that with so much of resistance I still see no future use of this status. Pakistani people will continue to live under Kashmir dream and constant paranoia unless the army created by Zia’s doctrine is dismantled completely. Something which is obviously impossible. As an ending note you very conveniently seem to have forgot that India offered aid during the flood and Pakistan denied it. The aid sum was thrice the amount offered by their friend China. To shake hands of friendship you need two hands. India has long ago forwarded the hand of friendship. Time for Pakistan to accept it and move forwardRecommend

  • sundar

    Typical leftist attitude. ‘six decades of the proximity with the US could not bring good to the people of Pakistan’ Decades of close proximity with USA has lifted the people of Japan or S.Korea or Germans to where they are today. What went wrong with Pakistanis? Misplaced priorities, believing in thousand cuts, hatred towards India etc. Instead of raising their citizens standard of living they spent all their money and energy to harm India. It is true “what goes around comes around”. Most of the bombings and killing of innocents originates from Pakistan and you are complaining & whining about Indians reaction. Don’t get me wrong. Some of my good friends are from Pakistan. I am all for trade and friendship with our neighbors. But it is time our neighbor realize pushing trained killers across the border doesn’t help friendship. Recommend

  • Proud Baloch

    This article is perfect for ET where majority of readers are Indians. Recommend

  • Akbar

    @Proud Baloch: But the truth of the matter is for you to learn!!Recommend

  • Bammbayyaa

    @ Author …
    First wait for the outcome of the investigation of the 24 soilders killed … it cud be that they were actually doing the role what they generally do in Kashmir… so keep ur fingures crossed..and dont jump the gun… The Pakistanis and especially the army was always and will be dicy.. ..
    @ Salman,
    “I think Indians are forgetting the history when Muslins really got pissed off and picked up the weapons what can happen.”…
    Have u forgottenthe history why Pakistanis are wearing salwar khameez ??
    And on top of that remember the three defets including the BD… And if you start jihad against India … do u think India will stay quite ???? This time i think there will be addition of 4 more countries to the world order instead of one in… Dont take Indians for granted .. Recommend

  • Vivek

    Very likely, to be honest. I’m not sure what papers / blogs / news sites you are familiar with but you have a whole propaganda thing going on over there. I would suggest you search the word ‘India’ in these papers – Dawn, Pakistan Observer and their blogs. The only Pakistani sites I respect are The Express Tribune and The News International. Everything else is junk. But I’m sure you have more to be worried about than some news agencies. So do we – our economy is tanking at the moment.Recommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk


    I think Indians are forgetting the
    history when Muslins really got pissed
    off and picked up the weapons what can

    I think can remember what happened in 1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999. Thanks for the tip though.Recommend

  • M. I. Aslam

    a good try but in vain dear author your countrymen don’t agree with you at all they easily forgot that after 9/11 Indian govt offered their bases and airspace for operations in Afghanistan.
    Please if you are sincere in your effort then first try to publish this in some Indian website and try to influence your people. Recommend

  • Abhi

    @Ali Hassan
    Let me know where they are showing live telecast from pakistan, I would love to watch.Recommend

  • Ishant


    India was never and will never be anybody’s slave, India is the country, which started Non Aligned Movement…just coz we are neighbors, doesn’t mean we have to be like Pakistan.Recommend

  • Doctor Zhivago

    @Hedgefunder: Very well said.Recommend

  • Cherish

    LOL As if Pak is a normal neighbor. These jholawallahs should be sent to Cuba.Recommend

  • Sanjeev

    On few points the Author was right, but his analysis was incomplete. The US drones have killed many ordinary Pakistani for last 15 months or so, but they never took the defiant stand, it was only when the army was directly hit and put in the dock (for last 5 month) OBL killing, Memogate and the 24 deaths of its uniform people it took the stand to stand up against the US.

    Pakistan cares less about the soverignity of Afghanistan (been meddeling for last 25 Yrs), have they done a self introspection for it….it still plays the game.

    In India Chidambaram is the lucky chap, as Pakistan is too much concerned on its western fron for last few years it has not been able to focus on kasmir, once the NATO moves out and some sembelance comes in its western border are safe all the mujahideen as they called will be directed to eastern border.

    So better play the game and let them get stucked on western border.Recommend

  • ahsan

    @all Indians we don’t need your sympathies and know well how to deal with this egoistic America .. u people mind u own business u have have lots of problems in your incredible india try to fix that first ………Recommend

  • khalis

    yes… you are right… then gujrat 2002 happensRecommend

  • AK Murthy

    Than You Nato and USA for doing a great service to India. We wish you even more greater success Recommend

  • Adil

    It’s always a pleasure to read your blogs. One great point that you have raised is that United States of America was always there when it comes to encourage military dictatorships in Pakistan. Who can forget US aid during in 1980s when seeds of religious extremism were sown in Pakistan just to fight Soviet Union. And now, how come Washington is trying to act as if it’s the sole symbol of justice,freedom,equality and humanity.
    Many Indians who don’t agree with the author here, seem to lack knowledge about USA’s history and its relationships with various regimes worldwide. In 2003, when communication between Indian and Pakistani masses got initiated then one Indian politician named Ram Vilas Paswan was invited on Geo TV’s show Capital Talk where he clearly said that US is a friend of no one, the way it bombed Afghanistan and Iraq killing hundreds of thousands of people doesn’t guarantee that it could be a friend of India or Pakistan in the coming decades.
    Even (Late) Gen. Ayub Khan and Gen. Zia-ul-Haq would later realize the real nature of USA’s managment of international affairs and collaborations. Zia’s death is still a mystery.
    Capitalism,feudalism and religious bigotry have always been an ally for each other, for the past many centuries.Recommend

  • abhi

    no one is fan of USA in India except few NRI types. But we don’t have any sympathy for Pak establishment either.Recommend

  • G. Din

    “Many Indians who don’t agree with the author here, seem to lack knowledge about USA’s history and its relationships with various regimes worldwide. “
    You are wrong. It is precisely that we know the political system of USA better than you do that we have avoided becoming a satellite of US while you have become a shuttle-cock between US and China. Who founded the non-aligned movement? Who opposed the British-French-Israeli onslaught on Suez canal when Egypt’s Nasser nationalized it and made them withdraw? India did. Yet, all those countries whose predatory actions we opposed are today some of our best friends offering goodies to us you cannot even dream of. Notwithstanding that, we know there can be a 180 degree turn when our interests clash and we are wary of and prepared for it. Do not take it as boasting when I say our (Hindu) ancient civilization does imbue us with a wisdom which you (Muslims) will take millenia to attain. This author is indulging in a demagogic exercise to please his Pakistani audience. Intellectually dishonest, if you ask me!Recommend

  • Adil


    Even in Pakistan, frustrated masses have got no sympathy for the elite group of families that have been ruling and ruining Pakistan since inception…the problem is that democracy never got its due course. Me and many of my relatives appreciate some great setups that took place during Musharraf’s regime but I personally can’t deny the fact that he took an unconstitutional route.Recommend

  • KS

    I know you belong to old and now
    throughly discredited commi-jholawala
    brigade. You may get some claps from
    Pakistanis by indulging in senseless
    Anti-Americanism, but, an Indian like
    me your article makes no sense at all.

    Make it two. It doesn’t make sense to me either – except the author is a typical jholla swinging JNU alumni and who indulges in coffee club communism and anti-imperialism (read anti-Indian interests).Recommend

  • Anoop

    Yes, US has screwed us in the past, just like China, Pakistan and Britain.

    It doesn’t matter what an average Indian thinks, what the Govt of India thinks is what matters when it comes to foreign policy.

    We should not treat anyone as enemies nor as friends. We should treat everyone based on the merit of their recent actions towards us. We should provide the carrot for those who are good to us and beat with a stick the ones who do bad to us.

    Your blog is highly emotional and could be taken apart by a keen observer easily. Recommend

  • RajX

    This guy sounds like he is another gulam nabi fai.

    “Those who are in the habit of seeing Islamabad with the prism of prejudice and paranoia ”

    This gave his game away. No Indian who is aware of the history of this region and has an iota of intellectual honesty will produce the trash which this author has produced. Are we supposed to defend a society which has institutionalized hatred of India and Hindus? Recommend

  • Stuart Barbaglia

    Its such as you learn my thoughts! You seem to know a lot approximately this, such as you wrote the book in it or something. I feel that you can do with a few percent to power the message home a bit, however instead of that, this is great blog. An excellent read. I will certainly be back.Recommend

  • Ward Ardizone

    Love your blog!Recommend

  • an avid loverm

    @Mumbai kid: you rock…!Recommend