Zardari khappay!

Published: December 8, 2011

We have become a nation of animals that craves, longs, and pines for blood. PHOTO: AFP/ FILE

Over the past few days, we have witnessed extreme media frenzy over the departure of President Asif Ali Zardari to Dubai owing to medical reasons. The president’s  health has invited a plethora of responses, some of which are listed below:


After putting Pakistan in the ICU, Zardari gets himself admitted in the ICU

AB Agha

Just going to read Zardari conspiracy theories to cheer me up I guess. Oh I do wish him well in health btw.


If Zardari’s billions can’t buy him a stronger heart, coherence or respect why take revenge on democracy?


Well, we certainly got a day’s worth of hope, right?


Zardari went to Dubai because he had a minor heart attack? Don’t believe any of these rumours; everyone knows he has no heart.


Doctors give Zardari clean bill of health. Nation observes three days of mourning. Zardari has suffered a heart attack apparently. Must have seen our Transparency International rankings showing decrease in corruption.

Even air time was dominated by news of Zardari’s ailment.

Such are the death wishes for a person who, against all odds, has been serving as president of an almost ungovernable state for the last three years, a country that was on the verge of falling apart for all the wrong reasons.

Zardari is disliked by many; his morality has often been questioned and there have been numerous corruption charges levelled against him. But does this warrant the abuse he is facing at the hands of  Pakistanis?

Can anyone justify hoping for the death of a person undergoing medical treatment?

People are actually praying for someone to die – what kind of people have we become?

This attitude brings to mind the mentality of the mob that came to the fore during the lynching of the two brothers in Sialkot. So blood crazed were they that they couldn’t control their rage. Similar to this is the brutality of the mob that set ablaze the homes of poor Christians in Gojra. Calling for Zardari’s blood when he might very well be seriously ill leads one to recollect the faces of Salmaan Taseer, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, and Shahbaz Bhatti.

It seems we have become a nation of animals that crave and pine for blood.

Educated Pakistanis have come down to the level of beasts. Many observers may think that this mentality that calls for blood, violence, and death for those we believe have wronged us is the custom of uneducated villagers. However, those who have been to villages in Pakistan know that even an enemy will pay you a visit if you are ill or facing a severe calamity.

Mian Muhammad Buksh, a Punjabi Sufi poet from the Potohar region, has beautifully described this tradition by saying:

Dushman maray te khushi na kariye, sajnaa vee mar jana” (We must shy away from celebrating the death of our enemies as our own kin is not immortal).

If one compares this verse to the blood-thirsty lynch mob mentality prevalent among the urban middle-class, it’s not difficult to comprehend that our social fabric is declining. This mentality can bring down an entire nation  – our desire for the death and destruction of others could be the death of us all.

Let’s remember to be human beings before we are bigoted patriots, and let’s pray for a man who has lost a wife and has three children that need their father.

Zardari khappay!

Suleman Akhtar

Suleman Akhtar

A mechanical engineer belonging to Gujrat.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • The Reader

    Here comes the killjoy! I barely began to enjoy the hilarious tweets you shared when suddenly you dropped the moral bomb. ;)Recommend

  • WB

    You pray for Zardari and we will pray for Pakistan and whatever is to unfold is the best for Pakistan and not for a corrupt person who has no support and no links to this country.Recommend

  • Shameel

    How many innocent children have died because our lack of medical healthcare, which is not available due to shortage of funds resulting from corruption and loot and plunder.Recommend

  • Samad

    While I may agree with you on the call for sanity, the question remains; why have we become so blood thirsty? Its not Zardari’s fault that our country has gone down the drain over the past few years but its totally his fault that in a position of power where he could have set things right….he didnt! As for the us…the Pakistani people, remember the words of Edmund Burke and I quote “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”Recommend

  • Wajiha

    Oh puhleeze!!! Take your Zardari fanboy face and your PPP card someplace else. Recommend

  • Qurrat Hassan

    Well, I dont pray for his death. but every man earns respect by his virtues. why not his wife of father-in-law is humiliated this way. even enemies respect them.Recommend

  • Raja

    Silly articleRecommend

  • reem

    You wrote an article in response to funny tweets? The author doesn’t seem to have a sense of humour. Recommend

  • The Reader

    Suleman Akhtar is playing the conscience role here which Atta-ul-Haq Qasmi’s words beautifully put as, ‘zameer gunah se nahi bachata, sirf uska maza kirkira ker deta hai.’
    @Author, tum se hamari 2 din ki khushi bhi dekhi nahi jati? If Zardari would contest in elections now, only I am sure only you would vote for him and that too out of mere ‘heart-to-heart’ sympathy that we choose to ‘by-pass’.Recommend

  • reem

    O, I get it. The author is a regular at the pro-PPP No wonder. Recommend

  • Rebel

    i agree with the writer., have we really become animals? I extremely dislike the current government but we should draw a line that if this hate should allow us to actually prey for someone’s death.. I think its horrible. I hope that the government or the policies change but not because of someone dying or being ill, in addition, i wish Mr. President the best of health. .. Long Live Pakistan..Recommend

  • Moa

    Who said anything about he being dead. We just want him to resign. So we can put him on trial!Recommend

  • ahmed

    waste of page…
    However I wish all the corrupt and rotten leaders to live long so they can be punished in this life for their untold crimes against humanity and the state of Pakistan.
    We wish him health but the govt should take a pitty on Pakistan.When they don’t why should we.Recommend

  • Baloch

    Who will speak for the fallen Benazir on this day? Who will shed tears for her? Who will find her real assassin? Benazir Khappay, Zardari Thappay!Recommend

  • saqib

    nice article sir
    we the pakistanis live the miserable life from decades under the army rule but no one have dare to stand in front of any army dictator and military agencies because we fear if we do any thing they will dafinately kill us and corruption of any army dictator never came on screen because they are islamic military and they are like angels the way they looted us from many decades people forgot this because we are not slave physically but also mentally because we never test the democracy this is democaracy that in media in newspaper in public gathering we shall talk freely and critisize zardari etc make cartoons and fun of them but the same newspapaper and media did the same thing to musharaf regime how they gave them lesson
    i think you should very well aware of this althiugh this is nothing but rememembered how much baloch they killed abd sindhis as wellRecommend

  • Rizwan

    Does anyone realize that “Khappay” in Punjabi means “Go to Hell”?Recommend

  • zafar ahmed

    Every body is behind the President. we should first pray for his health and family.
    All attentions are away from Mansoor Ijaz’s blames.
    we must be careful to analyze his past chractar and dubios activities.
    how many times he came to Pakistan and how much pressure and with how big
    deal he finished with Musaharraf to shift from Kasmir to Wazirastan.
    Manssor Ijaz is claiming his part as he played with the help of indian lobby in US.
    they have diverted all case and attention to veena’s pictures with ISI mock.
    whats going on. have we any intelligent people to understand this high way of consipracies.
    NO ONE.Recommend

  • Irfan Aziz

    Mr. Zardari is the elected President of Pakistan.
    How can we move forward if we dont have respect for our own dully elected president.
    What is ailing us….we go along with destroyers for decades and run short of breath only in 3 years with an Elected President.
    Does it mean we are a hurd, harness by trained-to-destroy Army Generals?
    Mr. Zardari may have his problems…who doesnt!
    Dont we have patience to wait for the end of his little tenure and then held him responsible for what he did.Recommend

  • Salma

    Suleman Akhter you have wasted your time…these are the same people who supported Musharraf a dictator and still remember him with love. If only one can tell us what harm has Zardari done to Pakistan…he’s only paying the price of Mush regime. He couldn’t undo the damage he did. And he’s an elected president a leader of the largest political force in this country so let the dogs have their day …as they have simplistic formulas to fix under PTI!! these people don’t even knwo how much Bhutto and Bibi were cursed and abused…but now respected…ironly of Pakisani’s morality. Their morality starts and ends with Allegations on zardari for corruption …they themselves are all morally bankrupt….with no knowledge of Pakistan’s political history what can they even say ….nothing…so when nothing to say…they abuse. Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    Readers (which is a misnomer) should actually try to read the article before criticizing him of being a PPP supporter.

    He didn’t support Zardari’s policies. He just spoke out against the inhumanity of making jokes about a person who may be seriously ill. Corrupt or not, he’s still your democratically chosen President.

    I tend to avoid religious references, but remember the woman who used to throw garbage at the Holy Prophet (PBUH)? When she fell ill, he not only forgave her but looked after her in her time of crisis. He certainly did not go around making cruel jokes about her illness. Evidently, we’re all obsessed with following sunnah, but not where it really matters – only where it is convenient.Recommend

  • http://comments. Sultan Ahmed.

    Still failed to understand this debate,going on the heart disease of the president,Everyone know this reality,he is admitted in the hospital and medical check up is underway.

    Different statements are appearing in the press by the party leaders but there is similarity not confrontation.
    It is wrong to say that there is any political game behind this Some sides are describing it a part of any political drama,they are wrong in their stance,He is really have some heart problems.
    We shouldn’t make build factories manufacturing speculations on this sensitive and emotional matter.
    It is our duty as a Muslim,pray to Allah Almighty for blessing for all mankind including the president laying in the hospital.
    Some sources making predictions that he has gone forever and never come to Pakistan,it is also baseless prediction.
    In fact sources has not circumstantial awareness.
    No doubt, the government is facing some sever problems,such as memo scandal,American attack on salala out post and stance regarding the Bonn conference.
    As every one living in this country have knowledge that Apex court court on the write has ordered constitution a inquiry commission and on the other hand parliament has also constitution a commission on the same subject,both the commissions are making their directions of prob.
    As for as Salala post issue is concerned United States has admitted its mistake,negotiations on this are expected within days.
    Pakistan had some reservation in regard to take part in Bonn conference ,Pakistan has got recorded its protest in this way as present leadership seemed fit.
    In case, change is required for betterment,it must be come by constitutional way.
    Any other way,leading to change would not be interest of the country.Recommend

  • AN

    True but perhaps in Sindhi it means the opposite. Every time i hears this i burst out laughing. Please don’t correct the mistake. It’s a comic relief for Punjabis.

    As for Zardari. i don’t wish for his death. Not because i feel anything for him, I just don’t want another political shaheed for PPP. So yeah all the best wishes for Zardari.

    You have no sense of humour. Tweets are very funny. Kindly post more :)Recommend

  • Raza

    I think its high time for Ali Baba and his forty theives to exit the stage. Next they must answer for wholesale plunder and loot committed their time in office. simply leaving after looting ? do we allow theives who come to anyone’s house to leave like that after looting or because they are not feeling so well !!?Recommend

  • RS

    Just FYI:

    Neither tweets are hoping for Zardari’s death. Read carefully. Recommend

  • muhammad adnan

    Beautifully written . A logical argument against bashing of respected president on the basis of morality, which unfortunately, scarcely can be seen in so called ”witty claptrap” of liberal class.majority of people (by majority i mean 99% as according to a recent survey 99.6% educated people don’t read books), and i can place a bet on this, don’t have a meagre clue of political history of pakistan and all thier political approach is ossifieda by our
    So called liberal and free media (especially urdu media)Recommend

  • muhammad adnan

    so as a result of such a learned approach by these people , all they know is our respected and lovely president is ”corrupt”.Now if we proceed this debate regarding this proposition with a deep political approach and strong historical arguments what will be the next answer of these ”so learned people” ..well see the present predicament of pakistan ..this is all due to again zardari.regardless of the fact of extremism, dictator’s atrocities,strategic depth in afghanistan and so on.. All they know is our respected presidint is corrupt , how why, this is none of their buisenessRecommend

  • muhammad adnan

    what we need is a thorough introspection, an unbiased search for the truth and reality, a deep thorough reading of political history of pakistan and sub-continent a complete investigation of corruption cases . Only after this we would be able to post an allegation of corruption (if there exists any )upon respected and democratically elected president zardari.suleman akhtar is waging a jihad of rationalism and i strongly support his noble cause , irrespective of all allegatof apostasy, , ppp jiyala or whatso ever zardari khappay , suleman khappays aofRecommend

  • Salman Latif

    Well…if you brand everyone who opposes you a Zardari fanboy, a PPP stooge and what not, what’s the point of argument, fellas? Oh and that’s the favourite counter-argument by most PTI fans aj kal, so I am not surprised at just how many of you pitched in with it.
    Coming to the article itself and the consequent comments, how do you intend to ‘change Pakistan’ by praying for the president’s death, eh? I must be missing some chunk of that superior wisdom that seems quite there in those intelligent heads of yours. So let’s say your prayers are able to ‘shake the heavens’ (momentarily forgetting that we rank highest on porn-watchers, talk of mominaana piety), then what? Maybe chief sahab steps in, army takes the reign and you guys will again be whining for democracy?

    The bottom line: let’s stop pretending to be democratic if we can’t bear with democracy itself. Either say it out loud that you are the masochistic type that loves to be live under a military dictatorship or let’s admit the fact that a democratic government ought to be criticized and then, if needed, removed, only through democratic means.Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    Here are the ten reason why Zardari Na’ Khappay!
    1. Democracy and presidency is not about personality but integrity and honesty.
    2. In the mist of uncertainty a leader needs to show he is there to watch over not flee due to some “illness” Quaid-E-Azam was told he had TB well before independence he kept it a secret.
    3. Our present President has not cared to be addressed/interviewed by his own countrymen during his tenor meanwhile he wrote for Washington post after OBL’s Raid.
    4. His own party people are neglected and sidelined even if within party like Barrister Atizaz Hassan, Naheed Khan, Safdar Abbasi even when they were trusted by her slain wife.
    5. The timing of his departure came when SC is ordering to investigate Memo scandal/ open NRO.
    6. His Excellency Mr. Zardari’s is holding a party chairmanship along-with his son while holding an independent post like the presidency.
    7. He has visited more foreign countries than he went to the flood affected cities within his own country.
    8. What happened to the charter of democracy he signed ?
    9. He made an alliance with those who he said were “Qatil League
    10. Even an FIR has not been filed for his wife’s assination while he holds the most powerful post in Pakistan.
    you guys can add up if want some moreRecommend

  • KD

    thats ‘khallay’ not khappayRecommend

  • T+

    I got a text message from someone saying:
    Zardari sahab Dubai kay hospital main admit hogaye hain, Pakistani Qaum say appeal hai kay dua karen..
    (Samaj to gaye hongay aap)Recommend

  • Parvez

    Way off the mark. This is a feeling of frustration of the people, not reserved for Zardari alone, but for all our leader. When the trust placed by the people in their leaders is repeatedly abused, what do you expect ?Recommend

  • The Only Normal Person Here.

    Zardari khappay

    Qaum chaiyee na bachay.Recommend

  • Abu Bakr

    I really hope you didn’t think my tweet (AB Agha) was sarcastic. I really do wish him well and a speedy recovery – whatever the problem. That is what my tweet said also. Just making sure.Recommend

  • Uzma

    I’m sorry to say this but many don’t feel sympathetic towards him even if he is seriously ill. Which i don’t believe. Even if that is true why should he go to Dubai for treatment. Have all the doctors left Pakistan. Recommend

  • Abizaib

    I want to cry – gimme a sec…. Nope – Not working!

    Have you ever wondered or analyzed why people HATE him so much so that they wish for his death. Apparently he must have done something wrong to attract this kind of sentiment towards him? You can not blame the society and its moral decay, start with your leader and lets break it dwon from there.

    By the way Bilawal Zardari is around for the children you speak off. They have looted enough wealth to live off of it for generations!

    Still trying to feel sorry for him and peoples attitude towards him – NOPE, still not happening!Recommend

  • Student

    I think the Blog writer must come out side from his heaven and just go and see what the Govt. organizations are doing !!!!! For having fun just go to KDA or AGPR dept. for any work and feel the difference from your heaven and the real worl of PakistanRecommend

  • Pakistani

    such a waste of time! you could have written something better if you wanted to write so badly. everybody knows what zardari did to our country! corruption and inflation is at its peak and still ypu want us to actually pray that he gets well soon so that he returns to the country and can add some more money to his account! gimme a break and please use your writing skills somewhere else! i wish he gets better soon so that he can be punished for whatever he did.Recommend

  • Shehrbano Taseer

    Finally.. THank you!Recommend

  • sana naeem

    excellent article, suleman. keep up the good work. long live our presidentRecommend

  • Muhammad Yusuf Awan

    I pray for Zardari’s best health and continuation of Pakistan’s Democratic System without any interference of any nonconstitutional measures. President Zardari is democratically elected. Any one who opposes him should adapt constitutional ways. As far as propaganda of corruption is concerned those people should go to the Supreme court and get decision. One must understand that all corruption cases are wrongly installed by his political opponents and they could not prove any of them during 11 years in any courts and people know the courts were also against him. Zardari is brave and not corrupt. Martial lovers has not any bright future. They should go to the people and launch campaign against Zardari. PPP will answer and people pf Pakistan will decide. And their decision must be accepted. Zardari Khappay. Pakistan Khappay. Democracy Khappay.Recommend

  • Tush Tush

    Zardari Khappay!!!Recommend

  • Corrupt

    suggestion for writer for the next article: “Zardari-Drones’ love relationship – In the name of Morality” (do remember all those innocent children who died because of these drones and how can you forget ‘Morality’)Recommend

  • H.

    we have no doubt become a nation of venomous people with no respect for humanity. like majority of Pakistanis I wish our country wud b rid of the President one way or another but no humane person should pray for any mans death. the reference to the Sialkot incident is very correct, we find similar trend when people in Karachi burn thieves alive. they may b criminals but what does that say about us as a nation. r we really so vindictive and inhuman? ignore ur political inclinations nd dont even pray for the Presidents health, but lets at least lets stay human enough not to waste our prayers wishing ill for someone.Recommend

  • http://Peshawar Zarmeena Ikram Babar

    Excellent write up Mr.Suleman –

    Our people lack patience and acceptance -They had never accepted Zardari as their president even after he had gotten elected -I personally think we should give him some space -he has been doing his best which we perhaps can not see because most of us have been disabled by the false fabrications of the media. Media never highlight the achievements of this Government and all this time people have been made to believe that we’re ruled by corrupt people -forgetting the very fact that no one among us is perfect.

    I wish people could see beyond, atleast once!Recommend

  • zainab

    @Qurrat Hassan:let me remind you his wife and father in law were treated like you guys are treating zardari at present…it is only after their deaths that ‘ppp enemies’ have started respecting them… sure when zardari dies haters will start respecting him also and divert all their hatred towards bilawalRecommend

  • MK

    @Author ,

    Although not appropriate but wishing he doesn’t return and die a natural death is very different than lynching and mob killings you mentioned. Wrong comparison. However it is very unfortunate that seat of President, who is Head of State (and is supposed to be neutral, non political and is expected to draw respect from all political parties) is at the center of such commentary. It is himself to blame for this, he runs a political party and holds seat of President. I think it is time to amend the constitution and abolish one of the 2 seats (President or Prime minister). We cannot afford luxuries and spending of both of these posts. Parliamentary democracy is not for us. Do you ever see see Queen of England or President of India making any policy decisions. How many people at this forum can name president of India without searching it? That’s how it is supposed to be. Recommend

  • http://deleted MAHFOOZ UR RAHMAN

    Now that you are resting in a Dubai hospital, please listen/read the comments what the people say about you and your poor governmentRecommend

  • MH

    @Moa: classic :) Recommend

  • Custard Pie Chucker

    Let me get this straight. If it were not for the fact that had Zardari’s wife Benazir Bhutto not been Prime Minister, he would never have been President, and if it were not for the fact that her father Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had not been Prime Minister, she would never have been Prime Minister either.

    So our country is being handed down the generations within the same family like an inheritance and we are supposed to be grateful?

    The sooner the entire political class goes, the better for Pakistan.Recommend

  • HisHighness

    …Such are the death wishes for a person who, against all odds, has been serving as president of an almost ungovernable state for the last three years, a country that was on the verge of falling apart for all the wrong reasons.”

    if presidency itself is a burden, im willing to take it from him if it can better his sickness!

    Retard post!Recommend

  • Khalid Chohan

    @Qurrat Hassan:
    Madam, till they were alive, ZAB and MBB were receiving ridicules day in and day out!Recommend

  • Ahsan

    lol. i knew its u.Recommend

  • Custard Pie Chucker

    Dear ET,

    Thank you for once again censoring my comments.

    Let me get THIS straight.

    You can comment about sexuality, nudity, terrorism and cheap gossip, but it seems that you cannot insult our lords and masters, the politicians.

    In failing to publish my comment verbatim you are no better than the politicians who are sucking the blood of this country.

    I said “The sooner the entire political class including Zardari/Bhutto goes down the dustbin of history, the better for Pakistan”.Recommend

  • Anon


    “Such are the death wishes for a person who, against all odds, has been serving as president of an almost ungovernable state for the last three years, a country that was on the verge of falling apart for all the wrong reasons”

    tell me one thing, if he is so amazing president as ur above statement tells us, he the did he run to Dubai to get the treatment? is he afraid of Pakistan’s own medical facilities? as far as i know, there are very good cardio hospitals in Pakistan! he himself does not want to own Pakistan! what kind of president is he?Recommend

  • Dar

    The Zardari bimari is nothing more then a scam.

    I would rather save my sympathy for the millions of our fellow Pakistanis who are suffering under this government’s monumental incompetence. Zardari and his family have used all the good will they may have had up. They have grown rich and aloof as the nation has been in free fall, economically, politically and socially.
    This nation is fo far from the vision of Mr Jinnah that he would weep if he saw it. The fault lies at the feet of people like Zardari.

    My country right or wrong! Long Live Pakistan! and it will if Zardari, Sharif and co are gone gone gone!Recommend

  • Basheer Ahmed

    The problem with Pakistan is that the day President was elected his opponents started talking about his removal. We don’t care that we are throwing the baby (democracy) with the bathwater. As long as Zardari leaves some would be happy irrespective of cost to the country. I have seen the same zeal in getting rid and hanging ZAB.
    Zardari was the chief of PPP when elected by heavy mandate. It was not conditional that he would leave the party. On the other hand Mush was a Govt servant with the three positions, chief of army, president (his own boss) and chief of his own King’s party. Why is death and treason for politicians only and not generals committing treason?Recommend

  • Muhammad Ishaq

    Pray for Zardari’s health.Recommend

  • Dr farooq shah

    once again silent force active against elected and democratic pakistan peple party, but the worked man listen we never leave oure loving country,we like to live here.all of democrati like people this to time what well we do and what well they do?we pray from allah they give health and respect to hounrable presedent asif ali zardare,Recommend

  • zahid

    hay zarmeena what are you much space does he need.its been 4 years now…no doubt there are some good things done by this government but there are more bad things which overshadow their few good deeds.the conditions of railway.PIA,steel mill karachi,the matter of mineral mines in balochistan,his everyday visits abroad,his unexplained foreign assets and more than that is his previous record are the issues this nation can never forget..PPP good deeds are said to be NFC awards(a sacrifice made by punjab province),Baluchistan package(which has been rejected by baloch people),few amendments in law,re-instatement of judiciary(due to media and the people’s and probably army chief’s pressure) and bla bla bla…there has to be some reason for the people not to accept him as their president even after 4 years….. @Zarmeena Ikram Babar: Recommend

  • Scr

    This proves beyond any doubt ET is committed to destroy Pakistan
    Call me a conspiracy theorist, but according to you anything you don’t hear from you all perfect angelic media is a lie?Recommend

  • mama

    President zardari is the true embodiment of pakistani people. the people of pakistan deserve such leader. He is not a man descended from heaven, he is from among you, among us. If we tried to be like him, then, how can we expect him to be good. Zardari khappay. Zardari you are the true incarnation of this frustrated nation, a nation of not human beings but a frustrated mob, ready to lynch anyone, irrespective of knowing what he has done. Rulers depict the mentality of the ruled. JESEY LOG VESEY HUKMARAN.The people are to change, not the leaders. The next leader succeeding Zardari would be no better than Zardari.Recommend