Veena to the bone

Published: December 3, 2011

The cover for the December 2011 issue of the magazine, which has been denied by Veena. PHOTO: FHMINDIA.COM

At the risk of allowing this piece to become a shrewd and predictable critique of the ghairat brigade, I must admit that the response shown towards Veena Malik’s nude photographs for FHM India is preposterous.

Much to our consternation, issues of this nature continue to plague Pakistan and accentuate the differences between the fairly open-minded and the overtly strict right-wing. Only last year, Veena was made an object of scrutiny when her conduct on the Indian reality TV show Bigg Boss, was criticized. The fact that the issue has generated a comparable response serves to highlight two critical facts.

1) We, as a nation have not matured over the last year

2) The idea of natural justice has fallen out of favor

Whether we can entirely blame the ghairat brigade for this mess continues to be a debatable matter. However, the media hype and mixed response shows that no Imran Khan can trigger a positive change unless we, the people, alter our mindsets.

Before we presume that Veena Malik is to blame, we must understand that she is associated with the glamour business. She has the right to work with with any company to enhance her career prospects. It is absurd that people should disapprove of her strong preoccupation with Indian projects and opportunities. Clearly, a country which has a dreadful history of mistreating its artistes and poets do not have the right to criticize her decision.

In addition, the bigoted majority who have been quick to judge Veena for posing nude for an Indian magazine should appreciate the validity of her defence. More importantly, they must realise that she may be a victim and not a culprit. The statement made by Kajal Agarwal suggests the dubious nature of the activities carried out at FHM India magazine. Unscrupulous elements exist in various forms in every profession. They could appear as stealthy magazine editors who ‘morph’ cover photographs to add more masala and oomph to raise circulation. In some cases, they may take the form of a malicious rival actor who uses bitterness to tarnish people’s reputations.

This leads us to infer that the general public still needs a crude awakening before any positive change can occur in the political realm. The following observations could serve as useful guidelines for obtaining greater awareness:

Before the public demands a positive socio-political change, it must develop a strong perception of the difference between right and wrong and fact and fiction. No political party can promulgate change unless the people have the mental capacity to be receptive to it.

Moreover, the ghairat-led mindset needs to be shrugged aside as a tool which produces religious and cultural repression. It must be substituted with a positive and realistic outlook on life.

While some may argue that such changes are inherently idealistic, I suppose they won’t be difficult to implement.


Taha Kehar

A blogger on social events and has previously worked as Assistant Editor for a media magazine. He is currently pursuing Law Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies. He tweets @TahaKehar.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Err

    Will writing such pseudo- women rights articles which have no proper structured valid arguments, help you get into college? Yay you are trying to promote tolerance and world peace (through nude Veena Malik?) It doesn’t make sense but you got published. Good for you.
    @ Those offended by Veena
    In the media industry any publicity good or bad is welcome publicity. SO those offended, ignoring her is the worst thing you can do. Try it!
    @ the rest of us:
    The chick knows that any day her 15 minutes will be up, and she will be chewed and spat out by the Indian public (just like predecessor Meera) so she’s maxing her limelight. Shes not representing so called ‘soft image’ of Pakistan, challenging boundaries for Paki women, or setting out to change anything. Both liberals and the right – making her the poster child for anything will make you look like an idiot. She is not proving or challenging any socio-political discourse, so dont try to read any deep pseudo intellectual comments into something which is just a picture. In the West people just role their eyes at Page 3 stuff and move on to the next news.Recommend

  • muhammad jawwad

    we have to get out of our medieval caveman mindset of forcing upon women suffocating restrictions which are meant to keep them on leash much as we do with pets.A woman’s body is not the place to fight your morality battles.the egyptian blogger was right and her reasons for stripping were absolutely correct,for far too long men have hidden their insecurties,their envy,their fear of being abandoned for someone else by giving it titles such as ”ghairat”,”honour” or ”izzat”.
    the cavemen should realise that ghairat has got nothing to do with the yards of cloth on a woman’s body.the outrage and condemnation thrown veena’s way is sorely missing against the religious extremists who’ve murdered thousands of our people.these ghairatmand ppl should have expressed such anger towards the religiuos militants bent upon destroying our land.
    Veena has done nothing to be ashamed of.She has just broken the shackles that a patriarchial and misogynistic society had imprisoned her in.Recommend

  • Mohammad Assad

    Ok I agree with you about the “Ghairat brigade”. But I do not agree with those who are calling this as a brave & bold, a step that shows a woman does not need to be the ‘sum of what she wears’. There are women in important positions in this country i.e. Speaker National Assembly, Foreign Minister, Ambassador to America, Information Minister and so on and so forth…so this whole argument that by posing nude you do something for women in this country is idiotic.

    In fact BY posing nude you actually DO castigate women as mere objects.

    Comparing this with what the Egyptian Blogger did is equally silly as she was protesting against women being molested. (IF) Veena did the shoot for a magazine whos prime purpose is to titillate,so who exactly is she protesting against?

    Similarly, there are plenty female artists ( have you heard of Bushra Ansari?) who are recognized for there work and not for which jailed cricketer she dated. So your bit about Pakistan not treating its artists fairly is also absurd.Recommend

  • Mohammad Assad

    @Muhammad Jawwad

    I assume you dont have a clue WHY the Egyptian blogger did what she did. It was to protest against the molesting of women by the revolutionary guards. He method of protest one can disagree with, but there is nothing wrong with why she was protesting,

    Your argument does not make any sense in a country where we have had a women PM and a Finance Minister, and now a women Foreign Minister, Information Minister, Ambassador to America (Sherry Rehman now, Maleeha Lodhi before) as well as a whole bunch of women parliamentarians.

    So please STOP rehashing stuff you read in the news clips about that Egyptian Blogger.Recommend

  • Muhammed Usama Aziz

    We can never achieve success till we differentiate between right and wrong. Women suffer a lot in this country but this does not mean shed your clothes and fight for rights. If she has to fight for women rights, then she must do it in a right way. Unfortunately, we are so much confused that we can differentiate between right and wrong and then we blame religion.
    It is time we follow the injunctions of Islam which clearly mentions the rights of women. Any other solution will lead us into astray, no much how we try.
    May ALLAH guide us all.Recommend

  • sidrah khan

    can’t handle a woman who dares defy your stranglehold? a few single digit female ministers in a country of 180 millions doesn’t signify advancement in women’s right.a lame overgeneralisation can’t hide the truth.this female ministers propaganda is being trotted out by religious apologists to fool the westerners into thinking how well we treat our women.9,10 women ministers don’t equal the advancement of the remaining 90million pakistani women.
    This sort of propaganda might work well to fool the amreekis or europeans but women living in pakistan know the reality,no amount of your spin will change the facts.Recommend

  • Mohammad Assad

    @Sidrah Khan

    You missed the point. I was merely referring to the fact, that in Pakistan women HAVE been able to get important positions, and are loved or hated for what they do…not just for being women..

    Please tell me why people respect women like Asma Jahngir, Ruth Pfau, Bilquis Eidhi, Fatima Bhutto, Sherry Rehman, Maleeha Lodhi and yes even Shireen Mazari? Are these women seen as the ‘sum of what they wear’? NO.

    Yes there are still 10000000s of problems women face everyday, but that does not mean your start re-packaging nonsense as being something ‘liberating’.

    Mohammad Jawwad type individuals are peddling the same rubbish Hugh Hefner and his ilk do when they try to claim they liberated women.Recommend

  • Mohammad Assad

    Yes.Muhammad Usama is right. If one has to be fighting for womens rights, the last place should be in a magazine thats entire purpose is to titillate. Recommend

  • hamza jutt

    So please STOP rehashing stuff you read in the news clips about that Egyptian Blogger.Recommend

  • san

    I wonder how Beghairat brigade can see their sister, wife or mother in such pose. Recommend

  • Ali Azad

    It is disappointing to see people actually supporting Veena Malik for this act of hers (if the photograph is not fake). It does not mean in any way that if you are artist you have no limits to show your talent and attain success in your career. Being an artist and specially when you are representing your country internationally you have to take care of your religious and cultural values at any cost. The best example of getting fame and success and also keeping your religious and cultural values high is of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and a recent example of Atif Aslam or Ali Zafar.
    It is a humble request to all the authors and publishers to please get hold of your values both religious and cultural before you write or publish such baseless pieces. Recommend

  • Izhar Shah Tirmize

    Veena Malik please change your life, and do batter for Pakistan!!
    Because you are going to evil route of life these not good Manners & you represent pakistan not yourself!!!
    ALLLAH da Nan Man!! Recommend

  • Aamir

    what she is showing is not art, but the natural body given to her by God. In the guise if art she is spreading nudity and shaming all the nation. If it is phormed she can get a good amount of money by resorting to the court, which she would never do, I bet. Infact she wants to be ‘Rakhi Sawan’ of Pakistan. and the people who support such things belong to ‘begherat brigade’. Recommend

  • Dilawar Ahmed Gul

    Dear fellow from the bey-ghairat brigade

    we have no issues with her going naked…We even wanted her to had drown her arms and leg down, so that world could have a greater chance to seeing the Pakistani beauty even closer. What bother me the most is her ISI tattoo. but since someone spelled it as ‘Indian Sex Industry”, we have even forgiven that too :)Recommend

  • Ammar

    Great blog dude.
    Pakistanis need to mind their own business instead of pointing fingers at a poor lady.

    Ghairat Brigade who pee in their pants every now and then over every issue, is the reason why this country is in such a mess. Recommend

  • Ideolouge

    well, i appreciate you guys concern for women rights, but let me ask you all one question, whether you allow your own sisters or relatives to publish their nude pictures and then defend their decision publicly.Recommend

  • narayana murthy

    Here’s my take on Veena Malik…she’s an untalented broad, who cannot act to save her life.

    But…BUT…she has all the right to do whatever pleases to her.

    However, my suggestion to Veena Malik : please learn some acting or quit acting. It’s a torture to watch you.Recommend

  • Eymaad

    @Err… Bro your comment is far better the the Blog,i read only half of the blog and didnt find it worth while to read it till the end,but found you while scrolling the page and spent few more minutes to read wht u wrote..:) you shud be on the top of the page, Recommend

  • narayana murthy

    Perhaps it’s a message, statement from Veena, to ISI…make love and not war.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Look, if the pictures are doctored Veena has the right to take legal action. If not, she needn’t be so apologetic, she is in free India, not Pakistan. Recommend

  • Ibrahim Qazi

    You patronize vulgarity as symbol of natural maturity and freedom of expression, if not religion, not even spirituality, ok even not morality. Being part of the treasured eastern culture, being mature professionals. Where in the evidences of rational doctrines is written to play the national image out. It is total mistrust and defamation for those who defend us from beyond frontiers. Rather than shunning this down, in such a crucial time a cosmetic media war has been waged for nothing. Veena Malik is no fit in Pakistani society, if she loves to be on the other side of the border let her remain.

    Alas, Such a literary wastage of time!Recommend

  • What The HeLL

    By writing this…you mean to say…she is doing pretty well on the NUDE end???
    wow man…
    Perhaps…in your world…we see Red Light Areas…Alcohol Freely available…Nude pics on your everyday paper…
    More likely your family reading receiving your regular fashion magazine with your SIS posing in nude on the COVER…

  • JCD

    This has nothing to do with promoting the ‘soft image’ of Pakistan or whether this was a publicity stunt or not. I feel that this is a matter of personal liberty. She can pose nude for a magazine if she wants and no one in Pakistan has a right to condemn her actions. This ‘holier than thou attitude’ that is so prevalent in Pakistan is truly sickening.Recommend

  • shuja

    u shud have wrote the article…!!Recommend

  • Mohammad Assad


    Everyone in Pakistan has a right to condemn her. What is condemnation really? Just an opinion. People have a right to hold an opinion whether or not one agrees with it is irrelevant.

    However, when matters go beyond just holding an opinion, such as in Salman Taseers murder..then that is going to far and no one has the right to do that.Recommend

  • Ali

    ISI always on top :PRecommend

  • Loneliberal PK

    It is extraordinary, the extent to which we carry our sense of false piety. That by keeping every inch of our anatomy draped, and by avoiding sex, we are somehow doing humanity such a huge favour and need to be praised for it!

    We have replaced real moral values – like preserving life and improving the quality of it, preventing pain and suffering and not find reasons to justify it – we concentrate on these silly little pseudo-morals like “abstinence” and waging war against “lewdness”. What good does it bring us? Nada!Recommend

  • Someone

    Why are we even wasting our time on her life? She’s just an entertainer. Thank you for making my morning less boring. Recommend

  • Custard Pie Chucker

    We have a rather unfortunate term here for men who simply do not have the opportunity to mix with, or the ability to converse with the opposite sex, or both. Often such guys in their frustrated desperation to impress the opposite sex then turn into male feminists, or manginas.

    Guys such as these fall over themselves in their attempt to support feminism even to the extent of denigrating their own gender and supporting all kinds of stupid modes of female liberation.Recommend

  • Moderate

    Didnt her family disowned her after that nude photoshoot? Didnt the editor of magazine said that she posed for nude photoshoot on 22nd of November this year?

    As for labelling others as ghairat-mand, what label should we choose for you? Is there any thing you can present in your argument from Quran/Sunnah that can justify the antice of Ms Veena? If there is none then shut up! 98% living here are Muslims, yes we have many problems/issues but what she did is condemned by everyone at every level, irrespective of whoever did that.Recommend

  • Feminist

    When Big Boss was up and running there was hoards of controversy about what she was doing, saying or wearing. Hate groups were formed and a ton of fatwas were given. One thing that was commonly heard was how she has disgraced Pakistan
    At the end of the day, she’s merely an attention seeker. Just because she’s from Pakistan, doesn’t mean she’s representing it. Everyone has a right to do whatever the hell they want and we should really just grow up and move on rather than wasting our time obsessing about people who don’t matter. Lets just stop taking everything personally, okay? -.-Recommend

  • JCD

    @Mohammad Assad:
    In an ideal world, that would certainly be the case. Freedom of expression is one of the cornerstones of a just society. Unfortunately, in Pakistan that doesn’t seem to be the case. Salman Taseer, Shahbaz Bhatti and countless others have been killed just because they did not conform to the same brand of religious extremism espoused by hardcore religious parties.

    My point is that ideally, people certainly have the right to express their opinions about someone’s actions. Unfortunately, things don’t stop there in Pakistan. A section of our society takes it upon itself to ‘cleanse’ the non-conformists of their ‘evil’ thoughts. And this attitude needs to change.Recommend

  • Suicidal Abbas

    I agree with Errr.Recommend

  • sajid

    First of all this picture seems fake to me.Veena is not mentally retarded she knows that such pics will land her into her grave by some religious fanatic.

    If it is real than I really disagree with this act. The thing is its not liberating Pakistani women. When pakistani men see this picture they will think that providing freedom and opportunities to women leads to such acts. And they will be more reluctant than ever to give more freedom to women.
    Secondly Am I ashamed by this pic as a Pakistani? No because in the foreign country I live in people know my country as the hiding place of a world renowned militant. When I tell them I am from Pakistan they won’t think I am from the country whose woman posed nake for a magazine they will think I am from the country where osama was killed. This is the unfortunate truth.Recommend

  • Kip

    @Errr: the writer’s already in law school and I doubt this is a women’s right article. I think it’s more like a mirror. I do have my reservations about the article, but you know what, I think it’s a fact. Recommend

  • Dr. Adnan

    OH LAWRD ! …. (Cant’t stop laughing) … If Veena is rejecting and saying that her images have been altered in anyway then what is killing her for not taking this issue to the court of law on the basis of slander and illegal use of her images. Obviously she did this shoot and now just like before she is running away from it. I would just simply say she is a DARK spot on the forehead of Pakistan. I don’t care if something is liberal or not, religious or not, it’s media or not … if that thing is not allowed in the Constitution of Pakistan then it’s wrong. Anyone who doesn’t obey the law should be corrected in every way possible and people please stop defending someone’s action when you can’t allow your loved ones on that position. If you don’t like something for your own self then please don’t suggest it to others. What Veena did is wrong cause she is representing a media image of Pakistan and if she is not comfortable with the views then I guess she should give up her citizenship. That’s all !Recommend

  • Kip

    @Mohammad Assad: What are your views on Ahmed Faraz? And the Zubaida apa kay totkay messages? Is that not absurd? Grow up, man, and smell the coffee. No one’s gonna put your finger into it to make you realize that it’s a reality. Recommend

  • PFH

    I think this article is good for what it’s worth. Might be a good idea to keep in mind that an author’s work doesn’t always reflect their beliefs and values.

    @ERR: Nobody is ever going to agree on THE method to advocate women rights or anything for that matter. If that’s the case, then why bother at all? Whats the big deal about college anyway?Recommend

  • MD

    I am writing this post for those ghairat brigade people who frequently bring sisters, wives, mothers etc. into the debate, whenever issue such as this comes up. Let me ask them a strait question, what do you think of your female relatives? Are they your property? Do you posses their lives. Is your or my sister is not an individual? Don’t you think they have a right to take a decision about their own future or life? Who the hell are you to force them to choose the lifestyle or moral values?
    Yes, you and I have a right to disagree with them, we have a right to pursue our own values, but, we must also respect the choices made by our women. As for wife, you are supposed marry someone who shares your values, if not get out of her life, period. Recommend

  • ekbal

    People its ‘bold’, not nude photoshoot. Have to admit its classy. And with ISI on it, makes it patriotic as well!

    For a person of extremely low intellect, that’s the best and easiest way for marketing. So kudos to veena malik for once again making it back in the headlines.Recommend

  • Mariam

    Excellent point. Ignore all the flack. :) Recommend

  • zainub

    I am not sure whether to laugh or try cry at the assertion here that Veena’s nude photo shoot is somehow symbolic with female emancipation! The only possible emancipation it depicts is the one from her clothes and modesty! Such images tantamount to objectification of women’s bodies and the reduction of them as mere instruments of sexual pleasure for other men. Both can and should be considered as an infringement of women’s right to be treated with respect and dignity and for what we are, rather than how we look. Female rights movements in the West have been fighting legal battles against such portrayals of women in the media for quite sometime now, which extensive research suggests has been responsible for such ill effects as depression, appearance anxiety, body shame, sexual dysfunction, and eating disorders among others in women. But because bashing of social conservatives has acquired the status of a national past time by sections of the liberal English press, such discrepancies is their oft expressed love for liberal values and their actual practice are completely ignored. Recommend

  • Loneliberal PK

    What do foreigners say when they see this picture?

    They say, “Looks like Pakistani women are free to wear burkas as they are free to pose nude for magazine covers. I guess it’s a more tolerant and progressive country than we thought.”

    Heaven forbid, we don’t want that! It has taken us decades to establish our reputation as a nation of narrow-minded, misogynistic people and this Veena woman threatens to undo all that? Off with her head!Recommend

  • Err

    Not a Bro…I’m a Bro-ad infact :)
    Hes in law school? Thats a shame cos I just came out of law school and he writes(and argues) really poorly for someone who is in lawschool.Recommend

  • Anonymous

    Breaking News…..!!!!

    Imran Khan has allowed Veena Malik to join PTI since she has declared and exposed all her assets:pRecommend

  • iqbal

    Veena Malik ISI: Islamic Sex Idol. PerfectRecommend

  • sophia hasan

    If this picture is genuine, then she should be condemned and criticized. This is morally wrong and insults all women. Women are not objects. This is not the way to earn respect, fame and wealth in this world. Recommend

  • Omega Supreme

    I don’t like her. SHE NO MOVE LIKE JAGGER! >=(Recommend

  • Kip

    @Err: Respect opinions is all I can say. I found the arguments pretty valid and coherent. Perhaps it’s a question of perception. You may have come out of law school but that doesn’t make your interpretation correct. Particularly, if u use the word ”chick” in your argument.
    cheerz bro, and try to be open to new ideas. Being holier than thou and single-track will make u an unsuccessful lawyer as well. Recommend

  • Eman

    After reading this and the comments, i find that Pakistan is still divided between liberals and the right. It’s always going to be that way. But seriously, what’s it to the public if some woman decides to pose. Veena’s not in the army that she owes a duty to Pakistan. Don’t confuse morality with nationhood. There is a fine line between that.
    The blog has divided the masses. But it shows that people are thinking. Stimulating :)Recommend

  • Parvez

    If we had more Veena Maliks and Mathiras, possibly we would learn to be more tolerant and less judgemental about others and practice a live-and-let-live policy and by doing so deflate the over blown, Veena or Mathira, image. Recommend

  • Mrs K

    @Izhar Shah Tirmize:

    I think people are smart enough to know that Veena does not represent a whole country. If it wasnt the case, you would die of shame seeing what Pakistanis are upto in Europe and how they ‘nam roshaning’ their country.Recommend

  • mf husssain

    Her Body her business.
    Your eyes your business.Recommend

  • Eman

    A majority of the people were attracted to this article because of the nude photograph! Shows how much we practice hypocrisy.Recommend

  • KDP

    Come on Pakistanis you are the number one or second in the whole world in visiting pornographic websites.( Per Google database) Why are you all get excited with this picture that is not completely nude anyway. Or is that why you all upset?Recommend

  • Moz

    To all the Islamist beghairat doggies, she is not representing women, or Pakistan. She is representing herself. Secondly, what my sister or mother or wife does is not your problem to deal with, it is mine. I haven’t asked anybody certainly not any of the right wingers here to look after my women, cuz that would be crazy. Recommend

  • Moz

    @Dr. Adnan:

    Okay she did the shoot in India, Pakistanis constitution doesn’t apply there. Secondly I wouldn’t allow my love one to wear (frankly I don’t really care), so should we ban burqas in Pakistan. Recommend

  • gp65

    @Author ” The statement made by Kajal Agarwal suggests the dubious nature of the activities carried out at FHM India magazine”

    After Kajal Aggarwal made a statement on 7th September stating that her body had been morhed, On 8th September the editorial team said that they had a contract with Kajal they could show and also proof that the photos were genuine. If you try to find any subsequent developments on that issue you will fail to find them.

    Even in this case, the editor has said that he has the recording of the video shoot and further more there was a staff of 8 people who was involved in the shoot including photographer, make-up artiste, hair stylist etc. who could testify to the authenticity of the shoot.

    Veena just got cold feet unexpectedly due to the reaction. And there have been multiple statements from her side. First it was her PR manager that said there had been no sg=hoot whatsoever. Then her interview where she admitted to a bold shoot but not a nude shoot. She also was not owning up to the fact that painting IS is something she agreed to and implied that was doctored too. Later she owned up to the whole ISI part.

    There have been no denials from Veena AFTER Kabir Sharma’s interview on Geo was broadcast.Recommend

  • gp65

    @Moderate: ” Is there any thing you can present in your argument from Quran/Sunnah that can justify the antice of Ms Veena?”

    I personally think Veena is an above average looking untalented woman who is prepared to use her body to get attention. This does not make her a female role model by any means.

    At the same time it is difficult to agree with your thought process that unless something is explicitly approved in Quran or Sunnah, you cannot do it. After all do people in Pakistan not take photographs or watch TV when that is explicitly forbidden? Do people in Pakistan not get interest on their bank accounts and does the Pakistani government through its bank not charge interest for money lent to businessmen?Recommend

  • gp65

    @Dr. Adnan: “if that thing is not allowed in the Constitution of Pakistan then it’s wrong. Anyone who doesn’t obey the law should be corrected in every way possible”

    It is neither unconstitutional nor illegal per Pakistan’s constitution and laws to do nude photoshoots.

    Your notion of constitution is completely warped. Constitution talks about the basic rights of citizens from the state. Then there are many other laws which basically tell you what you cannot do (e.g. kil someone else) and what you must do ( taxes). Most things which are not on eithe rlists can be done without violating the law. So you may say that Veena is non-compliant with social norms in Pakistan but your statement that this is unconstitutional or illegal is simply not true.Recommend

  • kd

    iam a women.iam a muslim,which means i’d have to shed my clothes to make my point understood and acknowleged and prove that i have the freedom of speech and to do things according to what i think is right..if the ‘so-called’ liberals think this then i must say they the ‘ignorant’ ones!Recommend

  • Ali Wazir

    Err nailed it nothing to add….Veena Malik is our Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian. She stole the crown from Meera recently and we have t live with it. Without talent this is the only way to get business. I am surprised Indians are putting up with this.

    It has nothing to do with Women lib. If anything its kinda Sexist. Lets say Hritick Roshan jumps over the border and decide to do a nude photo shoot in Pakistan with RAW tatoeed on his behind. Will anyone defend his actions??. Most ppl will think its rather bizarre, and will have sympathy for him for his run in with mental problems.
    . The way she is going a sex tape is not far off. Pakistanis I am sure are eagerly awaiting…Recommend

  • zalim singh

    good to see Pakistanis defending her..Recommend

  • Anon

    Women should be allowed to pose nude! thats what equality is all about! they have the right to do what ever they want. if women want to be used as objects, men should be considerate enough to use them as such instead of criticizing on blogs. plus nude pic of women doesn’t objectify them, it shows their freedom of expression. radical feminists ftw!

    seriously get over it!Recommend

  • Hamid

    Hello Taha,
    It is encouraging that you are trying to think straight and cutting this woman some slack. I don’t know if its ghairat-beghairat divide. But it is important to be sensible. Being blind to people’s sentiments and blowing it all out of proportion makes no sense. Some people might read this and think, OK, I’m a woman, do i have to expose myself to prove it or does the writer want to promote lustful use of women. What wild imaginations they have. What you have done is said back off, let her be, she’s human and she’s not answerable to people. What people who criticize her dont realize is that they’re being self-righteous. It’s one thing to love God. But when your love for God interferes with or show that you are hurting other people through verbal criticism and crude remarks, it means you are disrespecting the fact that God loves them too. Who are we to decide who is right and who is wrong? Just be good to all. Heard you’re at law school after your magazine days. Good luck. Recommend

  • alicia

    You know what guys I don’t give a toss about Veena malik and her nude photo shoot.
    Seriously this stupidity is making headlines when our country is on the verge of collapse? NATO attack, America’s unconcerned reaction to our response to the NATO attack, bomb blasts, taliban,Memogate, democracy on the verge of collapse etc. are our real problems. What is wrong with the people of this nation? Recommend

  • anas saleem

    I agree with the writer

    so what if shes modeling nude its her life her wish her right we are not the nation who should be pointing her out we have girls being sold in our cities prostitution is not something new while adultery is up at its highest

    so just sit back n enjoy shes just doing it openly which is better then hiding it and being naive Recommend

  • Anon

    The Author would “then” like his Daughter,Better-Half or his Mother yo pose like how Ms Zahida aka Veena did ????? Chutyapey ka admi hai Taha Kekar tooo tuRecommend

  • asdf

    This is just a marketing stunt by the magazine and veena malik. Don’t like such cheap marketing tactics which involve lying. Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    Dude better check what you are writing about. She just filed a suit over that morphed photos.Recommend

  • Eman

    People don’t file for damages coz it’s a PR Stunt. She was actually framed. Dissenter commenters are liars. This blog was throwing light on an important issue, telling you ignorant lot how to think and you’ve all failed!!!! Recommend

  • Yasmine

    100m is a lot of money. You people better be careful before you jump to conclusions about people and their intentions. And before using swear words, try to think logically, anon. Recommend

  • Cynical

    Poor man’s Angelina Jolie.Let’s celebrate her.Recommend

  • Shahid3

    Men are used to seeing women as so many “body parts” in our part of the world. Some of them go wild with rage when they see a woman taking control of her body, as happened to Aliaa Mahdy at Tahrir Square a few days ago.Recommend

  • Anon

    Yup, you are right about that. women should control their body and expose themselves in front of other men. after all its about freedom of expression. :p

  • Tony Singh

    Why such a hallaboo. Its her life. Let her live the way she thinks best. She is not harming anybody. Recommend

  • http://Zaghreb Uncle Sam

    get a life people…
    neither she has disgraced Pakistan nor created a softer image…

    she is an entertainer for some, poster child for liberal thought for others and a prostitute for the rest… at least we can agree that none of us expected her to do any thing different… let her enjoy life the way she wants… in our lives she makes a very little impact and the thinking that a blot on women’s respect is a blot on family or nation, is the mentality of the past… everybody is responsible for her own actions…
    We should take inspiration from Turkey where the in the recent years made an important change in their constitution in this regard, i.e., a woman’s honor is her alone and doesn’t transfer over to her family or community. All the so called notions about chastity, honor, morality, shame and decency have been removed from the panel code. Any sexual crime, abuse or anything on such nature is treated individually and society is kept at a distance from all this fuss.Recommend

  • sidjeen

    so is veena joining PTI now that she has exposed her assets?Recommend

  • VeenaLovesJudas

    @gp65, she is not even attractive, below average I would say and she is old at 33.Recommend

  • Samia

    she can do anything for money…..this is what i knowRecommend

  • Be-Ghairat Brigade

    First of all I don’t agree with your term “Minority”. You ain’t minority. Why are you singling out your sect from Muslims??? As a sunni, I see you as part of majority Muslim population. I consider you a Muslim. So please I beg don’t let me think otherwise by calling yourself minority.

    Secondly, what do you call Eid holidays??? What if we start moaning, these are not holidays??? Government announces we’ll have Eid holidays from this date to that date. What else term should be used to refer to off-days from work????

    Kind Regards,Recommend

  • maestro

    For people supporting this move by Veena of at least going topless with a “thong” on on IBN – youtube it, I would just ask how you can justify going nude (sorry – going topless with a thong is nude) as promoting freedom and femininity. It actually objectifies women – a young man anywhere in the world is not going to think wow yea this is awesome and I want to marry her though I know many are proposing to her. I am not from the ghairat brigade – but I literally cannot see myself introducing my wife who has appeared naked on an international mag cover (plus theres more photos and video of the shoot which will come out soon) to my friends and family and say, hey this is my wife. When all of them are thinking, dude how much does she charge per night. Sorry, being bold and independent is one thing – this is extreme. Then she says I used to wear a burqa in school!! LOLLSS – Well we expect to see you in a wet burqa contest pretty soon Veena. Recommend

  • Cynical

    If being nude is bad, god would have send us fully dressed up to the teeth.Recommend

  • Muslim Lady

    Let her live the way she wants to, it’s her life.
    All the people who commented against it, you can keep doing it, it won’t make any difference to her!! She’s enjoying what she’s doing and that’s that!!
    Agreed that it is against Islam for a woman to bare herself in front of men, but how come these “Muslims” overlook the abuse on women by their husbands? the child rape in Pakistan? and lets take the common daily happenings, like the mistreatment of parents or adults?!!

    Atleast Veena is doing no harm to anyone but her self, her after life to be exact.

    So let her be happy about it. Recommend

  • JudasPriest

    @Muslim Lady: “Atleast Veena is doing no harm to anyone but her self, her after life to be exact.”.

    Wrong! She is doing harm! As her actions will encourage other girls in our society to do the same. Children also watch and hear this gossips, you know! We have a strong family system, which is good. Nudity, vulgarity, perversion destroy the fabrics of the society. So ofcourse, her actions would encourage others, just as if some famous personality appear in some ad for Marijuana!Recommend

  • JudasPriest

    @Muslim Lady: At lease people think of child rape, abuse of women as bad! Or if not, at least no one commends those acts. But here, I see many people glorifying Veena’s actions, calling it bold, brave and God knows what not! Why are you justifying something which is bad, while calling yourself Muslim Lady?Recommend

  • Lisa

    if she was wearing top y she pose like hiding her assets , if a model fully covered up she try to show of more figure like if she was wearing a top or somthing n bind her hand like this then how FHM cover sales grow???? she was nude thats y pose like thisRecommend

  • Mahi

    LOLL why fight over Veena,guys?is she even worth our precious time?:P
    Anyways,I kinda agree to the author yes we do need to change our mindsets,but hey we are pretty liberal when it comes to entertainment,Veena has every right to do whatever she wants,its HER life and she can work with anyone she likes but she should keep in mind the boundaries she’s restricted to,every stripper or p*rn artist comes from a good family too then why are they looked down by the common people?mainly because of the work they do?by opposing or supporting Veena I won’t get nothing but I being a Pakistani girl won’t like it for any girl in Pakistan,yes whatever she did is her personal matter but she shouldn’t forget she’s PUBLIC figure and people of Pakistan will point fingers on her for her cheap publicity stunts just to get work in India and earn money.
    If someone crosses the limit h/she faces the controversies,even her own father disowned her.Recommend

  • seeker

    I recommended you, but did not find it a sufficient a pat on your shoulder, so had to reply, a very JUST ANALYSIS of the story.————————-BRAVO. Recommend

  • seeker

    Noble Laurette from Yemen,Tawakul Karman,

    When asked about her Hijab By Journalists and how it is not
    proportionate with her level of intellect and education, she replied:

    “Man in early times was almost naked, and as his intellect evolved he
    started wearing clothes. What I am today and what I’m wearing
    represents the highest level of thought and civilization that man has
    achieved, and is not regressive. It’s the removal of clothes again
    that is regressive back to ancient.


    **veena malik is not liberal ,she is a primitive rusty mind TO THE BONERecommend

  • Waris

    I think this is a strong comment on your society and the comments just reflect how averse you guys are to change. Err’s comment made absolutely no sense. It just defied the author’s thesis by pouring scorn on the arguments made. Lemme clarify 2 important arguments made in the article:

    a) Veena is in the glamour business – lay off her. Appreciate her work because she, like you and me, is just trying to do her job.
    b) the author has implied that you can’t associate morality with a profession that deals with taking risks and challenges.

    I think the author has succeeded in putting across these views in a simple way. There is no need for an argument. It’s a simple point which blends into the overall framework of the piece. The style is refreshing and reveals that good lawyers do exist. Not to discourage you Mr Err, but what if one day a woman like veena asks u to defend her in a case? Will you just spurn at her morality?
    Getting out of law school doesnt mean you’re the king of morality… in either case, your law education is possibly black letter and doesn’t respect diversity… i say this because I have read your comment . education makes u more aware. not narrow. Recommend

  • Sunjoy

    You say Meera and Veena will be chewed by the Indian public and thrown back. Frankly speaking both are average looking girls by any standards of either India or Pakistan and they cannot survive in the Bollywood for long. Only girls with etheral beauty (Katrina, Kareena) or superb acting talent (Kajol, Rani mukherjee) or those with some family connection (Sonam) can make it big in Bollywood.Recommend

  • Osprey

    More power to Veena Malik. Anyone who wants to shed their clothes please go ahead make my day. There is too much to do then to worry who’s hijab or hymens are intact. Mind your own business folks. Not sure why the nation has its knickers twisted in a knot over a small event. Are the men of Pakistan so insecure and their faith so delicate that seeing a naked body is like a WMD on their body and mind. Grow up. Live and let live.

    Focus on Economic progress, fight against corruption and stop getting your heads in the Shalwars or Jobuns of others [male or female]Recommend

  • fairworld101

    So porn, showing extra skin, should be acceptable by all nations, soceities, religions, is that what the open mindedness is.Recommend