Forced into marriage

Published: November 24, 2011

We live in the twenty-first century, yet it is appalling to know that women in Pakistan still face numerous problems especially in terms of marriage.

Girls are often not given the right to choose their life partners and later when they are married, they are usually victims of domestic violence. Although most women in Pakistan accept a forced marriage as their fate, and quietly sign the marriage certificate, many women stand up for their rights and refuse to do so. The video shows the fate such women face; they are brutally beaten and threatened till they succumb to the wishes of those forcing them to get married.

“My father gave the police officer money in front of me”

“The police officer took me in to a room, he made me lie down on a bench….and thrashed me”

Recently, a law has been passed that aims to protect women’s rights. The Prevention of Domestic Violence Act’(Criminal Law Amendment) Act 2011 states that the culprit will receive a fine and imprisonment. It further states that women can’t be forcefully married to someone, even the Quran. Anyone convicted of forcing a woman into marriage or of stealing her inheritance will be sentenced to prison for three to ten years, or will have to pay a fine of around $6,000.

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