Where is the merit Shahbaz Sharif?

Published: November 24, 2011

Postings for civil and police administration are made solely based on personal likes and dislikes in Punjab. PHOTO: FILE

Transfers and postings in the civil and police administration on merit is considered a hallmark of good governance. This, quite simply, means posting a suitable and competent officer to a place which demands that such an individual be in charge of a particular responsibility.

Unfortunately with the passage of time, merit in transfers and postings in civil and police administration in Punjab has become a bit of a joke and an exercise in futility. Most postings and transfers are based on personal likes and dislikes of senior functionaries.

Even the officers of the provincial management service (PMS) are being treated as step-children when transfers are being made. As a reporter for this newspaper, I have met several reasonably senior civil servants who have expressed frustration and resentment at their transfers and postings. And the sense one gets is that they usually blame the top two people in charge of the whole process of transfers and postings: the provincial chief minister and the province’s chief secretary.

A common complaint heard from officers of the provincial management service is that their rights are being usurped by members of the District Management Group (DMG) officers in civil administration. They also claim that a very senior officer in the province is behind the recent postings of officers from his own province (he is not from Punjab) and that this is clearly not being done on merit but on nepotism. Yet another complaint is thatmany junior officers are serving posts that should be filled by more senior officers and that several such slots include those of district coordination officers, a senior administrative posting requiring its incumbent to carry out an array of responsibilities. And the issue is compounded by the fact that several senior officers are in line, awaiting posting.

This resentment and frustration has also echoed on the floor of the Punjab assembly with at least one opposition party MPA, the PML-Q’s Atta Muhammad Maneka, accusing the Punjab chief minister of running a “bacha” (child) bureaucracy. Of course, this all runs quite contrary to the public perception that the chief minister and his team of bureaucrats are bent on conveying to the people of the province in particular. As the saying goes, some things never change.

Anwer Sumra

Anwer Sumra

A reporter for The Express Tribune in Islamabad.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=647842094 The Reader

    Finally someone writing on (read: questioning and maligning) a politician other than Imran Khan. Thank God and Anwer Sumra. Recommend

  • Yasir Mehmood

    Only one functioning government in the country and you question himRecommend

  • Khurram Mansoor

    As a reproter of this newspare can you please name your sources or you are just another pen pal writingRecommend

  • Amjad

    What’s odd is that the Punjab the best run province with the most efficient provincial government. If you find such goings on in the Punjab where things are relatively good, examine how things are in other provinces!Recommend

  • Taimur

    That is one of the reason i dislike PML N. Merit is a joke .good post keep it upRecommend

  • Modazul

    How on earth is it most efficient? Infact it’s still messed up and still women are paraded naked in streets for stupid reasons !!! Also the usual murders which occur frequently !!!Recommend

  • Haider B

    Very well-written article. Thank you for highlighting Shahbaz Sharif’s authoritarianism. Recommend

  • Aly Sayed

    before declaring someone good there must be a standard to follow, if not then you may call punjab govt. “good” :P……bcoz

    if v follow da rule “Ando me Kaana Raja” den probably punjab govt. get 1st position among all other blind provincial govt.s. But when we follow some standards then punjab govt.’s efforts go belowwwwwwww average…that can’t be compromised in the next elections.Recommend

  • Asif Ali

    Sharif brothers are scared and protecting themselves through nepotism. I think it is high time to say them bye byeRecommend

  • Yasir Mehmood

    That sad incident happened in Haripur, KP kindly look at Pakistan’s map before commentingRecommend

  • imran sahil

    anwar bhai and all
    can u tell me whats going in sindh?if PML -N leaders scared,what we say about PPP leadership and also sindh govt:?my dear friends federal as well as provincia govt’s are scared because they know very well that people can not black mailed on any other slogen,if there is no merit in punjab than what u say about sindh, where director sports appointed as commisioner larkana,where SPSC declered two candidates as succesful in written test and interview’s for the post of information officer bps-17,there is no any one who ask govt what they want and what they doing.Recommend

  • http://syedaabidabokhari.wordpress.com The Only Normal Person Here.

    PML N is doing its best in taking down the awesome green punjab. However, they need to realize that they underestimated the intelligence of people of great punjab, no cosmetic amendments or superficial speeches now, people of punjab want you to work and work on merit, PML N. Recommend

  • Parvez

    This is the story all over Pakistan in all government departments, starting from the very top to the bottom. This manifests itself in the pathetic state of governance existing throughout.Recommend

  • zia ur rehman

    I don’t think so that a person who does not follow merit, can ensure meritocracy. I mean he isn’t supposed to be a chief minister, constitutionally….Recommend

  • http://Lahore ALi

    Shahbaz many time tried to prove that he is the biggest supporter of merit but facts are totally different.

    1- Appointed a grade 18 officer Mr. Ahad in Lahore board and he gave contract of soft ware to his friend and result of intermediate delayed or flawed but Mr. Merit (CM) promoted Mr. Ahad and he is now DCO. Very well done.

    2- Ahad Malik’s Kalma tower demolished along with many other plazas but Rana Sana’s plaza is still at its place, this is merit. * It is worth mentioning that Ahad Malik is father of innocent Ayesha Ahad who is wife of Mr. Hamza Shahbaz but he is not acknowledging

    There are hundreds of examples, my sister is head mistress in a school there was some vacancies they conduct test and interviews for selection of right candidates but Mr. merit (Shahbaz Sharif) sent a list and ordered these candidate should be selected, if someone ask i will present proves.

    Please awake up they are layers. They attacked on supreme court in their rein but now saying they are the champion of restoration of judiciary.Recommend

  • Majid Urrehman

    “They also claim that a very senior officer in the province is behind the recent postings of officers from his own province (he is not from Punjab) and that this is clearly not being done on merit but on nepotism.”

    People serving people of Punjab coming from other provinces. Could not find such a beautiful phenomenon in other provinces. Is it negative or positive?Recommend

  • http://www.htnews.tv Huriyat News

    The above posted topic is nice the way of high-lightened the topic , making awareness towards readers was really appreciable.Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/CookBook-for-the-Utter-Foodies/204366706307422?sk=wall Foodies

    I dont believe they are capable enough of running this country. What this country really needs is fresh blood, someone young who can cope up with the stresses of understanding people and can bring new ideas into the nationRecommend

  • Khalid

    Does government do it officially? When ever such things happen Govt. takes action and this is what they are required to do and this is what they are doing. Things are worst on community side and even IK or others can’t stop such things happening.Recommend

  • stevenson

    I would rather be in Shahbaz Sharif’s run Punjab than any other province in Pakistan. He is supported by most people because he does a good job in improving Punjab as a whole. Ask anyone in Punjab and ask yourself why people prefer to be in Punjab than any other place in Pakistan. Thanks goes to Shabaz Sharif for doing a good job compared to any other province in Pakistan. The best thing that Shahbaz Sharif can do is to continue to work to improve his province to spite the people who are blind to the improvements there.Recommend

  • Nawaz

    Dear Sumra

    Always bringing great things forth.